Finding Lust In The Chatroom Ch. 09

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As they lay there cuddling, Romeo starts to massage RoseBud70’s breasts, then gently runs his down the length of her soft body and begins to gently rub her swollen lips, parting them so that he can get at her clit, rubbing it gently as well, she smiles at him and asks, “Ready for more, or are you just exploring?”

Romeo replies with a devilish grin on his face, “A little of both.” RoseBud70 disbelieves him and starts to reach for his cock, finding it erect and as hard as before.

Without hesitation she straddles him and eases his cock deep inside of her, letting out a groan as it parts her velvety folds deep within. Slowly riding him as he gently massages her breasts.

Her pussy aches for more, so she starts to ride him faster and harder, grinding her clit hard into his lap, swaying her hips in a circular motion with each passing grind. Her breathing starts to quicken, her eyes start to grow wild, it feels like he is getting bigger inside of her, pushing outward as she continues her slow hard ride. She looks down at him almost moaning and asks him, “Are you getting bigger, or am I just going insane?”

Romeo smiles and replies, “I feel harder, but whether it is bigger or not, you will have to check for yourself.”

RoseBud70 starts to pull herself off of him, to check and sees that he is slightly larger and a whole lot harder, then quickly sits right back down wild eyed and starts to ride him harder, leaning back and enjoying the ride more and more.

Romeo stares as his cock disappears and reappears from within her deep wet pussy, watching as the skin around her pussy stretches as she lifts up, then strains as she slides back down on it. Seeing her clit become more engorged with each stride, he grabs her waist, forcing her down, grinding her harder on him.

She screams out in pleasure as she comes again, arching back, almost laying flat while grinding harder down on him, until her body stops stops shaking. Then she sits up and starts to kiss him hard while she rides him more, her heavy breasts bobbing with her as she moves up and down.

Suddenly she releases her embrace and gets off of him, and repositions herself, straddling him again facing away from him, guiding his rigid cock back into her sopping wet pussy, riding hard as her lover holds tight to her waist, pulling her down more onto his impaling shaft. He watches as her tight pussy gaziantep escortları strains to slide up and down on his throbbing cock, while her beautiful ass bounces up and down on his lap.

She leans as far forward as she possibly can, thrusting back harder and harder with each stroke, her breasts bouncing wildly back and forth, as he continues to wait impatiently for her succulent ass to come down hard on him.

They are both nearing another orgasm that grows stronger and stronger with each stride, her pussy growing tighter and tighter while his cock aches and aches to release his hot cum deep inside her. Her moans begin to turn into wonton screams of ecstasy, making him come closer and closer to releasing his load hard into her waiting pussy.

He grunts as he starts to cum, as she feels his hot fluid pierce her velvety folds she begins to tighten more and starts to cum herself, riding harder and faster, as her clit slaps wildly on his heavy balls. Soon her orgasm finishes and they both feel their juices ooze out all over his lap.

She sits up and climbs off of him slowly, weak from punishing her pussy for so long, and climbs up next to him as he pants trying to catch his breathe. She stares into his hazel eyes and asks him, “Are you done, or will you be ready for more soon?”

Romeo looks into her eyes and says, “We can cuddle for a little bit, or we can play and get things moving faster towards being ready for more, it is all up to you.”

“RoseBud70 looks down at his flaccid almost decrepit looking cock that has been thoroughly drained and says, “We can cuddle for a few minutes, but I need more and soon. You feel so good inside of me that I want you to be in me always no matter what.”

Romeo is shocked to hear her say this and starts to kiss her hard while she begins playing with his cock, bringing it back to life almost immediately, both shocking and delighting RoseBud70 at the same time.

He pulls away and throws RoseBud70 down on the bed, crawls between her legs and hikes each ankle onto his shoulders as RoseBud70 coos and starts to reach for his cock, but he swats her hand away and says, “Let me, I want to show you that I can do it without the aid of my hands.” With that he aims his cock towards her aching hole, positioning it just right, and then he thrusts it hard and deep into her, forcing out a small yelp.

RoseBud70 has a grin on her face, she now knows that his fantasy described things that he has tried and done, and realizes that she may just be fucked all night if she wants it bad enough. She thinks of the possibilities, her mind wandering for a moment till he thrusts hard again, then she realizes that he has reached up and grabbed her shoulders, folding her in half, pressing his chest to hers, and he starts to pound away.

Before she realizes it, her breathing is real heavy, she is moaning, and her ache is subsiding as it turns into another orgasm.

Romeo watches her face contort from a smile to what he can only describe as an “O” face, “O” as in the face she would make when she starts having an immense orgasm, almost a look of disbelief, but also a look of amazement. He hadn’t really seen it yet before, not having really paid any real attention till now, but he smiles and pumps harder and faster and deeper, grinding here and there on her clit to push her further over the edge.

She screams out loudly as her body tenses real hard, her pussy tightening to the point that Romeo is almost unable to continue, though he does everything to make sure that he does, slamming hard into her on almost every stride. Her orgasm seems to last forever, but it doesn’t bother Romeo; he wants it to, so that she will be more than pleased with what he has done to her. When her orgasm does finally subside, Romeo repositions her so that he can fuck her from behind, slapping her ass softly at first, gradually making his slaps harder till he thinks he has slapped her hard enough, watching her ass jiggle with each slap as she screams out in pleasure.

She starts to tense up again as her heavy breasts swing back and forth under her, she reaches down and starts to rub her clit, forcing her orgasm to come. She comes hard again, making it hard for Romeo to continue thrusting as he has been doing, and RoseBud70 looks back in between orgasms and asks, “Are you going to cum soon?”

Romeo stares into her eyes and replies, “I don’t know, I may be able to keep going all night, it all depends.”

With that RoseBud70 stares back with sad eyes and says, “I want you to cum soon, I don’t think I can continue much longer, I have almost no energy left.” Then RoseBud70 smiles and says, “Fuck me in my ass, now is the best time to, and I am so tight that you should cum quick.”

Romeo pulls out, bends down and starts to lick her asshole, pulling her ass cheeks wide so that he can access her tight hole much better, growing wilder and hotter with each pass across and in her tight puckered hole. RoseBud70 starts to pant and breathe heavier and starts to beg Romeo, “Please stick your cock in my ass, please, I need you to.”

Before she could finish Romeo was kneel behind her spreading her cheeks wide as he started to ease his cock into her, slowly wiggling it in a little bit at a time. After he squeezed his cock into her ass he starts to slowly pull it out then push it back in when it is almost out. RoseBud70 lets out a scream each time he tries to force his cock back in, stopping only to make sure she is okay, then continuing. At first her screams are that of pain, but she was determined to have Romeo cum, and they soon turned to screams of pleasure as her tight asshole begged for him more and more.

As he kept going it became easier to work his cock in and out so he started to move faster and faster with each thrust. RoseBud70 starts to rub her clit, enjoying her impalement more and more with each inward thrust, bringing her closer and closer to climax. Soon Romeo starts to tense up, RoseBud70 feeling it started to rub her clit faster, wanting to cum as he did. He starts to buck as he shoots wad after wad of cum deep into her bowels, making her cum as well, she forces back on every one of his thrusts, trying to get him deeper and deeper each time.

Soon he collapses on her back, unable to move, drained of all the energy that he thought he might have. RoseBud70 turns back looking at his eyes and asks him if he is okay, he replies in a mumbled voice, “Yeah I am just spent, I don’t know if I could go again if you wanted me to, but I would try if you did.”

RoseBud70 reaches back and pulls Romeo up next to her, pulling him close, holding onto him tight as he fades away to sleep. She falls asleep also shortly after him, totally exhausted, wanting more, but being to exhausted and raw to continue.

They lay there sleeping for some time till Romeo wakes with the sudden urge to use the bathroom, a hard-on bigger than he has ever seen standing there as he relieves himself. Finishing and returning to the bed, he stands there staring at the beautiful naked body lying there spread out waiting for him to curl up next to. The sun being up, daylight has come, his energy restored, he ponders whether she would appreciate him waking her with a surprise.

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