Fruit Ch. 01

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You were sated from the sucking I had just given you. Your body still tingling, still feeling the softness of my lips wrapped around your shaft, still tasting yourself upon my lips as we kiss again. Your eyes eagerly observing every inch of my body as it lay next to you. Your hands following where your eyes have been, touching the slightly sweat covered skin with the lightest of traces. I have just pleased you the way you have imagined it all day, now you want to please me in return. This too, you have thought about.

You look into my eyes, and with a wink and a smile you tell me you have something for me too. You get up out of the bed, leave the bedroom for just a moment and return with a platter. It is covered in little dishes of fruits and syrups and a tub of whipped cream. I giggle at the site of it. I know how you love to explore my body with your tongue. Tasty treats spread over another tasty treat.

You have me bite into a strawberry, the deep red juices coating my full lips. You take the now exposed inner flesh of the berry and lightly swirl it around my nipple. The cool from it makes my nipple instantly hard, and sends a shiver through my body. You lean over and begin to suck, changing the cool sensation instantly to warm as your mouth envelops it. Tongue lapping up any remaining juice you may have missed. You draw the strawberry across my chest, from one nipple to urla escort the other. Your tongue eagerly following closely behind. Devouring me and the berries sweet taste with zeal, you let out the lightest of moans of pleasure. How you love to lick me, taste me, please me.

You finish the berries last morsel, toss the stem onto the platter, and look to see what treat you would like next. The sliced peaches now look extremely tempting. You take the bowl, and begin to place the peaches randomly on my belly. From between my breasts, down to my panty line. The cool juices set off a fervor of sensations on my skin.

You smile, kiss me once again, and begin to work your way down my body. Your tongue moist and warm, begin licking the syrupy sweetness off of my smooth skin. You slowly take each peach slice into your mouth as you encounter them, and enjoy them heartily. The mixture of flavors from being warmed by the heat of my body are what you are really enjoying. Tasting me in the juices of the fruit.

You have worked your way through this peach delight, to find yourself within inches of what you are really wanting. Your hunger for food may be taken care of for now, but your hunger for me has only continued to grow. You slip your hand under the string of the thong I am wearing, and with my lifting of my body, you are able to work it slowly down menderes escort my legs. Your hands caressing my leg as you slide the soft lacy fabric down.

Exposed before you, shaven with just the slightest of hair framing it like a picture, is the hot and wet sex you have wanted. My sweet smell very evident to you, intoxicating your senses. You so much just want to dine on me, but you want this to last, to raise the heat further. You look at the treats left on the platter, and choose the whipped cream.

You take your finger and run it through the soft cream. Looking with excitement, you begin to trace the path you want to take next. Starting at the top of my sex, you ever so slowly draw your design. Making me writhe with pleasure feeling the touch of your fingers and the impending wetness of your tongue, a soft whispered breath escapes my lips. You get more cream on your finger and draw it down in matching fashion. The cream now framing me from the top of my pussy down each side between my wet lips and thighs. You are taking your time, enjoying all of me.

Moaning yourself, you crawl between my legs, look for a moment at your painting, and begin to lick in long slow strokes. My sweet female juices already mixing with the cream. You flick with the tip of your tongue the outer edges, making me want so much more. You follow the creams narlıdere escort trail, from the left side, across the top, and back down the right side. With each lick, driving me higher into heated desire. You suck lightly on me to remove the last of the cream. The mixture of sucking and slurping sounds make me smile, knowing how much you are enjoying yourself.

The cream now completely gone, you reach for the last item you want. A small container of honey in a squeeze bottle. You warm the bottle in your hands slightly. Opening the top with one hand, running your fingers over my swollen clit with the other, you tease me with a smile. Gently you pour the sticky fluid over my clit, letting it run down to join with my wetness. Your fingers flip back the top and toss the bottle aside, as your tongue begins to madly lap up the sweet honey mixture. You thirsted for this taste, dreamed of it, let the smell of my own honey engulf your mind.

You are eating me with a consuming hunger. My moaning gets louder with each flick of your tongue. My hips moving, wanting you to eat me, make me cum, send me to the heavens. I pull your head closer, legs wrapping around your back, pressing you in deeper. Your face, buried deep within my legs, tongue darting in and out, lips eagerly sucking on me…… mind begins to explode as each sensation pulls me toward climax. The stroking of your tongue on my clit, licking the sweet honey taste, faster you lick, your tongue almost dancing in rhythm to the contractions within. Gasping for air, I let out a long delicious cry of ecstasy. With lustful delight, you suck all of my juices and honey, letting my clit experience the last warm caresses of your tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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