For No Particular Reason Ch. 3

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“So tell me, honey. Have you every fucked a woman in the back of a limo?” she asked as he shrugged out of his shirt. She unzipped his trousers and pulled his half-hardened cock out and began to stroke it. Tom unbuttoned his trousers and lifted his hips off the seat as Tina pulled them off. When he reached for Tina’s coat, she stopped him.

“Not so fast, my dear. I am reinstating the ‘no hands’ rule for you. Now sit on them.” she ordered. He did as he was told. “That’s a good boy. And now for your reward…” she didn’t finish her sentence. She stroked his cock gently until he was fully hard. Then she gained speed and pressure as she jerked him off. It didn’t take long before Tom’s cock started to throb. When Tina felt the first one, she stopped abruptly and firmly squeezed the base of his cock. She kept the pressure there until it stopped throbbing. “Not yet.” was all she said. She then licked a drop of cum from the tip of his cock. She smacked her lips. “Mmm, yummy!” she exclaimed and they both giggled.

Tom’s giggling immediately turned to moaning in pleasure when Tina put his cock in her mouth and deep throated him in one motion. As she came back up she sucked harder and harder. When she reached the top of his cock, she started the process all over again, only a little slower this time. Then she gained speed little by little and soon Tom’s cock started to throb again. This time she didn’t stop him. She just concentrated sucking on the head of his cock and vigorously stroked the shaft. In no time he was filling her mouth with cum. She kept sucking and stroking and swallowing until there was nothing left to swallow. When Tom’s cock went limp she let it fall out of her mouth and sat back.

Tom opened his eyes after a few moments to see Tina sitting across from him. She was just watching him and smiling.

“That was incredible. I don’t know what’s gotten into you tonight but I most definitely like it. Do you think we can keep this up for 48 hours without killing ourselves?” he asked.

“That is my intention. If all goes as planned…” as she spoke she began to take her coat off, “You and I will both cum more times in the next 48 hours than we have all year. And each orgasm will be more intense and satisfying that the last.” By the time she finished her statement, her coat was on the seat beside her.

“My God you are a gorgeous woman. How in the world did I ever end up with a beauty like you?” he asked.

“Oh, canlı bahis şirketleri you just got lucky, I guess.” she answered, giggling. “Now come over here. I’m lifting the ‘no hands’ rule for the remainder of the night.” she said as she reached for him. When he was on the seat beside her, she continued. “Somewhere on my body, there is another surprise for you. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to locate and retrieve this surprise. You may use any and all parts of your body to execute this search. You may proceed whenever and however you choose.” she said.

“Hmm, this is going to be fun. First of all, let’s get this out of the way. Sit forward.” Tom said as he reached for Tina’s dress. She leaned forward and he lifted the dress over her head. He then placed the dress and her coat on the other seat with his clothes. They were both nude. “Now I think I’ll start my search here. I want you to lie down on your stomach on the seat.” When Tina was lying down, Tom straddled her back with one knee on the seat and one foot on the floor. He began his ‘search’ by massaging her neck and shoulders. When he felt the tension flow out of her muscles he moved down her back.

Soon Tina’s breathing became so regular and she was so relaxed that Tom had to ask, “Tina, are you still with me?”

“Barely. You are soo good at this. You could make a million doing this for a living. Even though I would be your only client.” she sighed and they both laughed.

“Why, thank you honey. But I wouldn’t be as good with anyone else. You bring out the best in me. And just think, that best is yet to come.” he said as he moved down from her back to her ass.

This was Tina’s favorite part of the massage. He pushed and pulled and kneaded her ass and asshole. Soon he could fell the tension and knots in her ass being replaced by heat and relaxation. “There we are. I do believe you are ready for the search to begin.” he whispered in her ear as he slid his cock between her legs and caressed her pussy while he nibbled and sucked on the back of her neck.

“Hmmm, oohh yeaah. God that’s good.” she moaned and gently thrust her pussy back against his cock. Tom entered her from the rear when she thrust her pussy back and immediately discovered the surprise.

“My, my. What’s this? I do believe I’ve located the surprise.” He said as he thrust his cock deep into her pussy causing her to gasp and moan. “I need you canlı kaçak iddaa to roll over and place your butt on the edge of the seat.” he said as he pulled out and sat back to allow her to move.

She groaned in frustration. “Oh nooo. I want you to finish what you started. It felt so good, please don’t stop.” she begged as she lay there on the seat.

“This was your idea, dear. We have the next 48 hours to finish what we just started, and finish it many, many times over again. Now come on, roll over,” he said as he grabbed her hips to help her off the seat.

Tina was still whining in protest as she sat up and placed her butt on the edge of the seat. Tom knelt in front of her and parted her legs. As he licked her juices from her pussy lips he not only knew where the surprise was, but he knew what it was as well.

He stroked her clitoris and lips with his fingers as he asked. “Would you like to taste your surprise when I retrieve it?”

“Mmm, that sounds good. Now quit wasting time and go get it,” she said impatiently as she thrust her crotch toward his face. She played with her tits and nipples, twisting and squeezing, while he went to work on her pussy.

Tom placed her legs on his shoulders and gently licked and sucked on her clit as he inserted two fingers into her pussy to pull the surprise toward him. When it was just inside the opening of her vagina, he let it go and began to rub her G-Spot. It wasn’t long before the combination of sucking on her clit and rubbing her G-Spot had her breathing heavily and bucking her hips toward his face.

“OOOHHH GOD!! I don’t know what it is that you’re doing but keep it up, fuck the surprise. This is..oohh yeaah…a hell of a lot…hmmph…better.” she moaned breathlessly.

Soon Tom felt her vagina begin to throb and convulse. He withdrew his fingers and concentrated on her clit. He licked, nibbled, and sucked. It wasn’t long before Tina let out a scream and locked her legs behind Tom’s head. She went stiff for a moment, then just melted back onto the seat. While she was like this Tom stuck his tongue into her vagina and sucked out the surprise along with as much of her juices as he could. Then he kissed her deeply and passed the cherry to her mouth. She chewed for a few seconds.

“Mmm, that’s good.” she whispered softly.

“What’s good? The surprise, orgasm, afterglow, or kiss?” Tom asked jokingly.

“Take your pick. They were all canlı kaçak bahis incredible.” Tina answered and they both laughed again. Just then the intercom buzzed.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything. I just thought you should know that we are about five minutes from Shangri La.” Mark said.

“Well, I guess that means we should get dressed. After all, I don’t think they’d appreciate us walking in the front door of the hotel looking like this.” Tina said.

“Oh I don’t know. Personally I think you look very sexy immediately after an orgasm.” Tom said.

“Why, thank you honey. But I think you might be just a little bit biased. I don’t think the police would have the same opinion.” Tina said as she put her coat back on.

As Tom was pulling his pants back on he asked, “O.K. Let me get this straight. We’re going to spend the night in a hotel 30 miles from home.”

“That’s right. All night, you and I with no children, nowhere to go, and no interruptions. Just think of the adventures we are going to have.” Tina said, stroking Tom’s cock through his trousers as he put his shirt back on.

“What are we going to do about clothes?” he asked.

“Oh baby, that’s simple. We were born with all the clothes we’ll need.” she purred in his ear.

“My darling, I do like the way you think!” Tom said, running his hand up Tina’s thigh to her pussy. She moaned as he continued to stroke her clitoris. Then the limo stopped and they go out.

“Thank you Mark. Now, you’ll be back to pick us up around 8:00 tomorrow night, correct?” Tina asked.

“That’s is correct. 8:00 tomorrow night. Now you kids have fun tonight!” Mark said with a knowing smile as he walked back to the limo.

Tom and Tina walked in the front doors and up to the desk. When the clerk came over to them, Tina spoke up, “I reserved Pharaoh’s Quarters for the night. The name is Fredricks.”

“Ah yes. Here are your keys and your room is the 12th floor.” the clerk said and started to walk away.

“Excuse me. What is the room number?” Tom asked.

The clerk chuckled before responding, “Just walk straight out of the elevator, sir. You’ll know it when you see it.”

Tom started to speak again, but Tina stopped him. “Let’s go Tom. The elevator is over there.” she said and pulled Tom toward the elevator. They got into the elevator and Tina pressed the 12 button. “Isn’t this exciting?” she asked as she squeezed Tom’s hand and kissed him on the cheek.

“What do you think she meant by ‘you’ll know it when you see it’?” he asked. Then they were on the 12th floor. When the doors of the elevator opened up, he said, “Oh Wow! This is incredible.”

To Be Continued…

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