First Time Meet N’ Fuck

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It has been two years since I was brought into this group, Internet Family. A lot of people came and went, but the originals still stayed. Me, Shauna, Rich, Gayle, Nathan, Emily, James, and Juan from time to time.

Me and Shauna met in real life, but this time it was different. It was with James. The guy that I love with all my heart, and also makes me like a sex-crazed wild woman. I never thought we would meet up, cause that type of shit never happens to me.

But, one day, when I was in my underwear, and dirty T-shirt, there was a rang at my door. I quickly looked for pants, and only found my black sweat pants. I put them on, and quickly opened the door, to see James, standing there. I blinked my eyes a few times, and tilted my head to the side, a bit confused, and thought this was a dream. James stepped inside, and grabbed my hips, pulling me closer to him.

“But, W-” Before I could finish my sentence, he planted his lips onto mine. They were so soft, and tasted so fucking good. It made me melt, and got me extremely wet. I have to say, great first kiss. James didn’t pull away, he kept his lips on mine, and closed the door behind him. I had my eyes closed, just froze in a way.

James lead me backwards, only two steps backwards, and I was leaning on the wall. James bit down on my bottom lip and gently started nibbling on it. I peeked an eye open, and saw that Devilish smile on his face. He pushed himself onto my body, and he opened my legs a little, grabbing my left leg and holding it. I felt his hand slide down my crotch. James chuckled and released his bite on my lip.

“We’re fucking wet, aren’t we?” He said, moving his hand around my crotch. I let a moan, with every hand movement he made, it made me wetter. James sat down on his knees, and placed my leg on his shoulder, letting it rest there.

James pulled my pants off and threw them. He slowly licked my soaked panties, and looked up at me, seeing my reaction. I gasped, tilting my head back, and running my nails on the wall slowly.

James turned me around, and made me face the wall. He pushed my upper body forward a little, and pulled my butt a little forward, making my butt pop out.

James would send a slap to my ass, so hard, I shivered. He gaziantep escort kızlar did it once more, but a little bit harder. It left a red mark, even though my panties were covering my cheeks, it still stung.

“Say you want Daddy’s dick.” James said, pretty much out of no where, but in a firm, “Not taking no for an answer” type tone.

“I-I want Daddy’s dick…” I said, a bit nervously, not use to saying this type of shit in person.

James sent another hard slap to my ass, making me jump a little, but a moan came out. And something else came out.

“I want your dick, Daddy! I want your monster cock to fuck me in my cunt! I want it now!” I screamed, with lust and wanting just oozing out of me in that moment.*

James without missing a beat unzipped his pants and pulled them off. He sat down on the floor, and tapped my ass. I turned around, and slide my panties off. I threw them, but they landed right next to James’s head. James grabbed them and covered his face with them. He sniffed them deeply.

“Mmm, holy fuck. You are wetter than a ocean” He said, pulling the panties away from his face and putting them next to him.

I sat down on his lap, and slowly slid his dick into my cunt. I slowly moved my hips back and forth, feeling his dick out. And basically teasing him in a way. Doing this for a while, James grabbed my hips and pulled me forward a little, making his cock go fully into my cunt, and making me sit on his dick.

He began to thrust up and down, and move me up and down with the grip on my hips. I jerked my head back, feeling his monsterous cock just going in and out of my cunt. James had this huge smile, as he began moaning, and grunting. I moved my hips without his help, cause it just felt so good. I placed my hands on my tits, and started to squeeze on them.

I think I was on his lap for around I say five minutes, before James mumbled,

“Oh God, fuck this.” He quickly shot up and sat up, and wrapped his arms around me. He then picked me up, turned around, and layed me on my back, and he was on top.

His cock didn’t even fall out, which I must say, was impressive. He kept his rhythm, but went a little faster. I was just screaming moans, gripping down on the carpet, and shutting my eyes, orgasming. Before I even had a full blown orgasm, or came, James took his dick out. The second I felt his dick get pulled out, I Immediately opened my eyes and looked at him.

“I almost came…the fuck?” I said, with my heavy breathing making it barely clear on what I said. James just looked at me, with this smile.

“Speak!” I shouted, not really happy with him interrupting my orgasm.

“I want to put it in your ass.” James said, finally showing signs of life.

I looked at him, raising an eyebrow. I didn’t care about anal, in fact, I was looking forward to it, but I was a little ticked off about him stopping right in the middle of my orgasm. And I was still feeling it. I crossed my arms, and looked at him.

“Finish me off, then you can.” I said, opening my legs a bit more, and scooting my butt down a little, and then lifting it up a little.

James looked down at my dripping wet, cum leaking cunt. He smiled, and dove right into my cunt. He slowly licked the opening to my vagina, just wiggling his tongue in there, then scooping up my cum, letting it roll down his tongue and into his throat, swallowing it.

“Jesus Christ, you taste so good..” He said. I layed my head back, and closed my eyes. He then started to lick my clit in a circle, while rubbing Labia minora. I felt the orgasm coming back, my legs started to twitch, my moaning was making the house shake, and James went faster, and faster, every 20 seconds. It was quick, but for me felt like hours, and I finally orgasmed, and came…a lot.

James licked up the cum, and turned me over. He propped my ass up, and moved his fingers slowly on my perineum. I shivered, with every stroke on my perineum, and just wiggled my butt, wanting it in my ass so badly, I was sweating from the thoughts of it. James stuck his fingers in my cunt, and scooped out some of my cum. He then put the cum on his cock and used it as lube. He put his fingers in my cunt once more, and slid the wetness and cum to my asshole. He sent a slap to my ass cheek.

“You ready, sweetheart?” He asked, hovering his cock near my asshole. I swallowed, seeing how I have been drooling by having the thoughts run through my head.

“Y-Yes..” I said a bit nervous, but just wanted it so badly.

James popped his cock head into my anus, and let it sit there for a little, to let my asshole know what is gonna be happening. I gripped down on the carpet, pulling some of it for how tight I was gripping on it. He then slid his cock in deeper, every 30 seconds, I’d get 2 inches. And since he was 7 inches, It was a short, but long time for me, before he had his whole cock in there. I let out a groan, and rested my head on my arms, on the floor.

“Does it hurt?” James asked, not moving.

“Your monster cock is buried deep in my tiny virgin asshole. The fuck you think?” I said, a bit snappy, but quickly snapped out of my rudeness. I went to say sorry, but like a mind reader, James leaned over and kissed my cheek.

“It’s okay, trust me, you’ll love it.” He said, leaning back, and slowly pushing his cock in and out of my asshole.

I let out a pain filled moan, and gripped down harder on the carpet, until my fingers/hand went numb. After a few minutes, James started picking up the speed, and it didn’t hurt as much, but it was starting to feel good. I released the grip on the carpet, and placed my hands onto my tits, squeezing them. James was going faster and faster, panting and moaning almost louder than me.

“Fucking shit, holy fuck!” Moaned James, as I was just going all Christian. “Oh God, oh fucking God! Oh my God! God dammit, holy fucking God! Jesus fucking Christ, oh Jesus, oh God!”

After two minutes, I came, and James was seconds away too. He pulled his dick out and leaned over. He grabbed my hair and pulled me to face him.

He fastly jerked himself, as I ran my tongue around his cock head. It wasn’t long until he came, on my face. A few shots, and he let out a long groan. I licked his cock head, cleaning up his sperm, then my mouth.

James layed back on the floor, breathing heavy. I wiped his sperm off my face, and layed next to him. He turned his head and looked over at me. He then planted a kiss on my lips.

“I’m gonna take a shower. And you should too. You’re just covered in all sorts of liquids.” He said, as he stood. I looked down at my body, seeing sperm, my cum, sweat, drool, and some blood all over me. I let out a sigh, and got up.

We fucked again in the shower.

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