Gave In to a Cruiser


Hmmmmmm… I remember that it was a Friday night and because of recent mechanical problems, my truck was in the shop getting a new engine put in. In the meantime, I had to walk to work earlier in the day and now I was on my way home walking which led me to walk on the busiest street on town and Friday night meant one thing… The street would be filled with people cruising showing off their customized cars while blasting their stereos and it also meant that the prostitutes were out in force in little skimpy, sexy, and slutty outfits. Being strapped for cash with a new engine to suddenly have to be paid along with the raging hormones of an 18 year-old young man, I was feeling desperate and also aroused from seeing all of the sexy and voluptuous bodies and all of them asking for dates. Included in the groups of cars and people going by were the men “cruising” looking for young men.

Earlier in the day on the way to work, I was propositioned several times, but just ignored their advances and the drove off, but now I was thinking that perhaps I like the many prostitutes, could make some money to ease my financial woes while receiving pleasure. I kept catching the eye of one car in particular who seemed to be going back and forth up and down the boulevard. At one point, I stopped at a park that I passed to get a drink from the drinking fountain that was along the curb. Just as that same car passed, I made sure to exaggerate things and bend wayyyy over to get a drink and when I looked over and saw that I had really caught the driver’s attention, it had a definite impact on me as my insides began to tingle Silivri Escort and I could feel the stirring in my pants. When he passed yet again going the opposite direction, I found myself reaching back and slowly rubbing my hand over and caressing my ass and that did it, I could feel my hard-on raging out of my underwear and the head touching/rubbing my thigh. Nevertheless, I thought that perhaps it was a losing effort so I continued on my journey home and as I walked another 2-3 minutes that same car pulled up to the curb next to me and a voice yelled “Would you like some head?” Shocked to actually hear the offer aloud startled me and I immediately cleared my throat, took a deep breath and asked “Excuse me?” and he kindly reworded his offer to me “Would you like a blowjob?” to which after again being startled I said “yes” and he told me to get in.

Once in the car, my anxiety was going crazy and I wasn’t sure that I would be able to go it after all, but then he asked me if I knew of a place to go or would I like him to find some place. He ended up turning off of the main street and went approximately 2-3 blocks away and parked on the curb of a very dark street that was in a residential neighborhood that had large palm trees about every 10-20 feet. He slipped his hand over and caressed my thigh while asking if I was okay to which I could not speak, but nodded. With that, he then moved his hands onto my crotch and began rubbing my aching hard-on right over my pants. I remember him moaning his approval and quickly unfastened my belt and lowered my zipper all in one movement. I was now Silivri Escort Bayan frozen with fear as I had never had another man touch me before and this was a man, probably 35-40 years old and my 18 year-old senses were on overload as he slightly lowered my pants and underwear from my hips and reached in to pull out my throbbing hot dick to which he commented “Oh, you are so ready” I could barely move but I was able to slightly look down to the scene happening just was he pulled the head of my cock to his lips and he gave it a wet kiss.

It felt as if someone had shocked me as I felt an electric current encompass my entire body and I thought that my head was going to explode off my shoulders and when I thought that things could not get any better than that, he suddenly had his tongue all over the head of my dick and slowly nibbled along the edges before engulfing my dick and began alternating between sucking and licking my over pleasured cock. At that point what added to the glorious feeling and excitement was watching him bobbing over my lap with my aching dick in his hot mouth while seeing the houses that we were parked right in front of and/or next to knowing that at anytime someone could walk out of their house and we would be discovered.

At one point I found myself almost wishing that someone would walk out so they could see that I was getting a blowjob from this man that I had only being picked up by just minutes before. Although I could not move, I so wanted to place my hands on the back of his head and push my pleasured dick even further into his mouth, but Escort Silivri he needed no further motivation as he seemed to be so hungry for my cock and was going crazy bobbing up and down and the friction was driving me absolutely crazy until finally I began to feel that all too familiar tingling sensation and he must have tasted the initial pre-cum as he began to moan while clenching his lips even tighter and held on to my hips with his hand until finally I thought that I was going to just explode which with his regained great efforts, I felt myself reaching the point of total bliss and I knew that it wouldn’t be much longer as my head began to spin and I began taking short choppy breaths and just as I was trying to almost catch my breath I began to shoot 4-5 large spurts of juicy cum right into his fast swallowing mouth and I was in heaven. He continued to suck and lick me until he felt that he had drained me and little by little, my dick began to soften, but he just had to kiss my softening dick one last time before showing me his wet lips and then his empty mouth.

While tucking myself in, he opened his window and spit the residual out. He held on to my thigh, rubbed my crotch, and asked me my name to which I replied “Robert” and he asked if he could drop me some place. I was a bit nervous as I wasn’t sure if he would expect me to reciprocate and I was not sure that I was exactly ready for that. I then got out of his car and we said our goodbyes. I went back to the busy street and continued my trek home and no, I never did ask for any money and ever since that night, I often wondered what it would have been like if he would have asked me to reciprocate which often leads to some hot and sexy fantasies. You’ll have to excuse me now as I am not hot, bothered, and just so fucking horny and I need to grab and rub my now hard dick which is leaking pre-cum, until I cum all so hard.

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