Geeks Are Me


I’m Phil. I don’t personally consider myself to be a geek. I like to think of myself as a modern young man who happens to be clued up on technological savvy. I like technology and the things you can do with it, especially where computer systems are concerned, but that doesn’t define me.

I like martial arts, and you try practising that. If you’re not fit you can get your butt kicked all around the dojo, and that isn’t any fun.

I’m also a middling good photographer, and I like taking candid shots.

Sex wise I’m one hundred percent heterosexual, and I’ve had my fair share of success with the ladies. Despite some interference by a couple of little bitches I know.

It’s those two young ladies who are the reason for this little story. I first met them in high school and we got along like a house on fire. That is to say, if I ever dared to speak to either of them they went up in flames. I considered it a pity as they were both quite attractive to look at, but for some reason they had decided I was geek material and took great delight in running me down.

It was with some irritation that I found that this behaviour continued after we left school. I’d be chatting up some sweet young thing at a club and along would come Samantha and Nichole. They would sort of cut my sweet young thing away from me and drip little words of poison in their ear, and that would be the end of any chances I had.

To this day I’ve never known why they had such a down on me or why they went to such lengths to screw me around. At school they were the bane of my existence. After school they were just a pain in the butt that I tried to ignore.

I suppose you want to hear more about Samantha and Nichole. Well, like I said, they were both quite lovely. About my age, say twenty, possibly a few months younger than me. They were a matched set, dark hair, brown eyes, slender builds, with nicely developed figures.

To me they were supercilious and rude, but they seemed to get on well with other members of the male species. I’d heard unsuccessful suitors hint they might be lesbians, but I took that with a grain of salt. I’d have been extremely surprised if that was so.

All in all, a couple of average young women who seemed to take delight in doing me in the eye. Can you really blame me if one day I decided to retaliate?

It was quite by chance that the things started to fall into place for me. I was having a cup of coffee when they came wandering in and took the cubicle next to me. They hadn’t noticed me and, as I was alone, there was no chatter coming from my booth to alert them to the fact that they had company.

There was, however, some very interesting chatter coming from their booth. They were going to the beach that weekend, and I was very interested to hear the name of the beach. It was a clothing optional beach, and it appears that Samantha and Nichole were planning to take a naked walk on the wild side.

The beach they were visiting was far enough away that they didn’t expect to run into anyone they knew. They just wanted to know what it would feel like to be naked in public, feeling that they would be relatively safe as a lot of other people would be naked.

It struck me that it might be a good idea to visit the beach on the coming weekend.

The next Saturday found me at the beach. I was there early, picked a good spot and slouched down onto a towel to read and enjoy the sunshine. I’m not a nudist and I saw no need to strip off. I wore shorts, a floppy hat to protect against the sun and dark glasses. Really nice dark glasses they were, I can assure you.

An hour or so later, Samantha and Nichole rocked up. They quickly stripped down to tiny little bikinis and settled down to do some sunning.

After a while they started nudging each other, then Samantha dropped her top, followed quickly by Nichole. I have to admit, they both had very nice boobs, Samantha’s being slightly the larger. I got up and took a stroll past them, idly tapping my sunglasses as I passed. This resulted, among other things, with my face being discreetly hidden, so that they didn’t recognise me.

Settling down on my towel I waited for further developments. Soon enough the nudging and giggling began again. This time Nichole took the initiative, peeling of her bikini bottom and settling back down on the towel, red faced and naked. Not to be outdone, Samantha followed suit, and I took another little walk past them.

Eventually, surrounded by a number of other people who were wearing minimal or no clothing, the girls gained the nerve to leave their towels and go swimming. I observed them playing in the water and happened to be standing close to the edge when they came dancing out of the sea, laughing, happy and naked.

I stayed for a little longer, watching them walk around, giggling at everything around them. Finally I decided that enough was enough and it was time to leave.

Taking off my hat I crammed it in my back pocket, slipped my sunglasses into a side pocket and wandered back to the parking escort bayan gaziantep area. By an odd coincidence my steps took me straight past Samantha and Nichole as they lay there in all their glory. I politely smiled and nodded to them as I passed, noticing with interest the bright red glow that appeared on their faces and the appalled looks.

Before they could do or say anything I’d continued on my way, not even looking back. I had things to do.

Have you ever seen a good pair of spyglasses? They have this camera embedded in them, the lens being in the nose piece. Where you look, that’s what the camera will capture. A good set are indistinguishable from normal sunglasses unless you closely examine them. Mine cost just under two hundred dollars, has two gig internal memory and can take a thirty two gig micro SD card. Lovely gadget, and so easy to use.

Slipping the Micros SD from the glasses into my computer I scrolled through my take for the day. I must say I had some excellent shots. My favourite would have to be the one where Samantha and Nichole are walking directly towards me, big smiles on their faces and the sun shining full on them, clearly revealing everything they had. I felt like printing it poster sized and hanging it on my wall.

I did do a couple of postcard size prints of that one. Then I said the hell with it. If you’ve got a decent printer, you may as well use it to its full advantage. I’ve had cause to print some poster size prints before for various jobs I’ve been doing, and I still had some paper left.

On Sunday, I went to the coffee shop that the girls used regularly and just loitered around the general area, window shopping and considering various strategies. About two o’clock I struck lucky and the girls came strolling along, not a care in the world, and entered the coffee shop.

I gave them a chance to settle into a booth with their drinks and then I wandered in. It was a treat to see them blush and look elsewhere when they saw me approach, but it was an even bigger treat to see their reactions when I sat opposite them and slid the photos across to them, face down.

Samantha was opening her mouth to give me a blast, even as she was picking up the photo to look at it. Her mouth just stayed open, not a word emerging while she looked at the photo. Both girls were staring at their pictures, absolutely stunned, faces white and a rather horrified realization coming to them. If I had this, I probably had more. “You know,” I said, “for some reason the pair of you have been doing your best to make things hard for me for several years now. I’ve never known why, apart from sheer bloody mindedness on your part. Did it ever occur to you that you might just go a bit too far and goad me enough to retaliate?”

The girls looked from the pictures to me and back to the pictures before looking at each other.

“We didn’t mean anything by it,” Nichole muttered. “We were just having a bit of fun.”

“A bit of fun,” I mused. “Like the time I was starting to date Marie and you told her that I was known as the gay geek and had been banned from the football team for making passes at the team members? She dumped me after that bit of spite, and I’d really liked that girl.”

“I didn’t think she’d believe me,” Samantha said with a groan. “She couldn’t have liked you all that much or she wouldn’t have.”

“Thank you,” I said, with a wry note in my voice. “Still hard at work building my ego I see.”

“Where’d you get this, anyway?” asked Nichole.

“I’d have thought it was obvious, or have you taken so many trips to nude beaches that you forgot about yesterday?”

“They don’t allow cameras at those beaches,” protested Samantha. “And you weren’t carrying one when you saw us.”

“You’re kidding, right? Every smart phone on the beach had a camera built into it, and I bet both of you had your phones with you. Take any nice shots of yourselves?”

That last wasn’t fair. I’d actually seen them mugging for each other’s smartphone after they’d dropped their tops.

“How many shots of us did you take?” came the nervous question.

“And what are you going to do with them?” was added in a rather fearful tone.

“Well, I was thinking of putting then on the internet, along with a question ‘do you know these girls’ and seeing what sort of response I got.”

I smiled pleasantly at them as the girls went even paler. For a moment I thought Nichole was going to faint. Then they rallied and looked back at me, seeming to know I had more in mind.

“I decided that wouldn’t be a very nice thing to do, so if the pair of you come around to my place later I’ll give you the SD card with the images and I’ll even let you check my PC to make sure I haven’t kept any extra copies.”

The girls looked relieved but sceptical, which was fair enough. I hadn’t finished.

“Of course there’ll be three little conditions attached. First, I’ll want your word that you will discontinue this little campaign of fun you’ve been having at my expense. Second, to make sure I’m giving you the correct photos, you’ll need to be dressed as you were when I took them so that I can compare and make sure they match up.”

The girls were looking appalled now, but after flicking a look at each other Samantha slowly nodded.

“And the third condition?” came the cautious enquiry.

“Several times you’ve hampered my efforts at getting laid,” I told them, and now there was a touch of ice in my voice. “So while you’re at my place wandering around naked and looking at nude photos of yourselves, you’re going to make up for interfering. Catch my drift?”

“You want one of us to have sex with you?” Nichole almost screamed. “Fat chance.”

“You misunderstand, Nichole,” I said with a smirk. “I meant both of you. I’m greedy that way. I’ll expect you at my place about seven. You know where I live. After all, you were there just last week spraying ‘geeks are us’ across the side of the house.”

With that I got up and departed. I had no intention of posting the photos on the web, and I had no idea if the girls would come around to redeem them or not (I suspected not), but I had at least given them a bad time to make up for all the shit they’d been directing my way. I walked home whistling.

Not is what it turned out to be. Neither sight nor sign of Samantha or Nichole. In fact, they kept a very low profile for the next week. I did run into one or the other at various times and I would smirk and wink, getting a furious look in return and then being pointedly ignored. I suspected that they were waiting for the other shoe to drop and the photos to turn up online.

By Saturday, the girls had had enough. The doorbell rang in the middle of the afternoon, and there they were, red-faced and furious, but there. I let them in, leading them down to my office. They seemed highly displeased to see the poster sized print that was hanging above my desk, but what the hell. It was a good photo and quite a fascinating subject.

Samantha was the first to break the silence.

“You don’t seriously expect us to strip before you get rid of those photos do you?” she demanded.

In answer, and without smiling or making any goading remarks, I just reached out and started undoing the buttons on her blouse. And she let me. I could practically feel the resistance coming off her, but she stood there, cheeks face red while I calmly flicked open the buttons and helped her off with her blouse.

I glanced at Nichole and raised an eyebrow. She swallowed and looked away, but she also stared taking off her blouse. Turning back to Samantha I twirled my finger, indicating she should turn around. Slowly she obeyed, and I unclipped her bra, turned her to face me and then eased the bra down of her shoulders, spilling her breasts out. And very nice breasts they were.

Turning back to Nichole, I saw she had anticipated my demand and her bra was also off. I winked at her, causing her to flush even brighter, and then reached over and flicked her nipples. The little darlings promptly seemed to unfurl and stand up like good little soldiers.

Turning back to Samantha I could see her looking at Nichole’s breasts, and then her eyes switched to her own as I gently cupped them and rubbed her nipples til they stood erect.

Blushing, Samantha stepped back.

“All right,” she snapped. “You’ve got us topless. That’s enough. Let us delete the photos now.”

It probably wasn’t kind of me but I laughed, and that made her go even redder.

“Samantha,” I said gently, “If you had already decided that you were not going to lose your panties you would have worn jeans, and most probably tight jeans that I couldn’t pull off easily. Instead you’re both here in yoga pants which are going to roll right of with the minimum of fuss. The photos show that I’ve already seen you au natural, so you won’t be showing me anything I haven’t seen before.”

Turning towards Nichole, I reached over and tugged her gently towards me. I had always been of the opinion that Nichole was the follower, doing whatever Samantha wanted. Witness her taking off her top as soon as Samantha had lost hers.

This time I decided Nichole was probably too nervous to protest if I rolled down her tights, and once that was done Samantha would follow suit, just to protect her friend. I took Nichole’s tights by the waist band and started pulling them down. Sure enough, Nichole just swallowed and stared above my head as she felt them descending, doing nothing to interfere.

I left Nichole’s panties in place, tempting though it was to take them down at the same time. In seconds she was standing before me, clad only in a bit of frilly lace that barely covered her pussy. Her head jerked around to look at me when I took hold of them, and I held eye contact while I slowly divested her of her last scrap of clothing.

Leaving Nichole standing nude in front of me, I turned to look at Samantha, silently daring her not to finish stripping. Blushing and furious, her eyes flicked to Nichole, then she sighed and dropped her own yoga pants and panties in one swift motion.

“Alright,” Samantha practically snarled at me. “Now can we attend to the photos.”

I shook my head. “First things first,” I murmured. “There was that little bit about getting laid by the pair of you.”

They would go along with it, I knew, no matter how much they resented me. As far as I was concerned it served them right. They’d been a veritable plague to me for far too long.

Sure enough, Samantha started protesting, while Nichole left all the talking to her. I let her yammer on for a bit and then pointed out the obvious.

“Samantha, you came here today knowing that I’d insist. Babbling about how it isn’t fair doesn’t really cut any ice with me. Has the way you’ve been screwing me around for the last few years been fair to me?”

Samantha shut up and just glared at me, but when I turned to look at Nichole I was startled to see she was crying.

“Why the tears?” I asked, surprised that she’d care so much. “It’s not as though you’re a blushing bride being ravished the day before the wedding.”

The tears promptly increased and I’m not stupid. I can take a hint when I’m hit across the head with it.

“You’re a virgin?” I asked, finding it hard to believe.

“She is,” snapped Samantha, glaring at me. “She wants to wait until she’s married.”

“And you?” I asked, not believing she was for one instant.

“No,” she muttered, “but Nichole really is.”

“You’ll pardon me if I don’t necessarily belief you, won’t you?” I murmured, giving them both a cynical smile, my doubts on full display. “However, to be fair, I’ll check, and if Nichole is really a virgin I’ll refrain from deflowering her. And that’s a bloody big concession, let me tell you.”

I swivelled my chair back to face Nichole and pulled her closer to me.

“What are you going to do?” she asked, her voice trembling slightly.

“Just touch you a little to see what’s what,” I said, smiling gently now in an attempt to calm her. “If you’re really a virgin, you’ll still be a virgin when you walk out.”

“What about Samantha,” she asked, still worried about her friend.

“She’ll be walking out bowlegged if I have my way,” I muttered quietly, but not quietly enough from the look Samantha gave me.

Reaching around I cupped Nichole’s bottom, drawing her even closer to me. Then I started gently massaging her mound. I urged her to move her legs apart slightly as I would have to slip a finger into her to test if she was virgin or faking. If she was virgin, then she should have no problems letting me check, I pointed out.

Nichole reluctantly eased her legs further apart, and I was quick to take advantage, my hand slipping between then, massaging and squeezing her mound. Caressing her gently, I slowly encouraged her to relax, feeling her pussy swell slightly as I stroked it, moisture starting to bead along the edges of her slit.

Samantha was watching carefully, apparently ready to pounce on me if I tried to actually take Nichole after saying I wouldn’t. I glanced up at her and winked, then slipped a finger inside Nichole.

Nichole gave a little squeak at that first intrusion, and then seemed to hold her breath as my finger softly stroked inside her. It didn’t take long for me to locate an intact hymen, feeling Nichole flinch slightly as I lightly pressed it. Then my finger drifted elsewhere.

Letting a second finger join the first inside Nichole, I gently probed. She may not have wanted to have sex just yet, but her pussy was warm, wet and inviting, Nichole was excited and breathing hard, and I was about to take shocking advantage of her.

Probing inside her, I found that cure little button known as the clitoris, and flicked it. Nichole spasmed against my hand, giving a shrill squeal. I promptly flicked her on the same spot, getting another squeal.

For the next few minutes my fingers dipped inside Nichole, tormenting and exciting her with deft little touches to her clitoris mixed with gentle stroking and scratching. Nichole was gasping and squealing, writhing against my hand, her own hands closed over my wrist to try to draw my hand out, but finishing up just clutching me.

I could hear Nichole’s squeals getting more frenzied, and thought she was about ready. Withdrawing my hand while Nichole gave a groan that was half relief and half disappointment, I suddenly slapped her pussy hard, my cupped hand covering it completely. Totally unprepared, Nichole screamed and climaxed, her thighs closing tight around my hand and damn near crushing it.

Looking over at Samantha, she was flushed and excited, and unconsciously rubbing herself. She was staring at Nichole as though she’d never seen someone being touched up before.

Samantha must have felt my eyes on her, because she turned to look at me, and then hurriedly moved the hand that she’d been rubbing herself with.

“I’m quite satisfied that Nichole is a virgin,” I said calmly, not letting on that I’d given myself an erection that was threatening to burst my trousers apart. “She showed willing by coming, even though she is a virgin, so I’ll take the effort for the deed.

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