Fertile Hookup Pt. 01


We had hooked up once before in a cheap motel in the Appalachians and it was super hot. She wanted my cum any way I wanted to give it to her and I loved cumming inside her tight wet cunt. I did it three times and it felt so naughty making a mess in a strange vagina. Her wetness was slippery like egg whites which would have indicated peak fertility, but she told me she had a Copper T-IUD inside her. However, during our sex, she hinted at the idea of me maybe fucking her without it at some point. She already had two kids but was flirting with the idea of getting sperm naturally donated for a third one as she revealed to me in our online conversations over the next month.

We chatted sporadically over the next year and a half, teasing each other with babymaking talk. She finally had the IUD removed from her uterus when we agreed to meet one afternoon in a motel halfway between where we lived. We would be meeting on the 13th day of her cycle, about two days before her expected ovulation.

I pulled up to the motel parking lot at 4:30 pm after a two hour drive into the mountains. She had texted me photos over the past hour showing me how wet she was and telling me how she needed me to inject my sperm deep inside her. I got out of my car and went straight to room 113. I knocked on the door and a 5 foot tall 34 year old lady with a curvy mom bod dressed in a long t-shirt answered the door.

“Hi, sexy”, she said. “Come on in.”

“Hi, Amelia,” as I stepped in. “It’s been a bit too long.”

“Oh, it has!” she piped up as she pushed her body into mine and reached up to kiss me. I began exploring the softness of her lips and held her tight against me. She whispered into my ear while nibbling it, “Feel my nipples, they’ve been this way for a couple of days.”

I felt her 42dd breasts through her t-shirt and the nipples were rock hard. “They’re hard as rocks,” I replied.

“Feel my cunt.” şahinbey escort She guided my right hand down between her legs and her wetness was copious and slippery like egg whites. “Push a finger or three in my cunt.”

I pushed four fingers into her and she gasped. “Push it as deep as you can!”

I did and felt her cervix. It was open about an inch or so. “What do you feel?”

“Your cervix is open some.”

“You know what that means, right?” she asked.

“Yes, baby.”

She kissed me some more as I fingered her sopping wet cunt. Then she looked me in the eyes and asked, “You going to fuck me with no condom like last time? Remember, I’m completely unprotected this time.”

I looked at her and asked, “You seem like you’re very fertile.”

She chuckled and said, “I think I maybe. I will probably ovulate in the next 2 days.”

“Is it ok if I make you pregnant?”

“Definitely!” She felt my now very stiff penis through my jeans and then quickly unbuttoned my pants. She loosened up the belt and took both my jeans and boxers off in one deft motion. My thick, 7″ penis stood at stiff attention wanting to take the place of the fingers inside her. With me still masturbating her cunt, she sat down on the bed and began to fellate my already throbbing cock. She took it all the way down her throat all at once and I said, “Oh, fuck, you’re going to make me cum very soon if you keep this up!”

She took it out of her mouth and said, “I want it in my cunt!” She shed her t-shirt, laid back and held her legs up in the air spread. Her vulva and vaginal opening was glistening with her slick wetness. I pushed my cock deeply inside her on the first stroke and she gasped, “Fuck! OH, SHIT!” My dick started tingling immediately as her tight vagina squeezed on it. I had lightly bumped against her open cervix and then started bumping it a bit deeper as I began to fuck her at a fairly quick pace. “Oh, fuck, that’s deep!” she said as she grinded up against my pelvis. She was continuing to squeeze me and said, “Fuck, cum when you need! I need it, that’s for sure!”

I had only been fucking her for 45 seconds but my orgasm was coming fast. I picked up the pace and fucked her as deeply as I could. “I’m getting close!” I exclaimed.

“Cum deep in me, make a baby inside my womb!” she moaned back.

I began to spray jets of hot sperm into her vagina and open cervix. 200 million or so sperm were blasted out of me. Her legs were up in the air and most of it ran deep inside her. My cock stayed inside her for a good two minutes as I let all my semen flow out of me. “Mmm, yes. I love babymaking sex,” she cooed “That may have done it but you know I want more.”

I was in ecstasy. “I don’t think I’m going down this is so hot, baby.” My stiff penis wasn’t ebbing anytime soon and was still deep inside her.

“Then shoot another load in me, baby.,” as she kissed me deeply. I began to gingerly thrust deep in her with her moaning and gasping. She held her legs back as far as possible so I would be pushing the tip of my penis to the top of her cervix. “You’re so deep, it hurts a little!” she gasped in my ear.

“Are you ok?” I inquired, not wanting to hurt her too much.

“I’m fine, baby, I like it. Just cum again inside me!” she whispered urgently. “You know what we’re trying to do.”

She was squeezing my throbbing cock with her cunt and I quickly began to feel my second orgasm approaching. I pushed as far as I could inside her with her legs far back and began shooting ribbons of hot sperm deep into her reproductive tract. It felt so good and naughty to be potentially making a baby with a relative stranger.

“Oh, fuck that is so hot!” she cried out as she felt me add to the previous mess. I made sure I was finished ejaculating inside her, then I withdrew and immediately began to eat out her shaven cunt.

“Oh, fuck!” she yelped.

“You need to cum to help our chances,” I said as I paused from licking her clit and vulva.

“It might take awhile.”

“Eh, that’s fine, but maybe it won’t. Keep your legs up, you know why.” I slid three fingers inside her and began to work my tongue on her stiff clit. My fingers teased her g-spot and when I slipped a fourth finger in, I played with her cum coated cervix. She was thoroughly enjoying all this attention on her pussy, but said, “I need to touch that fucking cock again and get it ready to do it some more.”

I swung my body around to where she could do what she wanted with my half hard manhood. I felt it end up in her mouth and it immediately went rigid. She took it out of her mouth for a minute and said, “Fuck my throat, baby, but tell me when you’re about to cum so I can put it back in my pussy.”

With that, I rammed my cock deep into her throat and continued to orally pleasure her clit while fingering her cunt and cervix. She gagged a little and then started moaning loudly. All of a sudden, she began to almost scream loudly as her vagina spasmed against my fingers, her cervix dipping repeatedly just a bit into her vagina. I was so turned on that I felt my third orgasm, approaching. “I’m going to cum soon! Let me fuck you.”

She took me out of her mouth and got on all fours. I quickly got behind her and slipped my throbbing penis deep inside her. I immediately blasted another load deep into her cunt and uterus. This was even more intense than the first two and I flooded her baby factory with another enormous load of sperm.

“Oh, fuck! You’re going to make me pregnant for sure now!”

And like the previous two times, I had fucked so much sperm in her that almost none leaked out for a visible creampie. Amelia now had over a half a billion sperm swimming in her looking for the egg that would be forthcoming within a couple of days.

(To be continued)

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