Futa’s Wild Passion 16: Futa Joins the Lesbian Club


Futa’s Wild Passion

Chapter Sixteen: Futa Joins the Lesbian Club

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to FallenAngelX00 for beta reading this!

I shuddered at the sight of the lesbian passion raging in the dean’s office. It was a scene of lesbian debauchery that shouldn’t be found in any college’s administration wing and yet I was so glad to see it.

Just as Dean Washington had told me, there was a group of lesbian staff who enjoyed seducing us nubile coed into sapphic passion. I had been looking forward to this since Monday. Now it was Thursday, and here I was to join one of the meetings in progress.

Everyone was naked in the room. Coach Clarkson, who I had a feeling had wanted to slip into the private room where I showered after PE the last three days and had fun with me, sat perched on the dean’s desk. She had her legs spread wide and…

“Heather!” I gasped, spotting my fellow classmate and her bubbly ass shaking as she ate out the coach. “You’re in the group?”

“Uh-huh!” moaned Heather. She was in PE with me and her cute rump made me so hard when she stretched before me. “Mmm, you have to try the coach’s pussy. It’s yummy.”

Coach Clarkson had an athletic form that looked delicious as she shuddered in delight. Her eyes were hot and smoky on me. Her round boobs jiggled as the nineteen-year-old girl devoured her twat. My pussy grew so hot and juicy, cream soaking my panties while my futa-dick throbbed and swelled to my fullest erection.

Then I got another surprise. My friend Briana was here. She was bent over and had her face planted between the butt-cheeks of the college’s secretary. My friend rimmed out the older woman, feasting on her while shaking her rear.

“Briana?” I gasped.

My friend ripped her head up, her long, black hair sweeping about her flushed face. Her round breasts jiggled. “Welcome to the club! I’m so glad you decided to join. I never thought you would before you became a futa. I’m so glad! We’re going to be fuck buddies!”

“Yes, we are,” I said as she buried her face back into the secretary’s rump.

The only girl who didn’t shock me being here was Kathy Greene, my little sister’s sexually adventurous friend. The eighteen-year-old girl had her head buried between Dean Washington’s thighs. She sat on her chair rolled out to the side of her desk. Her naked, ebony breasts heaved. They were large, a gold cross glinting between their dark slopes. The Black woman’s face twisted in delight as the naughty minx ate her out.

Kathy’s mother also was good at eating pussy. My dick throbbed as I stared at Kathy Greene’s pussy, eager to try out her cunt after enjoying her mother’s twat. Mrs. Greene taught my English class and yesterday, we’d hooked up. She’d just had Kathy’s younger sister and the woman’s breast milk was delicious.

There were a few other professors on the side of the office, women who I sort of knew but who didn’t teach my classes. There were girls eating them out, cute girls, who were older than me. Juniors and seniors that I didn’t know that well. One was a cheerleader, I think, her red hair gathered in a braid.

“This is amazing,” I said, the scent of hot pussy filling the air. This naughty club of professors molesting schoolgirls had my cunt dripping.

“Get naked,” moaned Dean Washington, her face contorting. “Oh, yes, Kathy, make me cum as I watch Jenny strip naked!”

“Gladly!” Kathy moaned, her cute rump wiggling. Though it had nothing on Heather’s delicious, bubbly ass, it still was a delight to stare at.

I stripped off naked as the sounds of feminine passion echoed around me. My heart pounded in my chest, pumping hot blood through me. My red hair danced and flew as I tore off my blouse. My round breasts heaved in my bra. That followed, landing on the floor with a collection of other clothing.

Dean Washington licked her lips. Coach Clarkson stared at me with hungry eyes as she held Heather’s face down to her cunt. The professors on the side all whimpered, roaming my body with their mature gazes.

My futa-dick throbbed as I dropped my skirt. It fell down my thighs, revealing my shaft tenting the front of my bikini-cut panties. They were a deep blue made of two triangles attached by cords that knotted at my hips. I tugged those knots and liberated my futa-cock.

It bounced down and bobbed before me. Precum flicked from the tip. Every watching woman moaned. The mature professors and sexy dean all stared at me as their orgasms built and built. I grabbed my futa-dick, stroking it, my pussy clenched.

“It’s a real cock!” groaned one of the professors. She had her blonde hair in a bun, glasses on her forehead. “Oh, my god, that’s hot!”

“I’ve never wanted to enjoy a cock before, but…” moaned Coach Clarkson. “I wish I had the courage to slip in and fuck you. I knew you were part of this group, but… but…”

“I wanted you to do that, Coach,” I moaned, staring at her. “I would have loved you so much.”

“Yes!” the woman gasped and then she shook, cumming on Heather’s face. The coach bucked and moaned through her bliss.

“Oh, she’s so perfect,” moaned the secretary. “Briana… Oh, yes, yes!”

Another woman, one of the professors, came while looking at me. It was so hot. My pussy throbbed and ached. I grinned at all of them. Dean Washington whimpered. Then she gasped out. The professors along the wall where all creaming their schoolgirls’ mouths.

It was so hot to be at the center of all these lusty lesbian and bi women’s attention. They were all so naughty to seduce these students, and now they all wanted me. I licked my lips, so eager for the fun that would happen.

“Fuck me first!” moaned Coach Clarkson. “Heather, please, please, let her get to my pussy.”

That bubbly ass wiggled for a moment, then Heather rose. She had pussy cream coating her mouth, her smile broad. Her boobs jiggled as she stepped aside and made a dramatic motion ushering me towards the coach’s furred muff.

“Who wants to sit on my face while Jenny fucks me?” gasped the coach, lowering herself onto her back.

“I do!” Briana moaned. “I’ve been wanting to play with Jenny all week, but some of our friends have been monopolizing her.”

“I’m dating Wendy,” I said. “And she should be invited her. She’s such a lesbian, she just doesn’t want to admit it. She needs help.”

“We’ll keep her in mind,” the dean said, still shuddering. “Ooh, Kathy, fist me now. I love feeling your hand in me.”

My pussy clenched. I was deflowered now after yesterday afternoon’s wild time at my mother’s work. Her dominating boss had taken my cherry with a strap-on. Of course, I’d fucked her harder and turned her into my bitch. I hoped Mom was having fun at work with the new and improved Ivana Petrov.

Brianna scrambled onto the desk as I moved in to fuck the coach’s furred muff. Her dark-blonde pubic hair gleamed with pussy juices. Heather smacked my rump as I passed her, then she darted over to the secretary to have her fun.

Briana settled on Coach Clarkson’s face. My friend’s long, black hair swayed down over her shoulders to her round boobs. She grabbed my cock and pulled me the last few inches to the coach’s juicy twat.

“Fuck her hard, Jenny!” she said, stroking me.

“Do Tina or Pita or Victoria know that you’re into girls?” I asked.

“I’m only into girls in the meetings,” she said, licking her lips as she settled herself down on Coach Clarkson’s face.

The naughty PE teacher grabbed my friend by the thighs and hauled Briana down. In a flash, Briana’s shaved twat was planted right on the coach’s hungry mouth. Her jaw moved. She licked my friend who shuddered and rubbed my cock into the coach’s silken bush.

“Fuck her hard!” Briana purred.

I grinned and did just that.

I thrust to the hilt into the coach’s pussy. My moans joined the others singing through the room. The professors on the side had switched schoolgirls, the blonde woman now getting eaten out by the cheerleader. My futa-cock sank deep into the coach’s perky cunt. Her twat squeezed down around me while the pleasure soaked to my pussy.

Briana grinned at me. Her hands went to my boobs. She gripped my round tatas as I drew back my hips. Pleasure surged down my shaft and through my body while my friend’s thumbs swept over my tits and rubbed my nipples. She pushed them into my areolas, sending delight rippling down to my snatch.

I cupped her face and kissed her as I rammed back into the coach’s tight cunt.

Briana’s lips had that wonderful taste of sour ass on her lips. I shuddered, savoring that delight. Our tongues danced together. My tongue darted over hers. She kissed me back with such hunger. My dick twitched and throbbed in the embrace of the coach’s snatch.

“Mmm, Kelly, let me eat that ass,” Dean Washington said.

“You know what I like!” my professor’s daughter moaned. I couldn’t wait to fuck Kelly, too. Another mother/daughter pair to enjoy. Allie and our mother. Pita and her sexy mom.

What would Wendy’s mom be like? Her parents were hardcore conservatives, but… You never knew.

I thrust hard and fast into Coach Clarkson, animated by that idea. She groaned into Briana’s pussy who moaned into our kiss. My friend’s thumbs rubbed my nipples in hard circles while her fingers kneaded my tits. Pleasure rushed down my futa-cock, feeding the growing heat in my pussy.

I had my tongue thrust so deep into Briana’s mouth I was playing with her tonsils. I loved the sour flavor of the secretary’s ass on her mouth. It mixed with the delight of her massaging thumbs and the coach’s silky pussy.

I was in heaven. Every futa needed to find a club of depraved lesbians.

I pumped away hard and fast at the pussy that held me. The coach’s snatch gripped me. The pleasure was intense. It rushed through me. Pussy juices soaked my fiery bush while I pounded her, my orgasm building faster and faster.

My şişli bayan escort tongue danced with Briana’s. My hands slid down from her face to her shoulders. I gripped them for a moment then went lower. I reached her round breasts. I massaged her perky tits as we whimpered into her kiss, the coach pleasing us both: my cock and Briana’s pussy.

I shuddered, slamming hard into Coach Clarkson. I buried into her cunt over and over, reveling in the silky grip of her twat around my dick. The pleasure surged through me. This heady rush that built and built my orgasm. I came closer and closer to my eruption. To that wonderful moment when I would spurt all my jizz into the coach’s cunt.

I pumped away hard and fast. Her silky snatch massaged me. Was heaven. My pussy juices dripped down my thighs, overwhelming my bush. My tongue darted with my friend’s. My fingers round her nipples.

She broke the kiss and moaned, “Is the coach making you cum?”

“Yes!” I gasped. “I have my clit-dick in her! It’s intense!”

“Her tongue’s reaching so deep into me,” Briana whimpered. Her face contorted. “Oh, god, Jenny, I’m going to cream her face.”

“Do it!” moaned the coach.

“Yes, yes, just gush out all those juices!” I panted, my hips thrusting away hard and fast. “It’ll be so hot.”

My friend nodded, delight burning in her eyes. She squeezed my boobs tight, her fingers massaging me. This heady rush shot through me as I pumped my dick deep into Coach Clarkson’s snatch. I fucked her hard and fast.

Her pussy held me so tight, the ache building and building. My dick buried into her cunt and my ovaries almost erupted. I was so close. I thrust hard and fast. I slammed to the hilt in her, chasing my orgasmic high.

“Yes!” Briana gasped. Her head threw back. Her tits jiggled in my hand while her thumbs pressed my nipples deep into my tits. “Coach Clarkson, yes!”

My friend gasped and shuddered. Her hips wiggled from side to side. Her orgasmic moans echoed through the room. It was clear she was cumming hard. It was so hot to witness. Her hair danced about her head. Her moans echoed through the room.

“Damn!” I groaned, loving the pleasure on her face.

Other moans echoed. Kelly was gasping about having her ass eaten. Heather whimpered. The professors moaned, grinding on the schoolgirl sirens feasting away at mature twats. My futa-dick twitched. Throbbed.


“Oh, yes, yes!” I gasped. “I love being a futa!”

“Are you cumming in her?” Briana asked, her dark eyes glossy with passion.


My futa-cum pumped into the coach’s pussy. Hard spurts that had my pussy convulsing. I ached to have something in me. A dildo filling my snatch. I whimpered as my cum kept firing. Kept erupting. Kept spurting hot cream into my coach’s pussy.

“Fuck!” she moaned and then her pussy went wild.

“Coach Clarkson!” I whimpered as she milked my cock with her spasming pussy.

“She’s cumming in me!”

“Oh, that’s hot!” Briana moaned, trembling as she climaxed.

“Hot, hot, hot!” Kathy moaned near us. “Pump her full of cum, then it’s time for your surprise.”

The import of those words hardly registered. I was in the grip of my orgasmic euphoria. My cum fired out of my cock in fast, hard spurts. They basted my coach’s spasming pussy. My pleasure soared higher and higher.

I hit those mighty peaks of rapture. I swayed, my breasts rising and falling as I gasped for breath. My hands fell away from Briana’s tits. I didn’t even remember when she’d let go of mine. Too caught up in orgasmic delight.

The coach’s pussy worked out the last few drops of my orgasm, my cum swimming in her. Another woman or girl that I’d fucked without protection. Would I knock her up, too? I didn’t know. I just swayed and then pulled out of her.

“It’s time!” Kathy gasped, bouncing to her feet. “The hottest part of our club. You’re going to be bowled away, Jenny!”

“What?” I panted. “Is your mom part of the club?”

Kathy shot me a weird look then her eyes widened. “You haven’t?”

A sheepish grin crossed my face.

“Huh, go Mom, I guess.” Kathy shook her head, maybe weird out by her mother having sex or that her mom had cheated on her father. Then the girl darted to the door and opened it. “Ta-da.”

I nearly fainted at what I saw.

“No way,” I said. I rubbed my eyes. I had to make sure.

Nope, they were still there.

“She looks pretty surprised,” smirked one of the two impossible sights before me.

“I’ll say,” the other said, a big smile on her lips. “Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, I know this is shocking but… We’re lovers.”

My jaw dropped.

My older sisters stood before me. The twins!

Tara and Sara were as naked as me, their large breasts rising and falling with their excited breasts. They held each other, pressed tight, one twin’s right boob pressing into the side of the other’s left. Their nipples were hard, the same shade of pink as Allie’s and mine. They both had green eyes and blonde hair, one twin’s parted on the right, the others on the left. The hair was to help people tell them apart, which was almost impossible otherwise. But there were subtle differences in their faces when you knew them as well as I did.

Tara stood on the right. My eyes fell down to her pussy and that gold ring I’d seen on the spy footage Allie had taken of the twins. She’d put some sort of malware on their laptops to remote access their webcams. We did it because Allie was positive Tara and Sara were lovers and wanted proof.

But nothing had happened. They didn’t even so much as share a lingering kiss goodnight the two times we watched. Not even alone, about to slip in bed, had they revealed that they were lovers. So it flabbergasted me to see them here.

“Yep, she’s stunned,” Sara said. She fingered one of the gold rings piercing her nipples. That was another, and even naughtier, way to tell the twins apart. “I hope you can understand. I know people think incest is wrong.”

“It’s a beautiful thing,” Dean Washington said. “Especially between twin girls. I hope you’re not freaked out, Jenny.”

The dean’s hands grabbed my shoulders. She massaged them while she pressed into me from behind. Her nipples rubbed across my back as she nuzzled into my red hair. Her lips were inches from my ear.

“I seduced them when they were the same age as you. Cute sophomores who’d never even had sex, let alone with women. Or each other. The first time they sixty-nined was a thing of beauty. I made a film of it. I’ll burn you a DVD.”

“But… but…” I struggled to work out my thoughts.

“Yep,” said Sara, twisting her nipple piercing. “Please don’t freak out, Jenny. We want to have sex with you. Even before you became a futa, and now…”

“Now we really do,” whimpered Tara. She reached across her body to cup her twin’s—our sister’s—other breast. “Will you… make love to us?”

“We’ve been hearing about your adventures here on campus,” Sara added, both her nipple rings being played with now. “It’s made us so wet. We’ve been avoiding you, afraid we’d pounce you and ruin the surprise of today.”

“But Allie put that program on your laptops to spy on you!” I gasped. “We watched you two get ready for bed, and you didn’t do anything!”

“Yeah, we know she put spyware on our computers,” Tara said, her eyes narrowing with annoyance. “That little brat’s been onto us for a year. It’s made us so hard to get together at home. We can’t let her find out and blab to mom and…” She trailed off as I started laughing.

Hysterical laughter.

“What?” Sara asked.

“Allie… she…” I struggled to speak through my chortles. It was all so dumb and so funny at the same time. “She… totally into… incest… She… oh, god.”

“Wait, what?” Tara gasped.

“Into incest?” Sara added, both twins looking shocked.

“Ooh, Allie’s naughty,” said Kathy. “I tell her about sex stuff all the time. She’s so eager to learn. She wants to be ready for the person she’s got a crush on.”

“Me,” I said, finally catching my breath and stopped laughing. My face burned bright. I didn’t have to hide this any longer. “Allie’s got a crush on me. We’re lovers. We took each other’s virginities on Sunday after I became a futanari.”

It was my twin sisters’ turn to drop their jaws. Their hands fell away from Sara’s nipple piercings.

“We’ve been hiding from you two,” I said. “Afraid you’d find out. And then Mom joined us on Tuesday, and that’s made it even—”

“You’re fucking Mom!” the twins said in unison.

“Yeah,” I said. “Oh, god, if we knew you two were into incest, we could have had so much fun the last two nights. We were holding back, not wanting to let you know. We almost panicked when you came home on Tuesday. The pair of you walked right past us naked in the living room having our first threesome.”

“No,” Sara groaned. “We didn’t?”

“Fuck,” Tara said. “Naked? We were trying to avoid you…”

“Well,” Dean Washington purred, “what delectable bit of revelation this is.”

“It’s so hot that you’re banging your Mom, Jenny,” Kathy said. “I’d love to bang mine. Maybe you could help me out.”

“Maybe,” I said.

“And my dad. I’d love to bang him, too.”

“That’s all you.” I swallowed, staring at my older sisters. Their large breasts rose and fell. They were just as big as Mom’s but perkier. Firmer. Not that Mom’s weren’t amazing, but there was something hot about perky, young tits.

“Well, how about we put on a show for you?” said Tara. “I mean, we planned on sixty-nining to get you so hot and bothered you’d have to fuck us.”

“Yes, yes, do that,” I moaned. “I want to watch you two make love like that. It’ll be so hot.”

“Will you fuck me while they do?” asked Kathy. “I mean, don’t you want to try out my snatch after you’ve gotten into my mom’s pussy?”

“Yes, I do,” I moaned. “I want that so badly. It makes my dick just throb and ache.”

“Mmm, şişli escort and I am going to get a strap-on and fuck you,” purred Dean Washington, her hands sliding around to cup my perky breasts. “How does that sound.”

My futa-dick almost erupted. “Perfect.”

The dean broke away from me. She sauntered away while I watched my twin sisters melt together in a kiss. Their identical breast came together, one set of nipples pierced by gold rings. They made out, their blonde locks swaying together. Their lips met and attacked each other with hungry lust.

My futa-cock throbbed and spasmed. My pussy clenched. A small hand grabbed my cock. I hardly noticed Kathy stroking me as I stared in awe at my older sisters making out with such enthusiasm. Their tongues danced together. Their bodies shuddered.

I licked my lips, the sight turning me on so much. My girl-cock throbbed in Kathy’s hand. She pumped up and down me faster as the twins moaned. They drifted into the office, kissing each other with hunger, grabbing the other’s ass.

“They are so hot together,” moaned Kathy. “Incest is the best.”

“That’s what Allie says,” I panted.

“She’s a great girl. I’ve wanted to get with her and…” Kathy grinned. “We’re going to have a threesome, aren’t we?”

“Maybe a foursome.” I shuddered. “I have to share you both with your mother, after all. Allie would love nursing from her.”

“Yes!” Kathy moaned. She glanced over her shoulder. “Ooh, the strap-on’s donned. Let’s get to it. I want you in me. You’re bigger than any guy I’ve fucked. I hope you don’t ruin me for dudes. I like muscled guys. You should see my dad! Such a stud.”

“I doubt I will,” I said. “Incest is the best.”

The twins nodded as they kissed. Then they broke away and stared at each other. They were having one of their “telepathic” moments. They had grown out of using their special twin language, but they were so close that they could share things with looks.

I guess it was to see who got to be on top as they sank down on the floor without any fuss, Tara stretching out on her back and Sara climbing on top. My futa-dick throbbed in Kathy’s hand as my older sisters came together in twincestuous passion. Sara planted her shaved twat on Tara’s face and dove for that pierced clit.

They squealed together.

The sounds of their licking rose above the other noises. Kathy fell to her hands and knees before me, staring right at my older sisters. I groaned and then dropped behind her. My big futa-dick, still wet with coach Clarkson’s pussy juices, bobbed. I smacked Kathy’s rump with it.

She giggled and wiggled that bum. She clearly wasn’t a stranger to being spanked. I bet she loved it when her daddy disciplined her.

I shuddered and, for the first time since becoming a futa, I thought about a guy. Not me fucking him or him fucking me, but Kathy’s dad fucking her. The idea swelled up to the tip of my cock. I hoped she got that chance.

I slid my cock down through her butt-cheeks, leaving a trail of pussy juices, and found her asshole. I pressed past that naughty hole and went for her pussy. As much as I wanted to fuck her sphincter, I was eager to try out her snatch.

Compare mother and daughter.

I crossed her taint to the black-haired girl’s juicy twat. I rubbed up and down the eighteen-year-old girl’s snatch. She groaned and pressed back into me. Her labia spread wide to swallow the tip of my cock.

“Oh, you’re big,” she moaned. “Fuck me while we watch the twins go at it!”

“Yes, fuck her,” purred Dean Washington. She was right behind me. Her strap-on’s tip nudged into my rump. “She’ll turn into a complete brat if you don’t.”

“I know a girl just like that,” I said and rammed forward.

Kathy groaned as I sank into her cunt. Her passion rose over the sounds of my older sisters feasting on each other. My crotch smacked into the girl’s rump, her tush rubbing into my fiery bush. I had my eyes locked on Tara and Sara as they loved each other.

It was such a beautiful sight.

Then I shuddered, feeling Kathy’s tight pussy around my dick. She had a hotter grip than her mother, but there was a certain similarity in how they gripped me. After having a few kids, Mrs. Greene wasn’t this tight, but her pussy still held my cock and gave me all the stimulation I craved.

And her daughter had me shuddering in rapture.

I drew back and smiled at the silky grip squeezing around my cock. The amazing pleasure rippled through me. An incredible delight that would have me gasping and shuddering. I slammed back into her depths, reveling in her pussy.

On my next pullback, Dean Washington’s dildo found my pussy lips. I shivered in delight as she nuzzled in. She rubbed against me. I whimpered, this wild rush shooting through my body. My cunt drooled in excitement as I slid my cunt back onto her shaft. She entered me with ease.

“You lost your cherry,” she moaned. “I wanted to take that.”

“Sorry, Dean!” I moaned. “My mom’s boss got it first. She’s a wild thing.”

“Ms. Petrov and you?” gasped Tara. “Oh, god, you went to work with Mom after classes yesterday…”

“Is Mom and Ms, Petrov…?” Sara asked, lifting her head from Tara’s snatch.

“They are,” I said. “Ms. Petrov’s a bitch and it’s so kinky. I’ll tell you later!”

“Oh, my, you have been a naughty futa,” moaned Dean Washington as she drove her dildo deep into my cunt.

I gasped and groaned, my pussy clenching onto her shaft while my clit-dick pumped away at Kathy’s tight cunt. The eighteen-year-old cutie rocked back into my strokes, working her pussy up and down my cock while Dean Washington hammered me from behind.

I groaned, the Black woman reaching around me to cup my round breasts. She kneaded my tits and fucked me hard with her dildo. Her boobs caressed my back. She moaned and gasped, savoring hammering my cunt while I did the same to Kathy’s twat.

My eyes watched my sisters. Sara’s ass clenched beneath Tara’s kneading fingers. They devoured each other, building to an orgasm just like me. I shuddered, knowing I was going to fuck my older sisters today.

It was such a heady rush. The last members of my family. Maybe I’d breed them, too.

Then it hit me. We didn’t have to hide anything. If Allie got pregnant, Mom wouldn’t be mad. The twins would understand. And if Mom or the twins came up preggers, well, that would be fine, too. We’d be such a happy family.

I thrust away hard and fast now. I fucked Kathy Greene’s cunt hard, my mind burning with such wicked, incestuous thoughts. The twins, Allie, and our mother were all pregnant in my mind, all clutching their round bellies.

“Oh, I want that!” I moaned, my pussy clenching down on Dean Washington’s thrusting cock. “I want that so badly!”

“What do you want, you naughty thing?” the dean purred.

“To cum!” I lied. “Yes, yes, fuck that dildo in and out of me!”

I pounded hard into Kathy’s tight cunt. The younger girl whimpered and moaned. She swirled her hips as she rocked back into me. Our flesh slapped together. Then Dean Washington’s crotch smacked into my butt. Her hands clenched on my breasts.

We drove ourselves to our orgasms just like the twins did. My moans mixed with the others’. Briana was getting eaten out by one of the professors now. The secretary and the coach fingered each other as they watched. The cheerleader sixty-nined with the third professor now, the duo loving each other as hard as my sisters did to each other.

It was all so delicious. So heady. The ache built and built in my ovaries. My pussy drank in the friction of Dean Washington’s thick dildo. I reveled in the silky glide of Kathy’s delicious cunt. All these heady sensations mixed in me.

“Oh, god, yes!” I moaned. “I’m going to cum in your pussy, Kathy!”

“You better!” groaned the eighteen-year-old girl. “Ooh, fire it in me. Flood me like you did my mom!”

“Yes!” hissed Dean Washington, digging her fingers into my tits as she pounded my cunt with her strap-on. Her bush rubbed into my ass every time she buried the toy into my depths. “Cum in the slut!”

She drove that dildo deep into me, the force of the Black dean’s thrust burying my futa-dick to the hilt in Kathy’s cunt. Her pussy convulsed. Went wild. Her flesh spasmed around my girl-cock. The rippling delight froze my thrusts.

I just stayed buried in her, enjoying her orgasming flesh rippling around me. Her cunt sucked at me while Dean Washington plunged her dildo into my pussy deep and hard. She buried into my depths. She plugged me hard and fast. It was incredible. The friction drove me closer and closer to erupting.

“Are you cumming!” the dean moaned, her fingers sliding up to pinch my nipples.

She twisted them.

I gasped, “Almost there. I… I…” Pleasure burst from my nipples. Kathy’s cunt sucked at my dick. Dean Washington’s dildo massaged my pussy. “Yes!”

My futa-cock erupted. Hot jizz pumped out of my dick. The pleasure surged through me as my cunt convulsed around the sex toy. It was incredible. An amazing rush as my ecstasy fired from my transformed clit and the rapture washed out of my writhing snatch.

I moaned and gasped as my dual pleasures burned through my mind. Kathy’s hungry snatch milked my pussy. Dean Washington’s dildo buried over and over into me. She fucked me hard and fast. She buried into me, stimulating me.

“Oh, that’s so good!” I moaned. “I’m cumming so hard!”

“Yes!” the dean moaned. She slammed her dildo into me and pinched my nipples hard. Her boobs rubbed into my back as she shook.

The three of us were cumming as my sisters rolled apart. Sara ended up on her back, her face smeared in pussy cream. So was Tara’s. Then she climbed onto Sara, the pair kissing, their pussies aimed in my direction. Tara’s pierced clit rubbed into Sara’s bud.

I groaned and said, “I get to fuck my sisters!”

“Yes, you do!” Dean Washington moaned.

“Yes, mecidiyeköy escort yes, fuck them hard!” gasped Kathy, her pussy working out the last of my cum. “Ooh, who wants to lick me clean!”

“You get that cunt on my face right now,” ordered the brown-haired professor. Was that Mrs. Johnson? Didn’t her husband teach shop?

How naughty.

Kathy crawled off my cock. I groaned as I popped out. My jizz followed. The brown-haired stretched out on her back in time for the eighteen-year-old hottie to sit down and plant her cum-filled snatch right on the married professor’s face.

I shuddered, pussy cream dripping from the end of my dick. Dean Washington pulled her strap-on out of my cunt and then looked around. “Briana, I want to fuck that tight ass of yours.”

“Yes, Dean Washington,” my friend said. She knelt down to have a perfect view of me and my older sisters. “Enjoy, Jenny.”

“I will,” I said then frowned. “You’ve had sex with my sisters before me. I never even knew and…” My eyes widened. “You were gone forever at my nineteenth birthday slumber party! You slipped off to have a threesome with them, didn’t you?”

“You noticed?” she said. “Thought everyone had passed out by then.”

I shuddered. I was learning so much about my family. On Sunday I didn’t know my twin sisters were lovers and part of a secret lesbian club at my college, that my Christian mother was the sub in a BDSM relationship with her dominatrix boss, nor that my bratty sister thought incest was the hottest thing in the world and wanted to kick start it in the family.

Was I the only normal one before I grew a dick?

I shook my head, pushing that thought down. It didn’t matter. I was a hot and wild futa now. I loved it. I wouldn’t change anything that had happened to me since Sunday. I was glad I had sex with my little sister, Pita, Wendy and Victoria, Dean Washington, Mrs. Asis, Mom, the salesgirl, Mrs. Greene, Ivana, and now I had added more lovers. Coach Clarkson, Kelly, and soon my older sisters.

What a wild life.

“Finally,” Tara said when I rubbed my cock into her pussy, nudging her clit piercing and stroking her labia.

“Oh, well, if you’re going to be like that,” I said, sounding like a brat. I slid my cock down to Sara’s pussy.

“What?” Tara gasped. “I’m the oldest.”

“I’m cuter,” Sara said.

“She’s also ahead of you in the alphabet,” I said and thrust into Sara’s pussy.

“Damn!” Tara moaned.

“Oh, yes!” Sara gasped.

I sank into my older sister’s pussy. Her silky snatch embraced me as I slid deeper and deeper. She gasped, her cunt clenching down on me. She grabbed Tara’s rump, holding tight to it while I dived to the hilt. My red bush rubbed into Tara’s cunt.

“How is she?” Tara asked.

Sara groaned.

“That good, huh?”

Instead of answering, they kissed. Sara’s fingers dug into Tara’s rump. The silky cunt clamped down on me. I reveled in being in my older sister’s snatch. But, were she and Tara were identical? I had to find out what my other sister felt like.

The last member of my family I needed to make love to.

I ripped my cock out of Sara’s cunt, shifted up, and buried into Tara’s. She moaned into their kiss while I sank into her snatch. I frowned. Their pussies didn’t feel identical. They were different, Tara’s caressing my cock in a new way.

Not bad, just different.

I drew back, sliding through her sheath, and then popped out, I shifted and buried into Sara. I groaned as I sank into her, feeling the way her pussy clenched. The spots she was tight. How she caressed my shaft’s tip. The incestuous pleasure flowed down my cock. I reveled in it, my cunt clenching tight. I pumped a few times in her while the twins kissed.

Then I was back into Tara’s pussy. She felt tight in the same spots, but it still wasn’t quite the same. Almost like mirrors of each other. I groaned as I pumped away at Tara’s cunt, plowing into my oldest sister for a few strokes with passion.

“You’re upside!” I gasped as I pulled out of Tara’s cunt and slammed into Sara’s.

Tara broke the kiss with our sister and threw a look over her shoulder, blonde hair dancing. “What? Upside down?”

“Your pussies!” I moaned, plowing into Sara’s cunt. She rubbed along the top of my cock the way Tara’s cunt did along the bottom. “They didn’t feel the same, so close, but it’s because Tara’s upside down. Or she’s not oriented right.”

“Wow,” groaned Tara. “We’re that identical, huh?”

“Yes!” I moaned and ripped out of Sara’s pussy to bury into Tara’s.

It was so sweet to go from twin to twin, sliding into identical cunt after identical cunt. Incestuous cunts. It was amazing to have this experience. I groaned, driving hard and deep into Tara’s pussy before burying to the hilt in Sara’s.

I fucked her delicious cunt, my crotch smacking into Tara’s pussy lips, before I was ripping out and plunging back into our oldest sister. It was so hot. So amazing. The few heartbeats I spent outside of pussy let my cock cool down just a smidge.

It prolonged the pleasure.

They were kissing, moaning, and grinding their clits together. They shared their pleasure, both enjoying my cock as much as I enjoyed their cunts. My pussy clenched every time I pulled out of one of their pussies and then rejoiced when I slid back into the other’s tight twat.

“That’s so hot to watch!” moaned Briana.

“Yes, it is,” gasped Coach Clarkson as she tribbed with the cheerleader.

“Mmm, fuck your sisters hard,” Dean Washington. “I’m going to lick out Sara’s cunt.”

“I get Tara’s!” the coach said.

“Sounds good!” I moaned, switching from Sara’s to Tara’s snatch.

My breasts heaved. They bounced before me as I fucked away hard and fast. My fiery curls danced. I loved this meeting. My moans echoed through the room, reverberating off the walls as I plowed into my sister’s hard. Fast.

The ache in my ovaries grew, matching the pressure at the tip of my girl-dick. My older sisters were bringing me to the brink of my orgasm so fast. I would be exploding soon. My cum just firing out of my cock and bathing their bodies.

It would be amazing.

My pussy dripped juices. I fucked hard and fast into my sisters’ cunts. Back and forth, the ache building. Their moans growing. I wasn’t the only one rising towards a climax. I stimulated the twins with my clit-dick.

“Oh, god, yes!” gasped Briana behind me. “Dean Washington!”

“Such a good, little anal slut!” hissed the dean.

“Coach Clarkson!” the cheerleader whimpered.

“Oh, yes, yes, Mrs. Johnson!” gasped Kelly, her small breasts jiggling. “Lick out all that cream. Ooh, you cleaned out the jizz so fast.”

I groaned as I hurtled towards that moment of eruption. I plunged into Sara’s pussy. I buried into her as her pussy convulsed. She bucked, squealing into her kiss with Tara. I shuddered at the feel of her sheath rippling around me.

It was intense. I wanted to cum.

Tara hadn’t.

I pulled my cock out of the spasming heaven of Sara’s cunt and rammed into the juicy heaven of Tara’s pussy. I slid deep into her and groaned at the wonderful delight of sinking all the way in her. I pulled back and thrust in again. And again. I was so close to cumming.

Tara beat me to it.

She ripped her mouth away from Sara’s lips to moan, “Jenny, yes, yes!”

“I’m cumming so hard, too!” Sara moaned.

“Flood your sisters!” hissed the dean. “Make sure you pump Sara’s cunt full of enough cum for me to enjoy.”

“Yes, Dean Washington!” I howled as I slammed back into my sister’s pussy.

I erupted into Tara.

My cum fired out of me. I shuddered, my pussy convulsing wildly. The ecstasy slammed through my body. An incestuous rush that came from fucking my older sisters. I whimpered, counting the squirts of jizz.

One. Two. Three. Switch.

The fourth blast splattered both their pussies then I buried into Sara’s convulsing twat. Her writhing flesh milked out the next few. I gasped and moaned, bucking through my rapture as I pumped my fertile seed into both my older sister’s pussies.

“So good!” I whimpered, Sara’s snatch milking me dry.

“Coach Clarkson, I got cum for you!” Tara moaned.

“Don’t worry, Dean Washington, Jenny pumped more than enough spunk in me. You’re going to get a feast.”

“Good,” moaned the dean. “I’m starving.”

I smiled and pulled out of my sister, buzzing from the joy of fucking both the twins. I had a moment to appreciate their pussies pressed together, Tara’s clit ring gleaming, with my cum dribbling out of their holes and splattered across their vulvas.

I’d fucked my entire family now. What a week.

Sadly, the lunch hour was up not long after that. I did get to become fuck buddies with my friend, Briana. She would be heading to class with an asshole full of my futa-cum. After I dressed, I took the twins’ arms and led them away.

“Tonight, we have to play a prank on Allie,” I said, a big grin on my face.

Tara and Sara both gave me interested looks. “Okay. What sort of prank?”

“Well, I was thinking…” I explained my idea to them. They both were nodding their heads in complete agreement.

“Can’t wait for you and Allie to get back from your study date over at Pita’s and…” Tara trailed off. “Are you and Allie going to have sex with Pita?”

I grinned. “And her mom.”

“I am impressed, Jenny.” Sara smiled at me. “You have really blossomed. I guess you’re not our kid sister any longer.”

“Neither is Allie,” said Tara, sounding a little stunned as she realized it. Then she smiled at me. “Well, it’ll give us some time to study ourselves before you two get home.”

“And by study…?” I arched my eyebrows.

“We mean study,” said Tara.

“We’re trying to get into a prestigious law school,” added Sara. “We’re not doing that if we don’t study. You should think about it, too. There’s more to life than sex.”

“Really? That’s not what my life’s been like.”

“Well, you are a futa.” Tara shuddered. “Tonight is going to be hot.”

To be continued…

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