Friday night

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I always look forward to Friday evenings. First I receive the text message to say you are leaving and around thirty minutes later there is a knock on the door. I haven’t seen you since you left to go home on the previous Sunday night and I’ve missed you, even though we’ve sent messages and spoken on the phone during the week.

Opening the door I see you as if it’s the first time, your beautiful smile and your sparkling blue eyes. You are tall with blond hair. Your ears are pierced and you usually wear small stud earrings. You are curvy with 36DD breasts. You love showing a lot of cleavage as you know I love your puppies. Your breasts are firm, your areola are a light tan and about an inch across and your rosy pink nipples love to stand to attention and when erect are hard and stand a half inch tall. Your legs are long and you have a firm bum and a bare pussy.

When we first met you were quite shy and didn’t like being naked in front of me but as time has passed we have become more comfortable with each other and trusting of each other’s wants and needs. You love dressing up for me in sexy lingerie, stockings and suspenders and will wear a dark dress either to match your eyes or to match this weeks nail varnish or lipstick. You always wear a necklace which nestles into the top of your cleavage.

So tonight I take you into the dining room, this is where we are going to eat or should I say where I’m going to eat you. We hug and kiss for several minutes. Kissing your neck and nibbling your ears always makes you squirm and press güvenilir bahis your body into mine. Whilst you do that I reach behind you and unzip your dress. I move the dress off your shoulders and it slips down your arms, I step back from you and allow it to fall and puddle at your feet. You are beautiful. You are wearing the white Agent Provocateur lingerie I bought you, I can see your hard nipples pressing against the lacy bra. The knickers are a thong type and I can see a dark wet patch which tells me that my actions and the thought of what is to come is exciting you. Your suspenders and stockings frame your pubic area and running my hands up your legs feels very erotic as the stockings make your legs so smooth and at the top I touch bare flesh before meeting the material of your knickers. I can feel my cock twitch and start to harden making an obvious bulge in my trousers.

I turn you around and undo your bra and run my hands between your bra and your breasts, feeling your soft skin and gently squeezing your hard nipples between thumb and forefinger and twisting them to make them harder. I know this is turning you on from the little moans you make and the way you open your legs wider.

I turn you around and lay you on the table each leg spread wide and each foot on a chair making you comfortable and bringing your crotch to the edge of the table. I kneel down before you and kiss your pussy through your knickers. I breath in and can smell your aroma. I move the gusset to one side and can see how wet you are, the sticky fluid türkçe bahis stretching from your knickers to your pussy lips. I stick out my tongue and lick the gusset and break the gloopy liquid, tasting you for the first time tonight. You taste like nectar and I love the way when I lick you my tongue becomes slick with your juices. I need more room so take off your knickers and leave you naked on the table except for your stockings and suspender belt.

I kiss your pale thighs above the Stockings and edge towards your glistening pussy. Eventually I reach my target and kiss your wet pussy lips and at the same time reach up and stroke your hard nipples. You widen your stance and your pussy opens up for me. I dip my tongue into your pussy and taste you, feeling your wetness cling to my tongue and lips. I run my tongue up to the hard bump that is your clitoris and then back down to your perineum and back up again. I make my tongue as flat as possible so that I can cover as big an area as I can and taste as much of you. You flex your hips to try and press your pussy against my lips.

You whisper that what I’m doing to you feels lovely. My tongue moves quicker lapping at your cunt and sucking in your juices. My hands are still stroking your hard sensitive nipples and my tongue is licking you hard. I then suck on your clitoris and I hear you groan in pleasure. I reach over and kiss you so that you can taste yourself and whist doing that I run my index finger over your pussy lips before slowly inserting it inside your warm tunnel. Bending my güvenilir bahis siteleri finger I hook it round to touch the rough area near your g spot whilst our kissing becomes more passionate. I insert a second finger and start moving them in and out of you. They are covered in your juices and slide effortlessly inside you. Whilst I’m finger fucking you I move my mouth down and start to lick your clit hard and fast trying to match the speed of my fingers sawing in and out of your squelching pussy. Suddenly your feet and toes stretch out as though you have cramp and your inner thighs twitch and you moan deeply as an orgasm rolls through you and you squirt your juices over my fingers and mouth.

I let you enjoy your orgasm, undo my trousers and quickly push them and my pants down to my ankles. My hard cock bobs up and I line up with you pussy and thrust into you, the height of the table being just right. My hands reach out and play with your tits, mauling them and squeezing them. I need you, I want you, this isn’t making love this is going to be a quick hard fuck as my cock pistons in and out of your wet cunt. I lean down and whisper in your ear giving you a running commentary of what I’m doing to you. You love it when I talk dirty to you, your nipples ache and your pussy also aches as I thrust harder and harder in and out of you. I’m not going to last long and you hear me grunt as my cock twitches and shoots a load of cum inside you. I keep pumping inside you as you squeeze my cock and drain my cum from me.

As I finish I tell you it’s time for dessert and I kneel down and lick your pussy clean tasting a mixture of my cum and your slick pussy juices.

Having finished dessert I raise you up off the table, kiss you deeply and we get on with another weekend of fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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