Feline and the Mongrels Ch. 01


Chapter 1

Hello and welcome to my world. This is a true to life on going saga I am living in at this very moment. The names have been changed to protect the… well, the involved for there are no innocent. My name is also not what you will read here. Let me explain. I’m White Dog and my arch nemesis is Black Dog. All men are Dogs and all women are Felines in my world. I like the opposition, being black & white, as if in life things are so easily divided into such simple terms. My wife is Yellow Feline. My wife is Asian from the South Pacific, hence ‘Yellow’. So therefore I must be Caucasian witch I am, and Black Dog must be African-American witch he is. Get the picture now? I said all this to validate my story of changed names so I could get to the simplification of who’s who in this love triangle. From this point on I will refer to myself as ‘I’ or ‘me’, Black Dog will be ‘D’ and Feline will be ‘Fe’. See? Now let’s move on into our tail of adventure and intrigue, frustration and elation.

A couple of months ago at a party, my wife Fe nonchalantly informed me she had kissed a coworker at her new job. She is working in janitorial in a local middle school in the state of Oregon. She assured me it was nothing, but she felt guilty and wanted to bring it out in the open. I felt she had been wonderful for both, feeling guilty about a nothing kiss and for being brave enough to tell me even when if the tables had been turned she’d have cut my ‘you know whats off.

In the conversation I asked, “On the lips or cheek?”

She said on the lips.

“Open or closed mouth?”

She said “Open for about ten minutes only.”

I thought about our 12 years of marriage and how I had neglected and mistreated her, being verbally abusive with my bad attitude and selfish with my time. When we’d have sex she’d note she always had to ask, witch was true. When we had sex I always felt like it was going to be a bother to clean up afterwards instead of realizing how much of a joy it was during. I had driven her to follow the course Mother-Nature established between cats and dogs. When one shows the other attention and a hunger for passion, it’s natural to respond in kind if there is room for mutual interest. I had left room, a lot of room, and I knew it… now. I didn’t blame my wife for this new development in our lives. It was my own damn fault.

Well, later I asked her for a little more detail, who, where, what else, etc. You can follow the line of my curiosity. This is when she said it started out as just a thank you hug and kiss on the cheek for opening the door so she could recover her keys locked there in. But he turned his head and their lips grazed lightly together. I asked who he is and she informed me he is a coworker named Black Dog. His friends call him Mighty Dog. She just calls him D. He works two jobs, the first as custodial at a store that sells medical supplies. He gets his employee discount so he wears medical scrubs all the time. She described him as a friendly young black man about my height, 5’11” with a couple missing teeth and slightly bad breath, shaved bald head, around 30 something, and no gut… unlike mine. He is strong and ruggedly hansom. She said she liked his eyes but not as much as mine. His legs are not as nice as mine either. His skin is a light brown. It was only a couple of kisses and they meant nothing, and nothing else happened, and she feels real bad about the whole thing, and it would never happen again, it’s over.

Let me take a moment to describe my Fe to you. She is a 5 foot petite Asian woman with large breasts and a shapely figure that will turn heads. D proved this. Her hair is jet black shoulder length and straight. She often wears it in a pony tail making her look like a sassy exotic teen. Her skin’s like caramel from head to toe. Her breasts are pendulous and when she rides on top they look so delicious as they sway and bounce before my eyes. Sorry I was having a daydream there for a minute. I’m back now. Her nipples are like large dark chocolate kisses with brown raisins atop. Her smile is nice and toothy. Her nose she thinks is too flat but I think it is perfect. Her eyes are like deep pools of black oil. There is a lot of the Spanish in her people. They also look a bit like the Polynesians or Hawaiians. Oh, I almost forgot the most exciting part. Her pussy is a rich burnt umber brown/red with soft folds of flesh and a button clit. The scent is like a fresh morning dew in a musky glade. As for her bush, when she had one it too was jet black, but now she is shaved naked by my hand. Can you picture all this?

I was fascinated by this subject of the intimacy with her coworker, so I asked her on several occasions how she felt about it, about him.

She got mad and defensive some times and didn’t want to talk about it exclaiming, “It’s over!”

Other times we’d slide into the discussion and delve into the minutia with ease. On these occasions I sported a turgid hard-on the entire time. I wanted to know Betturkey the details of a ten minute kiss explaining to her that in ten minutes I could have my hands on her breasts. “Did he never try to touch your breasts?” I enquired.

“NO”, she snapped back. She was defensive as I continued to grope for answers. She explained, maybe it wasn’t ten minutes. You know how time flies when you’re having fun? Maybe it was just a few minutes.

I said I’d have a hard-on for at least half of a ten minute kiss, did he?

She barked, “NO”.

I pressed about how they started.

The first was accidental. She said she could tell he liked her from the way he acted around her. That first night they hugged, she explained again for me, she had locked her keys in the room she had just cleaned and had to find help to get them out. No one answered their radios and that’s when she saw D working. She asked him for help and he was happy to assist. As they went and entered the room they talked about some of his family problems. She offered a comforting friendly hug as well as to say thanks for letting her back in, her lips grazed his cheek accidentally as he turned his head. It was all very innocent at first but her passions made it feel like much more than it really was.

I found later while making love to her she’d divulge little secrets. I actually found I was looking FWD to seduce her. Like a dog I wanted to hump her all the time. I was hungry for my wife again. I thanked D for opening my eyes. She didn’t like our pillow talk on the surface but revealed a lot about what actually happened over the past several weeks between them.

The first kisses were about ten minutes each and in different locations. The first kiss, she turned her head and kissed him. The kisses were very passionate with sucking of tongues and biting of lips.

We began role-playing this because I like feeling the tingle of my lips long after the kiss. It is so hot and thinking of her in this black Dog’s arms was driving me nuts with desire to hear more. I knew that this meant these kisses were much more than just simple kisses between concerned friends.

She explained they had their hands like this, hers were up his back and his were over her shoulders and down her back. They were both standing. We reenacted the scene. The lights were on. She got paranoid and shooed him away after ten minutes or so.

One day after work I being still fixated on the thought, asked again and Fe nearly broke down in tears confessing it had happened again last night. This was their third kiss. She swore she wanted it to stop and was so mad at herself for letting it happen again. But she feels like there is a magnet between them whenever he comes to see her.

“What happened”, I asked?

She explained she was in the Special Education room when D came again to her. She had a broken dust pan and he brought her a new one. She offered him a hug thanks and they kissed.

I asked her if she didn’t think it would turn into a kiss.

She said she knew it would but she couldn’t help herself.

I asked for details and she huffed away as if I was making things worse. I again got excited and tempted her into bed for some role-playing. We got excited and I started my play making her pretend I was D. I asked Fe to tell me about it again, every detail. We performed each act as she described it. We started to hump like rabbets.

I pressed on asking her, “Who’s fucking you?”

She was so wonderful and sexually delicious as I heard her little voice in her broken English say, “Fuck me D, oh YES D FUCK ME HARDER, D DEEPER D FUCK ME D OH D, your buto feels so good deep inside me D, THAT’S SO OH GOOOOOOD D! YESSSSSSSSsssssss!”

She explained while in her state of euphoria that she wanted to kiss him so badly and had completely forgotten about me and the family. All she could think about was his lips and tongue sucking and biting hers and her biting and sucking on his, holding him tightly in her arms as he held her in his, their bodies pressed tightly together romantically. When he took her hands she moved quickly in for the kiss with hunger driving her, like this. We reenacted each step and it was so fucking HOT.

They were in the open with the lights on and again she got paranoid. She thought she saw someone and stopped kissing D. He took this as his cue to go, but she stopped him and suggested they move into an adjoining room that was more private. She still was running on her sexual heat with no reason of ethics or morals. This time they turned out the lights and resumed kissing.

I learned this time as we fucked that during this kiss she felt his buto, that’s ‘penis’ in Filipino, growing hard and nudging her pubic area. Mine was too at this very moment. Mine was sliding between her pussy lips and clear back to her ass, my shaft sliding its entire length across her electrified clitoris. I asked if his did like this.

She snapped Betturkey Giriş out of her spell and pushed me away and spat, “NO.” When she felt it growing, she said, she shooed him away.

I sat back a second or two and just tickled her pussy with my fingers while she calmed down and resumed her state of sexual hunger. Again we began with her begging me to put it in.

“Who do you want to put it in you?” I asked.

She finally said, “D!”

For the next week I kept explaining to her that he was going to come again. She defensively said she would not let it happen ever again, NEVER!

I explained that if she wanted him to quit coming by and tempting her she’d have to do something to let him definitively know. She believed by willpower alone she could stop this.

I explained he was going to be relentless. She would tell him with words that they needed to stop, and he would hear those words with his ears. But he would also sense her body language yelling that she wants more. He will remember the smell of your skin, the taste of your saliva as you passionately kissed him. He will recall the tingling of his lips from where you bit him with desire and he’ll probably bite them himself to refresh the memory. He’ll visualize you reaching out to him for a hug and you turning your wet lips to meet his with lust filled eyes. He will remember how your body quaked in his arms as you both felt the thrilling excitement while in a nasty sexual way you sucked on each others tongues. How elated he felt with his power to control your passions. When he weighs your words to stop spoken sheepishly and demurely, your half hearted explanations and reasoning’s, his sense of hearing, against his senses of smelling, tasting, feeling and seeing… the evidence is overwhelming at better than 4 to 1 against you actually really wanting, really really wanting to stop.

He will remember you offering him the hugs when you knew they’d turn into kisses. He knows you knew and this too will be used as evidence against you really wanting to quit. So he will come again with hope you will once again offer him a hug knowingly, giving away your true desires. You will slowly be broken down into wanton lust and driven into willing submission, later to feel guilty but at that moment out of your mind with total wonderful hungry pleasure.

Doesn’t that about say it all?

I followed this line of reason with the information that if she really came to a stand where she pushed him away with believable force, she would have to enforce it and this meant she’d have to show him she meant business. I gave her as many options to this means as I could think of and the results for each.

I said, “If you file harassment charges he will quit or be fired probably, and everyone will be afraid that you might charge them with something too some day.” I went on, “Or you can tell his boss, he may still loose his job or be asked to quit, plus he might tell his side of the story (not all necessarily true and making you out as the aggressor) to cover up and make you look bad. I don’t recommend this plan either.”

I tried to look at every angle. I continued, “You could slap him giving him a rude awakening. But that is not you. Plus you feel guilty because you’ve instigated some of this. Right? You might wait it out and see if he goes away on a hope and your willpower, but I think he is hungry and knows you are too, and with time you will cave again. My belief is, you will too. Oh, and heaven forbid… if any rumor of your actions get back to his wife she could come hunting you or hurt him out of jealousy. Another options is, you could just threaten to tell her if he doesn’t back off.”

I really don’t see Fe doing anything like these with the way she feel for him, and I told her so. All this painted a pretty bleak picture for the line of action approach to her problem. I told her if she wanted I could call him or meet him face to face and tell him to back off threateningly. She preferred to try using willpower and see what happens.

I told Fe about a girlfriend I had long ago, Kitty a nurse who loved to play doctor, and how she had cheated on me. She had told me she needed to study over the weekend for a big exam, but I had her books in my car. When I went to give them to her, her not so X-boyfriend answered the door in my bathrobe. I handed him her books and turned to leave. In a fit of anger she stopped me, asking why I had come after she had told me not to. I corrected her; she had said she needed to study. Kitty continued to follow after me. I said, I only came to give her the books. I further explained she didn’t have to lie. If she needed space all she had to do was say so. The moral to this story was that I appreciate Fe telling me the truth and I wanted her to understand my point of view when I told her what I had to say next. I intended to show her one more way to end this, not to stop it but to pass thru it.

We got sidetracked as we Betturkey Güncel Giriş went on a little while about Kitty. She wanted to know who this woman was in my life. I explained that she was most memorable for being controlling and liking to butt fuck.

Fe said, “You told me you don’t like butt fucking.”

I explained, “What I said is I don’t prefer it. Although I like the sight of a pretty ass I don’t ponder the thought of poking it. I like oral and fucking and a lot of massage.” I told her I was hot for her now because D had opened my eyes and I didn’t want us to ever go back to the way things were. I said I didn’t blame her for anything other than letting Mother-Nature have her way with her hormones. I told her that I had grown up handsome and well liked and enjoyed an active sex life. I’d never talked about it before because I didn’t want her to worry about ghosts from my past. I said, “I love you and want to fuck you every day now!”

Fe had grown up fat and homely with big soft breasts, she said. Remember, that is her description, not mine. I didn’t know her back then. She said she didn’t have any boyfriends growing up and only started dating one at the point we started to write, and at that time I was noncommittal to any relationship around the world. We wrote for a year and she never mentioned him. I guess she didn’t want me to worry about her ghosts either.

He dated her for about a month or two and they finally had sex. She says he never called and she never saw him again after that. What a dirty DOG! The only other experience with sex was when she was abused as a child. She never had a GOOD EXCITING sexual experience ever from what I learned. Men were not her delight in life… ever. So here I come sweeping her off into a marriage and soon into doldrums. We had two wonderful children and had her tubes tied after the second. She had complications in birth but now we had our pup and kitten so we were satisfied with the family size. Sex became work not a pleasure or a means to an end any more. For years I neglect her womanhood and in the process I got fat and lazy.

Then, along comes D with charm and a desire to please this PYT from the Asian South Pacific. As I look at everything, my life full of good experiences and hers void of pleasure with men, I want her to have and enjoy all that life has to offer her, including what ever she desired in this relationship with D.

I told her this and added, “I only want you to avoid falling in love.” I told her our song would be the one that says, “You can dance with the guys that give you the eye… but don’t forget who’s taking you home and in who’s arms you’re goin to be… So darling save the last dance for me.”

We laughed a little and fucked some more, and she said, “Don’t worry, it will never happen again.”

I told her more details about Kitty to let her know there is good to be gained with experiences and I wanted her to enjoy her fling and come back to me a better woman for it.

She said, “It will never happen again, so don’t worry daddy.” That’s her pet name for me.

I let everything sink in for a couple days. Fe stood strong on her willpower plan. I fine tuned my new option, the one that passed thru it, not stopped it.

I caught her off guard when I suggested this other way to end it, “You can try reverse psychology. Let me explain.” I had written 4 scripts I titled ‘the ten minute scripts’. I told her to consider what a guy does once he gets a girl in bed, “What did that boyfriend of yours do?” When a guy finally beds a girl he usually starts looking else ware. The hunt is over then, the game has been caught, the trophy seized and the thrill passed. I explained it is the hunt we dogs enjoy, and she agreed.

I said I didn’t want her to grow a relationship with D. The longer she held out the more respect for her he would hold. He would continue to play, but with the longevity of a good challenging hunt grows a love for the pray and Fe would too for him over time. She strongly disagreed. I said that he would return quickly to his other pursuits if he got what he wanted from her. Plus if she looked controlling and manipulative he would want her less after sampling her fruits.

She agreed with this too reluctantly but still didn’t like my ideas or where they were going.

I asked her to just look. I then showed her the first three scripts. The first script was manipulating the kiss into a position for him to begin feeling her breasts. It included a verbal part suggesting they move the encounters to a set day each week and off the jobsite ASAP. She would then know when next he would be due to come around seeking another hug. As they unite she’d great his lips with hers passionately. In a short moment she was to break the kiss and spin around holding his hands to her breasts. As he got his hands full she was to resume kissing him over her shoulder as she pressed her back into his front. I went so far as to suggest she not wear a bra that night and leave her shirt loose for his easy access. She was to put her arms up around his neck leaving her breasts jutted out for his full exploration.

She said he had never tried to touch them. She’d have stopped him if he had because she’s ashamed of them, big, soft and undesirable.

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