First Time Story

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This, for the most part, is a true story.

I met Mary at a youth organization meeting. She was black, and I am white. We were both 18 and it was the summer before our senior years in high school. Mary was openly flirting with me and I was curious. I had always been interested in black girls and wanted to date one sometime during my life.

Mary was a classic black beauty, slightly on the heavy side with large breasts and ass. She was very pretty, with dark skin. Her personality impressed me; a good sense of humor and not at all shy. We talked that afternoon and exchanged phone numbers. Later, I learned from a friend that Mary was only interested in white guys, indeed, for some reason she only had white friends. He also told me that he had heard she was rather promiscuous. I had seen her around and knew that she hung out with a group of girls who were known as being “loose.”

I called her the next night and we ended up talking on the phone until four in the morning. We talked about everything from music to sex. I couldn’t believe how uninhibited she was. We were both relatively inexperienced virgins, didn’t have a relationship going on, and very curious about why we were attracted to each other. Being a rather dorky guy I wondered why she might be interested in me. She said I was rugged looking and had a good body.

Mary went to an all white school in a neighboring suburb because her mother was afraid for her to go to an inner city school. She had many white friends and none of her own race. Mary was considered a good pal by many of the white boys she secretly desired at her high school, but none of them wanted to ask her out. As this was the late 70’s, there was definitely a stigma attached to a white guy from that particular suburb dating a black girl. She asked me the same question, why I was attracted to her, and I said she just seemed like a good person to get to know, and her interest in me made me want to find out more. I also said that the sex discussions we were having was something totally new to me and very exciting. Mary told me about one of her friends who was really into giving guys blowjobs. That’s all she wanted to do was see and suck cocks, the more the better. She even had a t-shirt made that said “I eat it all.” What was I getting myself into. We made a date to play tennis.

Mary drove to my house with a couple of friends of hers and picked me up. Tom and Audrey, who were also white, were in the front and I got into the back with Mary. She wore a pair of very tiny cut-off blue jean shorts and a tight t-shirt. As we drove to the tennis courts she sat close to me and put her hand on my thigh. I felt a little uncomfortable, but I was 18 and extremely horny as most 18 year olds are.

Tom and Audrey were a very playful couple, and it was obvious they were in love. Audrey wore a pair of tight athletic shorts and a midriff shirt that tied in front. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and the shirt showed off her beautiful breasts. We played on adjoining courts in the sun and 90 degree temperature. I found it hard to keep my eyes off of Audrey as she bounced around the court. Mary was also bouncing around and I was impressed at her athleticism.

At one point, we sat down on a bench to take a break. We were both sweating and her t-shirt was clinging to her back. I noticed that one of the clasps on her bra was undone and mentioned it to her. She asked me to fix it for her. I reached under her shirt and playfully re-hooked the bra back together. I was surprised at how casual she was about my touching her bra while I was embarrassed about helping her in this way. I was a tall, skinny, nerdy type kid and had never been to second base with a girl before so I was quite excited.

After an hour or so, Mary suggested we go back to her illegal bahis house to cool off. She said her mother wasn’t home, and it would be a relief to be in the air conditioning. Mary took us upstairs to her room, which was a finished loft with a bedroom, bath, and TV room. As soon as we got inside, Mary locked the door and Tom and Audrey, giggling, went into the bedroom. The impression was that they had been there and done that before. Mary and I sat on the couch in the TV room and talked. She mentioned that she was tired. I said that I was too and suggested we take a nap. Mary lay down on the couch and put her head on my lap. As she lay down I could look down and see her body, her breasts pushing against her bra were visible through the tight t-shirt. Her pubic mound was also visible through her tight shorts. I quickly developed an erection. I was a little embarrassed, and quite uncomfortable, and told Mary that I wanted to put one of the couch pillows under her head. She asked why and I stammered something about my penis being trapped in my shorts and the weight of her head was hurting it. She repositioned her head a little and asked if that were better. I said yes when I was still out of my mind with the constriction in my shorts. We sat there a few minutes pretending to try and sleep and not acknowledging that Tom and Audrey were in the next room doing who knew what.

I got bold and gently rubbed my fingers over Mary’s exposed belly asking if she was ticklish. She said she wasn’t too ticklish there, but there were other areas on her body that were and I’d have to find them. I touched her knees and thighs trying to tickle her as she continued to keep her head in my lap. Trying not to be too noticeably sly and awkward, I tried to slide my hand into the waistband of her shorts to tickle her a little lower but told her they were too tight. She said that I could undo them. They were so tight it took me awhile to get the button undone. When they were open I zipped them down halfway and began to explore her lower abdomen with my right hand. Interestingly, when I touched the top of her panties she mentioned that they had a zipper. I had never heard of that before and asked if I could see. She said sure and I opened up her shorts a little more until I had a good look at a pair of fake blue denim panties with a little zipper right where zippers are supposed to be. I asked if the zipper worked and she said I could find out for myself. As I lowered the zipper her curly pubic hair came into view. I told her I thought her panties were really cool. Naturally, my curiosity running wild, I continued my first ever exploration of a pubic mound.

This was my first sexual experience and was not sure what to do so I continued to explore inside Mary’s panties. I bent my head down to hers and began kissing Mary, and as my hand reached the top of her pussy crack she let out a small moan. As I slowly pushed my hand lower and deeper Mary slightly spread her legs, and I couldn’t believe how wet she was. I was surprised; I didn’t know girls got wet when excited and even told her that she was wet – what a dork! I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing, but her moans, my horniness and curiosity, her increased kissing intensity, and the movement of her hips as she met my exploring hand and fingers encouraged me to continue.

After several minutes of my first exploration of a girl’s vulva, I don’t know if she had an orgasm or not, Mary sat up and asked me if my cock was still hurting. I said that it was because it was swollen but not able to stand up because of her head and the constriction of my shorts. She asked it she could help, and I undid my shorts for her. She reached her hand into my pants, pulled my briefs out and away from my body and touched me. I showed her how my cock illegal bahis siteleri was bent over and said she could pulled it into its natural position. What a relief! Mary touched it and looked at it and commented that she wasn’t the only one who was wet. She rubbed the slippery fluid at its tip and said she would like to kiss it. I don’t remember exactly what I said, I may not have been able to say anything at that point, but I wasn’t going to do anything to discourage her. This was something I had been dreaming about for a very long time.

At this point, Mary suggested we go into the bathroom. We walked in, the lights were off, and as I began to close the door I looked into the bedroom and saw Tom and Audrey on Mary’s bed. If the bathroom door was left slightly ajar we could both look in and see them in the other room. I whispered to Mary to look and at that moment I saw, and it remains to this day, the most erotic sight of my life. Tom and Audrey were sitting on the edge of the bed with Audrey between Tom’s legs and her back to him. They were at a 90 degree angle to Mary and me. Audrey’s shirt was untied revealing her perfect 18-year-old breasts. They were very firm and white with pinker, slightly swollen aureole that seemed to take up about a third of her breast tissue. They reminded me of Tracey Lords’ breasts. As I recall it in my mind’s eye, her breasts were large enough that Tom’s hands could not completely cover them. They were so firm and set so far apart that as he kneaded them together they barely formed a cleavage. Her nipples were large and wide but did not stand out very far on her breasts.

As her back was to Tom, he was kissing her neck while caressing her breasts from behind. Tom’s eyes were open watching his hands play with her tits while he kissed her neck and sucked on her earlobes. Audrey’s eyes were closed, her head was thrown back and she was rubbing the top of his thighs with her hands. Audrey was breathing deeply as Tom played with her breasts. He would point them up in the air then down to the floor. Then he would point one up and one down. At one point, as Tom caressed her, I saw her begin to move her hips in rhythm to Tom’s hand movements. Her hips were gyrating against Tom’s crotch, while simultaneously keeping her legs together and rubbing her vulva and ass against the bed like she was trying to give herself an orgasm.

Mary and I continued to watch. She stood in front of me so I could look over her head. As I saw Tom working away on Audrey I got braver and reached my hands up under Mary’s t-shirt and began caressing her breasts over her bra. Mary reached up and pulled her bra up over her tits freeing them for my hands. I moved my hands the same way Tom was moving his over Audrey’s. Mary’s shorts were already undone and as she moved her ass against my crotch they began to fall to the floor. Mary reached behind me and grabbed my cock, but we both kept watching Tom and Audrey work away at each other. Eventually, Tom’s right hand went into Audrey’s shorts and it wasn’t long before she spread her legs wide and began convulsing from his furious rubbing. As she came she had to put one hand over her mouth to keep from crying out.

I continued to caress Mary, and she caressed me as we watched. As Audrey relaxed from her orgasm she slid off the end of the bed, turned around on her knees and began working at Tom’s shorts. She got them undone and exposed his cock. Tom slid his shorts down to the floor and spread his legs. Audrey climbed between them and immediately went to work with her mouth. We couldn’t see too well because of the angle they were at but could see that she was slowly putting his head into her mouth and caressing it with her lips and tongue. Tom reached down to Audrey’s hips and pushed her shorts and canlı bahis siteleri panties down revealing her ass. She was at a right angle as we watched her so I couldn’t see the crack of her ass, just the left cheek. He rubbed her ass awhile, came back up and massaged her shoulders and upper arms as Audrey worked on him. She was kissing and licking his cock over and over, putting it deep into her mouth then pulling it out. She would look up at him and smile and then take her tongue against the underside and bounce it up and down like a tennis ball on a racquet. They looked like they were having a lot of fun and had done this before.

Audrey continued to tease Tom’s engorged, rigid member for what seemed like 5 minutes, and he eventually leaned back on the bed, supporting his upper torso with his elbows. When he did this his cock went back against his belly and was clearly visible by Mary and me. Audrey had to raise up higher on her knees to keep her mouth in contact with him. She had the length of her left arm along the length of his right thigh. With her right hand she held Tom’s cock at the base, pointed it straight into the air, and continued to tease him with her mouth. Just when I thought he was sure to explode Audrey would slow down and tease him some more. She would take his penis, which looked to me to be about 7 inches, and begin to playfully slap herself in the face with it. Then she would look at his head and open up the opening. As she did this she would mimic his cock, opening her mouth at the same time she was stretching open his cock like it was a puppet. Then as she opened up the pee hole she would tickle the opening with her tongue. Then, with Tom still watching, Audrey would playfully bare her teeth like she was going to bite it right off then gently nibbled on the head with her front teeth. Tom had to stop her at one point as his faced grimaced. It looked like she was getting a little too rough with him.

During all of this time I had one hand on a breast and my other hand inside Mary’s zippered panties working her clit over. After she came a couple of times, I think, she turned around, kneeled down, and began working on me. This was my first blowjob. I didn’t last long as she put as much of my cock inside her mouth as she could fit and began slowly bouncing her head up and down. Mary gagged once or twice but didn’t let up until I was completely spent. She was a good scout. This was also Mary’s first blowjob so after I came in her mouth she went over to the sink and rinsed her mouth out.

As I pulled up my shorts and Mary was putting her clothes back together, we returned to looking out of the crack of the door to see what the other two were up to. It looked like Tom had just finished his orgasm. Some of his semen leaked out of Aubrey’s mouth and had flowed down his cock, and she was busy licking it off the shaft and her hand. She stayed on her knees quite awhile continuing to kiss his penis. Although he lost tumescence, I was impressed that his cock never went completely flaccid even after about 5 minutes.

Eventually, Audrey, still kneeling, pulled up her shorts and began to tie her midriff shirt back below her breasts. I was disappointed that they were finished.

A few days later Mary told me that she and Audrey talked and Audrey told her that she had learned her oral technique from watching the library scene in “Debbie Does Dallas.” Audrey showed her the movie, which belonged to her brother, and thankfully Mary was anxious to try it out on me. I got a few more blowjobs from Mary that summer, once while I was driving around in my car, but we were never really an item. Sadly, I might add that I felt uncomfortable being seen dating a black girl. I think the two of us knew it was a summer fling that was just physical and wouldn’t last. Tom and Audrey broke up later that year. I saw Aubrey once more after that and she was flirting with me. She told me that she had discussed that day up in Mary’s bedroom with her and that we had watched them. One day I’ll write more about her.

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