Fun With My Daughter-In-Law


I was relaxing in my bed room after lunch. I was dreaming about appointing new housemaid and having fun with her in bed since my wife had become religious with age. Post retirement I had nothing much to do with my increased spare time. My day dream was disturbed with a phone call on my cell. My son was calling me from his office.


‘Dad, sorry to disturb your siesta, will you please do me a favor?’

‘What is it?’

‘Manisha wasn’t well in the morning when I left for office. I am calling her repeatedly but she isn’t answering. Will you please check on her? Can you ask mom to take her to a doctor if needed?

‘Okay.’ I disconnected.

Manisha is my son Abhishek’s wife, my daughter-in-law. She is a well-behaved cultured woman. She is aged 30 years, young, beautiful and sexy. Men on the street would burst with each other whenever she steps out of home. Drivers would forget to move on even if the traffic light would turn green. She has such a perfect and balanced sexy figure that no one would believe that she is a mother of a nine year old son. My friends in neighborhood had nicknamed her “Atom bomb.”

I wondered what to do. My son was at office and grandson was at school. My wife had gone to temple after lunch and she wasn’t expected for 2-3 more hours. In our Indian tradition father-in-law and daughter-in-law has to maintain safe distance. She is in our family since last ten years but I haven’t spoken to her ten full sentences in all these years. I was rarely at home in day time when I was working.

I took a deep breath and knocked on her door. ‘Manisha!’

There was no reply. After waiting for some seconds more I knocked again and said little loudly, ‘Manisha, are you okay?’

She replied in a faint voice, ‘Who is it?’

‘It’s me,Daddy! Can I have a word with you, Manisha?’

‘Just a miniute, Daddyji!’

There followed a long silence. What was she doing? Changing? Or putting on some dress? Was she sleeping naked? Some of my friends from adjoining building have a habit of peeping in other’s bedrooms with binocular. One of them had told me that Manisha wears shorts and small tops in her room. Another one had told me that in the morning she practices yoga in balcony of her bed room wearing just sports bra and panty.

I hope she was lying naked in bed and all these while she wasn’t putting on some dress but just doing her hair and make-up.

‘Daddyji, come in please!’ she said and I turned the gerçek porno knob of the door with a hope to see her half naked if not in total nude.

I saw her sleeping in bed fully covered under bed sheet. She tried to rise from bed as I entered. I was disappointed as I saw her in full-sleeve cotton night gown and exposing nothing.

‘Don’t mind and be lying in bed. Manisha, how are you now? Abhishek called me and said you are not well. He asked me to check on you as he was unable to contact you.’

‘I am not well really…there is a little pain in my body.I will be alright, Thank you Daddyji.’

I said, ‘shall I call a doctor?’

‘Hell no!’ she said, ‘it’s just little pain…it will go away. I shall be alright. Daddyji, thanks for visiting.’

I could see that my little chance to interact with my sexy daughter-in-law was coming to an end. But I persisted. ‘Your mother-in-law has gone to temple. She could have accompanied you to a doctor.’

‘It’s not needed, really.’ She said, ‘only if some one could have given me little massage on my back.’

My heart jumped on what I just heard. Don’t lose this chance you idiot! I told my self and presently said, ‘well, I can give you a very good massage if you don’t mind.’

‘Really?’ she almost shouted. Was she also looking for this little chance? Before I could say some thing she said, ‘Daddyji, I shall be more than happy if you could do that!’

‘Yes, my hands can work magic.’ I advanced toward her and sat on the edge of the bed. ‘Turn on your back.’ I said calmly.

She rose and threw her bed sheet away from her body. In a flesh of second I saw her naked thighs as she straightened her night gown which was pulled up to her waist when it was hidden under cover. She pulled her bra and adjusted her breasts properly in cups of bra while keeping an eye on me. She tied her loose hairs in pony tail while breathing heavily. My eyes were fixed on her breasts which were moving up and down with her every breath.

She stretched on her stomach now and said, ‘Okay Daddyji, let me feel magic of your hands!’

OH MY GOD! Here was my chance to feel her sexy body! Here it is! Now!

I placed my hands on her back. I started massaging her back slowly and steadily. I wanted to feel her rounded buttocks. I wanted to pass my hands through her armpits and grab her breasts. But I controlled my evil thoughts and concentrated on the job.

I made out that she genç porno izle was wearing a bra and a panty under the night gown. I made out that she had really nice curvy body. After giving her light massage for ten minutes I rested my hands on her buttock and asked, ‘Manisha, how do you feel now?’

‘Better.’ She lifted her upper body on her elbows and turned to face me and said, ‘I wonder if you can massage my body with little oil?’

I was shocked with her demand. I said, ‘Manisha, for that you shall have to remove your gown.’

She was lost in thoughts. She said, ‘can’t you pass your hands under my gown and do the job?’

I couldn’t believe my ears. I said, ‘Manisha that will be fun!’

‘I am waiting!’ she said smilingly.

That was enough for me. I pulled her in my lap. I kissed her lips while my hand entered under gown and started moving on her silky thighs. She said, ‘Daddy, you are a naughty boy!’

I said, ‘Mani, I love you.’

She stopped my hand and said, ‘I thought you will massage me with your hands by oil.’

‘I will.’ I said and left for kitchen.

When I returned with mildly heated oil in a small pot I had a good erection in my pajama.

I saw her lying in bed fully covered under bed sheet. Her face was hidden in pillow.

‘Ready?’ I asked.

‘I am dyeing!’ she said in a faint voice.

I pulled the bed sheet gently and saw her lovely sexy body just in bra and panty. I kept aside oil pot and jumped in bed beside her. I began kissing her all over her body. She responded by kissing me back. She climbed on my body and said, ‘My big boy, will you give me sexy massage with your hands now?’

I poured some oil on her back and began massaging gently. I felt her naked body with my hands and enjoyed. I fondled with her thighs more than necessary. She didn’t utter a word when I inserted my hand under her panty and felt her rounded meaty buttocks. I unhooked her bra and said, ‘Manisha, turn on you back as I would now massage front of your body.’

As she turned on her back she covered her naked breasts with her palms. I pushed her arms away and kissed her naked breasts forcibly. She held my head in her arms and rubbed on her breasts vigorously. I sucked her nipples. I took some oil and grabbed her breasts. She closed her eyes as I fondled with her breasts for unending hour. She began breathing heavily. My penis was tightened and erected like a rock. I massaged her hdx porno rest of the body.

‘Manisha, I shall now massage your pelvic area. Would you mind lowering your panty?’

She removed her panty in flesh of a second. Next moment my oily hands were rubbing her pussy. She grabbed pillow and tried to control her emotion. I was enjoying her nakedness fully.

She wanted more of it. She grabbed my hand and guided my middle finger in side her pussy and said, ‘Big boy, please massage my pussy inside out!’

Happily, I began giving her hand job. She started groaning and making strange sounds. ‘More and more! Big boy, fuck me, fuck me!’

I pressed accelerator and finger fucked her for unending minutes.

Finally, she grabbed my hand and signaled me to stop. She had reached climax. She pulled me on her body and kissed me endlessly. ‘Big boy, I love you!’

‘I love you too Manisha,’ I said and we both lied there in bed for some time tied in each others arms. I had already passed out in my pajama.

‘Darling, I need a hot bath.’ She said.

I filled the bath tub with hot water in attached bathroom. She undressed me. She made me sit on the edge of bathtub and kissed my cock. I played with her neck and forced my erect cock in her mouth. She sucked my cock. We helped each other to remove oil from our body. She applied soap on my naked body and I did the same with her. She brought two glasses full of whiskey. We drank and had lot of fun in bath tub. I made her stand on her four legs and fucked her entering in to her from her back side.

We dried each other’s body with clean towels and went back in to bedroom. I began dressing as time was running out and any moment my wife was expected back home from temple. But Manisha wasn’t ready to free me. She wanted some more fun in position 69. I licked her pussy as she sucked my cock. We both were exhausted. Finally, she fell in to deep sleep in my arms sucking my nipples. I covered her naked body under bed sheet and managed to exit her bed room.

I heard click in the main door as I entered in drawing room and saw my son Abhishek entering.

‘What happened? Daddy, now you are also not answering my calls! Is she alright?’

OH My GOD! Had I forgotten my cell in her bed room?

‘I am fine now.’ We both were surprised to hear Manisha’s voice and turned to see her. She was standing at the door of her bed room desperately trying to cover her naked body with a bed sheet. She said, ‘I had pain in my body. Daddyji gave me a very good massage and I am feeling lot better now. Thanks a lot Daddyji!’ she smiled at me mischievously.

‘Abhishek, your Daddy is good in giving massage.’ My wife had already entered from main door. ‘Who knows better than me?’

* * *

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