Front Desk Hospitality

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I was on a weekend trip by myself and when I stepped up to the desk at the motel got a real treat for the eyes. Being a big guy 6-1 tall, and 245 pounds I have a real appreciation for a beautiful full figured woman.

Her nametag read ‘Chris’ and she was all of that. A brunette with long straight hair down to a round solid ass filling out her navy blue skirt, Chris is 5-8 tall with gigantic firm tits straining against her white blouse she tipped the scales at 265 pounds. As she saw to my reservation we talked, which progressed to flirting and my thoughts ran the gamut until more people arrived and I made my way to my room.

About an hour later I had brought my bags up to the room and was in the recliner with my feet up when the phone rang, “Hi this is Chris at the front desk, is everything in your room OK and is there anything we can do for you.”

I knew this was just a routine thing but you have to dream so I said “Everything is just fine, but you’re welcome to come up and double check if you like.”

Chris laughed a little and said “I’ll see if our double checker can get some time for you.”

Thirty minutes later there was a knock at the door. Looking through the viewer who should I see but Chris. I opened the door and said, “I think there’s something missing in my room.”

At that point Chris stepped into the room “Well I think I’ve got everything I need now.”

Chris put her arms around my neck and we kissed. I put my hands on her head and ran my fingers through her long brown hair caressing her back until I got down to her waist. We took a step out of the way allowing the door to close. As the door shut I planted both hands on Chris’ bodacious butt circling down and around the beach ball sized globes to their lower curve and hugged Chris up tight to me, her firm melons mashing into my chest.

Our lips parted and Chris said, “I got the rest of the night off.”

To which I responded, “Then I guess you intend to spend the rest of the night getting off.”

Chris’ hand cupped my stiffening cock through my shorts answering “Oh I think that is how we both expect to spend the night.”

Working slowly I unbuttoned Chris’ blouse and was stunned at seeing her bountiful breasts spilling out the top of her bra then squatted down to relieve her of her skirt. Raising on one foot then the other Chris stepped out of her skirt, revealing her red thong panties. When I rose to my feet I was greeted by the awesome sight of Chris’ tits, free of her bra in all their 46F glory. Putting my hands to her 37 inch waist I carefully lowered Chris’ panties over her 52 inch hips, down her solid legs and past her feet. This time when güvenilir bahis I stood Chris put her hands on the waistband of my shorts and squatted, lowering them to the floor.

She paused, her face level with my hard cock, at its’ full nine and one half inches, and said “Fuck, I’ve found my new best friend, hello mister.” Then she kissed the head of it

“Hi right back at you.” I answered

“I could use a shower. How about you give me a hand?” asked Chris

I peeled off my t-shirt and said, “I think that’s going to take both hands.”

Chris grabbed my cock and turned to lead me toward the bathroom offering “We’re even because I’ll need both hands for this.”

We kissed while we soaped each other up under the warm refreshing spray of the water. Our hands explored each other’s big bodies, I gauged Chris’ size while she concentrated on keeping my cock hard.

One of my favorite things to do with a woman with a big butt, is to stand behind her and slip my dick between her butt cheeks while I reach around and finger her pussy. Chris was more than willing when I started doing this and in no time as I squeezed her fat tits with my left hand, I was getting her off with my right and my cock was being squeezed between her solid ass cheeks as she squirmed and bucked to an orgasm in my arms.

After our shower we dried off and Chris asked “If you won’t think I’m asking too much.” and paused.

“Ask away.” I said.

Taking a deep breath, which filled out her chest to staggering proportions, Chris said “Could we 69……..with me on top? I know it’s a lot to ask but ooh I’d like to try being on top. Most guys just can’t handle a big woman on top of them.”

I jiggled her soft belly, ran my hands around to her wide back and hugged her tightly with both hands and said “You’re just enough woman for me to handle so get ready to climb on baby.”

I laid down with my head near the foot of the bed. Chris crawled over me until her tremendous thighs were on either side of my face and she was able to kiss the head of my dick. Chris went to town on my cock, sucking it down her warm throat like a popsicle then pulling back and kissing my balls. I was hard at work nibbling on insides of her awesome thighs then darting my tongue around her labia. After I licked the length of her pussy I flicked her reddened clit causing Chris to cum and she came down on top of me. Fortunately I was ready and hugged her big firm body as she rested on me, breathing heavily from her orgasm.

Chris was flushed but not distracted from sucking my cock down her throat. After she came several times Chris rolled off of me and hesitantly asked “Oh Steve just one türkçe bahis more thing, if I could…” but I cut her off saying “Slip a condom on and ride that pony for all your worth girl.”

Giggling she said, “How’d you know. I don’t care, get ready I am going to fuck your brains out.”

Chris straddled my hips and I held my cock steady as she lowered her wet pussy onto her target. For a big woman even with her solid body Chris proved to be incredibly agile as well as strong as she bounced up and down on my cock as if she were on bronco, pumping her thick legs for her pleasurable ride.

Chris’ fat butt slapped down on my thighs as she pumped up and down taking every inch of my cock into her wet pussy. There was enough of Chris for me to keep both of my hands occupied, stroking her thighs, jiggling her belly and fondling her full round tits.

It was a new and incredible feeling to have that much woman pounding down on top of me. I didn’t have a problem even as long as I could hold out and Chris could keep going. She sure has a lot of energy for a big girl. But I finally couldn’t hold back so steadying Chris’ hips with both hands I came and she leaned forward to lay on top of me.

I hugged her big body against mine and said, “Oh that was fabulous from down here.”

She kissed me and replied, “Felt from awesome from on top that’s for sure.”

Chris rolled off me and we laid on our sides, and just made out for a while which was a treat with my arms filled with so much woman.. After a while I was sucking on Chris’ tits while she worked my dick back to full staff with her hand. “I’ve been asking you for so much is there anything special you want?”

I looked up into Chris’ sweet eyes and said “Well you’ve sure got what it takes for a tit fuck.”

Chris squeezed my hard cock and said, “So do you, this should be fun.”

Chris laid down on her back and I gently sat down on her stomach. I slid forward towards her cleavage and Chris held her tits in place. It was like my dick was in a magic place sliding between Chris’ fat jugs, engulfed by tit flesh, made even more incredible when Chris leaned her head forward and kissed the head of my dick as it poked out the top of her tits.

This was great but I didn’t want to sit on top of Chris too long so I raised up off of her and looked into her eyes saying, “Now how about some doggy style?” She said nothing but quickly flipped over onto her back and started to get up on her hands and knees with me on her back pushing me up. “That’s a yes.” I said.

I slid off of Chris and kneeling behind her big butt was an awesome position. Wide, white and firm her ass is in a word magnificent. güvenilir bahis siteleri After putting a condom on I rubbed her pussy. Chris turned her head back looking over her shoulder at me and said, “You’re there now, give it to me good.”

So I slipped the head of my stiff dick into her wet pussy and gave it to her.

As I worked my dick deeper into her pussy, I lightly slapped Chris on the ass. She responded by groaning and saying “Oh fuck, you found my weakness , you can spank my ass good just keep on balling me.”

So I spaced out loud smacks on both fat cheeks as I continued to hump her hard. And when I was smacking my belly against her fat butt sticking it to her with all nine and a half inches Chris really got off big time yelling back at me “Fuck me hard, bang my butt.”

And that’s just what I did. I wasn’t sure how long I could continue, Chris is a whole lot of woman to hang onto and pounding against that ass was incredible but tiring.

When I sank my cock ball deep in Chris’ tight snatch, wrapped my arms around her waist and we rocked in unison. It was an incredible feeling as I held her big body in my arms and we moved as one, a 500 pound pleasure machine. That was all I could take and I came holding her tightly. Then she pitched forward with me on her back and we rested for a while.

Later after eating Chris to a series of orgasms I was hard again and she asked “Your turn, how do you want it now?”

I rolled Chris to the center of the bed and pulled her legs up so her feet were near her head. “This isn’t too uncomfortable?” I asked.

She licked her lips answering “It’ll feel just fine with a big stiff dick stuck in me.” Which was just what I had in mind.

In this position Chris’ thick thighs made for a wide landing pad for my body as I sank my cock into her wet snatch. I started slowly but it wasn’t long before I was going deep into her on every stroke and Chris was wiggling on her back making for a wobbly time of it. But Chris still wanted more, shouting “You’ve got a whole lot of cushion there Steve, ride me. Fuck me harder, make the bed feel it. Give it to me, come on.”

So I grabbed onto her calves for balance and plowed my full weight into Chris as hard as I could. I was bouncing off of her thighs, her ass was bouncing off the mattress and the bed was about sprung out in the center under us. But damn it was incredible.

Luckily for me I felt ready to cum as I was getting winded so pinning Chris’ shoulder to the mattress I sunk my cock into her all the way and came. Chris looked as in need of a rest as I was so when I pulled out I eased her legs down and we just cuddled together and dozed off.

In the morning we both had to get going so it was one quick missionary with Chris wrapping her thick legs around me. Oh what a way to hug a man. We’re going to try to have another visit as soon as we can manage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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