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Adriana Chechik

Finally, my girlfriend went out of town for the weekend and I had a chance to live out my fantasy with her.

I’d been thinking about spending a night with her now for at least six months. It had been about six months since we drunkenly made out in a bar. I still remember her lustful eyes, her legs quivering on the bar stool, her mouth open, ready for me to take her entirely. But I couldn’t. I had to go back home. It was irresponsible, given that I’m attached and everything. But I thought about her so many times afterwards. What it would be like. I got hard instantly thinking about all the things I would do to her. How she would take care of me. I stroked my cock many times in the shower picturing her eyes again, wondering what she would look like on top of me, riding my cock. Imagining how good it would feel to grab her ass while she bounced up and down on me.

We had known each other for years, but that night was the first night we gave into our impulses. And since then I had been wondering if it would ever happen again. But like I said, finally my girlfriend went out of town for the weekend and I did it. I contacted her.

She lived far away, relatively. I had to take a lot of public transportation to get there. But I liked it that way. I wanted this experience to be far from home. I wanted the excitement to build on the train. I wanted to travel to her, so she could take care of me, and I her.

Nervously, I knocked on the door. I was only nervous because what we were doing was wrong. But I couldn’t help it, that made it more exciting. I wished it didn’t, but the fact that we weren’t supposed to be having this night, that I was cheating, that we were stealing this night from the world, made my blood rush through me. She answered.

She was wearing a modest outfit, nothing cliché. Nothing illegal bahis like one would imagine in a story like this. But it was definitely revealing in subtle ways. I could see the tops of her breasts very clearly. And my eyes instantly went there. She had on a skirt, not crazy short, but enough that I could drink in her legs a little. I couldn’t wait to wrap them around me. I didn’t think she minded my ogling her, since we both knew what was going to happen. I think she wanted to be the object of my lust. She wanted to know that I wanted to devour her body.

She’s a little younger than me. She’s petite, cute, brunette. She has beautiful eyes, a nice body. She nervously said hello and invited me in. There was no initial hug, no quick make-out session. We were both nervous and sober. There was no reason to rush, we had all night.

We have known each other for years, so the conversation was easy. It got easier as the wine flowed. The first bottle got killed quickly and the conversation began to heat up. We were on the couch and her legs were curled up next to me. I knew that this was the time to act on all these fantasies I had been dreaming about. In the shower, late at night, half-asleep, I had been thinking about her, and there she was in front of me. Ready.

She got up to refill her glass and when she came back, I repositioned myself so that she had to walk back into me. She walked slowly, seductively. We both knew it was time. I grabbed her by the hips and placed her in front of me, her standing while I remained seated. She leaned down and we kissed. Passionately, picking up where we had left off at the bar six months ago. This time less drunk. This time with no limitations.

She stood back up and I grabbed her body with my big hands. I touched her all over. I lifted her skirt, played illegal bahis siteleri with her panties. I rubbed my hands up and down her creamy thighs. She lifted one leg up on the couch. I began kissing her leg, my hands still exploring her body fully. She grabbed my head, ran her fingers through my hair. Her pussy was soaking wet, I could tell as I brushed against it slightly with my fingers, over her panties. She leaned back and let me get deeper in between her legs. They began to quiver as they did at the bar. This time bare, this time in front of me like I wanted her. My fingers found her pussy. I teased her outside of her panties. She started to breath heavily, soft moans escaped her lips.

I grabbed her by the hips and stood up. As I did, she grabbed my cock outside of my jeans. She found it easily. It was rock hard by this point and got even harder as her small hands explored my shaft. It felt so good to have her finally touching my dick. I wondered if she had thought about it before, playing with herself imagining my cock in front of her, fantasizing about what she would do with it. We’ll get to that, I thought, as I put her down on the couch.

She sat down on the couch, legs spread, skirt long forgotten about. I pulled her panties down to her ankles, slowly taking the last step to remove them completely. I grabbed one of her small feet and lifted it in the air. I kissed her foot, sucked on her toes playfully, then worked my way up her calf. My hands were all over her legs at this point as I worked my way up the inside of her thigh. She smelled sweet down there, I couldn’t wait to taste her. I teased the outside of her pussy lips with my tongue and lips. Her legs were up on the couch now and I knelt in front of her in worship of her body. I pushed my tongue inside of her soaking wet pussy canlı bahis siteleri and tasted her fully. She moaned and panted. I found her clit and flicked it with my tongue, at first slowly, then faster and faster. I fingered her with one, then two of my long fingers. Her pussy juice was dripping down her leg, down my face. I loved it. I kept licking her clit, fingering her pussy, harder and faster, until she came in my mouth. Her legs tensed and wrapped around my back. She screamed as she came. She grabbed my hair violently. She came hard on her couch, in my mouth, just like I wanted her to.

I lifted myself up and stood in front of her. We both got completely naked in front of each other. We explored each other’s bodies, with our hands, our mouths, our tongues.

We moved to her bedroom and melted into each other, naked, wet, hard. She took her time with my cock, looking up at me while she wrapped her lips around it. Those pretty eyes, the parted lips, this time with my dick between them. She stroked it, sucked it, licked the tip. I wanted to fuck her so bad. I needed to be inside of her.

I slid easily into her, locking eyes with her as my cock found its way through her wet pussy, sliding in and out, softly. I sucked her tits, rubbed her clit with my fingers, savored every moment of us finally fucking after all this time. She wrapped her legs around me, I put them up on my shoulders, we found a few different positions to fuck in, each one felt better than before. Our bodies were completely in tune, it was the hottest fucking I had done in a long time. She ended up on top of me, riding me as I sat up against the headboard. She looked deep into me as she bounced her pussy on top of my cock. She fucked me harder and harder, faster, until I finally shot my cum deep inside of her pussy. I didn’t care what that meant for us, I had to fill her with my cum, I needed to. My cock pumped generously inside of her as we slowed down and caught our breath, eventually collapsing next to each other on the bed, a mess.

This was the beginning of the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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