Frankie at the Gym


Frankie at the GymFrankie walked into the gym in just shorts and a t-shirt having realised she din’t have any training bottoms with her.When she moved to the first machine she realised she was on her own as she got on the bike and switched it on, she started peddling fast reading a story on her phone at the same time.She had previously downloaded some short erotic stories for this very purpose, before she knew it, the timer had finished and so had the girl in the story.As she moved over to the leg machine, and spread her legs wide she could feel her pussy juices moving around inside her knickers and was glad she was on her own.She did her leg exercises, cleaned the machine and got on the floor to do her crunches, she put her earphones in and got on with it, all the while painfully aware her pussy was very wet and as she rose up she could smell her own sex.After the crunches she did her bike riding of her legs and laid back really wanting to touch herself.As she was on her own, she decided to do a bit more ball work then she would have done if anyone else was in, mainly because she lost her balance regularly and fell off from time to time.Her music still playing she straddled the ball and rocked backwards and forwards, imagining riding a cock protruding from the ball.Suddenly she heard a voice and Liam had come up behind her unexpectedly and mouthed to her “he wished it was him she was riding”.Now Liam was 6′ 3″ solid muscle and not bad looking, they had swapped a little flirting previously but she was well aware he was married and quite a bit older then muğla escort her.She blushed and didn’t know how to react when he walked round to the front of the ball and started stroking his cock through his shorts in front of her eyes, despite herself Frankie could feel her pussy dripping and wondered what it would be like to suck on his cock, which she couldn’t take her eyes off as it came to life.He was big, she could see now, but without a word he walked off and climbed on the treadmill, setting it going, running gently.Pussy still dripping she climbed off the ball and walked to the incline press and then thought again. There was a bike right next to the treadmill and if she went on that she could see if he was still hard, running next to her. She climbed on the seat and glanced quickly over to him and saw that he was struggling to run with his cock between his legs.She couldn’t get her rhythm on the bike as she was so turned on by looking at his cock, she climbed off the bike and said “it’s too hot in here I am going in the steam room for a few minutes”.Normally she would have just gone in in her shorts and vest but for some reason she decided to go back to the changing room, remove her clothes and wrap a towel around her.She thought about removing her knickers, but she had a nice lacy number on today that turned her on even more.She walked to the steam room, opened the door and shut it behind her, put her earphones back in and laid back on the tiled surface.It was taking all the willpower she had not to let her fingers trail down to her escort muğla pussy, but she was aware someone could walk in at any moment. She closed her eyes just as she heard the door go as Liam entered the room.She pulled her legs up to give him room to sit down, forgetting she was only in a towel and her lacy knickers were on display. She said Hi and removed the earphones, Liam sat next to her, so close she was sure he could smell her pussy, without a word his hand was on her knickers pulling her legs apart as he stroked her clit through the material.Frankie laid back and the towel fell away as she rose to meet his eager fingers, still no words where spoken, he just looked her straight in the eyes while he pulled and tweaked her clit, she was soaking now as she willed his fingers to enter her, “I was going to ask you if you where wet” he said “but I can see and smell for myself” he said.He pulled her towards him with his fingers still firmly on her pussy, grinding into her and kissed her full on the mouth, tongue playing with her tongue as she kissed him back greedily. He pushed her back on the tiled surface while kissing her and tweaking her clit through her knickers, any thought that someone might walk in had gone from her mind completely.With her laid back he removed her knickers with one pull and moved up to her nipples, taking one in his mouth and sucking deeply on it. As she squirmed at his touch he pushed two fingers straight into her wet pussy and started fucking her vigorously whilst saying “this is want you wanted on he ball, go on admit muğla escort bayan it” “You looked so horny when I walked in there I wanted to fuck you right there and then”.Frankie moaned as his fingers punched in and out of her pussy, she was so close to cumming she knew it wasn’t far away, as he knelt down in front of her on the floor still punching her pussy, his tongue flicked backwards and forwards across her clit, making it hard as a rock, she really was going to cum now, she felt the pressure rising inside her building up and washing over her belly just as he removed his fingers and his tongue and rammed his enormous cock inside her, she came instantly, her juices dripping down his cock as he rode her ignoring her pleas to stop for a minute, he pulled at her nipples as he pulled her closer to the floor his cock pounding in and out of her, the only sound she could hear was her own pussy juice and his precum slurping in and out.She lifted her legs up and pulled him further into her and rode him like she never wanted to stop as he fucked her inside and out, her orgasm building back into a crescendo he pounded in and out of her, it was building, building, she held her breath as she knew the inevitable was about to descend all over his cock, he pumped her even quicker as they both rode the wave finally crashing in unison as his cock exploded inside her, the wave burst and she came in floods around it.After a few minutes gathering herself together she pushed him off her, bent down and licked the remaining cum from his cock, kissed him on the mouth, with a mixture of his own and her juices, said “thanks for that, we should do it again sometime”, grabbed her towel, wrapped it around her and walked out of the room to get a shower! Visiting the gym would never be the same again!!!

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