First Lie


Carol Wilson was preparing dinner when Linda, her beautiful eighteen-year-old daughter, came bouncing in the door. “Mom, I’m home!” She always shouted this, even though she made enough noise slamming the door to announce her presence.

“How was your day sweety, lots of homework?” Carol asked, knowing the girl always got homework from at least two of her professors. “Not an awesome amount, but I did get one that’s a real stumper. I need to get you involved to do it,” the girl replied to her curious mother. “Get me involved? I’ll try to help honey, but it’s been a while since I did any algebra.”

No, no Mom, this is part of my Ethics class. You know, the one all Freshmen have to take,” the cute teen explained, putting down her back pack in the hall.

“I have to ask you a question, and you have to promise to give me an honest answer, no matter what. Ok,” Linda asked, leaning on the counter next to her perplexed mother.

“Well, I’ve always tried to be truthful with you dear. I…..”

“No, Mom, you haven’t always. All parents tend to lie to their kids, if they don’t want them to know something. You know . . . Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, where babies come from. In fact I don’t think you ever really told me the truth about that one, you just sort of gave me the biological facts, not the details of how it’s done, right?” Linda interrupted, glaring at her Mom with big blue eyes.

“No, I guess I didn’t, but my mother never even gave me as much as I told you about that subject. It’s not easy talking to your child about sex, you’ll find that out some day,” Carol replied, getting a little irritated with the conversation.

“I understand Mom, but I think it’s better to learn how to give a blow job from your Mom than your girl friends. I know I’m gonna . . . “

Linda Ann! No mother would discuss that with their daughter; it’s just not . . . “

“But Mom, they should! I bet Lucy Johnson wouldn’t have gotten knocked up if she’d known how to do that. It’s sort of insurance against getting pregnant,” the girl interrupted her now red faced mother.

“I see. So you think I’ve been neglecting your sexual education, is that it,” Carol replied, trying very hard to maintain her composure. “Mom, I’m not complaining. You’ve told me more than some other parents tell, but it’s just not enough. A girl needs to have some . . . “

“All right dear, after diner bring a banana to my bedroom and I’ll . . . “

“No, no Mom, you miss the point. I learned how to “deep throat” banana’s at sleep overs in the 8th grade. I’m now able to work a nine-inch dildo in and out of my throat for over a minute without gagging,” the girl again interrupted her shocked Mom.

Carol wanted to ask her where she got a dildo, but thought it was a stupid question. Her daughter was obviously a lot wiser in the ways of the flesh than she was at eighteen. She decided the conversation was getting way too serious.

“Well I guess that explains why Billy is always so happy,” Carol laughed, referring to Linda’s boy friend.

“Mother! It’s not like I’m giving him head daily,” the girl giggled, as she started helping her Mom with dinner.

“I always preferred to take it down my throat too; never acquired a taste for cum. Your Father’s so huge, it’s always been easier to let him shoot it right into my tummy. I never have to taste it,” Carol softly commented to her astonished daughter, as she continued to make a salad.

“My God Mother! That’s more than I need to know,” the red faced girl replied, avoiding her Mom’s eyes.

“But Linda, you just shocked me with your sexual knowledge. Why can’t I share a little with you?” Carol giggled, as she placed the large salad bowl on the table.

“I don’t know, I just never think about Daddy and you . . . “

“Yes, I never thought about my parents having sex either. In fact, I tried not to think about it. However, I once came home unexpected from a girl scout camping trip, and caught them naked on the couch. They were so involved they didn’t hear me come in, and my Dad never missed a stroke,” Carol said, to the now attentive teen.

“My God I would have died! What did you do,” asked the wide-eyed girl, as she set the table.

“I was numb with shock, but I was 12. I stood there a minute or so, listening to my Mom yell “fuck me, fuck me hard,” and decided to slip out and sit on the porch for a while. A very adult decision for a twelve-year-old. When I came back in, I made a lot of noise.”

“Wow. You really got a graphic lesson in sex! You and Dad have been discreet, except for your screaming. When I was little, I thought he was punishing you for something,” Linda confided with a giggle.

Oops! Sorry about that dear. I’ve never had a small orgasm with your Daddy. He often tried to cover my mouth when I was cuming, but many times he was too escort bayan gaziantep engrossed with his own orgasm to care. Your Uncle Ralph never gave me . . . well, that would be more than you need to know,” an embarrassed Carol said, as she brought the tea out.

“Uncle Ralph? Mom what did you mean by that? C’mon Mom, you can’t tease me like that, tell all. Remember what I said about telling the truth,” the excited girl said tugging on her mother’s arm.

“I was dating your Uncle Ralph for over a year in High School before I met your Dad. Like most teenage boys he was very horny, and kept trying to get in my pants. Finally, in a stupid moment of weakness I allowed him to slip my panties off, and he managed to get between my legs.

“Actually, he got extremely fortunate. He took my virginity without a condom. This was before BC pills Linda, so getting in some girl’s panty was a real prize for a guy. But to take a virgin without a condom, was like winning the super bowl for boys. Losing your cherry to a naked penis was something the girls called a naked plucking.

“Naturally, a few days later my girlfriend corners me and said everyone was talking about me getting a naked plucking on Saturday. I was so angry. I broke up with him. We eventually made up, but I wouldn’t let him touch me again. He finally managed to talk me into some petting about every other date, but all I did after that was leave him with sore balls . . . sexually frustrated. Is that enough truth for you dear?” Carol giggled, as her shocked teen sat down.

“Wow! I think I can ask you the question now. Remember, you have to be completely truthful, and provide answers to my follow-up questions, if any,” the embarrassed teen instructed, without looking her mother in the eye.

“To the best of your knowledge, what was the first lie Daddy ever told you?”

“Well, if I have to tell all without pulling any punches, I think I should be able to get the same from you. If I answer that, I get to ask you some probing questions as well . . . agreed,” Carol informed the quizzical teen.

“Yeah, I guess so, but I know I’m gonna regret it. I always do when I make deals with you.”

“All right. Lets make it interesting. Your Dad called earlier and said he would be working real late tonight. Your sister is at a sleep over, and your brother is at Aunt Ellen’s. We have the house to ourselves, so I suggest, since we are having a truth session, that we do it in the nude. It’s very difficult to lie when you’re naked. What do you say?”

“Nude! Mom, I haven’t seen you nude since I was a little girl, I don’t . . . “

“Yes, I haven’t seen you au naturel since you were ten, and your first period started in the shower, remember?”

“Ugh, how could I forget. I was so embarrassed then, and I would be embarrassed now to. Do we have to be nude to do this?”

“If you want me to answer your question we do, but lets eat first,” Carol responded, bringing the meatloaf to the table.


After dinner the two women decided to retire to their respective bedrooms and return to the kitchen in only a robe. Carol returned first, and set up two high stools with a small face towel folded on each one.

“Well there she is! I was beginning to think you decided not to ask me any questions,” Carol said to her slow-moving teen, as Linda approached the kitchen in her robe.

“This is really, really weird Mom. I won’t be able to tell anyone about this. What’s with the stools?”she asked, clutching her robe tightly.

“It’s a place to sit and face each other while we speak the truth to each other. The towels are for our bottoms comfort.” Carol then removed her robe, laid it on the counter and sat on a stool, making her daughter blush to her nipples. Linda slowly removed hers and also climbed onto a stool.

“My God Linda! You are absolutely gorgeous. I remember having a figure like yours, but it’s been a long time,” Carol exclaimed, seeing her daughters naked body.

Carol knew she had a gorgeous figure, but seeing it exposed startled her. The smooth flat tummy, long legs and trimmed bushed reminded her of her own body at that age. Seeing her broad breast and large pouting nipples was like opening a time capsule and finding her old boobs.

“To answer your question, I need to go back to when your Uncle picked me up to go to his prom. I wore a long satin gown that was split up both sides, almost to my hips. It was completely backless. It was only held up by three hooks behind my neck. I had to do a lot of talking and begging to get Mom to let me buy it. We went to his house because his Mom wanted to get some photo’s of us all dressed up. “It was then that I met Carl, your Daddy. He was all dressed in the white Navy uniform of a Chief Petty Officer, and I thought he was the most gorgeous hunk I’d ever seen. He was 25, and five inches taller than Ralph. Just shaking his hand floated my boat. If I had sat down, I’d leave a wet spot on my gown. Anyway, before we left Ralph wanted to get some ice for the cooler he had in the trunk, and left me with his parents.

“Unfortunately, he had a nasty fender bender on the way back, breaking his leg in eight places. Everyone was in shock and wanted to get to the hospital ASAP. I was asking his Dad for a ride home, when his Mom quickly asked Carl if he’d mind taking me to the prom. She was sure Ralph would want me to go. To my surprise, he agreed, making me wet city knowing I was going to the prom with this hunk.

“I had to excuse my self to freshen up. The evening was just starting and my panties were drenched. This was before panty liners were available, so I dried them with a hair dryer, and rummaged until I found a package of Kotex pads. I wore one, and put three in my purse,” Carol giggled, watching her daughter cross her legs for the third time in less than a minute, a sure sign her towel was not dry.

“He was the perfect gentleman all evening, anticipating my needs and filling them. When I needed a drink, he put it in my hand. When I wanted to sit out a dance, he was already walking me to our table. And the dancing, oh my the dancing! The fast ones were fine, but the slow ones set me on fire. He dipped me several times, pushing his leg between mine, causing my dress to open, exposing both legs to my hips. When I realized what that huge lump was pressing against me, I got dizzy and damp, and changed my last pad. Can you believe it? I soaked three Kotex pads! “By the time the prom was over, we had learned a lot about each other. On the slow walk to the car, I was much more relaxed. When he opened the door for me, he bent down and laid an unexpected hot kiss on me as I got in. At that moment, sitting down was not what I needed to be doing, but I did.

“After starting the car he looked at me. He didn’t say anything, but gently reached over and pulled me to him. Slowly moving his lips against mine, he laid a long hot throat tickling kiss on me . . . I gave him my tongue, and he started kissing me harder. He quickly figured out how to unhook the strap holding my dress up, and the front dropped to my waist, exposing my bare breasts.

“I was so hot for him I didn’t even make a feeble attempt to cover my self. When I felt his warm hands on my naked boob, I was ready to ditch my panties and spread my legs, but I quickly got control of my self, and managed to slow things down a bit.” Carol said, and smiled, as she watched her daughter squirm on the stool, crossing her legs constantly.

“My God Mom, how were you able to stop at that point? I’m not sure I would have been that strong,” observed Linda, as she persisted to squirm.

“You forget dear, I had no birth control pills . . . the only form of BC then was condoms, and they weren’t that reliable. I found myself very attracted to this guy, and didn’t want him to think I was an easy lay . . . although at that point I would have been,” Carol said, laughing.

“What did he do? What did he say when you made him stop? My God, most boys today wouldn’t stop if you let them go that far . . . you’d get nailed whether you wanted it or not,” explained an obviously very hot Linda.

“This was a different time dear. A gentleman respected a girls wishes regardless of how far things went. We both calmed down awhile as he drove toward home, however, the entrance to the city park was just too much of a temptation. I think I knew I was going to let him have “it” as soon as he turned into that park.

“We parked and he wasted no time getting my dress undone again. This time he got me so hot I thought I’d catch fire, and nimbly started sliding my panties down. I coyly pulled them up a several times, but he soon had them off my right ankle. Never having let a boy go that far in a long time, I gasped, and recklessly pulled up my leg to yank them up (like they were going to offer me any protection now).

“This stunt gave your Dad easy access to my naked prize. Naturally, he was between my thighs immediately. He laughed when he saw me pulling my panties up on my left thigh, but Mom always asked me if I kept my panties on and I didn’t want to lie to her.” Carol explained, as she observed her daughter’s juices dripping from her saturated towel, while the girl laughed from her last comment.

“But Mom, when did he lie to you? What happened next?” The hot sticky girl asked, her legs no longer crossed but spread wide over her drenched towel.

“It was at this time that I first saw your Dad’s enormous heaving penis bouncing between my thighs and stroking my pubes. I freaked, and started trying to push him away yelling at him that he was way too big for me. Of course, by this time even a gentleman would not retreat, and in spite of my wriggling the hot broad head slipped between my lips, and began its plunge.

“He opened me up wider than I thought possible . . . felt like I was losing my cherry all over again, and that’s when he lied to me for the first time.” Carol paused here for effect, which was substantial. Linda was so hot she was unwittingly stroking her clit.

“My God Mom you can’t stop now! What did he say . . . what was the lie?” The hot teen begged.

“Well, as his massive cock sank deeper and deeper into my pelvis, he whispered, “Don’t worry Carol, I won’t cum in you, I promise.” Carol softly replied. “But he did, didn’t he?” The wet teen asked.

“Yes dear he did. He did big time. But in your Dads’ defense, he had never had a girl with a spastic vagina before. My moaning, wriggling, and active vagina was a bit too much for him . . . or any man for that matter.

“Of course, I’d never had a man of his size before and started heading for the biggest orgasm I’d ever had. He later said I was digging my heels into his butt, begging him to fuck me saying I didn’t care if I got pregnant . . . Of course, I was much too deep in pleasure to remember any of that.

“When your Daddy finally came, it was abundant; his balls were against my ass and I could feel them jerk load after load into my fertile tummy, which bubbled out all over my gown. He was so engrossed in my goodies he was moaning and dripping saliva on my face while his eyes were rolled back in his head.” Carol said, giggling. Linda was now covered in perspiration and fondling her nipples.

“God Mom that is the sexiest story I’ve ever heard! It’s a miracle you didn’t get pregnant.” Linda panted, now climbing off her dripping stool.

“Dear, I’m not finished be patient. Once we both recovered from our super passion session, I noticed that the back of my dress was soaked with our body fluids. I desperately needed a toilet anyway, and managed to get most of it out in the restroom sink. It still left me with a big wet spot to explain. “He wanted to stop by and see how your Uncle Ralph was, so that was our first stop. His Mom asked me about the back of my dress. I lied and said some kid spilled a drink down my chair. She just smiled at me, as she gave the dress a closer look. Then she said it looked like I sat in egg nog by the look of the stain, and I should send it to the cleaners as soon as possible. This made my face beet red, and gave her big I-know-what-you-did smile. “Most mothers know a wet stain down the middle of their daughter’s skirt is one of two things . . . she peed on herself, or she got laid. So you see, your story, after coming home late from last year’s prom, about sitting in a wet chair only worked on your Father; I knew the truth.

“Besides, while you slept late the next day, I collected your laundry and found blood stains on the panties you wore . . . not mention all the abrasions I could see on your bare crotch. Your short nighty hid nothing.

“I remember telling Jimmy you were too young to be dating Gary, he was almost 18 and you were barley 15, but your Dad liked him. He said, “The boys a gentleman Carol, he’s always neat and respectful, Linda will be fine.”….right! I never told him that Gary plucked your cherry. I was afraid of what he might do to the boy.” Carol said laughing, as she kissed her very red faced daughter on the cheek.

“Gees Mom, do I have any secrets from you? I never told anyone about Gary. He almost turned me off sex for good. As soon as he got my panties off, he became an animal . . . couldn’t get it in fast enough. Hurt like hell! When he finished, he wouldn’t get off me, but waited until it got hard again. He did it to me four times before he would let me up.

“I was so raw and sore I didn’t want to sit for a week. He was no gentleman,” the girl confided without looking at her Mom.

“I suspected as much, since you never dated him again, but never tell that to your Dad. He’ll go to jail for murder. As you may recall I got you on BC pills shortly after that,” Carol softly replied.

“Now, to finish my story: I was now head over heels in love with your Dad, and seeing him off at the airport was hard. Two weeks later I went by his house, on the pretense to see Ralph, but asked his Mom how I could get in touch with him. I told her it was important. She looked me in the eye and asked me if it was because I was missing something important. I blushed and said, “Yes, ma’am I’ve been missing my period for two weeks.” She hugged me and gave me his address and phone number. So you see dear, I did get pregnant . . . and you are the miracle.”

“Oh My God! I was conceived in a park.” the red faced girl exclaimed, as she grabbed her robe.

“Indeed. Now I suggest you head for the shower before your Dad comes home. After all, just because he’s your Dad, doesn’t mean he’s not a man. If he gets a whiff of your sweet musk, I won’t get any sleep tonight.

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