Flight to Submission Ch. 09


Stephanie awoke the next morning to her phone buzzing. Luckily she was the sort of person who went from asleep to wide awake almost immediately and her eyes were able to focus on what the message said.

“Only fill the enema bag half full today,” it read. “I do not want my sub to suffer any negative effects during the flight. Rest assured that as your Master, I will never endanger your working relationships or your work performance!”

Stephanie glanced at her clock and saw it was slightly before 6:30am. She marvelled that her Master was awake at that hour as she knew Miami was several hours behind London time. She slipped out of bed and padded into the bathroom to perform her morning rituals. She made sure to follow her Master’s orders, knowing there was the distinct possibility that he would be watching her. As she switched on the shower and stood under the cascade of hot water, she luxuriated in the feel of the expensive products that were now hers to use. Somehow her skin felt softer, and her hair definitely felt silkier!

Once dry, she made herself a light breakfast before moving back into the bedroom and dressing in her uniform. She checked to make sure she had everything, then remembering that she would be meeting her Master that evening, she hastily added the chiffon blouse and skirt to her carry-on. She wanted to look her best for him and she knew the lavender blouse suited her complexion perfectly. She also added some of the cosmetics to her handbag and finally she was ready. She was moving towards the front door when the bell rang. She was startled. Who on earth would be ringing her doorbell at this hour?

She opened the door and standing outside was the same chauffeur who had driven her yesterday. He smiled at her and held out his hand for her carry-on. Slightly stunned, Stephanie handed it over and followed him downstairs and into the car.

“Mr Bourne’s compliments, Miss,” the chauffeur said. “He is unwilling to risk your safety on the London Underground at this time of the morning. From now on I will be collecting you and driving you to and from the airport.”

“T-thank you,” Stephanie stammered. “I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name yesterday.”

“Its Brookes, Miss,” he replied. “And may I say what a pleasure it is to be driving for a young lady such as yourself!”

Stephanie blushed in pleasure at his words. “Thank you,” she said. “You’re very kind.”

The chauffeur smiled at her in his rear view mirror then smartly pulled out into the traffic that was now starting to build up. He negotiated the route to the airport with calm efficiency and had soon dropped Stephanie off at the departures gate. He opened the car door and assisted Stephanie out before removing her bag from the boot. Then he watched as she walked confidently through into the terminal.

Luckily none of Stephanie’s colleagues had seen her arrive. She wasn’t sure how she would have explained being dropped off by a chauffeur driven car! She made her way through the terminal to the crew briefing room. Thanks to the chauffeur, she was the first one there and had time to pour herself a cup of tea before the others started to arrive. As she sat waiting, she could feel the lace of her bra rub lightly against her nipples. She couldn’t believe how even that slight sensation was causing her pussy to tighten. She realised that she was more aware of her body than she had ever been in her life. It was as if she had somehow been out of focus, the signals muffled until her Master had started to fine tune her!

She was distracted from her thoughts as the rest of the crew filed in to receive their briefing. Then it was all go as they made ready for the flight. She worked in easy companionship with Jenny, preparing the First Class section for their passengers. They had been doing this run now for over a year and worked well together, having fallen into a routine where each did specified tasks so that they didn’t get in each other’s way. Stephanie took a look at the passenger manifest and realised it should be an easy trip. The cabin would be less than half full.

Finally it was time and Stephanie and Jenny stood at the entrance to the cabin, greeting their guests and showing them to their seats. It was an uneventful and relaxing flight. Jenny seemed a little subdued and kept darting surreptitious glances at Stephanie but she held her peace. There was something subtly different about her friend today but she couldn’t pin down what it was. It wasn’t until the end of the flight when she realised that Stephanie was holding herself with more poise and confidence. Not for the first time, Jenny wondered exactly what had happened to her friend on their last layover in Miami.

For her part, Stephanie had been aware of her friend’s covert scrutiny but was determined to fend off any awkward questions. She kept herself busy throughout the flight and whilst she was as friendly as ever, she didn’t try to initiate conversation when Jenny proved to be so quiet. In fact, her friend’s silence was a relief ankarakazan.com as Stephanie was beginning to feel the first fluttering of nerves in her stomach as she anticipated meeting her Master once more!

As they started preparations for landing, Jenny cornered Stephanie in the galley.

“A bunch of us are going out tonight,” she said casually. “Do you fancy coming along?”

“Thanks,” Stephanie said. “But it’s too short a notice. I’ve already made dinner plans and I can’t break them.”

Jenny looked at her friend suspiciously. Since when did she make plans independent of the crew? Stephanie held her gaze steadily. She was not going to allow herself to be intimidated or otherwise persuaded to change her mind! Even if that had been an option, she was beginning to realise that she was getting very tired of everyone assuming that she would just fall in with their plans! Eventually Jenny was forced to back down.

“Ok, have it your own way,” she muttered before turning away to ostensibly check that the duty free trolleys had been stowed securely.

This change in attitude in her friend was putting her off balance and with a shock she realised that she was so used to Stephanie falling in with whatever she suggested, that she had been taking her for granted! She took a long, hard look at herself and realised that she didn’t like this side of her nature. Stephanie had been so accommodating, so willing to fall in with whatever plans that she had made that she had started to think of her friend as an extension of herself. She pulled herself together and smiled warmly at Stephanie.

“Of course, honey,” she said. “I’m sorry, I should have asked whether you had plans rather than assuming you didn’t.”

“It’s ok,” Stephanie said smiling. Very relieved in this change of attitude in her friend. “Normally I’d have loved to come along, but this dinner is important and I cannot break the engagement,”

There was no more time to chat as the seat belt lights came on and the plane began its descent into Miami. The next 30 minutes were taken up with the duties associated with disembarking their passenger. Finally, everyone had left the plane. Retrieving her carry-on, Stephanie waved to her friend Jenny, telling her that she had to dash. Before she could reply, she was out of the plane and making her way through the gate. As soon as she was inside the terminal, she drew out the phone David had given her and turned it on. As soon as it linked with a local network, the phone buzzed.

The message read “go to the ladies room. Remove your bra and panties and place them in your handbag. There will be a car waiting for you outside the arrivals hall.”

Stephanie’s pulse quickened as she read her Master’s orders. She realised she would have to walk through immigration without any underwear and although slightly shocked, she noticed that once again her pussy was getting moist! She slipped into the nearest ladies toilet and entered a stall. Once there, she took off her jacket and blouse before removing her bra. With fingers that trembled slightly, she replaced her blouse and jacket before taking off her panties. She opened her handbag and placed both the bra and panties inside, thankful that it was large enough to hold them without a tell-tale bulge!

She stepped out of the stall and moved to the wash basins. She splashed her face with cool water and patted it dry, then took out the cosmetics from her bag and began to carefully apply them. When she had finished, she looked at herself critically in the mirror. Staring back at her was the face of a sophisticated woman, make-up subtle but enhancing her natural features. She hoped her Master would be pleased!

She emerged from the ladies room and made her way through the terminal, acting as casually as she could, trying not show any nervousness about wearing no underwear! She managed to get through immigration without a problem and was soon moving towards the entrance. As she exited the terminal, a man in a chauffeur’s uniform approached her.

“Miss Day?” he asked.

“Yes, that’s me,” she replied.

“Mr Bourne has sent me to collect you. I believe you were informed of this?” he asked, handing over an envelope.

Stephanie opened it and read the note inside that told her the chauffeur’s name was Malcolm and that he would bring her to the hotel. Stephanie was relieved to receive the note. She had been a little wary when the chauffeur had approached her. This was America after all and you could never be too careful when in a foreign country!

“Yes, that’s right,” she replied and handed Malcolm her carry-on.

With smooth efficiency, he placed the bag in the boot of a silver E-Class Mercedes. He held the door open for Stephanie and closed it when she had settled herself inside. He moved out into the traffic and soon they were smoothly pulling up outside the St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort. Stephanie left the car and took her carry-on from the chauffeur before walking through the entrance into the hotel. She paused, letting her eyes adjust to the interior lighting, and saw David rising from a chair in the lobby lounge. Her tongue darted out to lick her lips. Being back in his magnetic presence was already having a powerful effect on her. She fought the need to lower her eyes in front of him, remembering that they were in public. David walked up to her, took her hand in his and turned it over before dropping a kiss on her palm. Stephanie’s pussy quivered at the sheer sensuality of the action. David smiled down at her, knowing full well the effect he was having on his sub.

“I thought we might enjoy some tea together,” he told her as he guided her to a table in the hotel’s café. He held out a chair and seated her before moving around the table and seating himself opposite her. A waiter appeared at the table immediately and David gave his order in a quiet voice.

“Now sub, hand over your bra and panties to me,” David commanded.

Stephanie flushed as she realised what she would have to do in full view of everyone in the café. Luckily the items were so delicate that she managed to hand them over unobtrusively. David received them calmly and then placed them in the inside pocket of his jacket. They then made small talk until the tea arrived, with Stephanie being very aware of the slight bulge that indicated her underwear. She prayed that nobody else would notice! When the waiter brought his order, David indicated that Stephanie should pour the tea, noting in passing that she used the English method of adding milk before the tea. He nodded to himself. Yes, she would do very nicely!

He captured Stephanie’s attention by laying a hand over hers. As she lifted her eyes to his, he spoke quietly.

“I believe this is your last flight before you take leave?” he said.

“Yes, Sir,” Stephanie replied.

“I have a proposition for you,” David told her. “I am prepared to devote 1 week to give you intensive, full-time training. You will accompany me to my home where you will be given a concentrated training programme. At the end of that week, should you achieve the standard I expect from you, you will receive a suitable reward.”

Stephanie stared at her Master. Part of her was taken aback at the speed with which he was moving, but another part was yearning towards the prospect of being under his care for an entire week. Her brow wrinkled as she considered the logistics. Although she had the time booked off, she hadn’t made any plans and had, in fact, being dreading the fact that her mother would have assumed she would come to visit and issued a demand to do so! She was almost relieved by the fact that her Master’s proposition would neatly remove that obligation. However, she had the return flight to attend before she could agree to his proposition.

“Sir,” she said, using the more discreet title as they were in public, “I have to complete my rostered flight.”

“I can arrange for someone to take your place on the return flight,” David told her, “but you must make up your mind here and now. Bear in mind, I expect you to make the correct decision.”

By the tone of his voice, Stephanie knew her Master expected her to choose to accompany him to his home. Deep down, she knew there was no choice. She had by now, started to realise that she needed what he was offering. For the first time in her life she was feeling and experiencing true fulfilment. She was having the occasional pang of guilt, that small voice telling her that she shouldn’t be doing what she was doing, feeling what she was feeling, but Stephanie had a suspicion that with the training her Master was offering, that small voice would become quieter and quieter until eventually it disappeared. No, she decided. She really did have no choice.

David watched the play of expressions cross Stephanie’s face as she considered his proposition. He was glad she was taking the time to consider everything seriously. This was not a casual thing that he was offering. The training he was proposing could very well change Stephanie’s entire life and he needed to be sure that if she accepted, it was with no reservations.

Finally, Stephanie looked up at her Master. “If you’re sure you can find a replacement for my flight back to England, then I would very much like to accompany You to be trained.”

David smiled as she gave the answer he had expected. He picked up his phone and dialled a number. When it picked up, he made arrangements for a replacement flight attendant to take Stephanie’s place on the return flight. Stephanie was amazed at the connections her Master seemed to have as he informed her that everything had been arranged.

Once they had finished their tea, David suggested that they took some time to rest before the evening. He explained to Stephanie that her training would be arduous and he wanted her well refreshed before it began.

They made their way to the penthouse suite where, without even waiting for her Master’s command, Stephanie stripped off her clothes and stood naked before him. David was impressed. Even after a long flight, his sub was eager to demonstrate her acceptance of her place!

He ushered her over to the sofa in the main room and sat down, indicating that she should sit beside him. Turning toward her, he took her hand in his and studied her intently. Once again, Stephanie found herself held captivated by her Master’s gaze.

“Stephanie,” he said quietly, “now we are alone and you have made this commitment, there are things I need to explain to you.”

Stephanie looked at him and nodded, slightly puzzled.

“I do not have a full time submissive, nor do I wish to,” David continued. “I am a training Master, which means that potential submissives come to me to be trained for other Masters.”

He watched carefully as Stephanie absorbed this information. Although she was looking disappointed, she was obviously waiting for him to continue his explanation, her body and silence conveying a trust in him that was heart-warming.

“Occasionally, a woman comes to my attention who is latently submissive but has the potential to become something very special. You are one such woman, which is why I made the initial approach on the plane and my offer to you during that first lunch. Stephanie, you need to understand that I intend to match you to the Master with whom you will be most compatible, so that you may both enjoy the fullest and most fulfilling of relationships.” He smiled gently at her. “You are a lovely, young woman, Stephanie and you deserve a Master close to your age with whom you can blossom and grow! I am not that Master. I am too old for you and I am already engaged to a woman who completes me as I complete her. It is my wish for you to find a Master who will do the same for you.”

Stephanie’s mouth had formed a small ‘o’ of astonishment as she listened to everything David had to say. Part of her was desperately sad that this charismatic man would not be her Master forever, but another, more logical part, recognised the validity of his arguments. She was only twenty three years old, with her life stretching ahead of her. She could tell by the few strands of silver in his hair that David had to be in his mid-forties, making an age gap of twenty years! She was wise enough to realise that although she respected and admired him now, she could foresee a time when perhaps not that respect, but something else, something indefinable that made up what she felt about him now, would wane.

“I understand,” she said quietly.

David held her eyes, looking deeply into them to ascertain if she really did understand what he had said or if she was just agreeing because she believed that was what she ought to say. What he saw in her eyes reassured him. She was looking back at him steadily, her eyes telling him that she had worked through the ramifications for herself and that she understood the reasons behind his actions.

“The other item I wanted to address is also one of great importance,” David said. “During this next week, the training will be extremely intensive. There may come a time when you feel you cannot continue. If this happens, you must use a safe word.” At Stephanie’s questioning look, he explained further. “A safe word is one that tells your Master that you have reached your absolute limits. When you speak your safe word, your Master will immediately stop what he is doing and ask you if you can tell him exactly why you spoke it, what it was about what was happening that pushed you to speak. A safe word is not to be used on a whim, Stephanie. It is not to be used if you don’t feel like continuing. It is only to be used if you absolutely cannot bear to continue. Do you understand what I am saying?”

Stephanie thought for a moment. She had already understood that the intensive training week was likely to push her far beyond what she had already experienced and she was relieved that she would have some way of indicating if she felt overwhelmed or scared. Looking at her Master, seeing the concern and sincerity in his eyes, she resolved to only use a safe word if she absolutely had to!

“What word should I choose as a safe word, Master?” she asked.

“Try and choose a word that is not commonplace,” David advised. “Don’t use anything that could be uttered in the throes of passion. Choose something that will stand out, preferably something short!”

Stephanie thought hard for a moment, trying out several words in her mind. She was a fan of Science Fiction and fantasy fiction and finally a word stood out in her mind.

“Would Dragon be appropriate?” she asked.

She had to laugh at David’s startled look. He obviously hadn’t come across that one before!

“Uh, yes,” he said in a bemused voice. “If that’s the one you want to use, I will make a note of it. Now, would you like a glass of juice before getting some rest?” he continued, changing the subject.

When Stephanie said yes, he crossed the room to the bar and poured two glasses of juice. He added a mild sleeping draught to Stephanie’s glass. He wanted to ensure that she was well rested before her journey to his home in the keys.

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