Five Hundred Dollar A Night Lesbian

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I looked at my Bank Account for “Amy Macabe, Associate Entertainment Specialist Cascade Club Tucson” and just smiled. Not bad money for a forty-three old divorcee. There were four $500.00 deposits in the past week and a $2000.00 deposit for my trip with Sophia to Vegas. I had a very good week being the highest paid lesbian escort in Tucson, Arizona. I earn close to $9,000.00 a month by making love to a very select group of seven very wealthy older female clients. My clients have to be attractive, wealthy, slim, well dressed, who women who exuded class. I had to get to know them and become personal friends before I would accept them as a client. And of course they had to have the money to afford me.

I made most of my money servicing just seven beautiful and wealthy women two or three times a month. I charged $500.00 to go out for a “dinner, a play or a movie” followed by one or two hours in bed. My biggest money came in when a client would ask me to go Vegas or a cruise with them for a weekend, or accompany them on a business trip A trip cost $1200.00 a day, plus airfare, hotels and meals. The ground rules on a trip were pretty wild. It was “anything goes” including strapons, annalinquis, voyeurism, tribbing and even some light BDSM. But most of these wealthy widows and divorcees wanted was the companionship of a beautiful very classy well-dressed woman as “arm candy”for the weekend to show off to their jealous friends. Her older friends looked on knowing their friend would be sleeping with a beautiful younger woman in her bed that night.

Well as Associate Entertainment Specialist at the Cascade Club in Tucson” what does “afford me mean” Here is some history, even until I was 21 I was a very petite girl, about five feet tall with small breasts who looked to be about 16 years old teenage k**. I got married to a grocery clerk who knocked me up at age 17. But while attending nursing school I matured into a beautiful, petite brunette, with a movie star face and an absolutely perfect body. I got used to being “stared at by men” everywhere I went and liked it. I learned to dress well, always wear full make-up and wore “very expensive preppie suburban housewife style clothes that fit my perfect Size 2 body”. I always looked incredibly hot. Of course I dumped my grocery clerk husband and moved to Tucson, Arizona, to be by my parents. In short, I was probably one of the most beautiful classiest women in Tucson. I was the star of every event at my wealthy fathers exclusive Country Club.

Well how did my current career as a lesbian courtesan start? I was 40 when I was introduced to lesbian sex by my butch co-worker Brenda. She took me to the “Delicate Flower Lounge’ a local lesbian bar and introduced me to the scene. I was a lipstick lesbian who liked feminine women over more masculine women. I prided myself in becoming a good bed partner. At first I just watched a lot of lesbian porn, but most of it was “fake”. As a nurse I got a hold of as many sex manuals and text books on gynecology, neurology and anatomy that I could find. I focused my studying the pleasure centers of a women’s body. And of course I had plenty of women to practice my techniques with. By the end of my studies I knew more about a women’s’ pussy and pleasure centers than just about anybody. I could find a women clitoris in seconds and her “G” spot in a few minutes by gently probing a women’s body with my tongue and fingers. I really enjoyed sex with women.

Then one day it occurred to me that most of the women I met at “The Flower” were young and always talking about what they called their “issues”. Here they were complaining about life after getting sex from the one of the best looking women in Tucson for free. I changed my preference for dates. I found I really enjoyed being with older women in their forties like me, there were no “issues” because most of them were married. I became very picky about whom I slept with. I only dated women who were attractive, well dressed and well groomed, refined and polite, and showed they had class. They were all more experienced lovers, so soon my bed partners were almost exclusively women over 40/50 like me.

Then one night my life changed for the better. I decided to really step over the line. There was a woman at the “Flower” sitting with a friend. She was very attractive, elegant, slim, and a much older women than I had ever seen there before. I was immediately enthralled with her. I said to myself “Amy you’ve got to go to bed with this women tonight”. I found a reason to say hi and she said I’m Carolyn and sat at her table. We hit it right off. She soon explained that the woman she was with was a younger co-worker Ashley from out of town. She bought me a drink and made it obvious to me that Ashley was not in the picture, but I certainly was. I took an instant liking to Carolyn.

We danced, and I was intoxicated by her elegance, she was a graceful dancer and obviously a very refined women. After three hours together staring in each other eyes and holding hands we danced for the fifth time that night. I whispered in Carolyn’s ear, “take me to bed tonight” and she softly whispered “of course”. We drove to her million dollar mansion in the Tucson, Foothills. We both knew what we wanted and made no pretenses about it. I said “where’s the bedroom”. We both slowly got undressed and savored the experience of revealing our bodies to each other for the first time. We both lie back in the bed. But I saw from looking at her naked body that Carolyn was much older than I thought. But I just didn’t care, she was lovely and I wanted her.

I kissed Carolyn from head to toe and focused on every erogenous zone of her body. She responded with soft moans and gentle motions that were in unison with the sexual acts I was performing on her. I had learned to make love to a women’s entire body and did not even reach Caroline’s’ vagina’s until a half an hour of devouring her beautiful body. Like older women Caroline’s’ pussy was hairless and I got some lube. I gently began focusing on her pussy by softly rubbing her pubis and kissing and gently licking her inner thighs and pubic area.

Then when she was ready I made love to Caroline’s pussy by sucking and licking the whole sensitive area of her lower body. I probed her pussy with my fingers until I found her “G” spot and began gently massaging this spot with my two fingers. At the same time I began gently sucking on Caroline’s swollen clitoris. Inevitably, my new lover began moaning loudly signally me that her first orgasm was eminent. She raised her hip slightly and her body spas med as I pleasured her.

I then opened my mouth all the way and began sucking Caroline’s entire upper pussy into my mouth including the clitoris and the very sensitive bundle of nerves located just under the clitoris. Between my fingers massaging her “G” spot and my mouth sucking her entire beautiful pussy Caroline was screaming and writhing in pleasure. My head was firmly between her legs pleasuring my elderly lover. I was surprised when a refined women like Caroline just began screaming at the top of her lungs “fuck me fuck me”. Her entire body responded as she arched her back upwards and she began thrusting their hips upward in an attempt to fuck my face. I loved this part of lesbian lovemaking I really enjoyed eating pussy and really enjoying the flavor of a women’s vagina. I put my arm over my lovers’ stomach to hold her down and just sucked her whole upper pussy and clitoris as orgasm after orgasm emanated from her body. Caroline writhed in pleasure as I held her pussy to my face as I sucked and licked her delicious pussy as my fingers massaged her “G” spot. She had two more intense orgasms but I knew Caroline was much older, so I stopped much earlier than I normally would have.

But I wanted our first time together to be special so after Caroline collapsed on the bed I lay with her and gently held her as I kissed her face, forehead, neck and small breasts until she calmed down. She whispered to me “you were wonderful Amy”

As I was getting dressed to leave Carolyn mentioned that she was President of the “Cascade Club” a very “private women’s club” in Tucson. She said most of the members were older divorcees and widows like her. She asked me if I would like to go there with her next Saturday. Of course I said yes. Carolyn said the club was so exclusive she was only allowed to get me a three visit “Guest Pass”. She then commented “you know the membership fee was just raised to $11,000.00 a year, that’s outrageous!!!

Then to my surprise she said “honey I’m no idiot, a women who looks like you sleeps with women like me for nothing”. How much do I owe you?

I thought to myself let’s face it, I already accepted expensive gifts from wealthy lovers and free trips for sex, I might as well just accept cash money. I said $500.00 just send it to my PayPal Account here is the number. I kissed her good bye and she said “don’t worry about the money, it means nothing to me. I really like you, let’s get together this week for coffee.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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