Film School Ch. 01


**This is the first part in a multi-chapter story. These should be shorter chapters than the bulk of my work and they should come in a lot faster than updates for my other stories. Keep your eyes pealed for updates and don’t be shy to read the rest of my stories in the meanwhile. Don’t forget to vote!**

“So, Meghan…let me get this straight. You’re making a fake porn?” There was a brief pause before a heavy sigh from the dishwater blonde. Her fingers kneaded her hair while they rubbed her temples.

“Yeah!” Meghan responded energetically, her enthusiasm betraying the fact that it was 3:42 in the morning. “Besides, Sarah, it’s not like it’ll be a real porn. It’ll be a satire, and I can use it for my filmography final project,” Meghan retorted, her brown eyes sparkling.

“So what’s the point?” Sarah shot back wearily. She pushed her long hair back over her head and tucked her bangs behind her ears. Her blood-shot eyes locked onto her friend’s for a second and then she shook her head. “So is it going to be soft core or something? You know you can’t have anything gratuitously violent or pornographic for this project,” Sarah’s rapidly tiring voice drawled out. She leaned back and stretched in her chair.

Meghan’s eyes drank in her friend’s body. She had been in lust with Sarah since high school gym class. Sarah’s body was perfection; her muscles were toned and taut from years of being on the swim team—which she had continued their last three years in college. She was physically strong, but she was still curvy in all the right places. Her toned legs seemed to go up forever, flowing perfectly from her feet to her thighs to her shapely curvaceous ass, up through her waist and they seemed to miraculously continue up from there. Her flaring hips and tight waist only accentuated her firm tits, making them seem tighter, higher, and bigger than they actually were. Her nipples always strained against anything she wore. Her walk had a sexy, confident swagger to it, and anyone who knew her always said she could make pudding get hard.

But no matter how much Meghan wanted to explore that perfect body, sitting before her, stretching and showing off her womanly goods; no matter how hard she wanted to feel the bald pussy she maintained for swimming, she knew she never would. They were too good of friends, and Meghan didn’t want to push her away over something as silly as sex…no matter how good it would be for both of them.

Today, however, Meghan was treated to Sarah wearing an old pair of thin cotton running pants and a short tight tank top. She was wearing a bikini under it; the electric blue strings of the panties sticking up over her hips just over the top edge of the running pants and the same blue top was clearly visible through Bahçelievler escort her shirt. Her ever-present nipples were standing at attention; they were small in diameter but they were sticking out almost a quarter of an inch.

Meghan could only think about nibbling those inviting nips and kissing and sucking the rest of those tight tits. Meghan felt her pussy tingle deliciously and simultaneously heat up and moisten as the tingle spread to her spine and slowly up her back and then down her arms and legs. It seemed to collect in her fingers and toes, intensifying there before shooting back through her body to her own rapidly hardening nipples and her rapidly dampening crotch. Subconsciously, she rubbed her fingers together and scrunched her toes up on the carpet, intensifying the electricity in her body and the heat in her sex.

The heat turned into a smoldering fire. Meghan’s thighs rubbed together trying to scratch her re-discovered itch. She sadly realized that this would need more than a rubbing, regardless of how nice the fuzzy crotch of her sweat pants felt against her soft pussy lips.

Sarah clearing her throat brought Meghan quickly and sadly back to reality. Meghan realized she’d been staring straight at Sarah’s tits. Hopefully Sarah was thinking she had just zoned out. Meghan’s’ face heated with a blush, but the feeling only reminded her of the heat slowly beginning to ebb from the inferno in her belly. She couldn’t help but think about Sarah sitting there naked, offering herself to Meghan as she slowly sat on the table, spreading first her right leg and then her left. Sarah leaned back on her right arm and used her left hand to spread her completely shaved pussy lips, exposing her hot, wet, pink core.

“Lick my sloppy pussy,” Meghan heard Sarah’s voice demurely beg. Meghan only muttered compliance and then was thrust back into reality by the feeling of something touching her shoulder. Her head jerked to the left and there was Sarah, still fully clothed, standing next to her, with her erect nipples right at eye level.

“Uh huh, like I said,” Sarah said. Meghan flashed a confused look.


“I said, ‘looks like someone’s sleepy,'” Sarah said and walked to the front door of Meghan’s apartment. “Get some sleep, kiddo,” Sarah said again. Meghan watched Sarah’s fine ass sashay through her kitchen to the front door. The door opened and Sarah turned, the light from the hallway silhouetting her and giving the appearance of Sarah being naked from the waist up, her nipples clearly standing out from her tits. “Megs, come up with something better than a fake porn. I mean really,” Sarah said. Meghan’s eyes unglued themselves from her friend’s chest and moved up her graceful Bahçeşehir escort bayan neck to her beautiful dark eyes.

“Get some sleep,” Meghan said and leaned back, stretching in a broad yawn.

“You too,” Sarah said and walked out. Meghan’s’ tired eyes caught a glimpse of Sarah’s eyes, partially showing in the hall light, wandering down her body as she turned to go out. The door closed and a shiver ran through Meghan’s body.

“She just checked me out,” Meghan said out loud after the realization hit her. The fire in her pussy turned into a volcano. She felt her juice collecting and knew there was a wet spot forming on her sweat pants. Her legs were shaky as she stood from her table. She was being consumed by her need, and the passion in her mind was rapidly snowballing to match the lust in her cunt.

“Have to find…anything,” she said breathlessly to herself. Her sweat pants were pushed down her legs as she walked. She tripped and stumbled the last two steps into her kitchen. She managed to catch herself on her refrigerator; she opened it frantically and bottles of beer and cans of pop crashed to the floor. A can of Coke burst open and started spraying its cold foam all over her feet, tickling her, adding to her excitement.

Meghan’s eyes flashed through the fridgerator, looking for anything that would serve her need. She had to have something in her pussy, and it had to be there now; every second she waited was a second that her need grew. Her roaming eyes caught sight of the perfect thing; her mother had given her a package of ring bologna a couple weeks ago when she moved back to her apartment. Her left hand grabbed a knife; her right shot into the fridge and grabbed the package of meat. In one fluid motion the plastic wrap was gutted like a trout and the 14 inches of ring sausage was free. Meghan’s eyes locked on the U-shaped meat and she drug it down her body while she shut the fridge door and leaned against it.

The meat was almost 2 inches thick—much bigger around than any of her boyfriends had been, and larger than anything else she’d either used to fuck herself with. That thought both worried and excited her. With her honey pot boiling with desire she’d make it fit.

It turns out, she didn’t have to force it as hard as she was thinking she might.

The sealed casing tip brushed lightly against her clit as it found her pussy after trailing through her thick auburn curls. She twitched at the sudden roughness on her button, but the feeling was entirely too good to be painful for her. She kept easing it back and started sliding it around her dripping hole. Meghan pulled up on the other end of the U while easing it into her cunt from the bottom of the bend with her Escort Bakırköy other hand.

The bologna was a tight fit. Her whole body tingled as it pushed up into her. Meghan’s sight grew hazy and she felt more full than she had ever felt before. Her pussy flexed around the meat in her belly as she pulled it slowly into her drooling sex. It bottomed out just as the bend made contact against her clit. Meghan’s breath was coming in fast, shallow gasps and her knees were shaking so much she could barely stand.

Meghan looked down and saw the end of the bologna sticking out along her tummy. She saw it almost reached her belly button and realized the other end was buried just as deeply in her pussy.

Meghan came. Her knees buckled, her whole body tingled with pleasure, her nipples felt like they had been hit with electricity and her brain descended madly into a pleasure filled fugue.

Meghan came to, slumped on the floor, her pussy still fluttering around the meaty intruder. Only 3 inches of if was still buried in her cunt, but that was still enough to get her juices re-flowing. She had no idea how long she had been out, but she needed to cum again. One orgasm just wasn’t going to quench her burning desire. Using both hands she grabbed the half of the meat sticking along her stomach and she started rocking it in and out of her sloppy pussy until she was ramming it deep into her womb as hard and as fast as she could.

All she could do was think about Sarah. Every time the meat hit her g-spot, it was Sarah’s curled fingers flying in and out of her pink slit. Every time it hit her clit, it was Sarah’s tongue pressing flat against her love button. The faster the meat flew out of her pussy, the hotter and wetter Meghan became.

“Need…to…cum…” she panted out, jerking herself feverishly with the sausage. “Oh God! Oh God, yes!” she moaned, her voice rising to a high-pitched wail. Her pussy oozed cum. The meat flying in and out of her splashed it over her thighs, belly, hands, and the tiled floor.

“Oh God, oh fuck me! Oh Sarah, YES!” Meghan screamed as the orgasm took her. Her body arched off the floor, her small tits wobbled deliciously on her chest and her pussy squeezed the meat so hard that it actually slid out of her. The sudden vacancy was enough to trigger another mind-numbing orgasm and she passed out again as she felt her pussy surge with cum and her whole body was warm, tingling, and satiated; for now.

Fortunately Meghan’s building was insulated well for sound. She had no concern over waking her neighbors with her lusty screams. Unfortunately Sarah hadn’t been down to her car yet as she wove through Meghan’s parking lot, and no matter of soundproofing works with the windows wide open. Sarah heard her friend moaning and screaming, and then screaming for Sarah to fuck her and then a low guttural moan before a silence. She also felt her nipples harden and a heat grow rapidly in her own belly. Sarah knew two things; her best friend just got off while screaming her name, and she was very excited and confused just thinking about it.

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