Fire , Ice

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She had just returned from the bathtub, where they had both taken the opportunity to clean up a little and to prepare for what she had requested, an evening full of oral pleasure. She soaked in the bubble bath for a while allowing her imagination to run wild while he prepared his goodies for their evening.

They were in a hotel room. While some can be plain and cold, he had gone through the efforts to make sure this was not just an ordinary night in an ordinary room. The music was playing softly, the tune unfamiliar to her, but soft and romantic. The lighting was mellow and perfect, although she knew that this would be less important to her in a little while.

The room was a suite, which had a kitchen area and a separate seating area. It was here that she heard him prepare. She had no idea what surprises he had in store. He had promised that if anything was too much for her, all she had to do was ask him to stop and he would stop. She knew that he was here to please her and she trusted him. Besides, she had had some experiences that others might find painful that she either found outright pleasing or only slightly uncomfortable.

She had gone through some preparations for him as well. While she had not shaved her pussy before their being together, she decided to do it for just this occasion. She had wanted to be able to enjoy everything and feel everything. While he prepared the room, she prepared herself for him, trimming and shaving herself bare. She felt different, yet it felt liberating as she lay in the tub.

Before, she could even get up to dry off, he was standing there with a towel in hand. She was surprised as he took the towel and began drying her off. Gently, drying her, starting with her hair and working his way down to her toes. She was sure that he had noticed that she was shaved clean where her love nest was before. She knew that he also noticed that even as he wiped her dry there, she quickly got wet again. She looked at him and he only smiled.

He led her out of the bathroom and shut off the bathroom light as they left both wrapped in towels. Neither of them heard the last of the water go down the drain as the soft music filled the room and her mind. While the bath was intended to relax her, her heart was beating fast now. He had confessed to being very oral in his approach to pleasing a woman. He also had mentioned that there is so much more that can enhance this fun to include food, ice and toys. She admitted to him that this sounded exciting and with this the night began to formulate into reality as she got wet just thinking about it.

It was her idea to bring one of her toys from home and a blindfold. She had read that by reducing the stimulation of any of ones senses, the others become more sensitive. She had used a blindfold before when güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri making love, but this seemed to hold much more potential than just a night of love making. She wanted to feel everything that he was to do.

He led her to the bed where they spent a few minutes embracing and kissing, passionately and deeply. This felt so comforting and relaxing, yet her heart continued to race and her loins continued to ache, already soaking wet. She knew he could smell the lust as the sweet smell of her love juices filled the room. She could feel his chest against hers and wanted him to make love to her right now and he hadn’t even begun pleasing her. “Patience” she told herself.

As their mouths finally broke free, he asked if she was ready to be ravished? She lied and said she was. Promising to cooperate with him, she leaned forward as he placed the scarf over her eyes. She was surprised as he again leaned toward her and gave her another full kiss before leaning her back onto the bed. He hadn’t even done anything and she was already so hot and so wet. She asked herself how long she might last before she begged him to just take her.

She laid there for what seemed like an eternity feeling nothing to the touch but feeling his eyes upon her. Startled, she suddenly felt his lips on her fingers. Slowly kissing, nibbling, licking and sucking her fingers before working up her arms to her shoulders and neck. Alternating between her neck and her earlobes. She felt another tingle, not down her back but between her legs. His mouth began to move ever so slowly away from her neck, opening her towel so that he could make his way down her chest.

She couldn’t tell if her was heaving or not. It felt as if it was bouncing up and down. Either way, he began to offer his oral attentions to her firm breasts and now hard nipples. As much as she wanted his hands all over her, she didn’t feel them, only his surprisingly soft lips and hot mouth. “touch me, take me!” she thought to herself. A soft moan is all that he heard as she struggled to control her thoughts.

As his mouth moved over her stomach she waited in anticipation of his finding the fire between her legs. Her thighs tightened waiting for him to dive into her, but his mouth never made it to her sweet spot, rather attending to her toes. One toe at a time. Kissing, nibbling and sucking until finally making its way up her calf to her thigh. From here he could smell her and see her juices already flowing down the inside of her thigh. He lapped her and followed the flow to the source of the ambrosia.

Nestled between her legs, she let loose her first orgasm as his tongue teased her cleanly shaven clit. Twitching it with his tongue and sucking before allowing his tongue to dive into her. He could feel the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri temperature of her juices rise with each moment to almost a boiling point as he worked to send her to a new level of ecstasy. She wanted him in her so bad!

As her pulled his face from her lap, she heard him say “don’t move! We’ve only just begun.” She reluctantly listened to him as she could only feel his presence move away only to return a few seconds later. Her body stiffened as she felt the cool squirt of whipped cream spray on her, covering her nipples and spreading down her warm chest. His mouth began to again feast on her luscious tits, devouring everything that the whipped cream had covered. Even after the cream was long gone, he continued to nibble and lick.

Again he pulled away, this time almost immediately, she felt the next squirt between her legs. She didn’t see him admire his artistry as he looked down and saw what might be viewed as a whipped cream bikini. Starting along her pelvis and working in he devoured the cream until he got to her cream. She loved the feel of his tongue all over her until she could tell he was almost done eating the bikini and began to again work on her lips and bury himself in her again. She loved the change from the cool of the whipped cream to the warmth of his tongue in her.

Her mind was numb as she thought she felt him enter her. She was lost in another orgasm as she felt his firm hard cold member slide into her soaking wet passion pit. As her head cleared the wave of that orgasm, it hit her, how could he be so cold? It wasn’t him, but it felt so good. Sooo good!

The cold of this, this, this pleasure toy – whatever it was felt invigorating. Whatever it was, it felt great – firm, long and cold. It was then that she felt the cool whipped cream squirt around what ever it was that was in her. The whipped cream and her own love juices allowed him to slide this passion tool in and out of her until she rocked with its motion.

Suddenly, she could feel his mouth buried in her lap. Licking and lapping up every ounce of the ambrosia. She continued to feel this cold hard “toy” work her while he worked to clean her up. Or was it making her spill more of her juices? Disappointedly she felt the tormenter grow warmer and slightly softer, yet she still managed to reach another crashing orgasm.

He felt her tremble as he moved his mouth firmly onto her lap, taking a bite out of the frozen banana, but not before using his mouth to push it into and out of her a few times. He continued to nibble away at the banana until nothing stood in the way of his hot tongue and her still cold lips. She felt the warmth of his tongue warm her as her ate her clean then pulling his face away.

She could hear herself call his name. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Wanting him inside her where his tongue just was, she wanted his throbbing hot passion pole like she wanted nothing before. The tingle of the ice on her nipples shattered her mind and stopped her in her tracks, keeping her from begging aloud. He worked the ice, numbing her breast and nipples then warming them with the warmth of his mouth. Repeating this several times, each time she felt the heat between her legs build.

He reached around her back and rolled her over. She didn’t hesitate, hoping that he was about to finally take her and mount her from behind. She seemed to feel that he could get so much deeper in her and she loved the feeling of his balls as they slapped against her.

As she was about to burst again in expectation of what was about to finally happen, she felt something colder against her thigh. It was big and cold. Not to be fooled this time she knew it wasn’t him as she had pleaded in her mind. This cold object seemed to zero in on her love hole sliding into her. It was soo cold and so thick. This was not only numbing on her wet, hot hole, but was numbing to her brain.

The only thing her mind could tell right now was that he somehow was under her, his tongue now cold from this frozen delicacy that was in her, teasing her with this, this new toy. As the frozen Bomb Pop Popsicle disappeared in and out of her, he enjoyed the new mix of these fruit juices and the sweetness of her juices. As the Bomb Pop melted, he allowed his tongue to work harder first catching every drop and then warming her and filling the void that the melted dessert could not fill any longer.

As she gushed her juices on his lips in orgasm. She felt something still, hard and warm enter her lust spot. The warmth triggering a new level of passion in her. This feeling was one that was not unfamiliar. She new this feeling. This was the rock hard cock she wanted. But how could it be his, she still felt his lips and tongue under her as he nibbled on her thigh. Was there someone else in the room? How could that be? He hadn’t moved away from her. She hadn’t heard the door, not that she could say she was fully coherent anyway through this.

She knew what she felt and she knew it was what she needed right now. As this love tool made its way deeper into her, she felt him move out from under her. The rhythm of the stroke grew faster and deeper. She felt his hands roll her over onto her back. How could this be? What kind of flexibility did this person have to stay in her and keep stroking her? It didn’t matter as her brain felt the wave of another orgasm take her over. As her back arched, suddenly, her blindfold was off her eyes. Not wanting to break the moment, she stayed where she was, lost with this magic wand in her until finally she looked down. Imagine her shock as noticed that it was not another man, but her own love toy. Her orifice assistant as she liked to call it or her purple passion tool.

This time words burst from her brain and her mouth as she almost screamed “no more fire and ice, I want you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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