Full Circle Ch. 01: Cassie

Hot Wife

Cassie sat on the steps of her tiny front porch, forgotten journal in her lap, cooling mug of tea in her hand, staring out at the mulberry trees. It had been almost a year since she’d moved her tiny house onto the orchard. Though most days it just felt like home, today with the wind gently blowing through the trees she was experiencing the same peaceful calm she’d felt her first day on the orchard. It brought to mind the path that led her there.

Three years ago she’d been sitting in her bedroom surfing the internet for off-campus student housing in the fall. Looking forward to the moment when she could FINALLY get out of her parents house and answer to no one but herself. She hadn’t wanted to stay on campus in student housing but she knew she couldn’t really afford her own place. She’d looked up ‘tiny house’ hoping to find a crappy little 50s or 60s bungalow that she could fix up in exchange for money off the rent. Her father had a garage full of tools and he’d shown Cassie how to use all of them. What she’d found instead of a bungalow was plans for building her own house on wheels. She was taken with the idea. If she had her own house that could be moved anywhere she’d never have to pay rent. The more she’d looked at the plans the more the gears turned in her head. She’d thought she could actually do it.

She’d saved a few thousand by putting half of everything she’d ever earned babysitting and working at her aunt and uncle’s restaurant. She was a crappy waitress but by hanging out in the kitchen she proved she was a good prep cook and that’s what she’d been doing for the past three years. Three years of paychecks plus the cash from various babysitting gigs had added up to just over $10K. She knew with her Dad’s help she could build her own house.

Had her parents not hated each other so much she would have considered staying home and going to a local college. She’d grown tired however, of being the go-between and wanted to get far enough away that they’d stop dragging her into their crap. She’d thought that without her there maybe her parents would finally get the divorce they should have gotten ten years ago. Watching them tear each other to pieces she swore she’d never get serious about anyone. Of all the adults she knew there was only one couple that appeared to be really happy together. With those kind of odds, why bother, Cassie had thought. So she’d dated and had a few hook-ups. Any time it seemed to be getting serious she’d bailed.

Cassie wasn’t a classic beauty, but she had a good body and a nice enough face. Not really what you’d call cute either, she had dark brown sultry eyes, a petite but slightly angular nose and her lips were on the thin side, but she had blemish free skin, a real blessing in high school, and pretty reddish brown hair that she kept long enough to braid. A few of the girls in high school thought she was a slut but Cassie hadn’t cared if they called her the rebound whore. She wasn’t afraid to ask for what she wanted or to try whatever came up. If a guy asked and she was interested she didn’t see any reason not to. She’d gotten on birth control at 14 and began exploring.

For graduation her parents got her a used truck that could pull her house and her uncle slipped her a couple thousand for expenses. With everything she needed ready to go, Cassie had decided not to wait for fall. Two weeks after graduation, and a week after her 18th birthday she set off with a map of all the KOA campgrounds and RV hook-ups along the way and set off for University. Driving a truck with your house attached to the back of it is pretty nerve wracking, at least it was for Cassie. She stopped at nearly every KOA or RV park along the way.

It took nearly two weeks but she’d made it with house intact. She’d parked at the KOA nearest the University and unhitched her truck. With only food, gas and RV parking fees along the way Cassie had just over a thousand dollars left when she got there. She knew that would only get her so far however and she hoped to exchange some sort of help for parking on someone’s property. She’d still need money for food, insurance, clothes and books that weren’t covered by her scholarship. Therefore, the morning after she’d arrived she took her truck and went to get herself a wi-fi hotspot. It would be worth the $50/month to be able to access the internet from her house, no matter where she ended up parking it.

Cassie had immediately gotten busy finding a job. The 1st week yielded no results, but getting lost at the beginning of the second week did. Cassie stopped in a mom and pop diner to get directions and a bite to eat and saw the sign for a cook. Getting lost that day got her not only a job, but a place to park her tiny house for free. The owners of the diner, George and Molly, owned the property and there was nothing out back except the dumpster, so Cassie was able to park her house there. In exchange Cassie agreed to work under the table and to keep up the property. She got free water and electric out of the deal too, so all in all it was more than she’d hoped for. rise of empires ottoman izle

Cassie liked her new life. Working for George and Molly was a breeze, they were good people and good bosses. She’d managed to schedule all her classes on three days so she’d only have to make the drive three times a week next semester. Her social life followed the same pattern as high school of casual dating and occasional hook-ups. She wasn’t into the party scene, preferring to spend most of her free time studying, reading or writing. She’d found a small group of friends on campus and they hung out occasionally but Cassie was pretty content with her own company. If she was feeling lazy but wanted company she’d take her books and laptop and hang out in the diner which had steady traffic but was almost never full.

She’d been there a year and a half and hadn’t been home yet. Her parents had finally split six months ago, she had planned on going home for winter break until Molly got sick and George really needed the extra help at the diner. She’d become close with George and Molly and they actually felt more like family to Cassie than her own parents, so with Molly sick Cassie stayed to help out. She usually worked the prep/grill side but with Molly down Cassie took her spot behind the counter. Crappy waitress or not she was still better than George. It was while she was working the counter at the tail end of winter break that David entered her life.

It was a cool, lightly rainy day when David came in and sat down at the counter. Cassie only had one other customer, a sweet old geezer that had been keeping her entertained with his 50s era style of flirting. Her back was turned making coffee when David sat down. He laid his leather coat and helmet on the stool next to him and shook some rain out of his hair. Cassie turned around just in time to see this. She couldn’t help thinking he should be an actor or model with his looks. He had sandy blond shoulder length hair, and his snug long-sleeved black t-shirt hugged him enough to show he was fit. He wasn’t tan exactly, more olive skinned. He had a masculine yet boyish face with a square jaw and softened features. Like a young Christian Slater Cassie thought. She loved the movie The Heathers and had always had a crush on Christian Slater because of that move.

Yeah, she thought, I’ll bet he stops a lot of women in their tracks. He proceeded to do just that to Cassie when he looked up at her with the deepest green eyes she’d ever seen. They were like two sparkling emeralds, looking into them she fumbled the menu she was handing to him and knocked over the sugar. She said ‘oops’ or something equally inane as she finally managed to hand him the menu. She picked up the sugar shaker and grabbed a rag to wipe off the counter. When she finished that and got past her moment of embarrassment she looked up to ask him what he’d like to drink and caught him doing a good slow once over of her before he finally looked up at her face. She got him his Coke and told him she’d be back to take his order. She went back into the kitchen freezer to cool off.

‘Holy Mother’ she thought, with just that one slow look her panties were damp. She considered removing them but she was wearing the 50s carhop dress that was the diner’s waitress uniform and she didn’t want to flash the customers every time she had to bend forward. Though the idea did make her laugh. She’d teased George that he’d picked these outfits just so he could see Molly’s cleavage all day. George had said that it’d been all Molly’s doing, that she was a bit of an exhibitionist in her big gold heart, but that he didn’t mind at all. Cassie was sure that he didn’t, she suspected that even in their late fifties George and Molly had a great sex life. They were always finding reasons to casually touch each other or patting each others asses.

Cassie had been wearing tights earlier but she’d helped George out in the kitchen near the start of her shift and that had made the tights too hot so she’d run and changed into ankle socks and lace panties. She thought giving the old timers a flash of her panties now and again was a bit of harmless fun. She couldn’t contain a laugh at the idea of flashing her latest admirer more. The old timers had been tipping well, probably because of the way her plump round tits filled out the uniform. She couldn’t image what they’d tip for a flash of pink. The idea of flashing the hottie on the other hand just made the panty moisture problem worse. Cassie wasn’t a panty girl, she preferred to go commando whenever possible and the panties she did own were mostly for looks and weren’t doing a very good job of absorbing the moisture. She waved the little skirt part of her dress to try to cool things down.

She returned to the counter a couple of minutes later and refilled the geezer’s de-caf and gave him a wink before going to take the hottie’s order. She couldn’t resist bending over and leaning on the counter with her order pad to give him a real eye full. He took romantic getaway izle the bait and gave his order of a burger, no cheese, and double fries to her tits. She smiled to herself and gave her hips an extra swish as she turned around and leaned further in than was necessary to put his order on the rack. She then turned back to see if he was looking. He was. She took his glass and refilled his soda.

She cashed the geezer out, getting a tip that was more than his check. Gotta love the geezers she thought. George rang the bell as Cassie was refilling the sugar shakers. She went to get the hottie’s order. When she set it down and she asked if he needed anything else. He replied, “You naked on the counter.” Looking her straight in the eyes as he said it.

She let out a small whooping laugh and covered her mouth with one hand and waved herself with a handy menu with the other while looking around to see if anyone had heard. She looked back at him and saw he hadn’t looked away from her. She set the menu down next to him, leaned forward and said with a smile, “Sorry, but I’m not on the menu.”

“That’s too bad.” He replied.

Cassie walked off with a smile and went back to the freezer to cool off again. If she wasn’t afraid of George walking into the freezer at any moment she’d have considered rubbing off a quick one. When she came out of the freezer after a minute, George looked up at her from the grill and seeing her all flushed said, “Someone looks hot and bothered.”

She laughed. “George, you have NO idea!’ He laughed too and shook his head and Cassie went back to the counter. She put on a new pot of coffee, wiped down the already clean counters and wished that someone would come in and sit at the counter to distract her from the hottie. With her latest glance she noticed the juice from his burger running down his chin and had the urge to slowly lick it off.

After a few minutes she went and took his glass without saying a word and refilled his soda again. When she set his glass down in front of him and saw his nearly empty plate she asked if he was done or ready for some dessert. He answered, “I’d like some of that cream pie ” with a raise of his eyebrows and a glance to her in crotch.

Cassie was prepared this time. She shook her head, smiled and pointed to the covered cake plate. “Sorry, we only have cake today.”

He gave her a slow lazy smile that sent a chill up her spine. “In that case I think I’ll pass.”

She pulled her order pad out of her apron pocket and laid his check on the counter beside his plate and said, “Be sure to come back. Maybe next time we’ll have that cream pie.”

He chuckled and reached for a fry. “Maybe I will.”

Cassie told him she’d be back to cash him out and grabbed a hand towel as she fled for the freezer again. Fortunately George was busy with an order from a full booth. She went into the freezer and grabbed a bag of frozen veg and put it right up against her crotch. She leaned against the lowboy with the bag of veg held against her crotch for a good 30-45 seconds, then used the slightly damp hand towel to mop up her crotch. ‘I’ve got to get his number’ she thought. She left the freezer and grabbed the big ketchup container to do some refills and headed back out. She’d only been gone a couple of minutes so she was startled to see that see that he was no longer at the counter.

She looked around hoping he’d just gone to the bathroom but noticed a motorcycle pulling out of the parking lot. Disappointed she walked over to pick up the dishes and his check. The check was face down on top of two twenties and there was writing on it. When she picked it up she read “Call me when cream pie is on the menu. David” and a phone number. She laughed and her hand immediately went to the phone in her apron pocket. She found the idea of calling him back now both amusing and exciting, it’d been a couple of months since she’d hooked-up with anyone and was getting tired of her hand and her toys.

She put the ticket with his note and the cash in her apron pocket and took the dishes back to the kitchen. George saw her smiling and asked “Got yourself a new beau?”

Cassie laughed, “George, you’re too young to use the word beau, and no. Well, maybe. He didn’t wait for me to come back and cash him out, but he did leave me his number and a naughty note. It’s been a while, if I weren’t working I’d probably take him up on his suggestion.”

George laughed. “You’re a saucy girl, he probably couldn’t handle you.”

Cassie’s eyes glazed over a moment as she said “I don’t know, I think maybe he could give as good as he gets.”

George looked out the pass-thru and turned back at her. “It’s not that busy, why don’t you get Sue to cover the counter too and give him a call. You’re almost off shift anyway.”

Cassie gave George a wide grin, “Ah George, I love ya. You’re such a romantic. Molly’s got herself a good man.”

He laughed and shooed her out of the kitchen with his hand. “You just be sure he’s rüyanda görürsün izle not a creeper. Wouldn’t want to end up in jail for having to have a ‘talk’ with him.”

She laughed back “And what if I’m the creeper?” He shook his head with a smile and went back to his cooking.

She skipped back out to the front to ring out his check and get Sue to cover the counter. Sue laughed when Cassie told her what George had said and making sure George could hear her she said “He’s just an old romantic, believes in love at first sight”

Cassie laughed with Sue and in a low voice said “More like lust at first sight.”

“I know right! He borrowed my pen to write the note, yum-my” Sue waggled her eyebrows at Cassie.

Smiling, Cassie said “Okay, I’m going now. Wish me luck.” She waved goodbye to George on her way out the back door.

As soon as she walked out the back door the cold air hit her warm moist parts and sent delightful shivers everywhere. Living so far from campus and having a smaller circle of friends here Cassie had curbed her libido over the past year and a half. She’d had a few casual dating relationship but the last one had been a few months ago. Part of her was beginning to wonder if it was only her reputation back in high school that had garnered her so many offers. This guy had come out of nowhere though and given her a shot of confidence that she hadn’t realized she’d been lacking. The looks he gave her and the challenge in his voice when making his outrageous comments had gone a long way toward bolstering her self-esteem.

She pulled her phone and the note out of her apron and dialed the number. He answered as she was stepping up onto her porch and she stopped there.




“Yes. Wait how did you…’ she put her left hand up to her chest and felt her name tag, “Never mind.”

“I didn’t know if you’d call. Certainly didn’t expect it to be so soon.”

“My boss is a romantic, he told me to go ahead and head out early.”


“Yes, he is. Hey, I don’t hear any road noise, that must be a good bluetooth you’ve got.”

“It is, but I’m actually pulled over at the moment under the underpass.”

“Is everything okay? Did you break down?”

David give her a throaty chuckle. “No, I didn’t break down. I’m having a pants problem.”

“Pants problem?”

“Well more a hard-on problem. Trying to adjust while driving on wet roads didn’t seem like a good idea. Thus the underpass.”

“All righty then.” She laughed. “Well I’m glad for that.” She said absently as she basked in the thrill of making someone so excited that they’d had to pull over on the side of the road.

David laughed back. “That I pulled over or that I have a hard-on?”

“Both actually.” She smiled and shook herself as she walked into her house, closed the door and wiggled out of her panties. She decided she’d allowed herself to become too mousy and wanted have some fun. “I’m sitting on my couch with a wet puss, so we’re even.”

“What I wouldn’t give to be your couch right now. And you’re not helping by the way.”

“Ha, I had to put frozen veg on my crotch, and thinking about serving up that cream pie you asked for has me going again.” It really had. She rested her hand over her mound and could feel the heat it was radiating despite her walk through the cool air.

‘Uuugh! You’re killing me. Wait, how did you get home already? I just left there a few minutes ago.”

Cassie laughed. “My house is parked behind the diner.”

“Do you take your ‘house’ everywhere?”

“No. I’ve got an arrangement with George and Molly, the owners of the diner, to park it here. ” She fanned her crotch with little pats to her mound, exciting rather than cooling herself.

“So you seriously live behind the diner?”

‘Yup, in a house I built myself.” Even though she’d had help, she was proud of what she’d accomplished. If need be she could live completely off-grid thanks to her own efforts. Thinking about it gave her confidence another little boost. She was a strong independent woman who could take care of herself. Though when it came to sex nothing beat having a partner.

“So let me get this straight, you’re a house-building waitress.” She could hear a note of respect in his voice.

“That’s me. Well, except the waitress part, I usually work the kitchen but Molly’s laid up right now so I’m just filling in.”

“So if I hadn’t stopped in today I might never have seen you.”


“It must be fate.”

“I don’t believe in fate, how about good timing.” Things didn’t just happen she thought, people made them happen by knowing what they wanted and making it happen.

“What, no love at first site for you?”

She laughed “Ha, maybe you should talk to George instead of me. I don’t do love.”

“Don’t do love huh? What do you do?”

Cassie decided to be bold. She could hear in his tone of voice that he was interested so she went for it. “Well right now I’d like to be doing you.”

“Well damn! It’s not nice to tease you know.”

“Please! What do you call ‘You naked on the counter’ and the cream pie innuendo. I’m dipping my finger in some ‘cream’ right now by the way.” And she was, thinking about the possibility of sex after a couple of dry months had her ready to take care of herself if this flirtation didn’t pan out.

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