Freshers’ Week Ch. 05

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John woke bright and early on Wednesday morning and went out for a run. As he jogged along the riverbank near his halls, he thought about how his Tuesday had panned out.

Originally intending to hook up with Tilda – the girl he’d slept with on Monday night – John had gone to her room to find she wasn’t there, only to end up getting with her best friend and neighbour, Harriet. Their fucking was then interrupted by Tilda who proceeded to finger herself as she watched them finish. To top it all off, John then joined Tilda in her room for more sex, culminating in him fucking her arse.

John smiled as he replayed the events of that afternoon in his mind. For all he’d hoped and expected to have sex in freshers’ week, the past few days had surpassed even his wildest dreams.

And the sex hadn’t stopped there. Returning from his day of debauchery, John had been beckoned upstairs by Clare, the girl who lived in the room above him. He hadn’t expected it to result in anything sexual though – in truth, he was expecting a telling off, having ditched Clare to sleep with Tilda on Monday and having ignored her completely on Tuesday as he went to see Tilda again.

But, whilst Clare certainly wasn’t impressed at his behaviour as he breezed past her yesterday, she seemed either not to know or not to care about John’s sleeping with other girls. And whilst John didn’t think she had much right to complain – it wasn’t like they were in a relationship – he really wanted to keep Clare interested in him, not least given the prospect of a repeat of the handjob she’d given him in the kitchen on Monday evening.

Once she’d briefly scolded him for his rudeness, Clare had allowed John to apologise in the best possible way. Kneeling down before her chair, John ran his hands all the way up Clare’s long, smooth legs until he reached her neatly shaved pussy. After teasing her and brushing his hands around her moistening lips, he penetrated her with two fingers, causing her to gasp with pleasure.

John soon fingered her to orgasm, but he didn’t stop there. Lifting her dress up around her waist, he began to nibble at her gorgeous legs, working his way up them until he could carress her pussy with his tongue. He loved eating pussy, and he spent a heavenly half hour licking Clare out and making her cum over and over again.

Eventually, his neck and tongue sore from his exertions, he pulled away and stood up. Clare, who had remained relatively quiet throughout her orgasms, was still breathing heavily and looked back at John with a mixture of lust and joy.

When she had settled down a little, Clare too stood up and came over to kiss John. They made out for a few minutes before she whispered to him that she wanted to suck his cock. It took all the willpower John could muster to say no – he was exhausted from all the sex he’d had that day – including the oral barrage he’d just given Clare – and wanted to go to bed. Not to mention the fact that he hadn’t had a shower since fucking Tilda’s arse – he was at least enough of a gentleman not to allow Clare to give him a blowjob until he had.

After making his excuses but promising they’d hook up again the next day, John had then left Clare to sleep. All in all, an incredible day.

The sound of a car horn snapped John out of his reverie and he realised he’d run off his intended course. He turned round and headed back to his room.

When he got back, John showered, shaved and dressed before heading out to the kitchen to get some breakfast. He was just pouring milk on his cereal when he heard the door open behind him.

“I thought I might find you in here,” came the unmistakable sound of Clare’s voice behind him.

John turned round to greet her. She wasn’t looking as glamorous as usual – no fancy dress and no make-up – but he still thought she looked cute in her purple vest top and jeans, with her brown locks tied back in a ponytail.

“Morning,” he said cheerily, feeling strangely nervous to be alone with her considering what they’d been up to just a few hours earlier.

Clare smiled and scuttled up to him in the tiny kitchen before kissing him deeply. She put a hand on the back of John’s head and pulled his head into hers. His cock stirred in his trousers.

“Thanks again for last night, John – it was amazing,” she said softly as she eventually pulled back from their kiss. “I think it’s time I returned the favour.”

As Clare slid down onto her knees in front of him, John felt his cock swiftly stand to attention. He knew what was coming and he was thrilled to be hooking up with Clare again so soon. She’d already given him a fantastic handjob in this very spot two days earlier, and, although he’d cum in her mouth then, he couldn’t wait to experience her oral skills in full.

With John’s head swirling with lust, Clare had already pulled his jeans down to his ankles. His boxers soon followed, and she wasted no time in taking the base of his throbbing member in her hand before beginning to lick illegal bahis up and down the shaft.

John purred with pleasure as Clare covered his cock with her tongue. She gazed up at him, and he smiled back as she placed her moist lips around its head and slowly sucked on it. Her other hand gently cupped John’s balls and she massaged them as she slid her mouth further along his length.

Delighted that he was getting a blowjob so early in the day, John looked back down at Clare and watched her intently as she worked away on his cock. He murmured as she started to suck harder, and he brushed the top of her head with his hand.

It didn’t take him long to cum. He didn’t warn Clare but she could tell it was on its way. When his orgasm came, he threw his head back and grunted. His load shot into her mouth and she eagerly swallowed it before standing back up to face him.

“That was fantastic,” he said admiringly as he pulled his jeans back up.

“You’re welcome,” she replied. “You could have had that last night if you’d not chickened out.”

“Yeah, sorry about that,” John mumbled in response. “I was just…”

“Don’t worry,” Clare interrupted. “I hope we’ll finally be able to take things further tonight?”

“I’d love to, but I’ve got a drinks thing for all the new history students this evening,” John said, having suddenly remembered the event he’d been told to attend in an email earlier in the week.

“Yeah, I’ve got one for biology too,” Clare said. “We’ll catch up after, yes? I’ll text you. No chickening out on me this time.”

“I’ll be there,” John replied earnestly, though not quite believing it himself.

And with that Clare kissed him on the cheek and swept out of the kitchen, leaving him alone. He walked back to his room and sat down at his desk.

Though delighted that he was living so close to a gorgeous looking girl who seemed very keen to get with him on a regular basis, John still didn’t really know where he stood with Clare – were they just fucking around or did she think this was the begining of a relationship?

Not to mention the vow he’d made to himself to try to fuck someone new on each day of freshers’ week. He hadn’t actually had sex with Clare yet, so maybe this would count.

Of course it would count. He was being ridiculous. Anyway, the joy of freshers’ week was in the sex he was having – not some silly target.

John resolved that he’d finally sleep with Clare that night and texted her for good measure.

“Looking forward to seeing you later xxx,” it read.

He wasn’t committing to anything more than sex so had nothing to worry about. Clare was gorgeous and John expected to have a great time with her later on – if he could manoeuvre things over the coming days so he and Clare could be fuckbuddies but still free to sleep around, that would be perfect.

Under a minute later, John’s phone buzzed with a reply from Clare. In his excitement to read it, he accidentally knocked the phone onto the floor. Having picked it up, he was greeted by no words but a picture of a very sexy bra and panties set lying on Clare’s bed. They were a deep blue with white lace frills, and John was already fantasising about how Clare would look in them. He could tell she had an amazing figure but hadn’t yet seen her in all her glory.

“Can’t wait xxx,” he texted in reply.

All that stood between John and what he now knew would be an incredible night of sex with Clare was the mandatory gathering of all the freshers across the university who were new history students. This most likely meant a dry and stuffy evening of dull welcomes from the academic staff, but it did at least come with the promise of free drinks. Attendance was apparently compulsory in advance of introductory lectures starting the next day, so John resolved to turn up at the 8pm start time and leave as soon as he could to meet Clare.

The next few hours passed uneventfully as John played on his computer and filled in the forms for which courses he’d be taking.

He got a message from Hannah, the girl he’d hooked up with on Sunday, asking if he was free that evening to meet up again. Their steamy sex session already felt like a long time ago and John would have loved to sleep with her again soon but he decided to put aside any temptation to abandon Clare and told Hannah he was busy.

“Tomorrow?” came her reply just a few seconds later.

Surprised but flattered by her enthusiasm, John replied in the affirmative, hoping he’d be able to work something out nearer the time. Having seen Hannah very briefly on his way back last night, he was reminded of just how hot she was and he was soon thinking back to how good their Sunday night had been.

He thought about the way they’d pleasured each other in a sixty-nine position on her bedroom floor, and then the way that the bulbous head of his erect cock had slid through the valley of her large breasts before he came. Before long, the memories had become too much and John was furiously illegal bahis siteleri masturbating.

John’s mind swirled as he thought about the great sex he’d had with Hannah, Alex, Tilda and Harriet – each of them different but just as amazing to be with. He thought about finally getting with Clare and removing the sexy underwear he’d seen in her picture before fucking her long and slow. He came hard.

The rest of the afternoon was quiet, aside from exchanging a few more flirty texts with Clare, and it was soon time for the welcome drinks for the historians. John headed out of his block to make the short trip into town to the event, which was in a bar that had been hired out for the evening. He bumped into a couple of others from his halls who were on their way there, and they chatted about their course choices and their shared feelings of boredom at the prospect of an evening listening to their history tutors.

To their surprise and relief, however, they were proved wrong when they arrived. The atmosphere was relaxed and drinks were flowing, with a free bar paid for by a corporate sponsor proving to be the main attraction.

After listening to a couple of bland but thankfully short speeches of welcome, the students were reminded to attend their introductory lectures at 10am on each of the following two days and then told they were free to enjoy the hospitality.

John was relieved – it was still before 9pm. Clare had texted him to say her event was further away and likely to run longer, so he reckoned he had a couple of hours to enjoy some free drinks before heading back to meet her.

He queued up at the bar to get a beer and made small talk with some of the strangers around him. The bar was busy – there must have been two hundred or so students there, and the lure of free alcohol meant that no one was in a hurry to leave.

Drink in hand, John was heading across the room to join some of the people who had come from his halls when he was intercepted by a girl who practically jumped in his way and enthuasistically introduced herself to him.

“Hi, I’m Rachel!” she exclaimed loudly, holding out her hand to shake John’s.

“Errr, I’m John,” he replied, taken aback by her forwardness.

Rachel had clearly dressed up for the occasion more than most. She was wearing a long, red strapless dress that barely covered her ample boobs, and she had taken great care in making up her face, with bright red lipstick and smooth cheeks framed by attractive brown hair. She was pretty, though John knew that he’d seen more attractive girls in recent days – he felt guilty and shallow for analysing her looks so quickly, though the events of the last few days meant he was now doing this whenever he met someone new.

John stood there patiently as Rachel talked to him about her halls, what courses she was doing, and where she was from. For all she was a little over-enthusiastic, he was pleased to meet someone who’d be on several of his courses, and he was grateful she’d made a particular effort to be friendly to him as a complete stranger. He soon gave up on the idea of rejoining the students he’d come with and accompanied Rachel as they found a table with some of her friends.

The drinks flowed freely and John and his new companions introduced themselves and began chatting. Rachel was very friendly and he got the distinct impression that she was trying to flirt with him, but his mind remained only on Clare. For her part, Rachel didn’t seem too bothered by how distracted John seemed and she kept the conversation going despite it.

After several minutes of this, however, John’s feelings changed. Their small group was joined by a new girl, who swept in to sit down on the other side of Rachel. John’s head was not the only one which turned to watch her as she chatted with two of the other guys sitting with them.

John had seen some very attractive girls in the last few days – he’d even been lucky enough to sleep with some of them – but she was a different level. First of all, she was hot – her cute face had just the right about of make-up on and was elegantly framed by gorgeous light brown hair which flowed down below her shoulders. And her body was to die for: she was wearing a black party dress which stopped well above her knees, giving John a fine view of the shape of her tight arse and her long, smooth legs as she sat down.

Ogling every inch of her he could set his eyes on, John wondered if he’d ever seen a sexier or more beautiful girl in his life – there wasn’t a single blemish on her smooth skin, nor were there any imperfections on her comely face. John’s thoughts about Clare evaporated temporarily as his mind was consumed by this new arrival.

Rachel clearly noticed John’s reaction to her arrival.

“Hey, Lizzie,” she said cheerily, tapping her on the shoulder “this is John.”

Lizzie spun round, “Hi,” she said, sounding slightly uninterested as she looked over at John.

“Hi,” he replied nervously.

There canlı bahis siteleri was an awkward pause for a second or two until Lizzie announced she was going to get a drink. John was relieved – here he was, faced with this beautiful girl, and he was gawking at her like an idiot.

“Don’t worry,” Rachel said, sensing his mood, “she’s been having this effect on a lot of people.”

“Thanks,” John said with a smile, relieved that Rachel was being so nice to him.

A couple of minutes later and Lizzie returned, drink in hand. Rachel made a concerted effort to lead the conversation and John relaxed as Lizzie talked about her home and school and hobbies. He listened, still captivated by her looks, and wasn’t surprised to hear that, in addition to being a history student, she was also an athlete. It also turned out she was single. He wondered to himself if there was anything wrong with her at all.

They worked their way through more drinks and the evening moved on apace. John did remember to check his phone to see if he’d heard from Clare and was pleased to see a text from her: “So hot for you right now. Hopefully done soon xxx”

For all that Lizzie – and to a lesser extent, Rachel – had proved very distracting this evening, John was sure that nothing would come of it and he looked forward to what he expected would be great sex with Clare in the not too distant future.

The drinks continued to flow as John hung on Lizzie’s every word. His checking of his phone for messages from Clare grew less frequent and he lost track of time as they talked. Before long, he was feeling pretty inebriated, as were Lizzie, Rachel and the others sitting with them. The atmosphere was fun and merry, and nobody seemed to be in a hurry to leave.

“You two are getting on well,” Rachel remarked suggestively to John once Lizzie had disappeared to the bathroom.

“Out of my league,” John mumbled in reply.

“Don’t be so sure,” she responded, taking his hand. “Give it a go: you never know what might happen.”

“I dunno,” John added. “Anyway, I’m waiting to meet someone later.”

He hadn’t intended to bring up Clare or the fact that he was almost guaranteed sex upon returning to his halls, but the amount of alcohol he had consumed had certainly lowered his inhibitions.

Rachel squeezed his hand again.

“Whoever she is, she can’t possibly be as hot as Lizzie.”

Gorgeous though Clare was, John had to agree, but, although he appreciated Rachel’s support, he resolved not to embarrass himself with Lizzie and decided it was finally time to head back and meet Clare.

He got up from his chair and said his goodbyes to Rachel and the others before nipping to the toilet on his way out.

“See you in lectures tomorrow,” Rachel called after him.

John went to the toilet and the door had just shut behind him on his way out when he tripped slightly and bumped into someone in the corridor outside.

“Sorry,” John muttered, suddenly conscious of the amount he must have drunk not to see the other person coming.

He looked at her and saw that it was Lizzie. She looked back at him, annoyed at first, but soon relaxed into a smile.

“Hey,” she said sweetly.

He drank in the sight of her again – she really was an almost flawless looking woman. Not just beautiful but – as Rachel had said – really hot. And for all that John had found her to be pleasant company that evening, he could tell that Lizzie knew exactly what men thought of her.

They stood looking at each other for a moment, only a few inches apart in the narrow corridor. John would have ordinarily felt nervous being so close to a girl that he so obviously fancied, but he found himself bolstered by the confidence that only a few beers could provide.

“Heading back?” he asked her, breaking the silence.

“Yeah. You?” she answered.

John nodded, and he was about to pluck up the courage to ask Lizzie if he could walk her back when they were interrupted by a barman marching noisily down the corridor with a crate of empty glasses.

“Excuse me!” the barman boomed as he approached them, pushing past them before they could move out of the way.

This time it was Lizzie’s turn to lose her footing as the barman knocked her off balance, and she fell towards John, who steadied her. They both giggled.

John now found himself holding Lizzie by the waist, and looked down into her beautiful brown eyes. She smiled back at him, expecting that he’d let go, but John stopped himself.

Then, his new found confidence swelling inside him, he did something completely out of character and kissed her, gently pressing his lips against hers.

He pulled back, surprised at his own forwardness. But, to his even greater surprise, Lizzie grinned and reached up to kiss him in return. In no time at all, the two of them were enthusiastically making out in the corridor.

John was in heaven. A week ago he’d never have even tried to get with a girl like Lizzie, but the events of the past four days had massaged his ego in a way that was really paying off for him.

Lizzie was no less eager a participant as they continued to lock mouths. A few inches shorter than John, she was standing on her tiptoes to reach him.

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