Future Ch. 02

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Diamond Jackson

This story is a fantasy although the characters depicted are known to me. I have expanded on the seduction of my aunt and her husband which is a true story that I may choose to publish one day.

All characters in this story are over the age of eighteen.

Previously in Chapter 1

Kelly collapsed down onto her back, and she looked up at Stef smiling.

Stef looked at Ash, lying beside her daughter, she smiled at Ash, and said, “Eat your daughter mommy-slut.”

Ash rolled over, hungry, wet, and aroused. Her mouth went to her daughter’s pussy, and she began licking, sucking, nibbling. Bringing her daughter to orgasm after orgasm, over and over. Ash kept thinking, “I’m such a slut. I love it.”

Our Story continues……………………….

Vanessa woke up. She was curled up in bed beside her daughter, she looked up groggily and saw Kelly and Ash naked and hugging each other, still deep in slumber. Vanessa thought, “Fuck, those two were hot last night”. Vanessa looked around. Stef was nowhere to be seen. She rolled out of bed, pulled on a robe, and wandered downstairs. The house was quiet, empty. Making a coffee Vanessa was going over the events of the previous night, the restaurant, encouraging Kelly and her mother to kiss in the limo, Stef’s slow seduction as she got Kelly and Ash to fuck each other. Then the domination. Vanessa and Tina watching as Stef had turned that slut Ash and her daughter into submissives. Fuck that had been hot. Vanessa had always known that Ash’s slut daughter Kelly had thought she could be a dom, had thought she could make Tina fuck her, her mother. It had been so satisfying to see Stef put Kelly and her mother in their place. Vanessa looked up as the back door in the kitchen suddenly opened. Stef walked in, faded tight cut-off blue jean shorts, white tank top showing off her toned upper body and midriff, black duffle bag slung over her shoulder. Stef threw the duffle bag on the floor, pale green eyes looked directly at Vanessa and Stef smiled.

“Hey babe.”

“Hey babe.” Vanessa replied. “What’s in the bag?”

Cryptically, Stef said, “Tools of the trade.” And smiled.

Vanessa continued to play it cool, “Coffee?”

“Yes please.” Stef liked Vanessa. She was hot. She was cool. She was a mommy that loved to fuck.

Vanessa poured a coffee and handed it to Stef, “I loved the show last night.”

“I loved putting it on,” Stef replied.

“You seemed to know what you were doing.”

“I always know what I’m doing Vanessa.”

Vanessa was trying to keep her nerve, but she felt like she was standing in an enclosed room with a wild animal ready to pounce. Every word uttered seemed to be an invitation to attack, an opening to dominate. Vanessa loved this verbal combat. She wanted to push Stef and decided to take the offensive.

“I’m sure you do Stephanie. But has it been a long time? You did seem, how should I say, a little rusty.” Vanessa smiled a condescending smile at Stephanie.

Stef was taken off-guard by this, she pushed back, “Well perhaps, but Kelly and her mother did submit to me.”

Vanessa smiled. She knew she had gained the upper hand here but wanted to make sure she stroked Stef’s ego, brought her onside. “Yes Stephanie. You’re right. You were able to control those two sluts perfectly. You truly showed your dominatrix skills in conquering a mother and daughter combination. It’s very rare to see.”

Stef’s confidence had returned, “Yes, yes. I knew I could make them submit. I must admit it was the first time I’ve ever had a mother and daughter submit together.”

Vanessa looked at Stef, “And soon we can have them again.” They both smiled at each other. Vanessa, intrigued, asked again, “What’s in the bag Stef?”

“Tools of the trade Vanessa, tools of the trade.” They both laughed.

Susie and Cassie had watched the entire evening play out as they made love, and at the same time Susie was also in the consciousness of all the participants, feeling and enjoying their emotions, their pleasure, their pain. The cameras Susie had setup had WiFi connectivity, so it was easy to cast the images from her tablet to the TV in their suite. They had enjoyed mother daughter incestuous porn in HD and surround sound, and it was as if they had been sitting in the room beside Vanessa and Tina as it happened. When Stef had woken and showered early the next morning Susie had called her and let her know Cassie and her had seen some of what had occurred last night when they had checked the security cameras before going to bed. Susie had hinted to Stef that what they had seen was the bondage play with Kelly. Stef was more than happy to go into detail with Susie about what had occurred. Stef also told Susie about her past as a dominatrix and although this was something she thought she had left behind she still had all her outfits and equipment in a storage shed. Susie had jumped at this opportunity. She explained to Stef that there was an empty workshop at the end of the backyard, all sealed, with power, Girne Escort lights, bathroom and kitchenette. Susie suggested to Stef that she move all her equipment in there and that maybe she could use the workshop to continue training Kelly and her mother, it seemed such a waste to be renting a storage shed when the equipment could be put to good use. Stef had jumped at the idea and had been busy that morning relocating all her equipment. She had everything completed before anyone else had even woken up.

Stef was taking Vanessa down to the workshop to show her what she had been doing all morning.

“Oh my god,” Vanessa said as they walked in. She looked around at a room that had been decorated in dark colours, soft flooring, blacked out windows and leather. Lots of red and black leather. There was a wooden cross with black leather padding and red trim, what looked like a wooden gym horse with black leather padding and red trim, chairs, a low massage table, benches, stockades, suspension bars. It just went on and on. And everything was dark wood, black leather, red trim and stainless steel.

“This is amazing,” Vanessa said, “And you did all this in just one morning?”

“Well, I did have a little bit of help from some old friends,” Stef replied with a smile on her face.

Vanessa smiled at Stef, “I think it’s time to start training a mother and daughter. What can I do to help?”

Stef smiled back at Vanessa, she liked her, “Come with me.”

Stef was leading Vanessa back to the house. They walked in through the back door, through the kitchen and up to the master bedroom. Ash and Kelly were still sound asleep. Kelly’s ass still red from the spanking she had received last night.

Stef shouted out, “Wake up ladies,” Ash and Kelly opened their eyes and looked up, still dazed and half asleep.

“Wake up ladies,” Stef said again, “I want you showered, preened, gorgeous and downstairs naked in thirty minutes,” both Ash and Kelly were staring at Stef who clapped her hands and said, “go, go go ladies.” Ash and Kelly jumped up out of bed and ran to the bathroom.

Stef had told Vanessa she was going to change and would meet her and Tina downstairs shortly.

About fifteen minutes had passed when Stef walked into the kitchen. Vanessa and Tina stared at her opened mouthed, neither could believe they were staring at the same woman they had met only a few days ago. Stef’s long brunette hair was pulled back from her face in a severe ponytail, sparkling diamond studs caught the light in each ear, she was wearing a slim diamond studded black leather collar around her neck, a black satin steel boned corset that pushed her magnificent breasts up slightly exposing the areolas, a black lambskin leather miniskirt and thigh high leather boots that came up to the hem of the miniskirt, the seven inch heels on the boots made Stef tower over both Vanessa and Tina who were still in bare feet.

“Wow”, Vanessa said.

“Fuck”, Tina said.

Stef smiled at Tina and their eyes locked, “Language little Miss. I don’t want to have to discipline you as well.”

Tina was in shock, “Looking at you Stef, I don’t think I would mind if you did.”

That broke the ice and they all laughed.

Vanessa said, “My God Stef, you look stunning.”

“You really do”, Tina agreed.

Stef had a smile on her face and an evil glint in her eye, she knew she was ready for what was going to happen next.

Stef, Vanessa and Tina were all waiting downstairs in the kitchen enjoying a coffee when Ash and Kelly walked down. Both were completely naked. Stef walked forward, coffee in hand, to inspect them.

Stef smiled at them, “Very nice ladies. I wasn’t expecting much, and you have certainly delivered.”

Ash and Kelly were standing upright, at attention, they turned and smiled at each other and looked back at Stef.

“Now ladies, you each have a collar sitting on the counter, I want you to pick them up and put them on each other.”

Both Ash and Kelly couldn’t believe this, couldn’t believe they had fucked each other last night, couldn’t believe they were standing here naked and taking orders. But they both knew one thing. They both loved being submissive and handing over control to their Mistress.

They picked up the collars. One said “mommy-slut,” and the other said “baby-girl.” They put them on.

Stef looked to her left, “Vanessa, Tina, put their leashes on and follow me, their training is about to start.”

Vanessa and Tina picked up the leashes. Vanessa reached her hand forward and clipped the lead on Kelly, Tina smiled as she clipped the leash on Ash. They led them out the back door, following Stef and entered the workshop. Ash and Kelly both gasped when they walked in.

“Very good ladies,” Stef said. “Now take a seat with your submissives kneeling in front of you.”

Vanessa and Tina sat on a bright red leather chaise lounge with black trim. Ash and Kelly knelt naked on their leashes in front of them.

Stef Magosa Escort looked at Ash and Kelly and smiled, “Now, your training starts.” She took their leashes and led them up to a table, removed their leashes and instructed them to put black leather cuffs on each other’s wrists and ankles. Once done Stef clipped them both to suspension bars on their wrists and then connected their ankles to spreader bars, facing each other about a foot apart. Stef began raising the bar and both Ash and Kelly were now on their toes, stretched up in a star position. Mother and daughter looked at each other and smiled as Stef circled them, dragging her nails across their naked bodies.

“Mommy-slut what are you?”

“Your submissive Mistress.”

“Very good mommy-slut. Baby-girl, what are you?

“Your submissive Mistress.”

Stef smiled, “Very good baby-girl. Tell me baby-girl, did you enjoy fucking your mother last night?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You would do it again? Even though it is wrong, even though it is taboo?”

“Yes Mistress, I loved it and want to fuck my mommy-slut again.”

“Very good baby-girl. Mommy-slut, did you enjoy fucking your daughter last night?”

“Oh yes mistress, I loved fucking my daughter even though it is wrong. I loved how taboo it is, how forbidden. I want to fuck my daughter again and have you watch if it pleases you Mistress.”

“Very good mommy-slut. Tell me mommy-slut have you been trained as a submissive before?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“By a male or female dom?”

“Both Mistress. I was trained by both.”

Kelly was staring at her mother. This was something she had never known about her.

“Tell me who they were mommy-slut.”

Ash was staring straight at her daughter’s face as she replied, “My sister and her husband.”

“Did they fuck you together mommy-slut?”

Ash and Kelly’s eyes were locked together, “Yes Mistress. I was their sex slave for two years, they fucked and used me whenever and however they pleased. I loved being their submissive Mistress.”

Kelly was shocked, her mother had been fucking her aunt and uncle for two years. How did she never find this out?

Stef would explore this exciting new information later. For now, she needed to concentrate on Ash and Kelly’s training.

“Baby-girl, did you enjoy the flogger last night?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Would you like to enjoy it again.”

Kelly moaned, “Ohhhh yes please Mistress.”

Stef had been looking at a bench with several different implements laid out on it. When Kelly had said yes, Stef had smiled and picked up a medium length leather flogger, black with a rounded stainless-steel end. She walked back swiftly to Kelly, swung her arm around and brought the flogger down onto Kelly’s perfectly rounded ass.

Kelly moaned in pleasure, “Mmmmmmm, one. Thankyou mistress.”

And again, “Mmmmmmm, two. Thankyou mistress.”

Ash was watching her daughters face as she was flogged by Stef. Kelly’s eyes were closed, pleasure etched on her face, nipples erect and her bald pussy damp.

Stef struck again, “Mmmmmmm, three. Thankyou mistress.”

Ash could see her daughter loved this pain and pleasure, just like her mother did.

And again, “Mmmmmmm, four. Thankyou mistress.”

Ash thought that maybe she could give her sister a call for a family reunion.

“Mmmmmmm, five. Thankyou mistress.”

Stef walked back to the bench, put the flogger down and picked up a stainless steel Wartenberg Wheel, what newbies called a pinwheel. Ash watched as her Mistress approached her with it. Smiling Stef began rolling the wheel down the inside of Ash’s upstretched left arm towards her armpit.

Ash felt the wheel begin to prick against her skin, the sensation was both a tickling and stinging sensation. Ash’s head fell back, and she moaned. Stef continued down Ash’s right arm.

Kelly was watching her mother, naked and suspended in front of her. Kelly was fascinated and aroused by what was occurring. She kept thinking how wrong all this was, how forbidden to be playing with her mother like this. But she loved the feeling of being dominated and controlled by Stef. To be able to release all her inhibitions. Kelly had thought she had wanted to dominate Tina and her mother but now she knew she had wanted to be dominated by them, to be submissive to them. Kelly, suspended on display, outstretched and naked, looked over at Vanessa and Tina and the three of them smiled at each other as they heard Ash continue to moan.

Stef had returned to the bench and placed the single headed Wartenberg wheel down and picked up a larger five headed wheel. Stef returned to Ash and ran the wheel up and down her back, crossing from one side to the other. Ash was moaning continuously in ecstasy. Ash was thinking about how her daughter had licked her pussy, how she wanted her daughter to do it again. Images of her sister and brother-in-law dominating her flashed through her mind, fantasies of the Kıbrıs Escort two of them dominating Ash and Kelly together began to form.

Ash knew she was about to cum and screamed, “May I cum Mistress?”

Stef smiled, “Yes mommy-slut.”

Kelly watched as her mother moaned and convulsed in front of her, she had never seen anyone cum so hard before, and certainly not from the stimulation of a little wheel. Kelly wanted to cum like her mother and was willing to do anything to make it happen.

Vanessa watched as her best friend and best friend’s daughter were suspended naked in front of her. Vanessa wanted to fuck them, she wanted to fuck them with Tina. She had never wanted anything so much in her life. She wanted Ash to watch while she had her daughter Kelly eat her pussy and Vanessa wanted Kelly to watch while her mother ate Tina’s pussy. Vanessa wanted to dominate Ash and Kelly with her daughter, own them, control them, make them their fuck-dolls.

Tina couldn’t believe how aroused she was as she watched this kinky display in front of her. Tina loved watching her best friend be dominated and she especially enjoyed watching Ash be dominated. God, she needed to fuck and she wanted to fuck the two of them with her mother.

Susie had been watching all this from the minds of each of the women participating. Feeling and experiencing everything that the women were feeling and experiencing. Susie’s mind drifted back to her morning with Cassie.

Earlier in the day both Cassie and Susie had enjoyed being bathed, massaged, and pampered by two blonde sisters she had met in the lobby. The sisters were staying with their husbands in connecting rooms. Susie had used her mind control powers to entice both sisters to serve them before sending the sisters back to their rooms to make love to each other in front of their very surprised spouses.

Susie was now relaxed in their suite, leaning back in a leather chair, naked with a glass of brandy on a side table. The lights had been dimmed. Cassie was kneeling in front of her, naked. A leather collar with a round silver ring at the back of her neck had a leather strap leading down her back to her leather wrist restraints. Cassie’s wrists then had leather straps extending down to leather cuffs on her ankles and these were attached to a spreader bar. This kept Cassie in her kneeling position but allowed her to lean forward and lick Susie’s pussy.

Susie was concentrating on the multiple consciousnesses she was in while Cassie ate her pussy. Vanessa and Tina, Ash and Kelly, Stef and Cassie, and now the two sisters they had met.

First, she had the two sisters enter their rooms, open the adjoining doors and seat their husbands next to each other while they performed an erotic strip show in front of them. Susie then had the sisters strip their husbands before performing a lesbian show in front of them, rubbing their tits up against each other and kissing. Then, just to be kinky, Susie had the sisters ask their husbands to stroke each other’s cocks while they watched the sisters continue to perform. The husbands were surprisingly compliant. Next the sisters began performing oral sex on each other and then kneeling in front of each other’s husbands the sisters began deep throating their cocks, swapping back and forth between husbands. Susie had removed the sisters gag reflex as well as all their inhibitions. Finally, she had the sisters ask their husbands to perform oral sex on each other while they watched. Susie was amazed when the husbands didn’t hesitate to suck each other’s cocks for their wives.

At the same time Susie was in the consciousness of Ash, encouraging her sexual desires for her sister and brother-in-law and introducing the idea of including her daughter Kelly. Susie also increased Ash’s desire to be submissive to both Vanessa and Tina.

In Kelly’s mind, Susie was increasing her submissive nature and reducing her dominant thoughts. Susie increased Kelly’s desire for her mother, BDSM, Vanessa and Tina. Susie also introduced the idea of submitting to her aunt and uncle with her mother.

In Vanessa’s consciousness she increased her desire for Ash and Kelly, to want them to submit to both her and Tina. She increased Vanessa’s sexual desire for Tina and her exhibitionist desires.

Susie did the same with Tina, increasing her desire for Ash and Kelly and wanting her to make them submit to both her and Vanessa. Susie also increased Tina’s desire for her mother.

As Cassie ate her pussy, Susie also increased Cassie’s desires to experience a threesome with her mother.

With Stef. Susie just observed. Susie observed Stef’s sexual desires increasing exponentially. Stef’s desire to return to her BDSM past, her desire to make the mothers and daughters in front of her submissives to own and control, to watch them fuck each other and enjoy the pleasure and pain a true dominatrix could give. Susie could also sense that Stef knew something else was occurring, something else was pulling strings. Susie knew she would need to be cautious when in Stef’s consciousness. Stef seemed to be vaguely aware that someone was in her consciousness even though Susie had never revealed herself. Stef’s mind seemed different to any consciousness she had experienced before, more aware, more alert to intrusions.

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