Getting Back on the Horse


“FUCK!!!” Victoria screamed, riding Kyle in reverse cowgirl on Monday morning. He groaned beneath her, squeezing her tits as she bounced her pussy on his cock.

He then had her get on all fours and slid his slimy dick into her ass and began to fuck her hard.

“Fuck yeah!!” Victoria cried, throwing herself back at him, his balls slamming against her pussy.

He kept pounding harder and harder, pulling her hair as his huge dick split her in half. He felt his dick expand and began fucking her faster and faster as he felt his nuts begin to heave.

“HOLY SHIT!!” Kyle yelled, “I’m cumming!”

He felt his cum begin blasting into her ass, filling her colon with his hot jizz. He pulled out, his seed spilling from her overflowing asshole.

“God, that was great,” she panted, Kyle laughing behind her as he soon drifted back to sleep.

With Emily, Marie and most of the other sluts all had been requested to come to the porn convention in California, mostly a huge orgy of porn addicts, nymphomaniacs and sexual deviants fucking and testing out new sex tools. Thus Victoria was left to keep Kyle’s insanely high sex drive satiated, a task which she was more than willing to fulfill, despite the hard passionate sessions usually having her running late to work.

As she rushed in 20 minutes late to her first period class, she bumped into her friend and colleague Deidre Wallace.

“Oh good you’re here,” Deidre said, exasperated, “I stalled as long as I could when Ms. McGillvery came around.”

Victoria sighed and thanked her, knowing the staunch older principal would have her ass if she was late again.

“Thank you so much, Dee,” Victoria said gratefully, making sure the hall was clear before she got into her classroom with just enough time to hand out homework before the bell for second period rung.

Deidre however knew something was off. Having been at the school for just about as long as Victoria, she knew her routine and wondered why she had been seemingly so careless as of late. Apparently nothing was wrong as Victoria always seemed happy, dressing almost as if she was in her early twenties instead of dressing what was deemed more appropriate for a woman of her 47 years.

The glow about her however was as if she had just had sex. She well knew that Victoria was divorced, living with her daughter and son-in-law. But the glow, positive attitude this early on a Monday and her disheveled clothing gave it all away. Thinking of Victoria getting fucked made Deidre unbelievably horny.

Having gotten divorced earlier that year, she’d been dating a few different guys but while some had appealed to her emotional needs, none could satisfy her sexually. Her urges only grew throughout the day as she went through her classes, seeing the bulges in the jeans and shorts of her male students, wishing silently she could just rip their pants off and let them fuck her senseless.

By the time final period let out, Deidre felt as if she was going insane. She could hardly wait to get home and get off on her dildo. As she was leaving however, she bumped into Victoria again.

“Hi Deidre!” she said cheerfully, “I can’t thank you enough for handling my class.”

She nodded. “It was really no problem at all.”

The two chatted for a few moments until Victoria noticed how off Deidre was acting.

“Whats wrong Dee?” she asked, genuinely concerned at her usually happy friend so down.

“Well,” she began, “it’s just I see how good you have it. Ever since the divorce I have had a single night of a just a good, hard fuck. Then when I saw you come in this morning, I missed that.”

“I’m sorry Deidre,” Victoria replied, comfortingly rubbing her arm, “I know how terrible that can be.”

Deidre nodded. “But I’m sure you don’t want to hear about my problems. I’ll let you get on home.”

“Nonsense,” Victoria replied, “You should definitely get it off your chest. Did you ride with the carpool today?”

She nodded, the carpool already having left so she just assumed she’d call a cab to take her back to her apartment. Instead, Victoria told her to get in the car with her and they drove uptown to the mansion.

“God, your son-in-law must be loaded to have you living this good!” Deidre exclaimed.

“You could say that,” Victoria replied with a sly grin.

They parked and headed inside. Deidre had a seat while Victoria rummaged in the kitchen before returning with two large wine glasses and a bottle of merlot.

“Now,” she said, pouring each of a large serving, “tell me all about it.”


“… and that’s just it.” Deidre finished, after having detailed her problems to Victoria, “I guess in the end I want to just feel like I still exist.”

“Well, you definitely exist,” Victoria replied, “you still look amazing and sexy. And those tits… I mean… WOW! Are those G’s?”

Deidre nodded. “They are. I used to be proud of them but the way they sag now…”

Victoria nodded and proudly rubbed her own firm, juicy tits.

“God, if those weren’t gaziemir escort so high, I’d swear they were real.”

Victoria laughed. “They are real, honey! No blade is touching this rack.”

“But how can they still be in such great shape?” Deidre asked, eager to know Victoria’s technique, believing it had to be some diet or the type of bra she wore. She was about to reply when the answer himself walked in, the back door opening as Kyle entered, whistling as he came into the kitchen.

“Wow…” Deidre said excitedly, “who’s he?”

Victoria giggled. “That’s my son-in-law Kyle.”

A look of disappointment passed Deidre’s face but she greeted Kyle and he greeted her back, giving her smile and seemed to her pussy get soaking wet. Kyle then set to making himself some lunch while the two MILFs talked in the next room.

“So what are you thinking of looking for in a guy, Deidre?” Victoria asked, refreshing both their glasses.

“Oh I don’t know,” she sighed, “it’s just so hard to meet good guys these days.”

“I can understand that,” Victoria replied, “but you still have needs and desires that have to be met. I mean I imagine it can’t be that fun going to bars or dating sites. Sometimes you don’t even want companionship, you just need the thrill of some sex.”

“That’s the damn truth,” Deidre laughed, sipping from her glass.

“It would reduce your stress,” Victoria said softly, rubbing her hand up and down Deidre’s thigh, “just meeting up with a random hung stranger and getting the shit fucked out of you.”

Deidre had to admit she was surprised how brash Victoria was being, especially with Kyle just feet away. It was the wine talking, she assumed.

“Do you type of guys you like?” Victoria then asked.

“Umm…” Deidre replied, “it’s been so long…”

“What about him?” Victoria asked with a wink, gesturing toward Kyle.

“Him?!” Deidre whispered loudly, “that’s your son-in-law!”

“So,” Victoria chuckled, taking a long sip, “doesn’t mean I don’t find him attractive.”

Deidre giggled. “So this guy you’re seeing… what’s he like?”

Victoria beamed. “Oh he’s amazing. He’s tall, handsome, strong. And… oh my god, his dick! His dick is fucking huge!”

Deidre felt her push getting wetter with need. “Oh my god!”

Victoria nodded. “I’m talking a solid 10 inches, a head the size of an orange and two succulent massive balls. God, and he can fuck for HOURS! The stamina he possesses is just incredible.”

“Fuck, he sounds like a total package,” Deidre replied.

“Oh he is,” Victoria laughed, “and the package he has isn’t too bad either.”

Both of them giggled loudly. Deidre then looked at Victoria and said, “Woukd you mind me sharing him?”

“Hmm?” Victoria asked.

“Well, you mentioned he has some incredible stamina.” Deidre replied, adjusting her legs in her horny state, “I need a good hard fuck.”

Victoria nodded. “I know you do. And you know what? I’m going to call him for you right now.”

She dialed and Deidre soon heard Kyle’s phone ring from the kitchen. Just a coincidence, she figured until he walked in, Victoria standing up and kissing him lewdly, his massive hands groping her ass.

“W-what…” Deidre stammered.

“Deidre,” Victoria said, “I believe you know my son-in-law Kyle.”

Deidre looked on as Victoria rubbed the bulge in his pants. “Kyle baby, I was just telling Deidre how good you are in bed… and the rest of the house and she was just dying to experience it herself.”

Deidre stood and Victoria had her undo his pants as she continued to make out with him. She stripped him to his boxers and moved them aside, gasping as his massive dong came into view, her urges prompting her to take it into her mouth. Victoria then dropped to her knees beside her, rubbing Kyle’s nuts while Deidre sucked him off.

“Fuck…” Kyle growled, both sluts alternating turns sucking his dick and playing with his balls.

Deidre then pulled her top off, Kyle’s gaze instantly being drawn to her tits which soon was blanketing his dick as he fucked them, his dick rubbing on Deidre’s face. Soon, Victoria had Kyle sit on the couch and Deidre continued to suck him off while he sucked Victoria’s tits.

“Holy shit!” Deidre gasped as she pulled off his dick to breathe, “Fuck, this thing is massive!”

“Didn’t I tell you?” Victoria laughed, pushing her aside and straddling Kyle. She then slid her pussy down on his dick and began riding, Kyle groaning as he sucked her tits hungrily, Deidre slapping her ass. She then pulled out Kyle’s dick and began to suck him off as she fingered Victoria’s ass.

“Fuck yeah…” Victoria moaned, feeling Deidre begin to rim her asshole as she jacked Kyle off. She then slid him back inside Victoria and she began to ride him again, panting as Kyle fucked her hard, Deidre slapping her ass. Kyle then stood with her still on his dick and began to fuck her with her legs around his waist, Deidre on her knees, sucking Kyle’s balls.

“Shit…” he groaned, karabağlar escort Deidre sucking one of his massive sperm tanks into her mouth and sucking it hard.

“OH MY GOD YES!!!” Victoria screamed, Kyle slamming his dick into her, “YES KYLE!! MAKE ME FUCKING CUM!!”

“Yeah! Cum on that fucking dick!!” Deidre yelled, Victoria howling as she came hard on his cock. His dick slipped out and Deidre again swallowed him down, loving the taste of Kyle’s precum mixed with Victoria’s pussy. She slid his dick back inside Victoria and he picked up speed, ramming his dick into her, the slut screaming as she experienced yet another mind blowing orgasm, squirting all over his shaft.

He set Victoria down and they each began to suck him off again, Deidre sucking his head and stroking his shaft as Victoria sucked his nuts. Kyle was in heaven, rubbing and slapping both of their big asses as they pleasured his cock. Deidre then kept sucking as Victoria brushed her big tits over Kyle’s chest and face.

“Ooooh fuck…” Kyle groaned, sucking Victoria’s tits while he fingered her asshole, his cock deep in Deidre’s throat. She pulled off once she couldn’t breathe, his dick wet and rock hard, making her pussy throb as she looked in awe at the majestic cock.

“Bring that pussy here,” Kyle ordered, Victoria moving to suck him off again.

Deidre complied, placing her pussy to his mouth while Victoria mounted him in reverse cowgirl. Soon both sluts were moaning, Victoria riding his dick frantically while Kyle was squeezing Deidre’s ass, licking deep into her hungry pussy.

“Ooooh yeah! OH FUCK!” Victoria screamed as she bounced, Kyle slapping Deidre’s ass and beginning to grope Victoria’s bouncing tits as she danced on his dick, his nuts hitting against her pussy.

“OH FUCK YES!!!!” Deidre screamed.

“Mmm…” Victoria laughed, “he knows his way around a pussy doesn’t he?”

“Fuck yeah!” Deidre panted, Kyle playing with her tits as she sucked her clit, driving her to the first oral orgasm she could remember having in years, “God, I’ve never had my pussy ate so good!”

“Well if you think that’s good,” Victoria panted, dismounting, “wait until you try this dick.”

Deidre laughed and turned around, Kyle pulling her in and feasting on her ass.

“FUCK!!!!!” she cried at the top of her lungs, Victoria laughed.

“I’M CUMMING!!!” Victoria screamed.

“ME TOO!!!” Deidre screamed also, Kyle rubbing her clit. After their simultaneous orgasms settled, they switched, Victoria mounting his face.

“God, I’m so ready to get fucked.” Deidre said, rubbing her pussy as she took in Kyle’s massive dick.

“Wait no more,” he said with a grin, Victoria holding him at the base to let Deidre slide down with a loud, low groan. She and Victoria kissed, Deidre beginning to ride slowly while Victoria continued to play with Kyle’s balls. Deidre rode faster, slamming herself down.

“Oh fuck…” she groaned, Kyle sucking her tits and slapping her ass.

“Yeah, take that fucking dick!” Victoria yelled, slapping her ass and encouraging her.

“FUCK!! I CAN FEEL HIM IN MY STOMACH!!” Deidre screamed.

“God, this pussy is fucking tight!” Kyle groaned, palming her ass.

Deidre kept riding, screaming as he sucked her tits into his mouth, fucking her hard.

“FUCK, I’M ABOUT TO CUM!!” Deidre screamed, her pussy creaming on Kyle’s dick.

She kissed him passionately as she rode out her orgasm, dismounting as Kyle stood up and she got to her knees beside Victoria who began to suck him off. Kyle groaned as she pleasured his dick while he fucked her tits. She and Deidre then kissed, Deidre suing him off while Victoria pleasured his balls.

“Oh fuck…” he moaned, Victoria jacking him off as she and Deidre kissed before she took him back, Kyle fucking her face prior to Deidre again taking over, taking his hard dick down her throat. Ramming his dick into her mouth, Deidre gleefully took the face fucking before Kyle slid his cock into Victoria’s pussy.

“Yessss…” Victoria moaned, Kyle slapping her ass and beginning to fuck her as Deidre got on her back, Victoria’s face between her legs as Kyle fucked her harder, Victoria eating her friend’s pussy.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!” Deidre screamed, playing with her tits while Victoria pleasured her.

“Holy shit…” he groaned, hammering his dick even harder into Victoria’s wet pussy, getting even more turned on as he watched her prone even deeper into Deidre’s wet pussy. He grunted and gripped Victoria’s hair, fucking her brutally for several more minutes before he yanked her from Deidre’s pussy, kissing her and tasting her cum on Victoria’s lips.

He then sat on the couch, both panting sluts getting on either side of him, Victoria sucking his dick before Deidre sat on it in reverse cowgirl, moaning as Kyle once again filled her desperate pussy. She began to bounce vigorously, Kyle groaning as he squeezed her tits, Victoria rubbing her clit.

“OH YEAH!!” Deidre screamed, “OH MY GID YES!!!”

“So kemalpaşa escort good isn’t it?” Victoria laughed, watching her friend’s face contort in pleasure and pain as she was pulled into another mind blowing orgasm before she dismounted, Victoria slapping her ass before they began to lick and suck Kyle’s dick.

Victoria then jacked his shaft while Deidre slowly sucked her way down his dick, Kyle loving as he pushed into her tight throat.

“That a girl,” Victoria said, “suck that hunk of dick down.”

She pulled and spat on his dick, she and Victoria kissing as they jacked him off. Deidre then mounted him again, facing him this time as he felt up her tits. She began to ride him frantically, Kyle groaning as he slapped her ass, she and Victoria kissing all the more as Kyle alternated between sucking each of their luscious racks.

“Mmmm…” Victoria moaned, rimming Kyle’s ass as Deidre was still riding, sucking his balls and licking up to Deidre’s ass next. Kyle yelled out and began pounding his dick into her, Deidre experiencing another powerful climax.

“Fuck, he feels so good!” Deidre panted as she dismounted again for Kyle to switch back and forth fucking them in doggy, both sluts screaming as she fucked them to near oblivion, his hands groping their big tits as he railed them good and hard.

“YES!!” Victoria screamed as he fucked her hard, slapping her ass while he kissed Deidre, “GIVE ME ALL THAT FAT DICK!!!”

He sped up, their bodies slamming into one another as she came hard, creaming his dick. He pulled out and Deidre immediately shoved into her mouth, Kyle moaning as she cleaned him of Victoria’s pussy juice. They then began alternating sucking him off once more, Deidre and Victoria passing his dick back and forth.

Soon, Deidre was riding him in reverse cowgirl again, Victoria groping her bouncing tits while they made out passionately, Kyle holding onto Deidre’s hips. Victoria then got between Kyle’s legs to to suck those perfect boobs and finger Deidre’s pussy, Deidre moaning loudly as she began to cum again, her pussy exploding on Victoria’s fingers.

She fucked throughout her orgasm however, her push clamping in Kyle’s dick, shoved inside her to the root, his hands still squeezing her tits. Deidre was in heaven, Victoria eating her pussy, her huge tits beating together as she bounced on Kyle’s dick.

“YES!” he yelled, “Fucking bounce on that dick!!”

“C’mon baby,” Victoria encouraged, “give her a massive load of that cum!”

“OH GOD!!!” Kyle yelled, tightening his grip on Deidre’s tits, Victoria now fingering his asshole as he thrusted hard into her pussy.

“YES!!! FUCK ME!!!” Deidre screamed, on the fringes of another orgasm.

Suddenly it hit, almost as if an atomic bomb went off in her pussy. For the first time in her life, she was squirting! She had no idea she even could. Beneath her, Kyle was still going strong, his huge dick still pumping into her. However, Victoria sucking his balls and eating his ass spelled the end.

“OH SHIT!!” Kyle yelled, “HERE IT CUMS!!!”

He exploded, Deidre feeling his dick erupt deep inside her womb. Millions of long ropes of jizz stuffed her pussy, Victoria gleefully licking up all which overflowed. She felt Kyle cum for over 20 minutes, finally raising her off his glorious baby maker.

“Fuck…” he groaned, understandably exhausted after the many hours of fucking they’d done. Sure enough, it was nearing 10:00, they had been at for 7 hours nonstop.

“That… it… I just…” Deidre panted, admiring the amount of cum oozing from her sore pussy, yet still more dripping from Kyle’s limp dick.

“I know,” Victoria giggled, “I couldn’t believe it the first time either. There’s just… so much…”

In a flash, she was lapping in Deidre’s cunt, slurping up of the jizz she could. Deidre moaned, Victoria playing with her tits as she licked deeper. Behind her, Kyle’s dick was beginning to swell again, hungry for more action.

“God, you two look fucking hot!” he said, watching them.

Victoria grinned, pulling from Deidre’s pussy but not turning around. “Is he hard again?”

Deidre’s eyes gave her answer however. “YES!! It looks like his balls are full again too!”

Victoria giggled and wiggled her ass for him. “Care to split me open?”

“Hell Yeah,” Kyle replied.

He approached and slapped her ass, sliding his head into the wonderfully wet cunt and beginning to fuck her as she continued to eat out Deidre. Victoria screamed into her pussy, Kyle’s nuts slamming against her thighs. She then began to finger Deidre and suck her tits, Kyle fucking her at full speed.

“OH KYLE!!!” she screamed, “SHOVE THAT HUGE DICK IN ME!!!”

“God, I’m going to fuck you so hard bitch,” he panted, fucking her even harder.

Deidre was no biting her lip and playing with her tits as she watched them go at it and suddenly felt the hunger in her pussy for his dick again.

“Kyle?” she said, barely audible above the sounds of his grunts and Victoria’s moans and screams. “I want that dick ravaging me again too.”

“Don’t worry,” he grunted, pulling his dick from Victoria, “there’s more than enough to go around.

Soon, Deidre was in the doggy position, her pussy stretched around Kyle’s massive girth as he squeezed her bouncing tits, screaming in pleasure.

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