From the Tent Ch. 03

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Transition – Part 2


“When, Mistress? I want to learn to please you.” And my heart lurches when you smile and suddenly find the strength to wrap your arms around my neck. I have managed to detach myself from the heat in my cunt until now but suddenly I feel an animal need to fuck you. I glance towards the tent, “When can we start my training?” you whisper into my ear.

“Now my darling, my kitten.”

And we enter the tent arms wrapped around each other for the moment of transition when I will claim that last part of you.


….what follows…

I draw a deep, hot bath and guide you into it. What a difference in a few hours. Before you were unsure, attempting to cover yourself up, now you know who you are – you’re mine – and you stand proud yet demure, submissive yet confident.

I bathe you lovingly, reverently for a Mistress must take care of her concubine and show she appreciates her obedience. I wash your hair, twisting it carefully as I lather, leaning in to kiss you at every opportunity and each kiss is like the first one we shared, hungry, beautiful almost disbelieving. I run a large sponge across your chest and breasts lifting them tenderly. I raise your arms and soap them, inspecting every detail. I wash your face taking care not to get soap in your eyes.

Throughout you gaze at me in adoration while you sit perfectly still waiting for my next instruction. You hook your legs one after the other onto the edges of the bath so I can scrub their length with circular movements, slowly, savoring every inch of perfect, white skin. Then I ask you to stand so I have access to your most intimate parts. You turn for me and I lather your buttocks and notice you flinch in excitement when I slip the rough sponge between your cheeks.

“Lean forward a little, Kitten.” I take the soap and slide my middle finger along the cleft. “This belongs to me too.” I say as I force my finger into your hole, gently. “How does this feel?”

“Oh…Mistress…oh…” and to my joy, you manage to stay still.

“It doesn’t hurt?” as I make tiny little circles inside you.

“It’s…oh, Mistress, it’s…” and your gasping tells me everything.

I withdraw my finger and soap two fingers this time,

“Every part of you belongs to me. I can touch you anywhere I want, whenever I want and this in itself, makes you happy.” Your groans confirm this as I work into you. “I will dress you in fabrics that make you beautiful for me, available to me. Styles that will show you off.” I pull my hand away poker oyna and I hear you moan at the sudden emptiness you must feel so I touch your hip to reassure you, “Look at me, Kitten.”

You find it hard to turn, a little overwhelmed by the emotion.

“Yes Mistress?”

“You are beautiful and it is your duty to keep yourself soft and beautiful for me, available. We will surprise each other and adore each other and above all you will obey me.”

You fall to your knees and grab my ankles, pressing your forehead against my toes,

“I love you, Mistress. Thank you for choosing me…”

I sigh at the sight of your trembling figure and I crouch down, overwhelmed with love for you. I pull you between my parted thighs, your face to my breasts, your hands to my cunt.

“Show me…touch me…make me come, my concubine.”

I lie back on the soft rugs as you worship between my thighs bringing me slowly, softly, lovingly to an intense climax where I pull your lips, covered in my juices to my mouth and press against your mark with my nails as I ride out the last wave of ecstasy.

I place a red, velvet collar around your kissing the dip at the base of your throat, tickling the wisps of hair at the nape of your neck as I adjust it. You look perfect – mine. Then I allow you to dress me for the final moment of transition.

You slip the corset across my breasts and crush them tight as you lace it while I talk to you about your new role,

“Your first lesson is to keep still until I ask you to move. Sometimes, I will expect it for short times while other times I will test you so severely that it will be necessary to tie you securely so that I have complete control even when you have none.”

You pull black, silk stockings carefully up my thighs and I wonder if you are lingering a little too long while you smooth and adjust them. I sit wantonly with legs apart and on your knees before me, you lace up my Victorian boots,. I place one heel on your shoulder and you sigh happily and turn to kiss the leather. Your eyes close and unexpectedly, your face creases in agony,

“I’m frightened, Mistress.”

“Stand, concubine. It is time for the last part of your transition and you have nothing to fear, I’m here, always – like our heartbeats.”

And I kiss you long and hard before I lead you to the centre of the room where your gift is covered with a rich, velvet cloth.

“Pull the cloth back. This is for us.”

You expose a padded trestle and I notice with delight that you automatically touch your mark.

“This canlı poker oyna is where your transition will take place.” I almost growl with lust, “Where you will become truly mine”

“But I’m already yours, Mistress.”

My darling concubine, so quick to tears in case you’ve displeased me.

“You are mine, but I need to touch all of you before you feel this.”

You blush, “All of me? You already have touched all of me.”

“Not quite, now, bend over…”

I push you face first over the trestle arranging your oiled limbs and securing them with black silk scarves to each leg of your new ‘toy’. Your pale buttocks, offered up to me thus, look so alluring that I let a loud moan escape before I can check myself. I wander off into the bedroom to my trunk and retrieve what will come to be known as ‘our cock’ and place it out of sight, behind you.

I spend a while examining you from all angles then pull out a tube of lubricant.

“Concubine,” I sigh, my voice thick with lust, “The transition will be complete when I have deflowered you.” I am delighted when I see you pull against the restraints, “As ever, I will expect perfect stillness from you. You will obey me.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Your voice muffled by your awkward position.

“And you’re ‘comfortable’?”

“Yes, Mistress, you are a beautiful, kind Mistress.”

“That’s because I love you, my little concubine, my little virgin.” I say as I adjust the straps around my hips. Then I kneel and part your cheeks with my oiled fingers. “Does this give you pleasure?” I ask with a grin as I run a slicked finger up the entire length of your cleft and I feel you clench your inner muscles in need. I wonder whether to overlook this ‘movement’ or not but I decide I need to be firm – start as I mean to go on so, with no warning, I swing my hand back and slap one cheek. You cry out in surprise and pain and I immediately stroke the red area and dart my tongue between your buttocks, lapping hungrily at your entrance while one of my fingers slips easily into your very moist cunt. I can hear you moaning, trying to ride the pain every nerve ending alive with sensation as pleasure quickly chases away the sting.

“I love you concubine,” I sit back on my heels, blowing gently on your wound, “That’s why I give you pleasure, but you were disobedient. You moved. Even the slightest act of rebellion cannot be overlooked.”

I slap the other cheek even harder than the first, my tongue between my teeth, intensely aroused by your vulnerable, exposed position and this display of control over internet casino you. I do not soothe you this time but move round to your face. I lift your hair so I can see you clearly and your eyes light up when you see me.


“I…I love you, Mistress. I’m so sorry I…” you whimper in despair, “Forgive me, Mistress…c-can you?”

“There is no need for me to forgive you,” I say, lubricating the cock as I speak soothingly, “This is why I train you – to make you strong. ” I run my slippery hand across the entrance to your cunt and let out a little gasp when I see how open you are, how aroused. I position myself behind you grabbing the cock to guide it in and holding your hip with the other hand to pull you towards me as I start to edge forwards, home…”Punishment is a reminder that my will must be done.” I ease in very slightly, “That I own you, all of you…” a little further as the pants from beneath me become shorter, more anxious, “remember, you must keep still, you mustn’t come until I tell you to. Your pleasure is mine.” And as I say the word ‘mine’ I impale you hard on the cock wringing out a cry of ecstasy or pain from you.

“This is the last…place…the one part I haven’t claimed…” as I fuck you, I run my hands across your back, neck, the tops of shaking legs, I slump forward for a moment, holding you by the back of the neck, twisting my fingers into your collar as I summon up the strength to finish claiming you. I know you’re close and I want to make you come hard as I take complete possession of you.

“Concubine, at that moment, when you are about to climax – that’s when I want you to move. Until then, not a word, absolute stillness and as you come I want you to increase your pleasure by drawing a long deep breath from the depths of your belly – this will send fire throughout your body. Keep drawing that breath even as you come.”

I increase the rhythm, long, hard, deep strokes each one a signature, a sign that you belong to me and I want to write it across your back in blood, your face in come, your breast in tears,

“I love you. You’re…mine. Come for me – come now!” I insist with one last push as I feel you finally move and buck beneath me, screaming in release,

“Mistress, fuck me…make me yours, Mistress…show me…”

I loosen your ankles and wrists and pull you to the floor where I spread your wide and dive my face into your sopping cunt, eager to show you what your life has become now. When you come again, you sob for a long time afterwards as I curl your body into me and kiss you long and hard, shielding your shaking form from everything outside out tent.

“I love you.” I say simply, “You are entirely mine. I have you. Safe.”

And you fall asleep in my arms with a heavy sigh. My concubine. My delight. My love.


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