Forbidden Desire Ch. 04

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Maddox made a point of being late. He wanted to be the last to arrive at the gathering. Kat was at his right. Both were in ceremonial armor made of gold with silver inlaid designs. The rest of his officers were behind him.

He thought of Aidan, who he’d left to savor a sampler of all the chef’s finest desserts. The boy had looked so tempting, biting into a pastry and then licking his lips to remove the white traces of cream filling. His white gold collar glinted at his neck, like a frame around the mark that had yet to fade.

Maddox channeled his rage at the man who would take Aidan away as he signaled for the large, ornate wooden doors to be opened.

Fergus slouched in the throne-like chair at the head of the room. He sneered at Maddox and his companions. “Where is my slave?” Fergus hissed.

“He is no longer your slave!” Maddox shouted.

“Because he was stolen,” Fergus accused. The room filled with voices of all the gathered Warlords and their officers.

Maddox could not deny this. “The boy is my mate,” he declared.

The room was silent. Claiming a mate was not a matter to be taken lightly. Once a vampire found their mate and proclaimed their love to the ancient deities that had created vampires they could only be with that one mate. They would be physically incapable of doing anything sexual with anyone other than their partner. To love another would be excruciating pain.

Fergus narrowed his eyes. It would be a very stupid move for Fergus to press the issue. To keep a vampire from their mate was considered the most heinous act.

“The boy is my property,” Fergus finally replied.

The onlookers roared in protest to Fergus’s words.

Maddox gestured to Kat and she reached into her boot for an ancient dagger with a jeweled hilt. Maddox bowed as he took it and then turned to present it to Fergus.

Again, the room was silent. Fergus slowly stood up from his chair and accepted the challenge.

“Tomorrow at midnight,” Maddox said.

Fergus agreed. Maddox turned to leave. Almost as soon as he had he felt a sharp pain in his neck, at the base of his skull. He turned in a fury, yanking the dagger out of his body. The wound healed almost instantly. Maddox felt his vision blur and his ears were filled with the sound of a wolf’s howl. The skin on his forearms rippled and fur started to grow before he regained control.

“I will choose to preserve my honor and refrain from attacking you,” Maddox said.

Kat hovered protectively behind Maddox as they left.


Aidan ran to greet Maddox. He held him tight and asked, “Are you alright?”

Maddox massaged Aidan’s back. “Of course, little one. Why wouldn’t I be?” Maddox sighed. “Kat?”

Aidan nodded.

“That woman…” Maddox was constantly amazed at Kat’s ability to meddle. She had gone inside the main castle only ten minutes before him.

“She’s a nice lady.”

Maddox nodded and looked around the room. He saw that a few pieces of food were missing from the platter of fruit that sat in his room. “Did you eat from that plate?” Maddox asked.

Aidan nodded. “I…I was hungry…”

Maddox sighed. “Didn’t I specifically say in our contract that we take our meals together unless I indicate otherwise?”

Aidan looked at the ground. “I…didn’t think…”

“What is the punishment for a broken rule?”

“Please no…”

Maddox growled. “What is the punishment for a broken rule and trying to avoid punishment?”

Aidan sniffed and tried to hold back his tears. He wasn’t scared, at least not a lot. He had just hoped that he could be so well behaved he wouldn’t ever need to be punished.

“Speak!” Maddox commanded.

Aidan jerked involuntarily at his loud voice. “It’s five for the broken rule and…and…ten for trying to avoid punishments.”

Maddox lifted Aidan’s face and looked into his watery, indigo eyes. “Are you frightened, little one?”

Aidan looked back Ankara bayan escort at Maddox. “A little.”

“You know I would never seriously harm you.”

“I know…I just…you’re disappointed…”

Maddox leaned forward, gently kissing Aidan’s lips. “I love you. Once you have received your proper punishment, all will be well.”

“I love you too,” Aidan whispered.

Maddox led Aidan to a large, luxurious chair. Maddox sat and pulled Aidan into his lap. Maddox kissed Aidan, and Aidan could feel raw possessiveness in the way Maddox’s mouth claimed his. Maddox laid Aidan over his lap and massaged the boy’s lower back for a while. He could feel that Aidan was hard with excitement, and yet trembling with fear. Maddox gave Aidan a pillow to hold on to.

He wet his finger with spit and rubbed Aidan’s virginal opening. Aidan made a soft cooing sound. He relaxed and enjoyed the sensation when suddenly Maddox’s hand slapped hard against his rear. He yelped and clutched the pillow.

Four more times, Maddox spanked him. Aidan was having trouble holding back tears. But strangely, he was also having trouble holding back from climax. Each time Maddox spanked him, his sensitive organ rubbed against the lusciously soft chair and Maddox’s leg.

Maddox massaged Aidan’s sore cheeks and leaned down to whisper to him. “You’re ass is so wonderful. I love how its turning pink.”

Aidan squirmed in Maddox’s lap. “Spank me again…” he moaned.

Maddox quickly delivered the remaining swats and then his mouth found Aidan’s throbbing head. He laved his tongue over the leaking head and Aidan whimpered. “So good…” he moaned.

Maddox reached for the hoops in Aidan’s nipples and gave them a slight twist. The boy writhed and purred. Maddox felt a rush of warm liquid deep in his throat as Aidan’s hips rocked wildly. Maddox kept the last drops of Aidan’s sperm in his mouth and kissed him, letting him see for the first time how he tasted.

Aidan moaned and tilted his head back. Maddox softly kissed the purple mark on Aidan’s pale neck, flickering his tongue over the vein. He wanted very much to feed on Aidan again, but he didn’t want to hurt his delicate boy.

He ran a hand over Aidan’s bottom. “Was it so bad?”

“Take me…” Aidan whispered. He was grinding his slight body against Maddox, kissing softly at Maddox’s neck.

Maddox felt conflicted. There was nothing he wanted more than to take Aidan’s virginity, to claim the boy as completely and wholly his. However, he wanted to remove all threats before he did so.

“I will…soon,” Maddox said.

Aidan groaned. “I want to feel what it’s like…I want you to be a part of me.”

“After I defeat Fergus. I will make you mine.”

Aidan accepted the offer and slowly made his way down to Maddox’s cock. Maddox relaxed and watched Aidan work. His lips stretched around Maddox’s shaft and his hands eagerly teased Maddox’s balls.

“Take as much as you can,” Maddox rumbled.

Aidan obeyed and took in nearly six inches before he gagged and backed away. He immediately tried again, and this time he swallowed every inch. He wiggled a little and started to bob back and forth, taking Maddox in and out of his mouth. He looked up at the vampire and saw the look of pure enjoyment on his face. Aidan knew he was doing a good job.

Maddox roared and Aidan jerked away, a stream of hot liquid splattered over his face. He opened his mouth, and the rest of the semen shot into his mouth and ran down his chin.


Word had spread of the impending duel and Maddox could hear the din of a growing crowd in the arena. Kat drifted in to his tent, looking not the least bit concerned.

“Your boy is still sleeping,” she said.

Maddox smiled and closed his eyes, picturing Aidan sleeping. It was really a wonderful sight to see. Messy black hair contrasting with snow white pillow. Full, soft lips with the two glinting piercings. Thick eyelashes Escort bayan Ankara and gentle breathing. His small, smooth body curled around a pillow.

That was why he was fighting.

He sighed looked around at the canvas walls and Kat gave him a knowing look. “You know you can easily defeat Fergus,” she said.

Maddox nodded. “It has become…increasingly difficult for me to be without Aidan.”

Kat smiled and gave him a quick, friendly hug. “Aww, big bad Maddy has finally been tamed.”

“Really, I wish you would stop calling me that.”

Kat giggled. “And that’s why it will be your nickname until the end of time.”

Maddox sighed. “I’m going to turn Aidan…and then I am going to claim him as my mate.”

Kat shrugged. “I figured you would. I mean, he’s so…fragile. His neck hasn’t even fully healed yet.”

“There’s too much that could happen. I can’t lose him.”

Trumpets sounded. “Fergus has arrived,” Kat said.


Maddox faced his opponent in the arena. It was a battle without weapons, without armor. Pure physical superiority would be the deciding factor and Maddox knew he could win.

The rivals walked in a circle, sizing each other up. Maddox was about to lunge for an attack when five figures in full dark robes landed in the arena. The circled around Maddox, wielding sharp knives. Maddox heard Kat let out a cry as she rushed to join him.

“Coward!” she shouted. She pulled throwing knives out of her sleeve and took out one of Fergus’s allies. The crowd thundered with approval. Fergus had committed an unspeakable act.

Maddox could feel his control slipping away. His mind blurred. His vision was lined with black. Fur started to spring out of his arms and legs. Soon his body shook, and a searing hot jolt passed through him. He lowered to all fours and howled.

The crowd fell silent at the sight of the massive wolf. A wave of energy flowed from him and Fergus’s allies all fell to their knees.

The wolf took slow deliberate steps to Fergus, who was now groveling on the ground. Another howl, and a scream. The wolf tore Fergus apart until there was nothing left.


Aidan was waiting naked on the bed when Maddox returned, as he had been instructed to. Maddox rushed to the boy and kissed him. Their lips crushed together, their tongues desperately danced. Maddox removed his clothes in a rush and returned to kiss the boy.

Aidan purred and rubbed himself against Maddox. Maddox pinned the boy’s wrists above his head and trailed kisses down to his nipple. He took the hoop between his teeth and tugged it. Aidan whimpered.

Maddox trialed his kisses lower, releasing Aidan’s hands. Aidan tangled his fingers in Maddox’s hair and moaned softly as Maddox kissed all over his navel. Maddox moved lower still, to the boy’s pale thighs.

Aidan bit his lip and writhed at the sensation of gentle nips on his inner thigh. Maddox caressed the boy’s erection and spread his cheeks apart. He blew hot air on the virginal opening and Aidan whimpered. Maddox licked him slowly and Aidan panted and writhed. He bit harder on his lip and cried out softly. He reached up and twisted the hoops in his nipples.

Maddox reached under his bed and pulled out a small carved wood box. Inside was a small vial of amber liquid.

“This is special oil from over the ocean,” Maddox said. “It has special ingredients to increase pleasure.”

Maddox put a few drops on his finger and inserted it into the boy’s tight opening. Aidan cried out as the oil brought his nerves to life. He could feel everything and it was unbelievable. He nearly climaxed from it. He started to move his body desperately against Maddox’s finger and moaned. Maddox started to move his finger in and out and Aidan moaned. “More, Maddox. Please more. It’s so good…”

Maddox coated his second finger in the oil and penetrated Aidan. He winced at first but pleasure overcame pain. He bit his lip and Bayan escort Ankara whimpered. “So good…so good. Kiss me, Maddox. Please.”

Maddox brought his lips to Aidan’s and kissed him softly. The boy dug his fingers into Maddox’s shoulder and kissed him back with all his strength.

Maddox pulled away from the kiss and stared at the boy’s red lips as he coated another finger. “Relax,” he instructed gently. “Push back when I push in.”

Aidan obeyed and gasped at the sensation of three fingers inside him.

“Does it hurt?”

“Not so much,” Aidan panted. “I want you in me.”

Maddox kissed Aidan and covered his penis liberally with the oil. He hissed at the feeling, imagining what it would be like to finally be inside Aidan. “Are you ready for me?” Maddox asked.

“Please….take me…this is all I have to offer.”

“You are so much more. I love you.”

“I love you.”

Maddox wrapped Aidan’s legs around his waist and pressed against Aidan’s opening and the boy pushed back. He winced and whimpered in discomfort as the head of Maddox’s cock popped inside him.

“Are you alright, little one?”

Aidan bit his lip. “It doesn’t feel like I thought it would.”

Maddox smiled. “Give it time,” he said. He kissed Aidan. “I’m going to go very slowly.”

Aidan nodded.

“It will feel good soon. Hold on to me.”

Aidan sucked in a breath as Maddox pressed in another inch. It didn’t hurt as much. Another inch. And another. Until he was all the way inside. Maddox kissed Aidan again and stroked his hair. “I’m a part of you now.”

He slowly pulled a few inches out, pressed back in. Repeated the process, this time three inches, out and back in.

Aidan gasped. “Oh…” He bit his lip and closed his eyes tightly. Maddox knew he had found the spot. He eased into a faster rhythm. Aidan’s fingernails pressed into Maddox’s shoulder. The special oil started to release a smell of jasmine.

Aidan moaned and whimpered. “Oh…oh, Maddox…” His dick jumped and he came. He let out a loud cry of pure ecstasy as his stomach was coated. He came more than he ever had before.

Maddox started to pump in and out of him faster.

“Cum inside me,” Aidan whispered. “Fill me.”

Maddox groaned and released. He held Aidan close to him and kissed his forehead.

“I love you, my pet.”

“I love you, Maddox.”

Maddox wiggled his finger between the globes of Aidan’s ass and felt the warm liquid seeping from his hole. Aidan purred and playfully nipped at Maddox’s neck.

Maddox took Aidan’s face in his hands and said, “I am going to change you. So that you and I will never be apart. But first, there is something we must do.”

Maddox stood and carried Aidan to the window. He lit two candles and handed one to Aidan. He melted the bottom of a third candle and secured it to the window sill.

“In lighting this candle, we will signal to the gods that we are now two flames that have become one. This candle will burn forever. Aidan, do you swear to love me and only me forever?”

“I swear.”

“Now ask me a question.”

Aidan thought for a moment. “Do you promise to hold me when I sleep?”

Maddox smiled. “I promise. Do you agree to continue to submit to me and forsake the vampiric right of domination?”

“I agree…uhm…promise to always love me even when I mess up.”

“I promise.”

The vampire and the boy put the flames of their candles together and lit the third one. The gods showed their approval by extinguishing the candles in the lovers’ hands.

They dropped their candles and embraced, both feeling intense love for the other that could not be expressed by words.

Maddox kissed Aidan gently and led him to their bed.

Maddox brought his wrist to his mouth and made a small cut with his fangs, enough to get blood flowing.

“Drink, little one. You will just fall asleep and when you wake up, you will be immortal.”

Aidan was hesitant but the blood was strangely sweet, like wine. When he finished, he licked his lips and laid his head on Maddox’s chest.

“I love you.”

Maddox looked at Aidan and tears filled his eyes as he replied, “I love you too.”

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