First of Passions


AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following is a true account. Names have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.




The cry filled the apartment as I rushed to clean the place up some more, then I realized the voice was my own. I’d been getting a little restless waiting for Jeannie to arrive, and she was about twenty minutes late. Ah, the joys of not owning a car . . .

. . . . . . . . . .

Jeannie and I had met only before, when she and my friend Susan stopped by my place for no other reason than they were in the area and decided to say hello. Susan and I had gotten together every once in a while for a little fun, but it had been several months since the last time she visited, and she was now seeing someone who lived about six hours away. Susan had told Jeannie about the times that she and I had hooked up, and when they were driving through the area, Susan had suggested they stop by my place to say hello.

I was at home watching a movie and wrapping Christmas presents for my family when they rang the doorbell. I hadn’t talked with Susan in a month, and when I saw her, I was surprised and gave her a big hug. She introduced me to her friend. “This is Jeannie,” she said, to whom I said hello and I shook her hand.

One look at Jeannie and my mind reacted with an instant physical response . . . well, okay, it wasn’t just my MIND reacting. There was something in her face that sparkled, that really caught my attention. I even had to keep my eyes on Susan to keep from staring at Jeannie the whole time.

As if breaking me from some trance, Susan said, “We were just getting ready to go out for a drink, and we wanted to know if you could join us.” “Oh, thanks for the offer,” I replied, “but I’m gonna stay in for the rest of the night.”

As the words were coming out of my mouth, I couldn’t believe I was actually speaking them. Whilst mentally biting on my knuckles, I shook Jeannie’s hand again (damn, those eyes!!), wished them both a good evening and headed back upstairs.

Thirty minutes later I was getting cramps in my leg from kicking myself for not going with them when I had the chance.

As I was online later that night, Susan popped on.

SuzeeKyoo: My friend thinks you’re HOT!! WillRWont: You’re kidding. SuzeeKyoo: No, really. She told me she thought you were really good looking. You want her phone number?

Long story short, I decided to give her a call at 2am that night. We talked for about 3 and a half hours and felt like we were getting along just fine, so we decided we were going to have to get together soon.

. . . . . . . . . .

I raced downstairs to the door, anticipating that first touch, that first kiss, and whisked it open. Jeannie stood there, clad in blue jeans, a sweater and black leather jacket, with a fluffy scarf adorned around her neck. Hair dark and straight around the sides and back of her head, crowning her milky skin, lips so soft and crimson, and her eyes . . . ah, there was the sparkle. Blue eyes that weren’t a deep blue, but a bright luminous hue that reflected light directly into mine.

“Hi,” I said as I opened the door and smiled. “Hi there,” she replied, and came toward me as a soft smile spread across her lips.

We kissed. Oh, that first kiss. Her lips felt even softer than they looked, and I could sense them wanting to swallow me with gentleness as I tasted of her skin. We kissed only briefly, then decided to get going, as we were running late for the movie. After stopping at an ATM, we made our way into the next town to see The Fellowship of the Ring.

One thing that had been made clear to me about Jeannie throughout our phone conversations was now being confirmed — she loved to laugh. And I loved making her laugh. Heck, I’d always had a knack for making people laugh in times when I wasn’t really trying to. And with her, I didn’t feel like I was trying AT ALL, which surprised me.

We arrived about 5 minutes before the movie started, and found a couple seats right next to each other at the very top of an otherwise packed theater. We took our jackets off and kissed again, just as the lights were going down to show the previews. All through the movie (which was over three hours long) I couldn’t keep my hands off of her, nor her off me. Several points came in the film that we took our attentions off the screen and just kissed each other gently, caressing each others’ arms like lovers who’ve known each other for twenty years. I’m sure the people on both sides of us were getting tired of us smooching on each other during the film, even though we weren’t making any noise at all.

Once the movie ended, we went through the regular bout of “Do you want to get a drink?” “I don’t know, do you?” “I do if you do.” “Well, I do if you do.” “Well, what do you say?” . . . and then decided to head to a local bar and grill for some drinks. We talked and laughed a escort bayan gaziantep lot, found out more about each other, expressed our mutual attraction for the other, and the fact that she acted and looked a lot younger than her age (she was 32, I was 25). Once it was established that I’d had enough alcohol and my body was unwilling to take any more — two drinks, I’m a lightweight — we headed back to her place.

The ride in the car was only about twenty minutes, but it seemed to drag with the slowest of paces. She showed me the most interesting route to her apartment, which involved her speeding along some winding, hill-filled roads less than two car widths and with no curbs or guardrails. I had already been experiencing one kind of excitement, and now she was showing me another. Oi.

Once we arrived at her place, I started to get nervous — not only about what I knew was going to happen, but also because she seemed like an aggressive woman who really knew what she wanted, and most women I’d known before were willing to let me set the pace. When we walked inside, she gave me a quick tour of the place, which wasn’t very large, but very comfortable.

“I’ve got to use the restroom,” she said, “so if you’ll excuse me . . .” and with that, made her way into the bathroom to take care of . . . well, whatever a woman does. As I waited, I took a look around her living room at all the pictures of her, her family, her friends. She obviously had people around her that loved her and thought she was special. I reflected that while I had many people in my life that cared about me, I didn’t have any pictures of anyone on display in my place. The mind thinks of odd things when you have a bit of a buzz on.

Man, she seemed to be taking longer than I could stand. I was hoping that she’d be out soon. What in the world could she be thinking? Was it possible that she was as nervous as I? Tension began to pull tighter and tighter on my chest as I paced the floor as quietly as I could, not wanting to give her the impression that I was impatient, or that I wasn’t brewing over with 100% confidence.

We had talked about this a lot before this night. A few of our conversations orbited around sex before we ever saw each other. What kind, what position, how many times, how many people, how often, how long, how *ahem* looonnnngg . . . you name it, we talked about it. She had an amazingly excellent speaking voice, and she wasn’t afraid to laugh heartily when she found something amusing.

A noise awakened me from my trance. Water running in the sink. Ah, she was washing her hands. I walked over the end of the hallway near the bathroom and waited for her to emerge. A few minutes later she finally did (what exactly do you women DO in there?) and saw me standing there waiting for her.

“Hi,” she said, unable to contain her surprise. “What’s going on?”

In the world’s vast history of questions that need no answer, this one took the top award for the year, at least in its weight class.

Without another word, I approached her and with a little bit of force, backed her up against the wall and planted my lips on hers in a full, longing kiss. Before we knew it, our hands were all over each other’s bodies, lips grabbing onto as much skin as we could, tasting the salt on our skin mixed with our saliva. The heat from her body radiated towards me, and I fed off it as it penetrated my clothes and attacked my skin. I grabbed her face with both hands and drew her closer to me as we continued to devour each other.

Finally, as I regained my composure and pressed my pelvis into hers; the pleasure of feeling me against her caused her lungs to inhale suddenly and her eyes to roll back in her head.

She held her breath, then focused her eyes on me again and exhaled, saying, “Oh God, Adam, I want you.”

Without another word, I led her into her bedroom (I’m normally not this aggressive with someone in their own home, but I was in the moment) and began to remove her pieces of clothing as she struggled to free me of mine. I was so aroused at this point that I thought I would explode out of my pants had she not been so intent on freeing me. Once I had her shirt and bra removed, and she had shed me of my shirt, I was tentative about touching her. Not wanting to seem overly zealous, I slowly raised my hand and caressed the skin on the side of her body, moving from bottom to top, right underneath her arms. Her breathing increased, her eyes closed as I continued, gently cupping her breasts with my hands, softly running the tips of my fingers around the tops and bottoms of them. I then lightly brushed her nipples, which were by now fully erect, with the flats of my palms, and electricity rippled through her body. I leaned forward and kissed her neck as she tilted her chin back, becoming drunk on the pleasure of my lips meeting her warm skin. Without warning, I wrapped my arms around her and pressed her body to mine, and our skin seemed to meld with each other as we found ourselves awash in physical ecstasy. The feeling of her breasts pressed against my bare chest was heavenly; I stroked the skin on her back as gently as possible with my fingertips, sending shivers throughout her body, making her melt even further into me. Her reaction was so strong that I felt her pensive reaction in my own bones.

We continued kissing, my tongue massaging hers, our breath coming in nervous spurts. I tilted her head back and began running my lips down the side of her face, slowly inching towards her neck, down the front of her chest and directly in between her soft, velvety breasts. Licking her skin, I tasted the salt of her body mixed with the scent of her own arousal as I lifted my right hand up to her left breast and gently held it. I ran my thumb across her nipple, playing with the skin around it and lightly flicking it back and forth, smiling wickedly as I looked up and saw the pleasure wash over her face.

With a wink, I caught her eyes and said, “Just relax . . . ” and then I wrapped my lips around her breast.

Without letting my tongue even touch her skin, I began to massage her breast with my lips, making a sucking motion back and forth, lifting my mouth off slightly to let my lips caress her nipple and occasionally pinch it lightly. After about thirty seconds of making her want more, I closed my mouth around her breast again, this time letting my tongue paint her skin, swirling it around the surface of her salty-sweetness, rubbing it mercilessly on her nipple . . . back and forth, back . . . forth . . . moans of pleasure escaped her mouth as I worked on her left breast, then switched and began on her right breast, repeating the process. All the while her hands continually rubbed my shorn head, running her fingernails across the back of my neck and up to the top of my scalp, as if she were painting a mark on me, claiming me for her own. I wouldn’t have cared if she were; tonight, I was hers, and I planned on giving her the most pleasure possible.

After working over her breasts for what seemed like ten minutes, I inched my way down her stomach, planting small kisses on every uncharted inch of skin, until I was on my knees, eye level with her waistline. I looked up, into her glimmering, lust-filled eyes as I unfastened her belt, then her jeans, and slowly pulled them down her legs, revealing a pair of black french panties. I ran my hands up the sides of her legs and paused at her midsection, then reached around and caressed her soft ass through the fabric. I then reached my hands underneath the fabric, smoothing out the skin on her ass before I pulled her panties down her legs to the floor, and she stepped out of her clothing.

It was apparent from her continued movement that she was getting restless, and the look in her eyes had gone from glimmering to Just Plain Lustful. She looked right through me and grabbed the back of my head, pulling me up to meet my lips with hers in a frenzied, impatient kiss. She wanted to swallow me whole, which was just fine with me. She quickly got to her knees and loosened my belt and jeans as if the very balance of Heaven and Hell depended on it, then drew my jeans and underwear down my legs in one swift motion. When she had freed my heavy cock, by now as hard as it could possibly be, she stopped and fixed her gaze upon it. With a look halfway between entranced and hungry on her face, she slowly raised her hand to grab it. My entire body was tensing up, just waiting for that one instant when her hands would meet the skin of my cock, transferring the heat from her hand onto me. Once she finally took hold of it, she wrapped her hand around it (I exhaled in a shudder) and let out a soft, “Whooaa . . .”

I’m not the biggest guy in the world — I’m only about 6, maaayyyybe 6.5 inches when fully erect — but my girth is larger than what I’ve been told most men are, and she seemed to enjoy the fullness of my manhood in her hand. Without letting go, she stood and softly stroked my cock, making me even harder (as if that were possible) and sending rushing waves of bliss through my entire body. As she did so, she leaned towards me and kissed me ever so gently on the lips, keeping her body just barely an inch away from mine.

Normally, I’m a patient man. I’ll be the first person to admit that I like to take my time in order to make the experience more enjoyable for the woman I’m with. But there comes a time when you can’t stand waiting anymore, and I’d reached it. I deceptively touched her hand with mine, releasing her grip on my dick as gently as possible, then drew her into my body boldly, ferocity burning through my blood. I wrapped her up in my arms and kissed her with an intense purpose in mind. She could sense it in my body language and returned the intent as we tried as hard as possible to put every inch of our bodies in contact with each other. I led her over to the bed and laid her down on her back keeping her lips and tongue occupied with my own while running my hands over whatever parts of her body I could reach while not breaking the kiss.

I climbed onto the bed next to her, throwing one of my legs over hers. She ran her hand over the back of my head over and over, whispering into my ear with a throaty, uncensored lust . . . “I trust you, Adam . . .”

There is no greater turn-on than when a woman shows you the trust she places in you by allowing you to completely undress her, especially when there’s plenty of light to see her body by . . . except for when she actually flat out TELLS you that she trusts you. I cannot even begin to describe the feeling if power over her this statement gave me, as well as the responsibility that power carried with it. I wanted to take this woman to the sky and make her soar. I wanted her to feel driven, with me at the wheel, into complete fulfillment . . . so I got in the driver’s seat.

“Close your eyes and just relax,” I said, while I rose to my knees and moved my hands gently down the skin of her body. She complied, letting the feel of my skin caressing hers fill her body with warmth and passion. I moved my way down to her mound, stroking it lightly with my fingers, which caused her to shake and jolt with every slight piece of contact. I rubbed my hands down her thighs, working out the kinks in her muscles, stretching them out, then gently spreading them so I could get into a better position to reach her sex. I crawled in between her legs, her body now spread before me like a pool of ecstasy waiting to be dove into. I leaned in closer, letting Jeannie’s aroma fill my nostrils and heightening my arousal even more, then I tentatively stuck my tongue out and lightly touched the tip to her clit. She gasped loudly, grabbed the sheets of the bed beside her hips, and raised her pelvis to my mouth involuntarily, wanting me to continue. I took the signal and continued my ministrations on her sweet pussy, driven by her verbal exhortations that got continually became louder and louder. I lapped my tongue over her clit, not slowing down even once to take a breath through my mouth or rest my tongue, while she kept responding with every ounce of reserve and energy her body could muster. When I took a detour and inserted my tongue into her canal, her breath stopped completely and her body froze; I reached my arms under her thighs and grabbed her hips, then began tongue-fucking her like there was no tomorrow. Her hands found their way to my freshly-shaved head and pushed me down towards her pussy over and over again, helping me as I stuck my tongue as deep inside of her as I could. I leaned forward a little and took her lips into my mouth, my tongue still inside of her, drinking up her juices while continuing to massage her pussy. I withdrew from her moist love hole and once again went to work on her clit, hitting it with the tip of my tongue even faster than before, sending her literally over the edge.

Jeannie screamed my name as her entire body convulsed violently. “OooooooOoOOOOOOhhhhHHh, ADAAAAAAAAAAMMMMM . . . ” her cries echoed through the apartment as I kept going, not stopping until I was absolutely sure she was done cresting her wave.

Once she quieted down and her body stopped shaking, I lightly massaged her pussy with the palm of my hand and crawled up next to her again, kissing her on those soft, warm lips.

“You okay?” I asked, and she emphatically nodded her approving reply, and returned the kiss to me.

After holding her for a couple minutes, she began to get up and said, “Okay, your turn . . .” as she repositioned me so I sat crosswise on her bed, with my legs hanging off the side. She took one of her 18 pillows (some women have stuffed animals, she has pillows) and put it on the floor, then knelt upon it while she spread my legs a bit to get them out of her way. She touched my engorged cock with her warm, soft hands, making me moan in pleasure. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes as I felt her hot mouth closing over my member, licking the underside of my manhood and swirling it around in her mouth. The sensations were amazing! She sucked on me like she was tasting fine wine for the first time and couldn’t get it down quickly enough.

After about only two minutes of this, she got up and threw herself on top of me, saying, “I’m sorry, I don’t want to stop. But I need to have you inside of me.”

Never argue with an intent woman.

I kissed her, and we began to grope each others’ bodies again like two lovers who had reunited after several years apart. I flipped her over me and rolled us over until I was lying on top of her, and her guttural, vocal response told me she wanted me more than her words could communicate. I wanted her more than I believe I could have realized at that moment, and this fueled my passion even more, causing me to attack her with my mouth. I swirled my tongue inside of her mouth, tasting the essence of her saliva along with the salt on her skin, drawing her tongue into my mouth; her vocal emanations responded with a compulsory, permissive, commanding order to take her, body and soul.

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