First Nudist Anal Experience

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In the mid-70s and I was just out of school and looking to spread my wings. It was a hot summer morning as I drove my little beater from Portland to Oregon’s Rooster Rock on the shores of the huge Columbia River. I had always been curious about it, its famous nude beach. Today I was going to see what it was like. I hoped I might actually see and maybe even meet some naked girls. I was nervous though since this would be my first time being naked outdoors in a public setting. At the east end of the parking area I parked, grabbed my small pack to stash my clothes in later and headed for the beach trail. A big sign boldly stated “Clothing Optional Beach” and I studied the posted map below it to see where the boundaries where. With that, down the trail I went. The trail dropped quickly on the edge of a wooded ridgeline and in a hundred yards or so a sing said that nudity was permitted beyond it. It was time to bare all and I did, stuffing my clothes in my pack. Resuming my hike in the buff I followed the trail as it continued through tall grass and bushes and leafy scraggly trees that hid the river. Despite the map I had only a vague idea of how to get to the beach. After a much long walk than I’d anticipated I arrived at the beach. The beach was huge and so was the area of tangled vegetation that bordered it.

I had seen some naked males of differing antalya escort bayan body types on the way in and a family with a couple of kids all attired in their birthday suits but no girls my age. It all seemed to be males in this area so I decided to walk the beach further east in hopes of finding females. Suddenly I realized that the sun was feeling very hot on my body and that I I’d better put sunblock on before I got seriously burnt. I coated my arms, legs and chest but was having an awkward time trying to reach my back. Just then a deep masculine voice behind me asked, “Like some help with that?” Startled I turned to see a big, muscular rather hairy, guy in his early thirties. He seemed friendly and sincere enough so I told him “Sure, if you don’t mind.” He took the tube and started rubbing the lotion on me. It was weird having a guy’s hands running over my body. He worked gradually lower to the small of my back then finally to the smooth globes of my buttocks. He kneaded them getting closer and closer to my crack. I wondered how close he would get. Then his finger ran all the way down between my cheeks brushing my hole as it went! I thought he was done then he pushed his finger discreetly into my bottom! My body shivered and I let out a low moan. It explored inside me as he whispered.

“Feels nice doesn’t it?”

“Yeah!” escort bayan I gasped, surprising myself by admitting it.

“Want to feel something even better?” he said as he pressed on my prostate.

Without thinking of anything else or what might be involved I said “Yes”

“Great, follow me.” and he pulled his finger out of my butt.

He led and I followed, taking increasingly more tenuous trails through the lush foliage till we found a totally secluded spot beneath a small battered oak. I dropped my pack and he had me bend over and brace myself against the tree with my butt kind of sticking out. He wasted no time getting back to caressing it then I felt what must have been two fingers in me.

You must know that up to this point I still knew almost nothing about sex, just the very basics of reproduction. Due to a very sheltered upbringing in such matters, I hadn’t the foggiest idea what this guy was up to.

The fingers in me felt great in any case and I was enjoying it. “Still liking that in you?”


“Want something way better in you?”

“Sure!” I said having not the slightest idea what that might be.

“Great! Just a minute.”

His fingers pulled out and I waited. Then I felt a soft, rubbery, knobby thing slide between my buttocks and press against my opening. “Just relax antalya escort your butt and go with it. Just let it in.” he said in soothing tones.

Whatever it was, it was certainly not a finger! It hurt a little at first but as I relaxed I could feel my stubborn flesh starting to yield to the persistent intruder. Suddenly the bulbous form popped in and was followed by a very long, warm shaft of some kind that slid far up into the inner reaches of my rectum! “GOD IT FELT GOOD!

I still didn’t know what it was but I didn’t care! Then it started moving in and out. His hands grasped my hips hard and the thing started thrusting even more vigorously. Something warm was pounding against my butt cheeks too.

“How does THAT feel? Like it kid?”

Breathlessly I blurted, “Its Great! GOD YES!”

“I love your cute little ass! It feels SO GOOD in there! GOD, I’m gonna CUM!!!”

With a final huge thrust I felt something erupt into the deepest confines of my rectum! Then the thing pulled out of me all the way.

“You can stand up again. Want to see what was in you? “he said. I stood and turned to see his huge eight inch penis, still mostly erect still oozing cum from the tip. “THAT was in my BUTT?!

“All the way kid. You’re a great fuck! Was that your first time?” I nodded. “Well, it may not be your last. Thanks!”

We parted ways and later on I did see some naked girls but I was now sizing up men as well and wondering how their dicks would feel inside me. From that day on I would find out, often.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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