Fleeting Glimpses Ch. 03

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The penultimate fling

As luck would have it, I managed to wangle a half day to myself before Marilyn was due to set off on her mission to trace her ancestors in Brighton. She was happy enough to spend time with us at home in the evening, sharing meals and watching television, bucolic walks along the riverbank and mini trips to the local villages. But further to our exotic episode in the picnic spot, she was hungry for more and understandably, so was I.

I was surveying and photographing an old manor house nearby and spent a fair bit of time ducking in and out of the office, so a couple of hours here and there would not be noticed by anyone.

Marilyn had driven me to distraction for a couple of days, flirting and teasing at every opportunity. If I was preparing a meal or pottering around the kitchen, she would sidle up behind me and press her hips against my bum (she loved my bum and said it was my best feature) if it was a compliment it didn’t do my poor face any justice….She would slowly grind herself against me, she absolutely loved this position…and whisper in my ear.

“Mmm honey, I am wearing some very pretty pink knickers and they are so-ooooo damp with lust.”

I can’t begin to describe the arousal this induced, my caution was hovering in code red, so I would only respond if I knew the missus was well out of earshot or, indeed, out in the garden. If the coast was clear, however, I would press back against her with my buttocks and join her little dance. Swaying together we would build up the passion and invariably her surprisingly tiny hands would snake around to begin fondling my ripe and swollen muscle. She would unzip my fly and slide a hand inside, caressing the shaft and cupping my balls so gently, all the while cooing an essay of erotic filth in my ears.

“I want you to finger me, honey. Slip a finger or two inside my knickers and feel just how sticky and wet I am.”

“Marilyn, you are going to give me a heart attack you dirty girl. You can feel just how hard I am.”

I was unable to resist and would curl my hands backwards to caress her bottom through her dress, then slowly raise it until I could run my hands to the top of her thighs and fondle her rump through her undies. She would respond by grinding even more purposefully into my bum.

“Mmm…mmm I am soaking wet…stroke me, slide your fingers over my slit and rub my button. I want to cum so badly.”

Nothing could stop my hands curling around to her tummy, then due south to gently squeeze and fondle her satin mound, feeling the oily sponge of her cunt as my fingers stole inside the hem. My cock would now be at full stretch, her little paws wanking it up and down with practiced strokes, threatening to explode it at any moment.

“Tomorrow, honey, before I go, I want you to spurt your cock all over every inch of me…especially my pretty knickers, a little keepsake I can use after I’ve left whenever I need to satisfy my lust.”

In the meantime, however, I was left with an erection a donkey would envy for most of my waking hours. I wanted to reserve every drop for Ataşehir Escort her, to thank her for the wonderful and erotic time she had given me and this seemed to be exactly what she wanted.

Marilyn would sit with us in the evening, we would share one sofa as normal and she would sit on the other, set at 90 degrees to ours. Whenever the missus left the room, Marilyn would slowly spread her thighs and sprawl wantonly on the sofa. More often than not, she would be wearing hold-up stockings and a carefully chosen pair of silk or satin panties. Pastel shades were favoured, she must have brought 100 with her as I had never seen the same pair twice. Ivory and pale grey, pinks and lemons, powder blue and pastel green. Occasionally a scarlet or midnight blue pair would appear, with a deep, dark shadow where her juices had soaked the material.

She would slip her tongue to the side of her mouth and begin to stroke her mound. I can’t describe how erotic it was, the sense of danger coupled with this fetish dream would have me panting with lust. She would pull them aside to expose her lips, heavy with her sticky juices and wank herself off in front of me. She could recover in a flash if she had to and pull her frock over her knees in an instant, behaving like a virgin aunt, discussing English gardens like nothing had happened…I began to wonder if she rehearsed all this at weekends because she was so accomplished at it. Perhaps she did it with other men, I didn’t mind in the slightest – I have learned to live in the moment and enjoy the simple pleasures in life without question.

Marilyn’s penultimate day arrived, I had arranged to come home around lunchtime and spend some time alone with her. The morning couldn’t pass quickly enough. A pre-arranged phone call from Marilyn only hastened my departure. Pretending to be a client, she said she was uber horny but would be a good girl until I got there, and by the way, the light had blown in the hallway, did I have a spare bulb? I explained they were in the hall cupboard and I would be with her shortly.

I made myself look flustered, busy and slightly tetchy with my project to keep my colleagues at arm’s length. It worked like a dream and I left around 12.30.

I opened the front door of the house to be met by a wondrous sight. Marilyn was standing on a small step-ladder, her bottom at my eye-level, in the process of changing the bulb. Her dress was slightly shorter than normal and her feet were planted about 9 inches apart. She completely ignored my presence, muttering to herself about the bulb.

“Why don’t you take a little peek, honey?”

I slowly, luxuriously, slid to the floor and my eyes scanned slowly from her ankles, past her knees to the deep and wonderful chasm between her legs. I couldn’t really see very much, but was more than content with the moment. She bent so very slowly to dismount, opening her thighs just enough for me to see she was wearing a gorgeous pair of sheer, flesh coloured stockings and pearly white satin knickers. I could resist no longer and reached between her legs to stroke directly Acıbadem Escort onto her puffy vulva.

She moaned and moaned like a small animal and began to rub her breasts.

“That is lush, so very lush, honey, I haven’t touched myself all morning, just waiting for your fingers…I bet my pussy is soaking.”

I slid my fingers inside the hem of her sodden knickers, wetting my fingers in the process enough to place in her open mouth to taste her own honey.

“Upstairs,” she murmured.

I helped her down and pushed her backwards onto the stairs, raising her dress to bury my face between her thighs. I stroked her with my mouth, pulling the knickers aside to taste her then kissing her to share the sticky goo.

She turned and scampered to the top, deliberately swishing her hips to let me see as much as possible…by the time I reached the bedroom, she was bent over the end of the bed, her dress around her waist, looking behind her, waiting for the sexfest to begin.

I fell to my knees behind her and buried my face in the groove of her rump, nuzzling and kissing and licking every morsel of her ample derriere. Still barely held in my jeans, my cock was on fire and I pressed it into the groove, sliding it up and down along the crease, relishing the delights of her behind and pretty underwear as I slowly unfastened and removed my belt and my Levis.

My wet cocktip pressed firmly and neatly into the groove and I slid it up and down, watching as the sticky head appeared and disappeared in the pearly folds of her knickers. I pressed gently into the darker spot where her tiny hole lurked and she gasped her delight.

“Will you put it inside there for me later, honey – I do like a nice bum-fuck sometimes.”


“I want to ride you, honey, let me sit down on top of you.”

I lay on the duvet and watched in awe as she disappeared from the room….

“I will just be a second,” she said, suddenly, “don’t start without me!”

I gently massaged my aching muscle, helpless to do much else, waiting for her return.

Suddenly she was there, wearing a dark pink satin nightdress. The peak of her nipples poking like wine corks from her breasts. She moved forward, stood unsteadily on the bed and walked slowly forward until I could clearly see right up her nightdress. She had changed into pink silk knickers fringed in white lace and she slowly and deliberately lowered her body until her luscious mound settled on my mouth. All I could do was moan and gasp as she massaged my face with her cunt. She slowly moved away, sliding her mound along my body until it reached my pulsing cock. She slid it easily inside her, past her panties and settled herself seated bolt upright and began to bounce slowly up and down.

“How about some of these,” she said as she leant forward pressing her breasts into my mouth.

First one, then the other; the volcanic peaks stiff as little acorns brushing my lips. I began to push my hips upward, fucking her slowly and deeply, licking her nipples through the satin and stroking the draped İstanbul Escort hair from her face. She leant into me and fed me her breasts as she bucked up and down.

Her breathing grew faster and deeper as she approached the inevitable rapid climax. Mewing like a kitten, she began to talk like it was her last breath.

“Fuck my sticky hole, honey, spurt your lovely, sticky spunk inside me, I want to feel it shoot up my cunt.”

“Marilyn, I have been aching to do this for days, I have enough love-juice here to drown you, lassie.”

“Oooooh this is soooo fucking nice,” she said, “I am going to cum all over your cock in a second.”

This was enough for me and my thrusts increased until I could feel her gasping, shuddering climax reaching the boil.

“Mmmmm. Pull your cock out and splash your lovely creamy spunk all over my knickers, honey.”

Almost helplessly I slid my cock from inside her and as she climaxed I wanked slowly along her slit, waiting for her to finish to let her watch my little fountain. Her climax seemed to last an age, but eventually she regained control and bent her head to watch my pulsing cock as it splashed little jets of spunk onto her knickers…she reached down to catch the splash and massaged it all over her swollen clitoris and pussy lips, moaning and mewing as she did. When I eventually paused for breath, she leant into me once more and whispered in my ear.

“Before it goes soft, honey, slide it up my bum, I will cum again as sure as apples, I do love that gorgeous feeling of something pressing gently up that tight little hole. Sometimes I slide things in there just to finish myself off when I am really horny.”

I took hold of my sodden, but still fully erect cock and pressed it firstly against her knickers for the thrill, then pulled them aside and gently probed the opening. I could feel some of my spunk dripping from her onto my fingers as I prised the puckered hole open and slowly, very slowly pushed the head carefully into the hole. It did feel so lustful as the twitching hole seemed to grasp my cock, so lovely and tight around the shaft.

“Spunk again up my bum, I am going to cum again any second,” she gasped.

I can’t believe how quickly I reached the point again and felt the rush as another wave of spunk rushed up my cock at the very moment her hips began to buck. We met somewhere in the middle, climaxing together in a heaving, breathless, cum splattered mess. She was panting like a steam train, barely able to speak as the final push spurted inside her to finally drip along my cock and onto my belly.

We collapsed in a heap together, kissing and cuddling and gasping for air, then giggling and laughing at our sweat and cum-soaked state.

Dear woman that she is, she shooed me off for a shower and tidied up as only a woman can, before kissing me goodbye to return to work and prepare for her journey the following day. I left the house with my head in the clouds for the remaining few hours in the office.

We did have one more, brief rendezvous before she returned to the States early the following week; that will be the final episode in my journey with Marilyn. I haven’t met up with her since, although we do occasionally have a lovely, warm, sexy encounter on the internet where we relive some of the glorious moments we shared that summer.


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