Four Words Ch. 03


The ten minute ride to the mall was made in almost complete silence. Elizabeth sat biting her lower lip and twisting the handkerchief in her hands, as she worried about what other things I had in store for her. I pulled into a space in front of the mall. “Let’s go young lady; it’s time to return your purchases. I am going to teach you a lesson you will never forget.” I took her hand, as if she were a child as she carried her purchases to be returned. When she reached the escalator to go up to the second floor of the mall, I told her to go ahead of me. Letting her go about a quarter of the way up the escalator I followed, I could see her panties still tangled at her thighs. She blushed as she knew what I was doing.

Getting to the lingerie store I quickly located the manager, Kathleen Lawson, a 47 year old shapely divorced mother of two college age girls, who knew both of us. As a matter of fact, she was a neighbor, who had asked me to discipline her daughters many times. I have also dealt with Kathleen several times when she misbehaved. I purchase all of Elizabeth’s punishment panties at this store.

I explained why we had come this afternoon. “Elizabeth Marie is being punished for over spending her allowance and still deciding to charge these purchases on my credit card. She is going to be dressed in her punishment outfit for the weekend and she is also having panty punishment, which I will show you later. After she returns her purchases, I am going to use your office for 30 to 45 minutes. I am going to spank her and I want you present during her chastisement to make sure she is properly humiliated.”

Kathleen said: “No problem, the girls can take care of her purchases and you can get started right away. You can use one of the stores hairbrushes. She said meekly as she rubbed her skirt bottom in sympathy. “Do you have to embarrass her like that?” She asked. I gave her a stare that said don’t do anything foolish or you too would be over my knee.

Elizabeth was hoping from foot to foot. “What is the problem, young lady?” She stood on her toes to whisper to me. “Speak up, Missy or I will blister your bottom right here.”

“Daddy, I have to go potty. Please may I.” said my 41 year old wife using the childish term, as part of her embarrassment.

“Okay, but I would like Ms. Lawson to take you.”

“Okay” she reached for Elizabeth’s hand as if she were a child and headed for the rest room. Ten minutes later both of them came back, Elizabeth blushing as I have never seen her blush before, completely mortified at being made to go to the rest room like a child. I could see that Elizabeth was not walking as she did on the way to the rest room, and Kathleen was acting as if she had a secret.

“Very good, Elizabeth! Now I think the three of us can go back to Kathleen’s office, so I can tan your backside.” I said loud enough for everyone to hear.

Kathleen said “No that is okay, I will wait for you.”

“Absolutely not we will all go, both of you MOVE IT.”

We walked to the rear of the store and entered a small office containing 2 file cabinets, a desk, an two chairs; one against the wall the other behind the desk. Kathleen walked around the desk and sat in the desk chair; I walked over and pulled the straight backed chair to the center of the room. Sitting on the chair, I crooked my finger indicating that Elizabeth should stand in front of me.

She slowly walked over to me, her hands behind her, her head hanging down, the perfect picture of a little girl about to be spanked by her Daddy. “Elizabeth Marie Present.” I ordered. Elizabeth immediately got into “Present” position; that is: heels together, head forward, she slowly reached down to her schoolgirl skirt and taking hold of the hem pulled it up until it was bunched above her waist. She had let the skirt remain down in front covering her to the top of her thighs as if trying to hide something.

Seeing this I reached out and slapped her right thigh, “I told you to pull them all of the way up, now hop to it Elizabeth.” She fumbled with her schoolgirl skirt and pulled up the front where it had covered her tummy, crotch, and the front of her thighs.

I could not believe my eyes; her white cotton panties were covering her buttocks not around her thighs. “Who told you to raise your undies, young lady? WHO DARED?” Maltepe Escort I was furious. “She did when we went to the rest room.” She whispered looking over her shoulder at Kathleen. Now I understood why, Kathleen did not want to come back to her office.

“Okay you go to the corner, lower those panties to your knees and don’t move a muscle until I give you permission.” She quickly shuffled to the corner placed her nose against the wall and pulled her undies down to her knees. I stood up grasped Kathleen by the ear and stood her to the right of the spanking chair, she did not say a word knowing what was in store for her. “I am going to tan your backside, Miss, I am furious. You had no right contradicting my orders.”

“Please sir, don’t spank me, I am so sorry. I just felt bad for Elizabeth. Please, please.”

I ignored her pleading determined to teach her a lesson.

She was dressed in a white blouse, a red skirt and red pumps. She looked very pretty and business-like. “Kathleen, lift up your skirt to your waist” I instructed her. She hesitated for a second, saw the stern look on my face, and then reached for the end of the skirt and slowly lifted it up her long legs. Inch by inch her legs came into view. Surprise surprise as her skirt reached the top of her thighs I saw that she had on clear stockings attached to a white panty girdle. The garters of her panty girdle, located half way up the legs, pulled tightly on her nylons and the overall effect was to give her a rather trim figure. I could see the embarrassment and apprehension reflected in her eyes.

“I told you Kathleen; pull them all the way up!” “Now move it, Young Lady” I ordered.

Eyes squeezed tightly shut, Kathleen fumbled with her skirt and slip and rolled them right up around her waist, exposing the waistband of her panty girdle. In a firm voice I said: “Kathleen, hold your skirt up, young lady. Right up around your waist and I’d better not see you letting it down, do you understand?” Nodding her head miserably, Kathleen held her skirt on either side and waited, her head hanging down in shame for what she knew would happen.

I then sat on the spanking chair with Kathleen to my right… I reached up and worked my fingers into the waistband of the panty girdle; I pulled the tight spandex girdle inside out over Kathleen’s full hips. Continuing to tug down the tight panty girdle, I worked it over her full buttocks and on down her legs until the waistband was down just below Kathleen’s knees. The legs of the panty girdle had been turned inside out and the garters dangled loosely, still attached to her clear nylon stockings. Her white nylon panties, stretched tightly over her plump hips and buttocks were all that remained to be removed.

I then grabbed her by her earlobe made her bend over my lap. Her hands were touching the floor on one side of the chair; she lowered her head down until her face was only inches from the floor. Her legs were straight, heels together to protect her modesty. Her plump, panty covered buttocks were sticking straight up waiting to be spanked. I said: “Kathleen, I want you to lower your own panties inside out down to your knees. DO it now”

She reached behind her and hooked the waistband of her white nylon panties with her thumbs and began tugging her panties down. She had to slightly lift off of my lap to work them down over her hips and backside, she pushed them right on down her legs until they were wedged behind her garters in front and dangling down almost to her knee hollows in back.

Kathleen moaned loudly as she felt the cool air and she knew that her bottom was now completely naked and realized how silly she looked. I gave her a sharp slap on her right and left buttocks, which made her jump and brought her back to reality. I had spanked her two days ago and her fanny still had a red blush covering it. She looked like a naughty little girl not a 47 year old manager of a lingerie store.

I could see that Kathleen felt totally mortified; tears trickled down her cheeks from embarrassment and fear. Her skirt and slip were turned up over the back of her blouse her white spandex girdle was turned inside out at her knees, her nylons were sagging and bagging from the girdle’s garters, and her white panties were twisted at her knees. Her bare backside and thighs were Anadolu Yakası Escort fully exposed and ready to be soundly and deservedly spanked

As I lightly patted her bottom, I could see that her backside was plumper and wider than my wife’s. It definitely would take awhile to blister her behind. I fully intended to make sure she learned her lesson and would blister every square inch of her big, naked bottom cheeks right down her thighs almost to her knees. I was not happy that she encouraged Elizabeth to disobey me.

“Now, Young Lady I am going to begin your tanning. I will teach you to override my authority.” I raised the hairbrush about a foot and a half above her bare cheeks, and brought it sharply down onto the center of her still pink buttocks. It flattened them slightly.

****!!!SSS-MMM-AAA-CCC-KKK!!!!**** EEEEEEeeeeeeeeekkkkkk!!! Oh-OH-OH OOuuuccchhhh!!!!

I decided to spank her thoroughly. I gave another sharp crackling spank to the right fanny cheek and saw the bright red oval mark.

Then another and another, and another…….

I started somewhat slowly, but soon picked up the pace, working the brush from side to side and from the tops of her buttocks to about mid-thigh. Kathleen tried to remain stoic as befits a 47 year old, but was soon wailing her discomfort, and pleading for me to stop. Her promises of good behavior and offers of contrition fell on deaf ears, as I used the hairbrush soundly and thoroughly.

I continued to spank her until every square inch of her big bottom was cherry-red. Kathleen was reduced to sobbing, with an occasional yowl, when I smacked an especially tender spot, or swatted the same spot two or three times in succession. It was a classic tanning of a naughty little girl, not of a 47 year old grown woman. When I stopped, I rested the hairbrush on her fanny, keeping her across my lap for almost 5 minutes, letting her cry herself out and get her breath back.

Don’t you ever disobey me again…? Do you understand!! WHACK!!

“Y-YEEEES NOOOO Mo-rrreee P-Pleeeaasee, I’ll Beee gooood” sounding like an 8 year old.

By the end of the session, she was one sorry little girl. Her eyes were red from all of the crying, her makeup was ruined, and her cheeks were sore and very red. She would not be sitting comfortable for a few days.

“Now Missy, I hope you have learned your lesson.” I am going to pull up your panties now.” I reached down and pulled her white nylon panties over her hips back in place over her well-spanked backside. I then helped her up and had her stand directly in front of me. She was sobbing, her head hung down, her red skirt was still bunched up, her white girdle and stockings dangling from her knees. Kathleen was one well spanked, totally mortified young lady. I let her stand there for a few minutes then told her to pull up her girdle and nylons. Kathleen reached down an slowly pulled her girdle up her long legs, the stockings following, and wiggled it over her panty covered hips. I then marched her to the wall and made her stand there. She walked stiffly; I could see that the heat in her girdled behind was intensifying with each passing minute. “Now, young lady switch places with Elizabeth.”

“Yes Sir” she answered quickly. Waddling quickly over to the corner.

“Come here, young lady you are in for one thorough blistering on your bare backside. Taking her by her ear I led her over to Kathleen’s desk. I bent her under my arm and spanked her several times hard in succession. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!…. “You will not disobey me again, Missy, I am going to strap you right across your naked fanny cheeks. You naughty little girl.”

I unbuckled my belt and slowly unloosed it from my pants. Doubling it in two I snapped it directly in her face. “Bend yourself over the desk, young lady and make it quick. I am in no mood for your nonsense, you should not have disobeyed me” I ordered.

As Elizabeth bent over the desk, I flipped her skirt over her back. “Spread you legs, as far as you can.” I slapped her thighs to enforce my command. Her white cotton panties were stretched as far as could considering the reinforced waistband. “Up on your toes and stay like that.” Elizabeth was stretched across the desk, legs spread, on her toes, dressed in a schoolgirl uniform; bare rosy buttocks and thighs İstanbul Escort displayed waiting for her strapping.

I took the belt buckle in my right hand and wrapped the belt around my right hand until it was about 20 inches long. The belt was thick and about 2 inches wide. I put my left hand on the small of her back and pressed down, making her arch her bottom until it was the highest point on her body. I swished the belt a few times, her cheeks clenched and unclenched involuntarily. I then brought the strap down on her tender cheeks with a resounding “Whack”

“Ouch” she said.

The first sting blow was followed by a series of hard licks, delivered slowly and methodically to the exact same spot of her bottom that she sat on – just above the thighs.

“WHACK!! WHACK!! SMACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!!!” “Now, miss do you think you can do as I ordered” “Y-yes Oooowwww Ouuuch S-ir” “P-pleaseee it h-hurts, it HUUURRRTS, p-please I’ll do a-anything.”

Aiming lower I strapped her thighs, one side than the other. She started to come down off her toes, so I strapped her right under her bottom cheeks. “Up on your toes, young lady or do you want to start all over.” Up she went. I gave her 10 more full on her already sore backside, the marks running parallel to each other. She was pleading “No more, please, I will behave.” I stopped rolled the belt up until it was about 5 inches long.

“Okay, Elizabeth I want you to reach back and spread your cheeks as wide as you can, I am going to strap you with my belt right between your cheeks. This strapping I reserve for bad little girls who do not learn their lesson the first time. It is going to sting and by the time I am through with you, you will be one sorry naughty young lady. I don’t care if you are 41, when you act like a child I will strap you like a child. Now SPREAD your cheeks and don’t let go.”


She spread her legs as wide as she could, griped her cheeks, and spread herself as wide as possible. I could see clearly in between the juncture of her fanny globes. I whistled the strap through the air; Elizabeth had a good idea of what was to happen and started to wiggle in anticipation. She knew it was going to sting very much.

I started the strapping on the inside of the right cheek, where it was still white. I quickly punished the left side. “DO not let go of those cheeks Elizabeth.” I continued with 4 on one side then 4 on the other. I then aimed for the exact middle, right down the groove 5 times. By this time my little girl was crying uncontrollably.

Elizabeth had the groove strap administered to her a few times but only when she was very naughty. It was something I rarely did but it was extremely effective and lasted for several hours. Each time the cheeks squeezed together the punishment was remembered.

I let Elizabeth compose herself and then ordering her up I took her by her left ear and marched her over to the corner. She couldn’t move quickly because of the panties tangled at her knees and the sting in between her cheeks. Before she reached the corner I took my hankie out and made her blow her nose, as if she were 8 years old. I then swatted her on the plumpest part of her backside and told her to put her nose flat against the wall.

“Now girls, I am not finished with you. Kathleen after work I want you to report to me at home. You need to understand that my orders are not to be over ridded by you. Is that clear!”

“Yes, sir.” She said. Clearly unhappy for she knew what was in store for her on top of her already sore fanny. She wasn’t sure how she would make it through work.

“As for you miss, I think you need more ‘shame punishment. Come here.” She walked over to me and stood directly in front of my knees, as I sat on the straight backed chair. I pulled her in between my knees and lifted her skirt up to her waist exposing her bare sex spot. Taking her panties I pulled them so that they were inside out dangling down her legs. I then took her skirt and rolled up the waistband so that about 6 inches above the knees were exposed and her panties were hanging about 1 inch above her hem. When she walked you could see them if you were looking. I also rolled her knee high socks down to her calves exposing her legs from below her knees to just below her thighs. You could see that her thighs had been strapped recently from the back.

“When we get home you are going to have diaper discipline, I can see I can’t trust you in the rest room. Now let’s take a nice slow walk around the mall, so people can see what happens to 41 year old adult that behaves naughty just like an 8 year old.”

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