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My wife Joanne’s hyper-sexuality is an aphrodisiac for me. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. I am happy to trade fidelity for the awesome ménage-a-trois she let me share with her friend and lover, Karen.

Unfortunately, that was a one-time thing, but lasted throughout a week-long vacation away from kids, work, and our mundane daily life.

Joanne is blonde, blue-eyed, full bodied, sexy, and happily married to me, Donnie, and our three rugrats.

Karen is raven haired, dark skinned, and dark eyed, petite, athletic, sultry, and exotic. Though both ladies claim to be predominantly hetero, they have been lovers for years, spending hours at a time chatting on the phone and meeting for dinner about once a month.

Sex is strongly correlated with food for the girls; they always hook up after eating. At the end of the evening, Joanne comes home to me still in the throes of passion. I look forward to their dates.

Karen and Joanne hate to admit it, but they’re getting older. Not the young urban professionals anymore, they fit the definition of a MILF and a cougar, Karen over forty and Joanne pushing fifty with the laugh lines, muffin tops, and grey hair to prove it.

One of their primary topics of conversation is Karen’s biological clock rapidly approaching midnight and the man of her dreams nowhere on the horizon.

Thus, Jo stifles her storytelling about me and the kids. Karen not only doesn’t want to hear about the joy in Jo-Jo’s life, she also doesn’t want any advice.

“I’m miserable and I just want to vent,” Karen acknowledges. So Joanne just listens.

The pair were rarely demonstrative in public and rarely drove together to a restaurant, usually meeting at the door.

Tonight, however, Karen picked up Joanne at the office and chauffeured her to the posh restaurant at the Harriot Hotel.

Jo-Jo girl teased her friend while riding in the car, grabbing her knee, walking her fingers under the hem of her skirt, pinching the tip of her breast, and licking the flesh of her neck. The friends were horny by the time they got to the Bistro.

The ladies took drinks at the bar awaiting a table. “I already booked us a room,” Karen informed Joanne. “I’m going to lick your pussy.”

My wife downed a shot of tequila and a beer. “Well, I’m going to lick yours as a matter of fact,” Jo replied and ordered another round of drinks.

Karen sipped her vodka tonic, picked out the slice of lime, and bit it. “I’m gonna bite your nipple just like that.”

Jo laughed theatrically. “Ha-ha-ha! I’m gonna lick you tight little ass and then I’m gonna finger-fuck your asshole.”

Karen smiled and nuzzled against Joey’s shoulder. “I’m gonna suck those big, fat, juicy tits of yours. What do you think about that, huh?”

Somewhat out of character, Joanne turned and kissed Karen softly with her caramel-colored lips. The male bartender noticed and stared at Jo while spraying seltzer into a glass. She didn’t know whether he was aroused or disapproved.

The cunt-teasing routine continued at their table as did their consuming of alcohol. Jo wagged her tongue and chirped, “I’m gonna push your little button and chew on your little clitty at the same time.”

“You don’t say?” Karen chided. “Well, I’m gonna tickle your clit and suck on your pussy lips till you come all over my face…Did you wax your cunt, honey?”

“No way!” Joanne waved her hand. “I love it when you get my pubies stuck between your teeth.”

The girls’ bawdry banter was interrupted by the waiter’s introduction: “My name is Joachim and I’ll be your server tonight.”

Joachim was tall, broad shouldered, and lean. He had honey colored skin and a slight trace of an accent to his soft, low voice.

His altyazılı seks whole face smiled when he spoke. He wore a white shirt and black slacks, the Harriot Bistro’s uniform, and his arm muscles rippled as he filled the ladies’ water glasses from an ice-filled pitcher.

Joachim had a nice bundle in front and a taut package in back. Joanne watched in amusement as Karen studied him walking away.

“Jesus-fucking-Christ!” Karen cursed. “I haven’t had sex with a man in like two years.” Joanne and I had tried more than once to set her up with friend of a friend and it never clicked. Jo shut up and listened. “You’ve got Donnie whenever you want him…I’m afraid I’m gonna dry up.”

“Do you want me to bring Donnie next time?” Jo-Jo asked half-heartedly. Karen was an honorary aunt to the kids and our threesome felt a little incestuous.

Looking wrinkled and haggard, Karen shook her head no. “That’s not really fair to you.”

Then Joachim brought out their appetizers. Karen looked up at him, but kept her head at his groin level. When she caught his eye, she winked at him. He blushed and hurried away.

“You little slut,” Joanne said, playfully slapping Karen’s hand. “You have the hots for him. He’s no more than a child.”

“He’s a Latin hunk,” Karen declared, forking salad into her mouth.

“Do you wanna get it on with him?” Jo asked, tentatively poking at her fried mozzarella sticks.

“Let’s seduce him.”

Joanne was hurt. “Don’t you want me?”

Karen smiled and wrapped her hands around Joanne’s. “Sure, I do,” she said with a forced smile. “But I want cock, too.”

“Okay, so how do we get Joachim into our clutches?”

Karen unsnapped the top button of her blouse. “Show him a little tit. Speak to him in a deep and sexy voice … and if that doesn’t work, I’ll grab his ass,”

Joanne laughed as much at what Karen said as Joachim’s unexpected arrival at the table with their entrees. Karen started right in, showing off cleavage as he ground fresh pepper from a hand-cranked mill over her sautéed veggies.

She said thank-you with a touch on his arm. Joanne went further, extending her arm around the man-child’s waist and patting gently, just above his beltline. “He’s getting the hint, don’t you think?”

The subtle approach ended when he brought the pair their dessert. Karen took Joachin’s tawny hand, lifted it to her lips, kissed the inside of his palm, and slid his forefinger between her purple lips.

She looked up at him with wide bedroom eyes and said, “Do ladies who dine here get to suck your cock after dinner?”

“Excuse me!” he stammered, looking around nervously.

Joanne reached from behind and goosed his ass with her thumb. “She’s just asking a simple question, boy.”

The ladies laughed and Joachim forced a chuckle. A few minutes later, Karen slipped him the key card with her credit card and wrote the room number on the bill, circled it, along with a $100 tip for a $75 tab. Joanne and Karen went upstairs to the room and waited for a knock on the door.

Joanne, my brainy wifey, was anxious with anticipation. When Karen trotted to the bathroom, Jo lifted her dress, pulled off her panties, and reclined on top of the bed, dithering her clit.

“Can’t you wait?” Karen shouted with a laugh. She pressed her knees on the edge of the bed, swung a hank of hair over her shoulder and held it, as she lowered her lips to Jo’s neatly trimmed bush.

Jo-Jo played with herself while Karen tongued up and down her slippery slit. Then Jo crooned, “Oh, Kay-Kay,” as her friend bared her wiry bottom, swung around, and lowered her pussy over my wife’s pretty face.

Venus tasted of coconut, flowers, and an athlete’s fresh anal porno sweat. Joanne’s V tasted of creamy soap, unscented skin cream, and fertile musk. Karen slurped, Joanne sucked, and both girls rocked and danced … till there was a knock on the door.

Karen bounced up, adjusting her dress with a flourish, and greeted Joachim at the door. He brought a bottle of Chablis and wore an unbuttoned white shirt, black slacks, and a self-confident smile.

Karen took the wine bottle, set it on the nightstand, and wrapped her arms around the back of his neck. “Tu eres caliente,” she said and covered his mouth with hers. They locked in an undulating kiss for a full minute, as Jo watched Karen humping and rubbing against Joachim.

When Karen released Joachim from her clutches, Jo-Jo took over and planted crisp, wet kisses all over his slightly grainy chin, cheeks, and upper lip.

He tasted like after-shave. The love of my life fluttered her tongue and plunged it into his opened mouth while fondling his protruding cock and balls.

A man of few words, Joachim simply smiled through the next few minutes as the two mature vixens elaborately undressed him, one piece of clothing at a time.

By the time they stripped him down to his striped boxers, my honey of a wife untethered her great globes and presented them to him like precious gifts.

He furiously suckled Joey’s swollen red nipples while Kay yanked down his drawers and popped out his manhood. She caressed his long hard dick and covered its curved shaft with kissed. Her purple-colored lipstick glistened as she smooched his tip, shaft, and testicles.

She wrapped her lips around the head of his penis and tickled the tiny opening with the tip of her tongue. Joachim groaned with pleasure, even as he squeezed my slutty wife’s extra-large nipples between his teeth.

“I wanna eat some of that cock,” Jo whined in baby-talk.

“Your turn!” Karen conceded and moved aside for Joanne to clamp onto the younger man’s darkly fleshy member with a hand on the shaft and the upper half in her mouth.

“Hmm-hmm-hmm,” she hummed. She sucked on him hard and noisily and Kay-Kay licked his groin, abs, thighs, and buttocks, letting her hand drift toward Jo-Jo’s face to feel her cheeks puffing in and out.

“He’s bigger than Donnie, isn’t he?” Jo widened her eyes and nodded to Karen signifying agreement. The guy’s instrument was a good nine inches and fatter at the base than the middle, where a clump of skin extended to the crown, which Joanne sifted between her front teeth. The curvature of his cock looked like a scimitar.

Before their fine young stud came, the girlfriends took turns licking his ass and sucking his rod. Joachim shot his sticky cream in Karen’s mouth first, then on her chin and Joanne’s boob before shooting a stream at her waiting tongue.

The ladies followed their opening act by lying nude on the bed and pouring Chablis over each other’s breasts, tummies, arms, legs, thighs, and mounds of Venus. On command, the hearty Latin lover alternately went down on Joey’s bushy twat and Kay’s hairless waxed snatch.

I wonder if Joachim noticed how my wife’s vagina was larger and more muscular—she has so much control she can practically pucker up and kiss me with her cunt lips. Karen’s blooming flower was tighter, but juicier, and her legs were powerful enough to hold herself up and fuck your wiener without moving a muscle above her waist.

The female lovers kissed and played with one another’s titties while their server worshiped them with his tongue, lips, and fingers. The ladies signaled him when it was time to switch cunts.

Karen issued orders so that the eager boy knew where to lick and how, whereas anime porno Joanne, the motherly one, uttering words of encouragement.

“That’s it … Nice! … Oh, yeah, keep doin’ that …” When Jo came, she sank her teeth into Karen’s shoulder and grabbed a handful of Joachim’s hair.

While Karen soaked Joachim’s long-necked goose in the last drops of wine, Joanne retrieved two wrapped condoms from her handbag. He mounted Karen after wrapping his dick in the latex and began a hard, rapid thrusting into her vee.

She lifted her legs toward the ceiling and Joanne climbed onto the kid’s back. She trapped him between her knees and rubbed her sopping vagina against his arse while he banged her lover girl. Joachim removed his sheath and handed it to Kay, who slurped its contents with relish and tossed it in the wastebasket. Joanne unwrapped the second rubber and told their boy toy she wanted it from behind.

My lusty spouse rose from the bed and leaned against the dresser, wiggling her plump and dimpled ass. Joachim grabbed hold of her like a male dog mounting his bitch, and she reached behind her butt and between legs to pull his erect lance into her sweet pink cushion. Her bulbous tits and the flab from her belly jiggled wildly as the Harriot Bistro’s handsomest waiter drilled her cock for so long that Karen slithered on the floor beneath them and played with milady’s breasts after masturbating herself to an orgasm while watching them fuck.

Finally, after my baby let her newly found dream lover move his cock from her cunt to her anus and back again, he rubbed her vagina raw with his hurricane force eruption. Three sweaty, stinking, exhausted bodies sprawled on the bed and made small talk until Joachim got the message it was time for him to go. My wife and her best friend kissed him goodnight and he gave these two classy broads grateful hugs at the door.

Although it was much later than their usual girls’ nights out, a little past one o’clock, Karen told Joanne she needed some more loving touches. They entwined their legs and scissored till the voluptuous one and her athletic friend sang the lyrics of their orgasms.

“Was this the best night ever, or what?” Karen ventured as she pulled up her undies.

“We never hooked up with a perfect stranger before,” Joanne said, hooking up her bra.

“Could we ever top that, do you think?” Karen wondered as she draped her little black dress over her shoulders.

“Maybe I could have a threesome with Donnie and Joachim sometime,” my wife suggested with a dreamy look in her eyes.

“Paul would never go for that, would he?”

Jo-Jo smirked, “Probably not!” Then they switched off the lights and left.

That night I was disappointed Joey came home so late. I was asleep and missed my usual helping of sloppy seconds. I crave Karen’s delicious leftovers.

I woke up at five in the morning and scooted under the sheets to inspect my wife’s bottom parts. I slipped down her clean underpants and sniffed her thighs, cunt, and ass. She smelled gamey, almost like she was bathed in masculine odor. I licked her ass crack, but she was so deeply in slumber she never flinched. So I gave up and wacked off into my jockeys.

Two weeks later, Joanne and I had a night out. Jo suggested a “new place,” the Bistro at the Harriot Hotel. She was especially affectionate as we drove there and started to get frisky, almost lewd, as we had drinks at the bar, waiting for a table.

The hostess showed us to a cozy booth in the back. “I have a surprise for you.” Jo smiled sly. “I got us a room.”

I smiled, pleased at her initiative. “So we can eat, drink, and make nooky!”

“There’s a condition, though.” I noticed Jo-Jo had taken off her shawl-like sweater, showing off her luscious cleavage. “You have to give the waiter our room key card and a hundred dollar tip.”

“Why?” I didn’t get it.

“You’ll see,” Joey promised coyly.

Then he appeared, smiling luminously. “My name is Joachim and I’ll be your server tonight.”


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