First Time Love

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It was a Friday night and my girlfriend, Lucy was home alone. We had been dating for about a year and a half now and things were beginning to get serious. The makeout sessions would get more intense, often resulting in our bodies being left unsatisfied. Very hot and heavy, but the ball was always dropped without effort of being lifted.

We had talked about sex before. She wasn’t a virgin, and neither was I, but we hadn’t made love yet. A couple of times when we were horny enough, she’d let me touch her puffy cunt through her panties and it’d be very wet and soft. She told me she was ready for my cock, but we just needed to wait for the opportunity to make love for the first time. And tonight was that time. Lucky for us, she lived just down the hill from my house.

She had called me around 8 pm. Her voice was low and soft. Sexy. She told me she was getting wetter by the minute. She couldn’t stop touching herself all day and she was ready for my dick. I told her I would be down as soon as I could.

My mom was out of town in Vegas and I was home alone. Perfect. I just left with my house keys and a couple of condoms in my wallet (just in case I decided to stay the night). I was ready and had been for a while. Tonight was going to be amazing and I wanted us both to enjoy it.

I was there in about five minutes. A full moon was out and followed me on my way over. Keeping me safe on my journey to love. Her bedroom window was at the front of the house on the first floor. I showed up and tapped on her window. She tapped back and I said to the glass that it was me. She decided to tease me a bit and she acted like she didn’t know who I was. Once we established that it was her boyfriend, Mike, she asked me why I was here.

This playful activity was a regular, especially with us being a few days over 18. She finally told me to go to her front door. I knocked softly. No answer. I knocked again and I heard the door unlock. I tried the knob and the door swung open with ease. It was dark when I stepped inside. I couldn’t see a thing. I instantly turned to my right, for I knew that was where her room was.

Her door was closed and her light was off. I closed the front door behind me slowly and approached her door. I knocked and with my second knock, the door swung open. The moonlight leaked through the blinds and I could see she was in her bed, wearing nothing but her lacy, black bra, and matching panties. I looked at her and I saw her motion her finger for me to come over and touch her body. The blood from my heart pumped down to my penis and I could feel it growing in size. I took off my jacket and shoes and climbed on top of her.

She asked, “What took you so long?”

“You weren’t letting me in, baby,” I replied.

“How about I let you in tonight?” she asked this as she reached down and felt on my growing cock.

“I think that could be arranged,” I said as I reached for her breast. I cupped her left boob in my right hand and massaged it. I pulled her bra down and exposed her little, brown, nipple. I looked at her eyes. The white moonlight reflected her blue eyes in a very sensual way. My hand glided over her nipple over and over as I began sucking on her tongue and lips. Not long after, I moved from her mouth to her soft breast. I forced the glands in my mouth to produce more saliva. I sucked on her nipples very slowly. She moaned softly and grabbed my dick harder. My erection was in full state now. All six inches of me were extended in my boxers.

She moved her hand away from my cock and pulled off her bra, exposing both of her tits. I moved to her right breast and sucked on that nipple. She moaned a little more and began breathing heavier. Her nipple slid on my tongue with ease and grew harder. Her tits were amazing. Perfectly shaped, nice and perky, and soft and tender.

I took my mouth away from her nipple and went back to her mouth. My hand reached to her panties and felt between her legs. She was nice and warm. I took my index and middle fingers and rubbed her pussy slowly. She got more and more wet. She let out a little moan as I did this. Pretty soon canlı bahis she helped me pull my shirt off. She put her hands on my flat, tone, stomach. Her hands then grabbed at my belt and undid the buckle. Then the button and zipper. She tried pulling them down, but she couldn’t do it with me on top of her.

We both kinda chuckled at the difficulty we were having while doing this. I got off of her and pulled off my jeans and threw them in my pile of clothes on the side of her bed. My plaid boxers couldn’t hide my stiff dick. She looked down and smiled, “Excited to see me huh?”

“Very,” I said as I got back on top of her and began making out with her again. She reached under my boxers and grabbed my cock. I reached under her panties and felt her warm clit. She began stroking my dick slowly and I began rubbing her pussy slowly as well. She began to moan as I began picking up speed. She let go of my cock and I helped her pull her panties down. Her whole pussy was revealed. The moon added new dimensions to it and made it look amazing. Her pussy lips were tucked in and her clitoris stuck through her hood. It looked nice and puffy and I couldn’t stop my head from moving down to her sweet vulva. I took my tongue and began licking everything. Her lips, her clit, parting it all so I could lick the inside. She was very sweet and her juices tasted like the sweetest warm water. I licked up even more. And I licked her even faster. She put her hands on my head and pushed my head and tongue deeper. I took her clit and began sucking on it faster. The tip of my tongue began moving in small, quick circles. She moaned a little louder. Her breaths became more and more shallow. I kept going. She started calling my name. I began humming. The deep vibrations of my voice made her let out a little shriek of pleasure. I was licking as fast as I could. Her orgasm was getting closer. Her breaths, quicker. Her moans went up an octave. She was climaxing. I moved my head from her clit and took my fingers and rubbed her whole vulva. Her body began to spasm as her moans came to a stand still.

Her cunt was nice and wet now. I took my index and middle finger again and put them inside her pussy. She was really warm and tight. I pulled them back out and she took my hand and began sucking her cum off of my fingers. My cock twinged at the sight of her sucking my fingers. She was getting into it. I could tell it was my turn next.

We switched positions. I was lying on my back now. Her naked body was amazing. Nice, stomach, beautiful breast, perfect curves, amazing ass. My cock grew even more. I couldn’t take it. She knew I wanted her to suck my dick. She took her hands and pulled off my boxers. She was a lefty so her left hand grabbed my erection and began stroking it again. She lubed her hand with saliva and began giving me a slow, sensual handjob. I grabbed her sheets. It felt amazing. Her hands were little and they felt amazing on my smooth shaft. I let out a whimper of pleasure.

“That feel good baby?”

“Oh, Lucy, suck my dick, hun…” I begged.

“What do you want Mike?” she teased. She moved her head lower as she asked this.

“Mm…suck my dick baby…” I closed my eyes as I saw her move closer to my head. I kept them shut so I could let my sense of touch be heightened at this experience. She took my cock and put it in position to be sucked. Pretty soon, I felt her tongue on the tip of my penis. It was really wet and soft. She got my dick head nice and wet. Then I felt her tongue move all over my shaft. I was really wet now. I felt both of her hands begin stroking my cock. I was clutching her sheets now. It was amazing and she hadn’t even put it in her mouth yet! I opened my eyes for a split second and I saw her lips begin to close around the tip of my dick. I closed them again and felt three of my six inches slide into her mouth. Time stood still and I felt her tongue on my cock. It was so wet and warm. Time began to move again as did she. She had it in her mouth now and not long after, she actually began applying suction. She took her left hand and began stroking every time her head moved down my shaft. bahis siteleri

I moaned and said her name. I opened my eyes. I looked down at her and she looked back up. She took it out and began jerking me off. “That feel good?”


She put it back in her mouth and went faster. I was in a pleasure zone that I couldn’t describe. She kept at it for a while longer and took it out.

“I’m ready for you baby. I want your cock inside of me now. I’m so, wet.” She was panting and catching her breath. I knew she wanted me by the look in her eyes. She didn’t even need to say anything. She got from on top of me and lay back down on her back. I got off her bed and went to my pants and grabbed my wallet. I pulled a condom out, opened it and slid it on. She had done a great job getting me wet cause the condom rolled on with great ease.

I went back to her bed and I just looked at her for a while. The light from outside shone directly on her pussy. Almost as if it was meant to be. I got on her bed and got in position. She parted her legs. I saw her lips part and it revealed her vagina. It looked amazing. I asked if she was ready and she said that she was.

“Please tell me if I hurt you,” I said.

“You won’t.”

I positioned my penis to lead straight into her little pussy. The tip of my cock had trouble getting in at first cause she was so tight. But I managed to maneuver my dick deeper. She was so tight and wet. She moaned a little and grabbed my back at my first pump.

“Not so hard yet, Mike,” she requested.

“Sorry baby.”

I took it a little slower, but it gave me the chance to really feel my cock in her tight cunt. I tried a little faster and she didn’t say anything. Instead she moaned. It was a familiar moan though. Like when I had tongued at her clit. She was enjoying it. My dick slid in and out a little faster. She was getting wetter. I looked at her face and her eyes were closed. I began pumping harder and a little deeper.

She wrapped her legs around my waist, “Oh baby, keep going…”

I looked at her again and went to her mouth and began kissing her soft lips. This heightened it all. She was amazing. Her body was a wonderland and I was enjoying all of it. She put her tongue in my mouth and started to feel around, but she soon stopped kissing me to let out some more whimpers of pleasure. I was going pretty fast now. It felt amazing. I began to moan a little bit at how wet she was getting.

“Mm…faster baby,” she moaned.

I began thrusting my shaft deeper into her pussy. Loosening it up. Making it feel the way it’s supposed to. I was going as fast as I could now. Her tits were bouncing with every pump. The moonlight made the sweat on her forehead glisten in a magical way. She put her nails into my back. She wanted more. So I gave it to her faster…I gave it deeper…Harder…As much as I could until she was moaning my name as loud and as shortly as she could.

“I’m gonna cum baby!” She cried.

“Come on babe! Cum on my cock!”

I kept at my fast rhythm. Her moans became little whimpers.

“Mike! Mike!” She was crying out as fast as I pumped until I felt her pussy leak warm fluids onto my dick. She had reached ecstasy. Her body shook from the pleasure. Every inch of her was twitching from the orgasm I helped her achieve.

I slowed down and kinda lay on top of her. My stomach was tired from pumping. My arms were struggling to keep me up. I forced my head back up to her lips and started kissing her. She grabbed my face and told me to lie on my back. She was going to take care of it this time.

We switched positions and I lay on my back and waited for her to climb on top of my dick. She first took me back into her mouth. She sucked her cum off of my dick and took it back out.

“That was amazing baby, just lie there…I’ll take care of you,” she said.

I agreed and closed my eyes. She propped my dick up and I felt her pussy slide down onto my shaft. All six inches of me were deep and it felt amazing. She began riding me slowly. She leaned forward and let her bottom half do the bahis şirketleri work. I opened my eyes and looked into hers. She looked so sexy riding my cock. My eyes rolled back into my head and I closed them again. It felt amazing. Her pussy would tug every time she pulled it back up. She was so tight and wet, and it was pure pleasure.

She went faster. I could hear her moans become shallower. I just laid back and let her do it all until I could feel her slowing down. She was getting tired and I knew it. So while she slowed down, I began thrusting my shaft deep inside of her. I worked up a steady rhythm with what her body was doing. We were working together to bring her body to another amazing orgasm. Pretty soon I just started pumping as fast as I could. She just stopped altogether and just leaned forward as I penetrated her pussy. She moaned louder and faster. I pumped harder and faster. She closed her eyes and started grabbing my chest. She bit her lip at the pleasure.

“Oh…cum for me baby,” I told her.

“Mm…It feels so good, Mike,” she moaned. “I’m gonna cum soon baby…”

I kept thrusting. Pretty soon, she started bouncing again. She wanted it hard. I grabbed her waist and pulled her down with every pump. She started whimpering. My name was next. She started replacing it with her breathing.


She let out a couple final moans and she exclaimed that she was cumming. I kept going until I felt her pussy spasm with pleasure. Her top half fell forward onto my chest and laid there.

I kept pumping, but not as fast. All until I slowed down and stopped altogether. She came up and began kissing me. Her hair was matted to her forehead from the sweat. Her body shone in the moonlight. She looked beautiful. We laid there for a while until she got from on top of me.

I was still rock hard and I was ready for her pussy again and I was ready to cum. She was the first up and she got on her hands and knees on her bed. She bent over and put her pussy in the air. I was ready now. I regained a little bit of stamina. I wouldn’t go for long on this one; I was ready to reach my climax. But her last orgasm came pretty quickly, so I figured we’d reach ecstasy together this time.

I got behind her and slipped my cock between her pussy lips and pumped pretty hard for the first couple of thrusts. She let out little shrieks at this.

“Mm…baby. I want it hard Mikey,” she begged.

“I’ll do my best Lucy.”

I began pumping how she wanted it. She moaned instantly. I did as well. Her pussy was best in this position. I could really feel my cock moving through her vagina this way. It was great. She made it tug again. I didn’t know how she did that, but it was ridiculous. I couldn’t help going faster. Her pussy was nice and wet and she felt amazing. I grabbed her waist and pulled her in closer. She liked it deep. I could tell. She moaned louder. My breathing got quicker. It was too much. I could feel my cock reaching climax.

“Oh, baby, I’m gonna cum soon!” She cried out.

“So am I Lucy…” I said. I was getting tired, but I pumped as fast as I could. She was enjoying it more than ever.

“Cum in my pussy baby…”

I kept it up. I pounded her pussy as best I could. It felt so good. And I knew it was great for her too. I felt her pussy get wetter as we approached orgasm. My cock started to twinge. It was so good. Her pussy was amazing.

We moaned louder. Our breaths became more shallow. “I’m gonna cum Lucy!”

“Oh, Mike, so am I!”

I pumped as hard as I could. I was getting there. She was too. Her pussy was wetter than ever. I was pumping my best until my dick felt the best it probably would ever feel. I ejaculated into the condom. At the same I was leaking cum into her pussy, she gushed fluids onto my cock. Her pussy was wetter than ever. We both cried out in pleasure as our genitals spasmed with pleasure.

It was amazing. Her pussy was great. We had the night of our lives that night. We stopped and rested for about an hour, just talking, until we were at it again.

I ended up staying the night. I slept like a child. Her parents weren’t gonna be home for a couple of days. So I stayed as long as I wanted. We had lots of sex those couple of days. And every time was better than the last, but nothing would top our first time.

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