Friday Night, After Work Ch. 2

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Quietly, I shut the door behind us and we’re inside. March’s cold chill lingers around us and I see the smile building on your face as your eyes take in my condo but more particularly, the fireplace and the large floor pillows placed nearby.

“Have I told you that cold weather makes me horny,” you whisper to me.

“Does that mean you’d be adverse to the idea of me warming you up?” I then reply with a smile of my own. We haven’t yet removed our coats though we soon realise that the reason that the cold lingers with us is that it’s quite cold inside, too.

“Don’t you heat this place?” you ask with a laugh.

“Well, not when I’m not at home, Lisa… come with me, horny girl,” I say with a wink, taking your hand and leading you to the centre of the living room, in front of the fireplace. We crouch down onto our knees and that’s when I pull the fireplace doors open, revealing that the wood has already been placed inside, with kindling and paper, ready to be lit. I pull a set of matches off the mantle and within a minute, the fire roars to life and a warm glow emanates throughout the room. We remove our coats and my eyes are fixed on you; you look so beautiful in the soft, warm light.

I lean towards you and direct your soft, beautiful form into the pillow, our faces pressed closely together, my body pressing against yours.

“You didn’t answer my question… did you want me to warm you up or do you prefer the cold?”

“Why do you think I like the cold? For the pleasure of warming up, of course,” you say with a smile. The smile is short-lived as I press my lips against yours, kissing you deeply… but we’re not at the office, we’re not outdoors; there’s nothing to stop us; I don’t want to stop.

“You’re so very special to me, Lisa,” I say while running the fingers of one hand through your hair while the other wanders, searching out the curves of your hips, your thighs.

“I’m so glad to be here with you… to be able to spend the night with you…” Your voice is still a delicate whisper and I think you know that this turns me on. “To love you…”

We lie out together side-by-side now, and you lift one leg over mine, pressing your body tightly against mine and our lips are locked together, our bodies rocking gently together. The wind blows against the window, threatening to enter, the fire crackles and flames reach up for the sky and the room is bright and filled with the sounds of our gentle moaning, the crinkling of our clothes crushing together, indicating that these need to be shed in short order.

“So, Lisa, is it heating up in here for you?” I ask you, expecting that you are feeling hot.

“I don’t know about hotter but… some things are getting harder,” you reply with a smile as your hand reaches down between my legs, gently stroking my cock through my pants. I close my eyes for a moment and sigh, enraptured by your touch. When my eyes open, I see the devilish look on your face and realise that you aren’t content with stopping at a quick feel.

Reading your thoughts, I say, “Not so fast, though I would love nothing more than to feel your hand stroking my stiff cock…” – “Mmhmm…” you moan in agreement. – “and then to have your lips envelop it in a warm, wet caress…” – “Oh yes…and don’t forget, I want to lick your balls, too.” – “No, I won’t forget that… but we have time, we have all night…” and then leaning forward, not entirely on top of you, with the index of my right hand, I delicately trace the outline of your face, from your brow down along your cheek to your chin. Softly, I then retrace the same line with my tongue, gently, the tip barely touching your skin. I then look into your eyes and your face is wonderfully still. My lips are dangerously close to yours as I reach down and take your hand into mine, pressing it palm up by your head, crossing my fingers with yours. With my left hand, I trace a similar line down the other side of your face, from your brow down across your cheek and to your chin. With my tongue, I lick playfully at the tip of your nose and then descend to your lips, and I lick across your lips slowly, from one side to the other; and I feel your lips part, my tongue drops into your mouth and I can feel your heart racing, your fingers are clasped tightly onto mine, our tongues touch and lips close. Our kiss is quiet, with none of the early theatrics but all of the passion.

“Oh God, Lisa, how I want you…” I say to you in a quiet, almost quivering voice.

“Then, take me, …please.” Your blue eyes have never looked as beautiful as they do at this moment, and your free hand seeks out mine and clasps on to it so tightly; our güvenilir bahis lips touch again and we continue to kiss, slowly and gradually more forcefully as well. I feel you pushing with your right hand so that I’m no longer on top of you but we are lying closely side-by-side. I feel you then pumping your mid-section against mine, causing me to feel even greater arousal, and you can feel it, too, and you keep pushing, slowly grinding almost, and your right hand is still pushing until you are now lying on top of me.

“Take me,” you whisper again and then your tongue leaves my lips and slowly, wonderfully, agonisingly licks down from there along my chin and down my throat. And then back up again. And I begin to moan, softly at first. You smile and continue to trace gentle circles with the tip of your tongue and hearing me moan then decide to use your teeth, just a bit. A shivering gasp escapes my lips and seizing the moment, your tongue again licks much more firmly, and more quickly, in long circles around and around my throat.

“You haven’t been watching those erotic vampire movies lately, have you?” I manage to say, as my breathing is erratic at this point. You laugh for a short moment and then resume your sweet ministrations on my throat, licking and sucking, and gently nibbling, faster and more firmly each time until my body begins to shake.

“Oh God, Lisa! Oh yes, yes…ohhhhh! ohmygod.. oh!… oh!…” Jagged breaths… your sweet, wet tongue…

“Are you good and hard now?” you whisper into my ear, granting me a short reprieve though I long for more excruciating pleasure. It’s a short slide down from my ear along my throat and you oblige my desires, your tongue skating across my skin, laughing pleasurably at the sounds of my continuous moans as you ease up your strokes to a gentle brushing and then strike with a firm, wet lash of your tongue, delighting in my sharp cries and the way my body humps up to greet yours.

“I had no idea you were so sensitive here,” you remark as you trace a half-heart along the right side of my throat, smiling down at me, your genuine smile a reminder of your love. The fingers of your left hand release mine and I instantly reach out to pull your face down against mine and again, we kiss, our limbs folding together, soft moans in acknowledgement of what we had just shared, each kiss filled with more passion than the last.

“I love kissing you, Lisa… holding you close to me like this,” I say when our lips slowly part and then we smile at each other.

“I really liked the way that you humped your hard cock up against my crotch…you’re driving me crazy with desire for you,” you say as your tongue playfully licks against mine.

“You mean like this,” I reply as I reach down and cup my hands over your ass and you pull your body tightly next to mine and our hips are rolling together.

“Oh… oh yes…” you whimper softly as I hold you in my arms, our lips touching then tongues curling together, your fingers running through my hair… such a warm, erotic feeling to dance along the perimeters of sex, holding it off for a little while longer but knowing that it is our inevitable destination: to be naked together, to feel your warm, soft skin next to mine, to taste, to share and to be more intimate with one another than we had ever imagined we would be.

We continue to kiss deeply for a long while, both of our bodies gently humping together until eventually, I end up back on top of you and realise that my legs are positioned on either side of your left thigh. Our fingers are joined again and, instinctively, I begin to slide down your thigh, grinding my crotch in between your legs, very slowly and firmly at first. You react by letting out a very long yet barely audible moan followed by an almost threatening statement, “You better have intentions of bringing this to completion…” and then as I slide back down between your legs your voice trails off, replaced with another gorgeous sigh of contentment, and of longing.

“God, Lisa, I’m so hard right now…” – “You’re making me so damn horny…” – “You look damned sexy in that blouse… but…,” my fingers reach for the top button. – “Oh…” – “just think how sexy you’d look without it.” And slowly, the first button slides away from its slot and I see your throat contract. Your nervousness excites me and I reach forward and trace a fine line down your throat across the newly exposed skin along your collarbone. “Oh Lisa… every square inch of you turns me on… including right here,” I say as I lean over and kiss the area where my finger was a moment ago. It’s true, too, as I lick a semi-circle up to your shoulder, türkçe bahis I’m amazed at how erotically satisfying it is to run my tongue across this part of you. It had never featured in any of my fantasies before and yet now, I cannot resist.

I can neither resist undoing button number two. And then number three. And four, and all the way down until each button is undone. The fun part comes next: opening your blouse and this simple task manages to take my breath away as I unfold each side, revealing your bare belly and your covered breasts. I slowly run my hands across your belly, cupping your breasts and then tracing faint lines with fingers atop them. I realise instantly that the fact that your breasts are not yet visible, that one more hurdle needs to be overcome, is quite arousing. Then again, perhaps it’s the look on your face that arouses, your passive indulgence in feeling my hands caress and touch your body, observing the desire in my eyes, the way your lips hang slightly open, almost in detached amusement at my attempt to undress you; that gentle curl in your lips just turns me on all the more.

“You should take off that tie,” you say, reaching up and loosening the knot, smiling up at me now. I can’t say a word, the bulge in my pants is distracting- it’s not the tie I want to loosen- but I work at removing my tie and then my jacket, as well as the top button of my white shirt. You then sit up just enough so that your hands reach my chest and quickly make your way down, button by button, opening my shirt up and pulling the tucked ends out with a firm tug and then you lie back, admiring the fact that my shirt is now open. You run your fingers through my hairy chest back up to my throat, tickling softly with your nails as your eyes roam up and down… maybe a bit too long at the area above my belt. You then decide that we’re not there yet and instead fall back into the pillow. There’s a mischievous glint in your eyes; “You may proceed,” you say. – “Yes, lover,” I reply and lean forward, propping myself up over you with my arms stiffly at your sides. My mouth gently lowers to find yours and you slip your hands up beneath my shirt, running your fingers across my back. This kiss and my words, addressing you as my ‘lover’, melts your cool façade and I feel your body weaken beneath mine as my arms collapse and wrap themselves around your body. We both gasp as our bellies touch and I feel the gentle fabric of your bra press against my chest. Our bodies are equally hot, skin touching skin. I love your mouth, your wet tongue, your soft lips caressing mine, your hands gently moving across my body. “Oh God, Lisa…” is all I can manage to say and we kiss, and we kiss and we kiss. And while my hands are also caressing your bare skin, my fingers wander eventually along your back and manage to unhook your bra with relative ease.

I clearly see your awareness of my act washing over your face, if a pleasurable sigh could be represented by a facial expression. Reluctantly, my lips leave yours and I pull away, hovering on top of you, my hands reaching down to caress your bare shoulders, drawing my hands down your arms and again finding your fingers. So wonderfully beautiful, I think to myself and smile at you. I slowly raise your arms and then reach all the way down to your shoulders again, drawing your bra up through your arms and away, my eyes directing themselves to your luscious breasts, my breath taken away by the fact that you are now entirely naked from the waist up. I toss your bra onto the couch behind you and then reach down with the index of my right hand and place it onto the nipple of your breast, gently circling around it. I smile as you catch your breath and hold it in. Your nipples are so hard. You have gorgeous tits; I’ve waited so long for all of these moments. My knees slide back as my head slides forward and to the side of you, as I don’t want to block the warmth of the fire from touching your skin and also because I wish to have as much of your body illuminated for the pleasure of my viewing.

I am crouched beside you as my left hand wanders over to cup your other breast as I lean down and press my lips against your bare skin, just above your hips and lick a line up along the side of your belly. I stop just beyond your ribs, mere microns away from your breasts, as you would later tell me! Then I lick back down, delighting in feeling your soft skin against my tongue. My right hand then cups your left breast and I lick your skin and fondle your tits. “Mmmmm… Oh Lisa, this is heavenly,” I say to you as my tongue slowly streaks across your belly to the other side, ascending in a similar güvenilir bahis siteleri fashion, just short of your breasts and then back down again, circling your belly button, dipping inside and then across your belly, your warm, soft skin.

“Lisa, you’re very quiet…” I say to you, smiling at the way your face expresses all that I need to know about how I should continue doing exactly what I’m doing now, and maybe bring it up a notch. “Would you like it if I replaced my fingers on your breasts with my tongue?” – “Oh boy…” – “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’,” I say and press my tongue against your belly and begin to lick straight up between your breasts, gradually pressing more of my tongue against your skin the further up I ascend. We both let out a soft moan as my tongue feels the first curve of your tits, and pendulum-like, my tongue sways from side to side, uncertain of which way to go: both are so delectable. I can only wonder if both are equally sensitive or should a favour one over the other?

I get up slightly and pull you and the pillow towards me and angle your body parallel to the fire and I place my left leg between your thighs and then lean myself across you, my mouth between your tits. I open my lips and gently blow on one and then the other nipple and delight in watching your body shiver; feeling your body shake against mine like that causes a pleasant shiver all along my spine as well.

“My, these nipples do stand at attention, don’t they?” I say as I lean forward and press the tip of my tongue against your left breast, Lisa, and lick up to your nipple. My tongue dangles above it, the tip gently flicking at your nipple before my mouth descends and my lips surround it, touching the skin of your tit as my tongue begins to slowly swirl around it. Your soft whimpering begins the instant my mouth hovers above your breasts and continues as I lick and suck on your breast, again enjoying this in a way that I couldn’t have imagined. I suck for a short moment, my mouth moving to your right breast, again, my tongue dangling above your nipple and then my mouth falling, lips surrounding, wet tongue licking, swirling around and around your very aroused nipple. And Lisa, you are moaning and whimpering, inciting me to continue, your hips gently rising up against my belly and the feeling is extraordinary, it’s so wonderful to be so intimate with you, oh Lisa!

“Mmmm… ahhhh… oh yes…” you moan, and with my right hand pressed against your ribs, I can feel your heart pounding and you are silent for a moment, and then you begin to moan once more. I finish with your right breast and slide my tongue down and then up to your left once again, my tongue spinning around your nipple before my lips encircle, taking more of your breast into my mouth than before, and I begin to suck on your tit, my tongue audibly slurping across your nipple. I alternate between spinning my tongue across your nipple and outright sucking as much of your tit into my mouth as I can, seemingly trying to swallow it if that were possible. I then zip my mouth back to your right tit; both of your breasts are wet with my saliva, and I’m licking and sucking your breasts, God, you are beautiful, Lisa. As I worship your breasts with my mouth, licking faster and sucking harder, your breathing becomes more jagged, your moans are louder and I can feel your heart beat accelerating at an alarming rate, your hips uncontrollably gyrating beneath me, and I know now why you’ve never appeared more beautiful to me now than at this moment. It’s not that hot in the room but your forehead is damp. I reach out with my right hand to find your fingers and hold your hand tightly in mine, your throat visible to me now as you arch your neck back, such deep, quick breaths, oh Lisa, oh Lisa!

“Ohhhh- Oh!… Oh!… Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!…” and then a moment of silence as your hips thrust upwards one more time, harder than before, higher than before, and a last high-pitched squeal escapes from your lips, and then your body relaxes and I hold you tight, “…ohhhh…” your soft, beautiful voice, my beautiful Lisa.

“Did you just come?” I ask you as I crawl forward, my eyes staring straight into yours. – “Mmhm…” you manage to reply, your body reduced to a gelatine mass. And then a flood of emotions washes over me as I stare into your beautiful eyes and the words pour out of my mouth, “God, I love you, Lisa,” and my eyes are wet as a single tear falls along my cheek; I press my right hand against the side of your face and bring my lips to yours and kiss you. You see the wetness in my eyes, and pull your mouth away from mine for a moment, and lick away the salty tear. “I love you, too,” you say as you press your lips against mine, and our bodies are pressed together, my chest against your wet breasts, our bodies melding together, the kiss so deep, so wonderfully deep. I don’t ever want to let go of you.

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