Futa Daughter’s Naughty Temptation 13: Futa’s Wicked Mommy Plan

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Futa Daughter’s Naughty Temptation

Chapter Thirteen: Futa’s Wicked Mommy Plan

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!

Madeline Marlow

I ripped my cock out of Mrs. Spencer’s pussy, anger boiling through me. I felt so hurt. Betrayed. Sky was lying to me. I didn’t know why that was shocking. She had been lying to me since Sunday while I had believed that she had changed. That things were different now.

That we were finally close. Bonding. That she could trust me.

“What’s wrong?” gasped Mrs. Spencer, her big breasts heaving, her nipples beading with milk.

“My daughter snuck over here in the middle of the night and fucked you!” I hissed.

“Well, I thought you knew.” Mrs. Spencer furrowed her brow. “Madeline, why do you think I was showing off to you. I figured you must be like Sky, and then your cock grew and I was so ready to be fucked again by a futa. Mmm, is she going to sneak over again?”

“She’s ruined you,” I groaned.

“Ruined?” Mrs. Spencer laughed. “Why, because I cheated on my husband. I mean… I thought Greg was a skilled lover, but… Oh, Sky and you are both amazing. We have hours before he gets back. Want to get your daughter over here? I don’t mind sharing you. Mmm, I know it’s wicked, but—”

“I can’t hear this,” I said, struggling to think. Sky was over at the Matthews. I spun around and grabbed my sweatpants. My phone was…

Back in the house.

I thrust my legs into them, my boobs heaving. I couldn’t let Sky enjoy our reverend’s wife. That would ruin church. Mrs. Matthews couldn’t succumb to this. I was supposed to stop Sky. That was why Grace gave me this cock.

To tame my futa-daughter.

Instead, she’s the one corrupting you, Grace whispered. Why did Mrs. Reyes walk in on you today?

I froze at that thought, my sweatpants halfway up my legs. Grace was right. That wasn’t Mrs. Reyes’s classroom. It was no one’s classroom. That’s why I had chosen it for the lunch-time romp with my daughter. A safe place where she could deflower Aoi.

Sky had gotten me thinking of MILFs. Of giving them pleasure. She wanted me to accept her desire to fuck married MILFs. That was her scheme. Her whole ploy of making me “seduce” a woman eager to be fucked was just the first step.v

I pulled on my t-shirt.

“You really don’t have to go,” Mrs. Spencer said. “I could use another round.”

“Sorry,” I said. “I have to go punish my daughter.”

“For giving me such pleasure?” She asked.

“For lying to me! For tricking me! Manipulating me!” She went over early. She must have already fucked Mrs. Matthews. It was Monday. The reverend was leading a men’s bible study. There would have been nothing to stop Sky from her seduction.

It was what she wanted. The MILF that would be the most satisfying for her to corrupt. And look at me, just lost to the pleasures of my cock. Consumed by it as much as Sky. I was just like my daughter only I had kept my inner-slut chained for all these years.

I had to re-chain her. This had to stop.

I marched out the door and strode across the yard. In moments, I was across the quiet street and bursting into my own house where I was confronted with a naked Aoi and Natasha cuddling on the couch both flushed and delicious looking.

“Oh, hey,” Aoi said. “We’re starved. When’s dinner, Mrs. Marlow?”

“Order a pizza,” I growled. “I have to go. Sorry. Sky is being naughty.”

“No!” Natasha gasped. Sky’s best friend stood up. “What do you need from me?”

I glanced at her in shock. Did she want to help me against her friend? No, no, I made her into my sex slave, of course. I had won her affection. I bit my lip. Could I use Natasha for this? I stared at her.

Was Natasha pretending to be my slut all part of Sky’s plan?

“It was neat with Mrs. Reyes,” I said. “I’m glad Sky arranged it.”

Natasha blinked in shock. “She did? What?”

“Oh, you don’t have to pretend that you didn’t know,” I told her, putting on a fake smile. “I know all about it.”

“I really didn’t know.” Natalie furrowed her brow. “She didn’t mention having the hots for Mrs. Reyes at…” She trailed off. “Well, I thought she was checking out Mrs. Reyes when we got to school, but she said it was Aoi. That was where I got the idea that she would be a great virgin to deflower.”

So I could trust Natalie. There was no reason the girl would not be part of Sky’s scheme unless Sky didn’t trust her.

“Okay,” I said. “I’m afraid Sky’s been fucking MILFs behind our backs.”

Natalie’s gasped. “But you told her not to. She said she was being a good girl. Like me.”

It’s that futa-demon, Grace said. We have to figure out how to do something about her.

Okay. What?

I’ve been thinking about that… I was hoping to just neutralize her. Get Sky obsessed with virgins. Spice hates virgins. She likes married women. Not cute, young things… like me.

The pain in Grace’s voice made me blink. Do you love her?

What? N-no. Of course not! I’m her jailer. I don’t love her. That’s foolish. She gave a nervous laugh. She was just never happy with me. I mean… I have such small breasts…

Small breasts are wonderful, I told her. But we need a plan. I have to find out if she has slept with Mrs. Matthews. Maybe we’re not too late.

We are, Grace whispered. She left an hour ago. She had all the time in the world to corrupt her.

And she’s out with Georgia right now. Probably trying to corrupt her into doing something naughty.

Probably. Grace hesitated. I think we need to do something bold, but you’re going to have to be strong. Fight against temptation.

I can be strong, I thought with complete confidence.


Sky Marlow

I had to corrupt Georgia into doing something naughty.

We were at the movies. There was a romantic comedy out I wanted to see. Georgia was excited, too. I looked around at the people here. Who would be perfect to corrupt Georgia with? I had to get her on the MILF idea. That would be best.

Just loving a sexy, older woman with me. Then when I brought her home, Mommy dearest would be randy and aching for more of my girl-dick. I bet I could convince her to go down on Georgia. That would be hot.

Just some delicious MILF on daughter action. It would be so hot.

“Mmm, I hope the theater’s not full,” I said as we moved up. “The movie’s been out a few weeks and it’s Monday.”

“You’re not?” Georgia whispered. “I mean…”

I winked at her and then my gaze fell on her.

I shuddered at the sight of the MILF two people in line before us. She had blonde hair, but it came from a bottle. I could see the brown roots. She was checking her phone and shaking her head, looking annoyed about something. In a nice pair of jeans and a crop top, she looked like she was out on a casual date. A wedding ring gleamed.

Movie night with hubby?

And where was he? I shuddered as we moved closer to the kiosk. My ears pricked up as she ordered a ticket to our movie. My heart beat faster and faster. My hips wiggled in my skirt, my clit wanting to burst into a mighty futa-cock. Just a big and throbbing shaft that would feel so wonderful in her mouth.

We moved up. The guy before us ordered for the new superhero movie. I saw it last week with Natalie. We blew the guys who took us during the boring parts of the movie and they finished up just in time for the things to heat up for the finale.

I wanted to get a blowjob this time.

“Hey, two for A Morning Proposal,” I said brightly, pulling out my phone and thrusting it out with a bar code of a reward card.

He scanned it. “Okay. It’ll be starting in fifteen minutes in auditorium 13.” He pointed to a hallway. “Just keep going that way.”


I watched the MILF go to the concession stands, so I took Georgia there. I watched that MILF’s bubbly butt the entire time before us. I just wanted to pinch it. To slap it. To ride her ass so hard right here for everyone to watch.

She turned around and gave us a polite smile that fell away.

“Seeing the movie alone?” I asked her.

“I am now,” she muttered. “My husband had to work late. Last minute.”

“Poor thing,” Georgia said. “I’m sure he’s bummed, too.”

“Oh, yeah, he’s weaseled out of seeing this movie three times now. Well, I’m not missing it.”

“A Morning Proposal?” I asked.

“I guess it’s obvious which movie a guy would want to skip out on.” She shook her head. “But he’ll drag me to see the next Spider Whatsit they make or Iron Dork or whatever he’s called.”

“Iron Man,” said Georgia who squirmed. A fan of superhero films? How interesting.

“Well, we’re seeing A Morning Proposal, too,” I said. “We’ll keep you company.”

“Of course,” Georgia said.

She was just the perfect girl for this. The married woman smiled. “Thanks.”

“I’m Sky, and this is my date, Georgia.”

Georgia blushed. “Hi.”

“Oh, that’s cute,” she said. “Maybe if I had gone gay, I wouldn’t have been stood up by my husband.” Then she blushed. “I’m sorry for making it sound like a choice or something.”

“It’s pure magnetism, right?” I asked Georgia. “You just see it and you want it.”

“Yeah,” she said, quivering, her eyes dreamy.

“Well, I’m Felicia,” she said.

“But you’re married,” I gasped. “My mom raised me to address people with respect. It’s Mrs…”

“Uh, Simmons,” she said. “Don’t get called that much, though.”

“Well, Mrs. Simmons, let’s get our popcorn and drinks and hit the theater.”

“Sure,” Mrs. Simmons said.

Mmm, my dick was throbbing as she was so nice to buy us snacks. Then we headed to the theater. It was at the far end of the place. We had to pass every other screen, or so it seemed, izmir escort bayan and were crammed in one of the small theaters.

We settled down in the back row. Mrs. Simmons looked relieved when we didn’t go upfront. I don’t know why adults hated sitting up close. That was the best, but not for what I wanted to do. I had plans.

My clit twitched as we settled down. We chatted and giggled. Mrs. Simmons relaxed and smiled with those lush lips I wanted to feel wrapped around my clit-dick. I ached to have her nursing on me. I would have such an amazing time.

People flitted in, a few couples and some women who came as friends. There maybe were ten people in the theater. That was perfect. The lights came down as the MPAA’s green warning came up on the screen. All these trailers were okay for kiddies to watch.

No red band trailers for us.

There were three horror movies. Three of them. All coming out next month. Why didn’t April have any horror movies? That was so weird. There were two animated films, another rom-com, and a superhero film.

Finally, the movie started.

It was a standard rom-com. Boy meets girl. They don’t get along, but they keep getting thrown back together and, despite all their difference, they would get all kissy-kissy by the end. I was enjoying it, waiting for the moment.

I let my futa-dick sprout while pulling down on my black miniskirt. I shuddered as my clit blossomed into a thick and throbbing cock. I savored it growing thicker and longer, thrusting up from my crotch. My cock twitched and throbbed. My pussy clenched as I reached my peak firth.

I grabbed Georgia’s hand and brought it casually to my cock. She wrapped her fingers around it, slicked with popcorn butter. She gasped and shot me a look. I winked at her, the changing images on the screen flashing light across her face.

She gave me a pleading look then flicked her eyes to Mrs. Simmons.

I grabbed her wrist and worked her hand up and down my cock. I loved the feel of her hand on my clit-dick. She had such a wonderful grip. She brushed the tip of my cock and then slid back down. I released her hand.

She kept pumping all on her own.

I smiled and then put my hand casually on the MILF’s thigh. Right beneath the hem of her skirt. I loved the warm feeling of her skin. She shifted as I casually stroked up and down her thigh. I massaged her while Georgia fisted my cock. She gazed straight ahead.

I pushed my hand beneath her skirt.

Mrs. Simmons jumped. She glanced at me and then froze. She had to see that cock throbbing in Georgia’s grip. That big and throbbing girl-dick. My hand pressed further and further up beneath her skirt.

I glanced at her and arched an eyebrow. Her jaw dropped. She shuddered and then she opened her mouth to speak. I shook my head ever so slightly. Then I winked at her while my fingers found her panties.

I felt the edge of them, her skin so warm. I pushed beneath her leg band and felt her silky curls. Her heat increased. She grew wet. Then I found her married folds. I rubbed the MILF’s cunt. She shuddered as I did.

“Sky,” she whispered.

“Shhhh,” I said.

Georgia kept fisting my cock as the MILF squirmed beside me. My fingers stroked her pussy lips. I loved the feel of her silky folds. I caressed her and then found her twat’s entrance. I thrust two fingers into her.

She groaned softly, her cunt clenching.

I fingered her twat while Georgia fisted her hand up and down my cock. No one sitting before us had any idea the naughty threesome forming behind them. I breathed in deeply, this wonderful thrill rushing through me.

“Mmm,” I groaned.

Georgia glanced at me. I winked at her.

She shot her gaze back to the screen, her hand still stroking my cock. Mrs. Simmons’s cunt squeezed about my digits. The pressure built and built at the tip of my clit-dick. My cunt grew hotter and hotter.

This was so exciting. I thrust a third finger into the MILF. She groaned, her breasts jiggling in her blouse. Her cunt squeezed down on my fingers. I loved the feel of her about me. Her juice soaked my digits.

My thumb found her clit.

Her cunt clamped down on my fingers. Her back arched. She shuddered and whimpered. I loved it. I glanced at her then flicked my gaze down at my futa-dick. I pressed my thumb harder into her bud. I massaged her little clit.

She licked her lips while staring at my shaft.

Then she ducked her head down. The MILF slid her lips over my cock. Georgia’s hand stroked up my shaft and bumped the MILF. She gasped and stared down at the MILF sucking my clit-dick. Then her panicked gaze shot up to mine, her eyes wide.

“Shhh,” I said and groaned as my cunt clenched. My twat drank in the heat of her sucking on my dick. She nursed with passion. Oh, yes, she was good. She was nursing with all this passion. I loved it. I savored every bit of it.

Georgia stared at me.

I leaned over and whispered, “Relax. She caught us. She wants to suck my dick. Just got to let her. Mmm, just a hot mommy sucking my clit-dick. Like my mom does.”

She shuddered, her hand tightening on my dick.

I licked her ear and she trembled. “You like a naughty mommy licking your pussy, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she whimpered.

“And I like it, too,” I groaned. “Remember how much fun we had with Mrs. Reyes.”

Georgia nodded.

“Now we’re going to have fun with Mrs. Simmons,” I said, thrusting my fingers deep into the MILF’s cunt while she sucked hard on my girl-dick. I rubbed her clit harder. “Don’t you want her to lick cum out of your pussy?”

“Well…” she whimpered. “What about your mom?”

“What about her?” I asked. “She loved fucking Mrs. Reyes. You saw how much she got into it. She’d be loving Mrs. Simmons if she was here.”

“I guess.”

I smiled at her. “Don’t guess. Now kiss me.”

Georgia did. She sealed her lips on mine. Her tongue thrust into my mouth. I kissed the reverend’s daughter with hunger. My clit-dick burst with pleasure. My orgasm exploded through me. My pussy clenched and spasmed.

Jizz fired into Mrs. Simmons’s hungry mouth. I basted the MILF with my cum. My fingers thrust into her twat. I buried deep into her twat. I loved the way her snatch squeezed about my digits. It was an amazing feeling.

I loved every moment. Her cream soaked my digits as she convulsed. She squealed around my cock.

I moaned into Georgia’s lips as the dual delights of my orgasm swept through me. Rapture from my cunt and ecstasy from my clit-dick. I squirmed through my climax, pumping load after load of cum into Mrs. Simmons’s mouth. Her twat spasmed around my fingers as she enjoyed her own orgasm.

I hit the peak of mine.

Hovered there.

Then I fired the last of my cum into her mouth. I broke the kiss with Georgia, panting. The MILF’s cunt stopped spasming around my fingers. She suckled a final time at my cock, sending a final burst of pleasure through my body.

I savored it. That was great. I shuddered and squirmed. “Damn, Mrs. Simmons, you’re awesome!”

She slid her lips off my cock and groaned, “I can’t believe I did that. I just… And you.. how did you hide that monster beneath your skirt.”

“It’s my clit,” I breathed. “I grew it. I’m a futa.”

“Yeah,” Georgia whispered, squirming.

“Now, Mrs. Simmons,” I said, sliding my fingers out of her cunt and holding them up, “you’re wet. Did my little fingers satisfy you at all.”

She shook her head.

“Of course not,” I said. “How would you like my cock sliding into that married cunt. Give you the pleasure that your husband isn’t.”

She swallowed.

“We can’t do it here,” Georgia said.

“Mmm, here’s some Mommy juices for you to enjoy,” I told her and smeared my wet fingers on her lips. She sucked on them. “Of course not here. I saw a restroom. They’re all empty unless a show empties out. So, let’s slip into the handicap stall and get our freak on.”

“In a bathroom?” Mrs. Simmons asked.

“I mean, can you wait?”

She shook her head.

“They have clean bathrooms here.” I pulled my fingers from Georgia’s mouth. “Now, what do you say? Blow off this movie and have fun with this sexy mommy?”

Georgia bit her lip. “I mean… if your mom won’t be mad at us.”

“Of course not,” I said. “Mmm, this is why you’re my girlfriend. You want to play with sexy mommies with me? Mine. Mrs. Simmons. Others.”

Georgia smiled. “I’m really your girlfriend?”

“Sure,” I said. Why not? She was cute. Surprisingly fun to play with. Having the reverend’s daughter in love with my cock was hot, and getting her and her mother together would be the best delight in the world.

“Let’s do it!”

Georgia’s enthusiasm had a few heads turning. She clamped her hands over her mouth. I bet her cheeks were bright red. I let my clit-dick shrink as I stood up and pushed down my skirt. Mrs. Simmons gasped, noticing my shrinking cock.

“Wow,” the MILF whispered.

I winked at her.

Georgia led us out of the seats and then the theater. I blinked against the glare. My clit pulsed as we hurried to the nearest ladies’ room. Georgia pushed through the door. It was empty, a dozen stalls, the last one extra-wide.

Plenty of room for us to get wild.

I smiled as I threw open the stall door, nodding my head. This was just perfect for my plans. I glanced at the MILF, at that delicious skirt and her big tits. I licked my lips and then I peeled off my boob tube.

Mrs. Simmons stared at my firm, little titties. She shuddered, her hands rubbing together. Was this her first time admiring a pair of tits? What would she do when I thrust down my miniskirt? So I did just that.

Her eyes flicked down to my tight pussy. I let my clit grow.

It sprouted from my pussy folds. My buca escort clit thrust forward, growing thicker and longer. Mrs. Simmons gasped. She stared at my cock growing bigger. Wider. The proof that I was a futa thrusting out before me.

You are so wicked! giggled the busty Spice. I caught her reflection distorted in the metal handlebar to help stand.

I winked at her as my futa-dick reached its full girth. Mrs. Simmons shuddered. She fanned her face. Georgia grabbed my cock. She stroked up and down my shaft, making me ache. I groaned, my toes curling.

“She’s just so sexy,” Georgia said. “I mean, look at that.”

“I am,” breathed Mrs. Simmons.

“Mmm, Georgia, Mrs. Simmons is way, way too dressed.” I glanced at her. “What do you say, want to fix that?”

Georgia nodded, her innocent face brimming with such lust. That made her all the sexier. I loved that look of depravity in her eyes. This was the best. Just awesome. I was so eager for this passion. It would be amazing.

The pair of us darted in and attacked Mrs. Simmons. We pulled up her blouse, forcing her to thrust her arms into the air. In a flash, it was off, her bleached-blonde hair spilling about her face. A purple bra constrained her large breasts.”

I snapped the strap. “That’s cute.”

“Thanks,” she said, squirming. “Though you just went without.”

“Well, when they’re small and cute…” I said. “Though I bet Georgia’s got a bra on.”

“My mom would never let me leave the house without one,” Georgia said and pulled off her blouse to reveal a snowy bra that was plain and yet enticing for their virginal delight.

“Ooh, that’s cute,” the MILF said.

Georgia blushed and squirmed. “Thanks.”

“Mmm, your bra’s cute, Mrs. Simmons, but I want to see what you got beneath it.” I licked my lips, eager to stare at those tatas. I thrust my hands around her body. I slid my hands behind her and found the clasp. In a second, it was off.

“You’re faster than my husband,” she groaned as I pulled her bra off.

I winked at her. “I like titties!”

Her cups fell away and her tits bounced out. They had a heavy jiggle to them. As I was pulling her straps down her arms, Georgia squealed and then buried her face into the valley of those tits. She rubbed her face between them, clearly reveling in those big tits.

It was hot to watch. My dick throbbed as the cutie pressed those boobs into her face. I smacked her on the ass. “That’s it. Enjoy those mommy-boobs.”

“Oh, my, she’s enthusiastic,” Mrs. Simmons groaned. “I’ve never… With girls. And you’re both so young. My children are your age.”

I winked at her and then I moved behind her and tugged down her skirt. I knelt and found a matching pair of purple panties. They were a delight to see as they molded to her rump. Georgia was moaning up front, her voice muffled by those lush boobs.

Skirt off, it was time to pull off those panties. I hooked my fingers into her waistband and pulled them down. They rolled down off her ass. I shuddered as her pale ass appeared. Nice and plump. I darted in and bit.

Not hard but enough for her to squeal. “Sky!”

“Mmm, that’s a yummy ass,” I moaned and pulled her panties down further to expose the brown-furred muff that I had fingered. Her sweet musk filled my nose. Her cream beaded on her curls. I rolled her panties down her calves. “And that pussy… I’m drooling.”

“I bet you are,” the MILF said, stepping out of her panties.

That made her butt-cheeks jiggle before me.

My dick throbbing, I nuzzled my face into her bush and licked at her. My tongue caressed her slit. I stroked her. She groaned, her butt-cheeks clenching tight before my face. It was amazing to enjoy. My tongue thrust into her cunt.

I swirled around in her married pussy. I reveled in the taste of her. Her flavor soaked my tongue. She was amazing. I swirled around in her. I fluttered my tongue back and forth. I made her groan. Her pussy cream soaked my tongue.

What a delicious flavor to taste. I fluttered my tongue around in her cunt. Georgia suckled loudly. She must be nursing on a nipple. The MILF moaned. She was clearly in heaven. Her voice reverberated through the bathroom.

“Oh, my god,” she gasped. “You girls… Oh, this is… I mean… Your tongue, Sky!”

“I love pussy!” I moaned. “What can I say?”

“Yeah, you love pussy!” she groaned. “And Georgia… Oh, my, you’re sucking hard on my nipple.”

“Mmm,” purred Georgia.

I loved this.

Mrs. Simmons’s brown bush rubbed against my face. Her curls caressed me. It was awesome. I loved every moment of it. My body shuddered. The pleasure surged through my body. It was an outstanding delight. My tongue whipped her cunt up to a froth.

Just a delight to enjoy. Her cream spilled down my tongue and rolled over my chin. I breathed in her musk. I savored her sweet aroma as I feasted on her. I loved every last second of devouring her married cunt.

“Mmm, Mrs. Simmons,” moaned Georgia. “Your nipples are so nice, but…”

“You want to eat some mommy pussy?” I asked. “Before I even put any cum in it.”

“Just… to compare them,” the corrupted girl moaned.

My clit throbbed. I was so excited about this. “Come on down.”

Georgia’s skirt rustled as she dropped to her knees. Then she nuzzled in from the front. I licked at the MILF’s pussy and brushed Georgia’s tongue. Mrs. Simmons groaned as she had two naughty girls eating her pussy.

My futa-dick loved this. I thrust my tongue into the MILF’s cunt while Georgia fluttered against Mrs. Simmons’s clit (and brushing my lower lips in the process). The MILF’s twat squeezed about my tongue as she moaned.

This was so hot.

I wiggled my tongue around inside of her snatch, savoring her sweet taste. Georgia moaned and then suckled. The MILF gasped. That naughty preacher’s daughter was nursing on the MILF’s clit. I loved it.

Mrs. Simmons did, too. “Oh, Georgia. Oh, that’s good. Mmm, and Sky, your tongue… Your tongue is dancing around inside of me.”

I was so glad that she liked that. I caressed her with hunger. I wanted to make her cum. I ached for her. I swirled around in her snatch. She gasped, her passion echoing through the stall. It was an amazing sound to hear.

I drilled my tongue into her snatch. I fluttered in fast circles, her juices running down my chin. Georgia’s suckling echoed. The MILF’s butt-cheeks flexed right before my eyes. Then she gasped out her pleasure.

“You girls!”

Her pussy convulsed around my tongue.

A flood of sweet juices gushed out and bathed my face. I licked up her MILF passion. So did Georgia. Our tongues brushed as we stroked her pussy lips from opposite directions. She bucked and moaned, her passion resounding around the stall.

“Oh, my god!” she moaned. “You girls… This is so naughty. Oh, yes, I love this.”

“Mmm, and we love making mommies cum, right, Georgia?” I moaned.

“Yes!” Georgia groaned.

I shuddered and licked at her juices. Her moans died down, her orgasm passing. My futa-dick ached to be in her married snatch now. I had to fuck her, but Georgia needed her own fun. She deserved it.

“Mmm, why don’t you munch on some yummy twat while I fuck you, Mrs. Simmons,” I groaned, rising and gripping her ass.

“Oh, wow,” panted Mrs. Simmons. “I’ve never… You know…”

“I hadn’t before I did,” said Georgia. I heard cloth rustling. She must be taking off her skirt and panties. “But you’ll just start licking and doing things, and I’ll love it.”

“Okay,” the MILF said.

“Mmm, Georgia’s just eager to get eaten out by a mommy,” I purred.

“Yep!” the naughty girl said.

My mom and I had corrupted that girl. I loved it.

Georgia sat on the toilet and leaned back, her legs spread wide. Her black bush dripped in her juices. Mrs. Simmons fell to her knees before me. She leaned down and buried her face between the girl’s thighs. Georgia gasped.

I grinned at that MILF getting herself some hot poon.

I dropped to my knees, my futa-cock bobbing. I stared at that brown bush. I lined up at her married pussy, so eager to give her a pussy full of cum for Georgia to devour. She would love it. I flicked my eyes to her and smiled at the joy on her face.

I pressed my cock into the MILF’s bush. Her silky hair caressed over me. That ticklish feeling was incredible. I groaned, shuddering in delight. I pushed deeper into her cunt. Her hairs tickled me. They felt so naughty.

I grinned and pushed into her cunt. I savored that silky twat sliding around my dick. It was an amazing delight. I groaned as I worked into that hot cunt. Her married sheath massaged my throbbing futa-cock.

“Oh, my god,” she moaned. “You’re so huge. I’ve never had anything that big in me.”

“She is amazing,” Georgia moaned. “Just like your tongue.”

“Mmm, call her Mommy!” I purred. “After all, she’s a sexy MILF.”

“Yes, yes, eat my pussy, Mommy!” Georgia moaned, her eyes widening. Was she thinking of her mother?

I hoped so.

I gripped Mrs. Simmons’s hips. She moaned as I drew back my cock. Her tight pussy gripped me. That wonderful, silky sheath felt so incredible about me. I thrust back into her. I buried hard into her snatch. I plunged to the hilt in her cunt.

Her twat squeezed hard about me. I groaned, savoring that hot cunt massaging me. I pumped away at her, my hands sliding from her hips. I swept up her body. I stroked her silky flesh. I grabbed her tits. I held her tight.

I kneaded her boobs. I loved the feel of those heavy tits in my hand. She moaned into Georgia’s cunt, feasting on the naughty girl’s cunt. Georgia’s small tits quivered as she squirmed. The toilet creaked.

“Oh, Mommy, eat my naughty cunny!” Georgia moaned, her eyes squeezing tight. “Just eat my pussy, Mommy.”

“Oh, izmir escort god, this is fucked up,” Mrs. Simmons moaned. “Mmm, but your twat tastes so good.”

“Yes, it does!” I moaned, pumping away at her while my hands kneaded her tits.

Every thrust into her cunt swelled the pressure in my ovaries. My load of futa-cum brimmed in there, eager to flood the MILF’s pussy and give Georgia that treat. Not that she wasn’t enjoying herself. Her body trembled.

She moaned and groaned as the MILF feasted on her cunt. Mrs. Simmons’s bleached-blonde hair spilled over Georgia’s thighs. The married woman moaned as my cock slammed into her cunt. She squeezed about me, gripping me on the pullback.

“Yes, yes, that’s good,” the MILF groaned. “Oh, Sky, your dick…”

“Going to cum on my dick?” I asked.

“Of course! Your futa-cock is huge!”

I grinned at that.

“Oh, Mommy!” Georgia panted. “Oh, Mommy, that’s so good. Just lick at me. Lap at me. Oooh, that’s awesome.”

“Cum on your mommy’s mouth, Georgia!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned, her body shuddering. “Just keep licking me.”

“Mmm, I want you to cum!” the MILF moaned.

I grinned, thrusting away hard. I slammed my cock into her cunt now. My pussy clenched every time I buried into her twat. The heat from my clit-dick spread through my snatch. Juices ran down my thighs.

I shuddered, coming closer and closer to cumming. The ache at the tip of my cock neared that moment of exploding. I buried hard and fast into the MILF’s cunt. Her pussy squeezed about me. She moaned into Georgia’s cunt.

“Mommy!” the girl squealed. “Oh, my, yes! I’m cumming, Mommy!”

Mrs. Simmons’s head moved. She licked and lapped at Georgia’s cunt, drinking up all those spicy juices. I groaned, slamming into the MILF’s cunt. Her twat grew hotter. She moaned as she feasted on Georgia’s passion.

“Oh, god, yes!” she gasped. “Fuck!”

Her pussy convulsed around my dick.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned, slamming into her cunt. My dick throbbed and ached as I drew back. Her flesh rippled around me. “Mrs. Simmons!”

“Mommy!” Georgia gasped. “So good!”

I rammed into Mrs. Simmons’s climaxing cunt. Her flesh sucked at me. Then I groaned and erupted. My cum fired into her snatch. I fired blast after blast of jizz into her twat. I shuddered and unloaded spurt after spurt of cum into her cunt.

Stars burst out of my eyes. Pleasure washed out of my cunt and erupted from my cock. My back arched as the cum pumped out of my futa-dick and into the married woman’s pussy. Her flesh spasmed around me. She milked me with that delicious pussy. I groaned, riding the high.

“Oh, you girls!” gasped Mrs. Simmons, her pussy massaging out the last drops of my cum.

“Georgia, there is a lot of cum in your mommy’s pussy for you to lick out,” I groaned, my heart pounding.

“Really?” she asked, her blue eyes snapping open.

“Yep,” I purred.

Georgia fell to her knees and buried her face into the MILF’s cum-matted bush. Mrs. Simmons gasped, her bleached-blonde locks spilling about her head. I smiled at the sight. My futa-cock throbbed and ached as I fell to my knees. My dick quivered before me.

I grabbed it and stroked my cock, my tip aimed at Georgia’s cute, tight tush. I hated Mom calling my ass a tush, but Georgia’s was one. A cute and adorable tush that I just had to ravish with my big and naughty futa-dick.

I pressed my pussy-soaked shaft into her butt-crack. Georgia didn’t even stop eating the MILF’s creampie. I slid my cock to that tight asshole. Then I smiled and pushed on it. She moaned as her anal ring parted.

“Oh, my,” the MILF gasped. “Anal?”

“She’s a dirty reverend’s daughter!” I purred.

“Yes!” Georgia squealed while her asshole stretched open.

That delicious anal ring widened and widened and then swallowed my cock. I groaned as I slid into her asshole. I groaned at the delight of sliding into her wonderful bowels. It was amazing. I shuddered, the heat swelling through me. It was fantastic to enjoy. Her flesh milked me. Held me.

It was awesome.

I slid my dick into the girl’s tight asshole while she feasted on the MILF. Mrs. Simmons groaned, those lovely tits of her swayed. I stared at them jiggling, my grin growing bigger and bigger. This was such a wonderful thrill.

I bottomed out in Georgia’s bowels. She had taken me. “Mmm, you love that big dick in your butt while munching on some mommy cunt.”

“I do!” Georgia moaned. “Oh, Mommy, your pussy tastes so good. Especially full of Sky’s cum.”

“I can tell you love it,” the MILF groaned. “Oh, yes, yes, that’s good.”

I grinned and drew back my hips. My cock throbbed in her anal depths. This felt incredible. I shuddered, my boobs quivering. I gripped Georgia’s narrow hips and plunged back into the girl’s delicious asshole.

I fucked her with passion. Mrs. Simmons’s pussy cream lubed things perfectly. I loved every moment of fucking into her. I savored this delight. This pleasure swelled and swelled in me as I fucked my hips forward.

I buried into her again and again. The pleasure built and built at the tip of my cock. I groaned, my dick throbbing and aching. I plundered her bowels with passion. I buried to the hilt in her again and again.

“Sky!” she moaned. “Mmm, fuck me while I lick at Mommy’s cunt.”

“God, she’s licking!” groaned the MILF. “She’s got her tongue deep in me.”

“Good!” I panted.

It was delicious to fuck Georgia’s asshole. Incredible. I groaned, my face scrunching up. I groaned, pumping away at her asshole with my big futa-dick. The pleasure of her bowels was exquisite. I shuddered as I sodomized her. A true delight to enjoy.

Juices ran down my thighs. Hot trickles of cream that would melt through me. I groaned, my hips wiggling from side to side. This was the life. This delight right here. I reveled in every plunge. My dick ached, my orgasm growing and growing.

“Mmm, you going to cum, Mommy?” Georgia moaned.

“Getting there,” Mrs. Simmons panted.

“Yeah, you’ll drown me, Mommy!”

I smiled and slammed into Georgia’s asshole. My crotch smacked her cute tush. My pussy clenched, the heat swelling in my ovaries. I loved the velvety friction of her asshole. I slammed into her faster and faster. I fucked her with passion. With speed.

It was delicious.

I slammed into her, our pants and moans echoing through the bathroom. My ovaries tightened. The ache built and built at the tip of my cock. I surged towards my climax as I fucked the naughty girl feasting on the MILF’s pussy.

“Yes,” whimpered the MILF.

“Cum on her mouth!” I groaned, slamming into Georgia’s bowels.

“Oh, my god, Georgia!” the MILF moaned, her body bucking.

“Oh, Mommy, your cream tastes so good!” Georgia moaned.

I slammed into her tight asshole. Her bowels squeezed around me as she drank down the MILF’s pussy cream. I drew back and Georgia gasped. Her asshole convulsed around my cock. She joined the MILF in orgasmic delight.

I groaned and buried into my girlfriend’s asshole. I slammed in deep and hard. Her bowels rippled and writhed around Georgia’s asshole. I groaned, savoring her suction. The pressure swelled at the tip of my cock. I buried into her asshole.

I erupted.

“Oh, yes, yes!” I moaned, pumping my cum into Georgia’s asshole. I shuddered, savoring the pleasure of her bowels rippling around me.

“Sky!” she squealed, her naughty asshole sucking at me. She worked out my cum. She drew it all out. It would be such a delight. I groaned, my heart racing. This pleasure swam through me. It was intense. Delicious.


My cum spurted over and over into her bowels. I hit the peak of my pleasure. I quivered there, pussy cream running down my thighs. The pleasure buzzed through me. I shuddered, panting. I felt like a million bucks.

“Damn,” I groaned. “that was great.”

“Uh-huh,” panted Mrs. Simmons.

“Mmm, but our movie’s about to let up,” I said. “We should get dressed.”

We pulled on our clothes (it didn’t take me long) and then we were kissing Mrs. Simmons goodbye. As the MILF headed out before us with a bounce to our step, I put my arm around Georgia and pulled her close.

“What do you say that we go to your house and seduce your real mother?” I purred.

Her eyes lit up. She swelled up and then froze. “But… what would your mother say.”

“Well, let’s find out,” I said and pulled out my phone. I opened up a contact, Mom, and sent, “Hey, Mom, is it cool if Georgia and I have sex with her mother?”

Georgia leaned in and then gasped, “She’s responding.”

You could see the little dots blinking at the bottom. “Of course it’s okay,” Mom texted me. “Mrs. Reyes really showed me that MILFs are as much fun as nubile girls.”

“There,” I said to Georgia. “See, it’s okay.”

She beamed at me. “Then let’s do it. Let’s have sex with my mom!”

She was such a naïve girl. Contacts could be changed. Anyone, like Mrs. Reyes, could be in my phone as “Mom,” ready and waiting to send back a text if I needed it. I hummed as we headed out of the restroom for the second half of our date.


Madeline Marlow

I rang the doorbell of the Matthews home.

“Coming,” said Helena Matthews. The door opened a minute later. The reverend’s wife had a big smile on her lips, that sort of pleased delight that could only come from orgasms that utterly satiated a woman.

The reverend’s wife had succumbed to my futa-daughter.

“My daughter’s not the only futa in the family,” I told her. “We need to talk.”

She gasped, her eyes flicking down to my sweatpants. Her whimper of lust broke my heart. The reverend’s marriage would forever be soiled because of my daughter’s selfishness. That would change. And Mrs. Matthews would help.

This will work, Grace said. You’ll see. This will save your daughter from Spice!

To be continued…

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