Forced First Suck, The Follow-Up

Big Dicks

After my last experience in the bookstore I didn’t go back for almost three months. I guess I was afraid I liked it too much. I work a night shift and one day after my last work night of the week I stopped at a co-workers house for some beers. On the way home and a little buzzed about 10AM, I had to pass right by the bookstore. I decided to stop in and get off while watching a good gang bang flick. I figured there wouldn’t be much traffic at that time of the day and I could jack off in relative privacy.

There were only two other cars in the lot when I got there so I felt pretty comfortable as I found my way to the last booth in the hallway. I like this one the most because these booths don’t have doors and being the last one, there is less traffic walking past. I put in a few dollars and scrolled through the movies until I found one to my liking. This particular movie had a hot looking chick on her knees and several guys were taking turns stepping up to her and shoving theirs big cocks in her mouth.

I no sooner had pulled out my cock and started getting down to business when a nice dressed middle aged guy walks into my booth. He just stood there a minute watching the movie and started commenting about how the chick looked like she really enjoyed sucking those cocks. After a couple minutes he unzipped and took out his cock.

He was only half hard but his cock was real nice, it had a perfect shape. Looking through glory holes in the past I’ve seen some cocks that look like they’re almost disfigured or so small it’s hard to believe the guy could make any woman feel good. Now here I was sitting there staring at his as he slowly stroked it and commented about the movie.

Usually there’s not much talking at all when you’re in the arcade area, just guys that are there to get their dick sucked and guys who are there to suck some dick. Everybody knows who is who so there’s not much need for small talk. It made me a little nervous that he kept talking so much, I was afraid anybody walking into the arcade area could hear anything he said.

Then he started telling me how nice my cock looked. That makes you feel pretty good that your tool is something that impresses someone else. I was still staring at his cock when he started asking me if I liked what I saw. I didn’t say anything, I just turned my attention back to the movie, but I soon found my gaze returning back to that cock just a foot or so away.

He took his hand off of it and told me to go ahead and touch it. Again I turned back to the movie, but only for a short time and as he was still trying İkitelli Escort to get me to touch his cock, he also said he thought I would really like to suck it. I should tell you that this guy has done this a few times before with me over the past couple years, but I usually just ignore him and he leaves after a few minutes. I was always there waiting for someone to come in and suck my dick so I wasn’t interested in him.

Most of the guys that will walk into an occupied booth are looking for a cock to suck but this guy is different. It seems like he looks for straight guys or curious guys and tries to lure them into sucking his dick. It must work for him because he’s been using the same process for quite some time. Like I said he usually leaves me alone after a few minutes but I guess he could sense something was different this time. Probably because I couldn’t hardly stop looking at that cock.

The time was running out on the money I had put in earlier, but before it stopped and I could put more in or leave when it shutoff, he put in a five dollar bill. Now for five dollars, the movie will last quite a long time so I knew he wasn’t planning on leaving any time soon. I guess I could have gotten up and moved to another booth, but I just couldn’t stop looking his cock.

As I was stroking my cock with my right hand he reached down and I thought he was going to take over but he actually took my left hand by the wrist and raised it up to his cock. I started to pull away but he continued talking and telling me to go ahead and touch it. He brought my hand right up to the shaft of his cock and started using my hand to jack himself off. Even though the other two guys last time had basically face fucked me and came in my mouth, I had never actually touched another cock besides my own. It was just like I’ve read about in stories, it felt so soft but also so hard at the same time and it was very warm.

He turned a little so he was facing straight at me so it was easier for me to stroke his cock. That’s when I realized he wasn’t holding my wrist anymore, I was stroking his cock on my own accord. Now I found I was mainly watching myself jack off his cock and only taking short glances at the movie. Usually it was when he would say something about how the girl was enjoying what she was doing and asking me if I liked what I was doing. I still couldn’t bring myself to answer him even though I found I really did like it. Then he reached down and took my other hand by the wrist and brought it up to his balls. I had to turn in my seat to face directly at him İkitelli Escort Bayan so I could stroke his cock with my left hand and rub his balls with my right.

With his cock now only inches away I started to think that if he cums with me jacking him off like this I’ll end up with cum all over me. I really was getting into this though and I figured that while I was rubbing his balls I could tell when they started to tighten up and I could point his cock away so his cum wouldn’t land on me. He had other ideas though and now was trying to convince me that I wanted to suck his cock as much as the girl in the movie wanted to suck the cocks she had in front of her.

I didn’t really want to suck his cock though because believe it or not, even though I was jacking him off and after the last incident I still didn’t want to think I might actually like having a cock in my mouth or swallowing a big load of cum. Besides, being a cock sucker was not something I ever thought I would be.

He kept inching forward though, supposedly so it was easier for me to jack him off. His cock was now right in front of my face, precum oozing from the slit. I guess I licked my lips a little because when he reached out and gently put pressure on the back of my head, I opened my mouth and let a cock past my lips for just the third time in my life. As he was telling me how good it felt to have his cock in my mouth, I was really wishing he would be quiet. I didn’t want anyone nearby to know I was sitting there with a strangers dick in my mouth.

He started to tell me what he wanted me to do to make it a better blowjob. He was pulling my head back and forth on his cock real slow but every time he tried to make me take it deep I would start to gag. He kept telling me it was OK I just needed more practice. He had me move my tongue around the bottom of the shaft and I could tell he really liked it when I did that right under the head. After the next time I gagged, he pulled all the way out and put his balls right up on my chin and told me this is what it will be like when I get used to deep throating a cock. He actually pumped his hips a few times so his balls were slapping against my face. Wow that was erotic, it made me wish I could take his cock all the way to the base. Try as I did, I still just couldn’t do it. My gag reflex is something I don’t know if I can ever get over.

About that time I heard someone coming down the hall and I sat back and started to watch the movie again. I could tell the person stopped in front of our booth and was looking in the mirror Escort İkitelli to see what was going on with two people in there. My booth partner looked out and said it’s OK and started to ease my head back towards his cock. When he got his cock back in my mouth he started doing something I’ve found I really like, he held my head still and pumped his hips like he was fucking. Then he told me I might be able to take more of his cock if I got on my knees so the angle was better. Since it was early and the place had just been cleaned I did. I still couldn’t take him all the way till his balls were on my chin though and I think the other guy was still in the hall looking in the mirror as I was on my knees with my partner fucking my mouth.

Shortly after that the movie got to the point where the guys start taking turns cumming in the girl’s mouth and on her face. Again he told me to look and see how much she liked having the guys cum in her mouth. I guess I had been watching too long because he pulled my head back down until his cock was buried in my mouth again. Then he asked me if I wanted a mouth full of cum like the chick in the movie. I thought to myself “yes” but I didn’t say anything as I was still a little embarrassed because I know the guy in the hall could hear what he was saying.

A minute later he asked me again if I wanted some cum and I kind of nodded my head as much as I could with a mouth full of cock. “What” was what he said and then I heard “yes, cum in my mouth”. I thought, holy shit did I just say that out loud? I just told some guy to cum in my mouth right in a public place. I didn’t have long to worry about it though because right then he did start to cum. He held my head still and I could feel his dick start to pulse, but that didn’t stop him from talking. “I’m cumming” he said, ” I’m cumming right in that hot little mouth of yours”. Wow it was so thick and hot, a lot thicker than the first guy that came in my mouth. After he stopped shooting, with the head of his cock still in my mouth he told me to show it to him like the chick in the movie. I opened up and leaned back to show him his cum before I leaned over to spit it out. I’m not sure why I did that, I swallowed the last load that a guy shot in my mouth but as soon as I did I realized it was a mistake. His cum was so thick it just hung from my lips like a long spaghetti noodle. I tried to spit it off as I leaned over but it still just hung there until I used my fingers to wipe it away. He patted me on the back after he zipped up and said I’ll see YOU again sometime.

I’m not usually timid or the submissive type but I think everyone has a little bit of a submissive side. I know the BDSM people disagree, but I think there’s nothing more submissive than to be on your knees in front of a man as he holds your head and fucks your mouth until he dumps a big load of cum in your mouth.

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