Getting Her Cup of Joe


Anna and Joe were best friends. It was not like any best friendship that anyone would recognize. Anna and Joe first became friends while working in a restaurant together. Joe as a Chef and Anna as a Banquet Coordinator. During the first two years they worked together, they really didn’t like each other very much. Over time, they realized they had more in common. Particularly the insanity of their exes and their out-of-control sex drives. When their friendship really began to blossom, Joe was still married, but Anna was already divorced. Anna would delight Joe with her sexual adventures and Joe would reciprocate with shocking stories of his soon to be ex-wife’s sexual adventures. Joe’s marriage was open, but he knew that it really only counted for his jealous wife. While Joe had a green light in words, he knew enjoying another woman in reality would bring his troubled marriage to an abrupt end.

Anna provided Joe a welcomed distraction to his miserable home life. While still trying to keep the pieces of his failing marriage together, Joe refrained from attempting any physical advancements with Anna. After all, Anna was 27 years old and much younger than Joe, very beautiful and had her pick of men. 14 years her senior, balding and pear-shaped, Joe never considered himself in Anna’s league. There was something about Joe that appealed to Anna though. He was funny, had charm, and when he flashed his irresistible smile it revealed very cute dimples. As things tend to happen between a man and a woman, flirting turned into making out and eventually when Joe’s marriage was completely kaput, Anna and Joe fucked. Joe was in heaven. Anna was in many ways Joe’s ideal woman. She had a sailor’s sense of humor, was head turning beautiful, flaunted her sexuality by wearing revealing dresses, panties never, and she smoked cigarettes. Indeed, Joe had an overactive smoking fetish.

In subsequent years, Anna and Joe only fucked tangentially. Even though they had ample opportunity, Anna insisted that it would ruin their friendship. Joe understood this explanation, but found it unsatisfactory.

Anna continued to regale Joe with her sexual adventures and Joe would get exceedingly turned on, then immediately jack off after leaving her company. Over time, Anna stopped telling Joe when she hooked-up with other guys and insisted that she changed and wasn’t like that anymore. Joe was in love with Anna and he sensed that Anna stopped telling him stories because of his emotional attachment, not because she had changed. Joe knew better and even confronted Anna when he learned that she was maintaining a full blown relationship with a new guy. This put a lot of stress on the friendship but Anna and Joe were cosmically drawn back to each other regardless of the hardship.

Joe found that his love for Anna was limitless. It didn’t matter to him that she lied to him. It didn’t matter that she was seeing other guys. Joe wanted Anna in his life. Joe also had to admit that picking up the pieces of his broken life, trying to move out of his parents’ house, having half custody of his son, and trying to forge a career that would make him comfortable in retirement really didn’t afford him the time to pursue romantic relations with Anna or anyone else for that matter. Anna was his de-facto girlfriend as they behaved as such when together, except for having sex, and no other woman drew his interest.

Joe tried his best to communicate his love to Anna and make her feel comfortable with telling him again about her adventures. Besides having a smoking fetish, Joe enjoyed the prospect of being cuckolded. He had a hard time understanding why his dick would get diamond hard in the rare instance when Anna did share her adventures with him. He wanted nothing more than to be the guy who was receiving Anna’s sexual gifts, but could not deny how hearing about her sex with others made him feel. Blow job in the keg room, sex on the short counter, getting fucked by the bartender against the microwave, and even tales of innocent kissing would shoot Joe’s cock straight out and provide ample fodder for his fantasies. He was equally crushed and aroused, but this was the Anna that Joe fell in love with. He liked how it made him feel and yearned for more.

Joe shared with Anna how this made him feel and it didn’t seem to have an effect. Anna continued to insist that she wasn’t like that anymore and didn’t have any adventures to talk about. Joe was sure that was a lie.

Joe’s thinking toward Anna and her sexual life evolved. He began to consider that it was not his own feelings towards Anna that made her hesitate to share with him. No that was not the case. Joe realized that it was Anna’s feelings about herself that made her not want to share. Joe figured Anna would rather not relive those adventures in her own mind, much less with anyone else. She loved poor Joe and knew her stories had an effect on him that neither of them understood completely. She just didn’t enjoy it. While the sexually promiscuous Anna was the karabağlar escort woman Joe fell in love with, this was the woman whom Anna despised. She did not like her unsatiable sexual lust that resulted in her fucking any confident male that showed an interest. With her looks, charm, humor and smile, there were a lot. Each new restaurant she worked at provided a new cadre of admirers to choose from. “This time will be different,” she’d tell herself. But eventually her lust would take over and she’d be fucking guys inside of a week. Then there were the men she’d meet on dating websites. The men she’d meet at bars. And on and on. Joe theorized that Anna’s behavior was the result of the sexual trauma that Anna told him about that she endured as a minor. He figured that she had not yet healed from that trauma and this resulted in her dispicable lack of control. He thought that she must view her sexuality as a monster that took over her life, not as a beautiful, free-spirited aspect of her personality. She could not find inner peace with the fact that her lust dictated her behavior. As far as he was concerned, Joe understood that Anna’s love for him was more meaningful because it did not occur on a sexual plane. Tragically, at times, sex with Anna was all he could think about.

Joe took this about Anna as a matter of fact, but did not continually press the issue when she lied about not having anything to tell. It mattered more to Joe that Anna was in his life than filling his spank bank. She did that well enough by just sitting next to him in a sexy dress, smoking a cigarette. Yet, the lack of physical contact and that lack of intimate connection that he used to feel when Anna shared with him left him feeling unfulfilled. He longed for her touch. He longed to hear Anna tell him in detail how she got fucked. He fantasized about it when he masturbated. Without any woman in his life to satisfy him sexually, Joe had to do it all himself and usually did so twice per day minimum. Joe jacked-off to Anna all the time. He would imagine her in a plaid skirt that she had to wear in one of her jobs servicing the men she worked with. When Anna found work outside of the restaurant business, he fantasized about her having sex in cubicles and break rooms with her coworkers. He would imagine her telling him about it while smoking. He imagined Anna in love with her sexual self, free from the prison where the demons of her past kept her. Joe imagined her sexually free and happy, fucking who she wanted, when she wanted, and happily relaying the stories to him to their mutual delight.

Joe thought that Anna might indulge him as she once encouraged him to jack off in front of her while she smoked. Joe had become turned on during an evening spent together while parked on the curb in front of his parent’s house. It had been a year-and-a-half since Anna last fucked Joe and she wasn’t about to on that night either. She loved Joe though and knew that he was harmless. She smoked in his face and Joe came. Joe enjoyed himself, but without Anna actively participating other than just blowing smoke, the experience was ultimately lacking. “Why couldn’t she at least tell me to stroke my cock? Tell me that she wanted to see me cum? Tell me that my cock belonged to her and she wanted me to jerk it off?” Joe wondered afterward. “Why didn’t she lean forward blow smoke straight in my face, kiss me and tell me that she wanted to see me cum?” Joe considered that this kind of activity was different than Anna’s usual sexual participation. Although, Anna liked to be in control, Joe thought that perhaps she did not understand quite how to take control in this circumstance. Joe also had to consider that Anna did not like this kind of interaction. She didn’t bat an eye when Joe jerked-off in front of her, so Joe excluded the notion that she was repulsed by the whole scene. Joe let himself believe there was hope for more, but was running out of ideas for how he could get Anna to find it as enjoyable as he did. That was the key. What would make this an enjoyable experience for Anna?

Joe hit on an idea. He would happily give all control to Anna. The next time they hung out, he would show her exactly how much control she had. His plan would just have to work!

That coming Monday, Anna had a traffic court appearance in the town Joe lived in. The plan was for her to spend the night on Sunday so that she would have a 5 minute drive to court, instead of an hour drive. Joe had a plan. The night started out typically with a run to 7/11 for ice to put on the beers that Joe always had in his car, then to Taco Bell for some food. They were now prepared for an evening spent eating, drinking beer, listening to music, talking, and for Joe, watching beautiful Anna smoke.

As soon as they were done with their food, Anna pulled out her pack of cigarettes and put one to her red painted lips. She lit the cork-filtered cigarette and inhaled and blew the smoke out through pursed lips. Joe karşıyaka escort began to squirm in the driver’s seat. This was not uncommon as Anna was used to Joe having to adjust his hard on when she smoked. This time was a little bit different as Joe appeared to be in a bit more discomfort.

“Are you OK?” Anna asked incredulously as Joe seemed to be overdoing it a little.

“Not really.” Joe replied.

“What’s going on?” Anna pressed as Joe tugged at his pants. No prominent bulge was visible.

“Can I show you something? I think you’ll like it.” Joe asked with a furtive smile and began to unzip his pants before Anna could respond.

“Um, I’ve seen it a million ti…What the hell is that!?” Anna exclaimed.

“It’s a cock restraint.” Joe revealed a plastic device ringing the length of his cock and clamped under his balls. “If I get a hard on, it hurts. Well, I can’t really even get a hard on.”

“What the fuck?!” Anna exclaimed as Joe produce a small key and placed it in her hands.

“My cock is yours. It is entirely under your control.” Joe explained with complete sincerity. “I’m still getting used to it and, as you known, watching you smoke frequently gets things moving down there. I guess I will have to suffer.” Joe said with a smile.

Anna was not ready for Joe’s surprise and for a moment sat stunned not knowing what to say. Then something clicked for her and for a moment she wanted to see just how serious Joe was about this.

“Damn right, you’ll suffer!” Anna said and threw the key into the abyss that is her purse. She then turned and faced Joe. “I bet you want to kiss me.” She said with an evil smile.

Anna leaned toward Joe. Joe couldn’t resist as it appeared his plan was working. He followed her lead and leaned in for a kiss. But before their lips met, Anna put her freshly lit cork-filtered Marlboro 27, 100 in her mouth and took a deep drag. Then she exhaled straight into Joe’s face and kissed him passionately knowing that this would cause an immediate tenting of his pants under normal circumstances. Joe groaned in painful ecstasy. Anna laughed heartily. And flicked his caged penis.

“You like that?” Anna asked.

“Yes.” Joe muttered feeling the grip of the device on his straining member.

“Bet you wish you could stroke it? Huh?” Anna asked as she took another long drag of her cigarette. This time she leaned over and blew it directly onto Joe’s bound cock. He could feel the warmth of the smoke engulf his member.

“Oh, god!” Joe exclaimed. “Nnnnnnh!” He grunted as he suppressed his erection.

How he dreamed of Anna doing that exact thing night after night. He never fantasized about having his cock in a cage while she blew smoke on his dick, but somehow right now reality was better than fantasy. The difference was that Anna was taking an assertive role in turning him on. He was in pain. Delicious agony.

Anna began to test Joe’s limits and knew what would really get him going. There was something about having Joe in this predicament that was definitely entertaining for her. She sat up again and took another drag of her cigarette. Then to Joe’s shock, she heaved her left breast from her dress and exhaled smoke directly down onto her nipple. She licked the tip of her finger and worked her nipple until it was firm.

“Look how hard my nipple got!” She teased, took another drag and blew smoke in Joe’s face then laughed hysterically. Joe’s breathing quickened and he began to sweat. It was all he could do to suppress his hard on.

Anna reached under the hem of her skirt. She was getting aroused and she found herself wetter than expected. Anna easily slipped two fingers inside of her tight pussy and withdrew them.

“You know what’s not getting hard? Your dick!” Anna answered her own question and wiped her pussy moistened fingers under Joe’s nose. Then took another drag of her cigarette and exhaled again in his face.

Joe couldn’t take it any longer as Anna was putting on a smoking fetish display worthy of the best porn sites dedicated to the subject. Joe looked away and grunted as the restraint prevented his ever nascent hard on from growing to full potential. The pain was becoming too much, but when Anna demanded that he look at her, he could not resist.

“Kiss me.” Anna asked like an innocent girl. Then she put the cigarette to her lips.

Ever obedient, Joe leaned forward to kiss Anna while she inhaled. Again she blew smoke in his face and kissed him deeply.

“This is fun!” Anna giggled.

“Nnnnnngggghhhhhh.” Was all Joe could say in response as the device dug into his yearning cock.

“Oh, does it hurt a lot?” Anna asked in an honest tone.

“Yeah, it does.” Joe replied. His breathing returned to normal as Anna finished her cigarette and returned her breast to the confines of her dress. Though the smell of Anna’s perfect pussy on Joe’s nose still required full attention in keeping his dick in check.

Anna kemalpaşa escort grabbed her purse and turned on the dome light in the car and began rummaging for the key.

“No. Keep it.” Joe said.

“You have another one?” Anna asked as she stopped looking.

“No. I don’t.” Joe replied. “You have the only one.” Anna began looking for the key again.

“Stop looking for it.” Joe laughed nervously. “Unless you want to do something with your hard on.” Joe continued to laugh trying not to think of what Anna might do next to test Joe’s resolve.

“No. I don’t. My hard on?” She asked.

“Yes. It’s yours now. Don’t worry. I can pee and shower, but unless you want me to get hard, trust me, I won’t.” Joe said as sincerely as he could.

“Oh my god! Are you sure?” Anna asked in disbelief.

“Yeah. Let’s give it a shot. If I can’t last the night and morning in court, I’ll let you know.” Joe offered. Anna agreed with interest and curiosity piquing, but still unsure about what crazy-ass Joe was doing.

That night they slept together without incident and all Anna could do is shake her head and laugh as Joe pulled his underwear over his cock restraint after his morning shower. “Ok, Champ.” Declared Anna. “You tell me when.”

“No, dear. You tell me when.” Retorted Joe who was starting to get used to the apparatus on his dick. The events of the previous night emboldened him and he was happy that Anna was experiencing enjoyment from the proceedings thus far.

The time in court, lunch afterward and the rest of the day went as normal and Anna and Joe kissed good-bye.

“When will I see you again?” Asked Joe.

“I don’t know. Soon, I hope.” Anna replied.

Anna remembered that she had the key to Joe’s constraint and opened her purse.

“You want the key back now?” She asked and giggled still finding the whole thing entertaining.

“Well, if I’m never going to see you again, then yes, I do want it back.” Joe stated. “But if you think we’ll hang out in the next week or so, then no, I’ll be good.” Joe smiled.

“Um. I don’t know.” Anna thought.

“How about, if all else fails, I come down on Thursday night after I put the kiddo down like last week?” Joe asked.

“Ok.” Anna replied. “Are you sure?” Anna asked one last time as she finally produced the key from her purse and held it up in front of Joe.

“I’m sure.” Joe confirmed. “What? You’ve never wondered what you’d do with a penis of your own?” Joe teased.

“Ha!” Anna laughed in Joe’s face and kissed him good-bye. She cupped his package and said, “Take good care of my junk.”

“I will.” Joe replied dutifully, gave her one more peck on the lips, got in his car and drove home, just like every other time with one difference. There’d be no jacking off.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday dragged on as Joe looked forward to seeing Anna again. Anna also found herself looking forward to Thursday evening with more anticipation than usual. She texted Joe to check on him to be sure he didn’t need to get the key sooner. Still remaining a bit skeptical, Anna had Joe text her a picture of the constraint on him at work to prove that he didn’t unlock it with another key. Joe remained steadfast. Anna knew how much Joe masturbated and knew that this was difficult for him. She had to admit she liked it. She liked the control. There was a guy 50 miles away with a device on his dick that she had the only key to. Anna let her own imagination run wild and got very turned on. She devised her own plan.

Finally, Thursday night came and Joe drove down to meet Anna. Joe had on comfy jeans and a sweatshirt and Anna also wore a sweatshirt and pajama bottoms. “She still looks amazing.” Joe thought. Joe brought a few beers and they sat on the semi-private balcony where Anna could smoke outside, they huddled together under a warm blanket and turned on some music.

Anna spoke first. “Joe. I don’t think I can do this anymore.” She took the key from the pocket of her sweatshirt and gave it to Joe. “I need you to take that thing off. It’s weirding me out.”

Joe frowned at Anna’s flat, serious tone. “Wasn’t it fun, though?” Joe gave one last attempt.

“Yeah, that one time it was funny, but I don’t want that.” Anna replied.

Defeated Joe took the key from Anna and unzipped his jeans. Accustomed to the device now, there was no leaping to attention as Anna drew a cigarette from her pack and lit it up. Joe inserted the key into the lock and removed the constraint.

“Ahhh.” An audible sigh of relief unconsciously escaped Joe’s mouth as the clamp on his balls eased and his cock was freed for the first time in five days.

“You’re going to want to jack off now.” Anna said with a restrained smile.

“What?” Joe asked.

“You heard me. I bet you really need to by now anyway.” Anna spoke quietly fearing the neighbors might hear. Anna took a drag from her cigarette and blew it right at Joe instead of to the side like normal. She let her smile relax a bit more.

Joe’s dick immediately jumped to attention. After years of cumming at least twice a day, Joe’s balls were ready to burst after the five day hiatus. He complied with Anna’s wishes and began to stroke his dick.

“That’s it.” She said. “Stroke that cock. I want to see you cum.”

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