Getting to See My Girl

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Authors Note: To give a little more details because I was unable to incorporate this into my first written story. I am a 26 year old male with a shaved head and a lean athletic body. I am 6’3″ and have several tattoos. The girl in this story was a partner of mine for several years and we were very intimate. She is a 5’6″ Caucasian female with dirty blonde hair, almost brown. She is a very full figured woman with nice B sized breasts and a very full bottom and beautiful legs. Like I said this is my first story and I was unable to incorporate this into it very well so thanks for reading.


It had been a long time, too long really. Six months and some change. By that time I wanted her as bad physically as I did emotionally. We hadn’t seen each other for six painful and excruciating months. You may wonder what kept us apart for so long, well I’ll tell you. It’s not some huge secret, I am in the navy. Still am actually. This being my line of work it kept us separated for painfully long amounts of time. This was the hardest one so far. She was back on her native island and I was amongst the American population in the good old US of A. But fate or luck if you believed those kinds of things brought us together sooner than expected.

She was to be in DC for a series of meetings for this Masters program she was in. She called me excitedly letting me know the good news.

“Hey baby guess what?” She immediately asked.

“Chicken butt” I automatically replied.

“No! Listen the company is sending me to DC for 5 days and are letting me do my own travel schedule. That means I can fly in early and we can have a whole weekend together if you can get the time off”

“Baby that’s awesome. But I don’t know if it will work.”

“I give you good news and that’s all you say?”

“You know how hard it is to get leave approved especially since I’m in rate training right now”

“So your already saying you can’t?”

“No babe that’s not it it’s just the odds aren’t great and it’s only three weeks from now so that’s even harder. But I promise I will try as hard as I can. So tell me as many details about hotels and flights so I can let my Command know.”

I got everything I needed from her and we continued to talk and said our goodbyes. I wasn’t terribly optimistic about this but I really wanted it to happen. I had butterflies in my stomach and was filled with anticipation at the prospect of getting to see her again but the military isn’t always great on letting you take leave when you want to. But still… I was more than willing to try.

I dropped my leave chit the very next day and hoped for the best. The navy has a terrible record with documents and especially personal requests but amazingly enough after a week it was approved. I would have two nights and three days with my girl. I couldn’t help grinning like a little kid the entire day. I was just walking around with this feeling of excitement and was beaming with happiness. School couldn’t go by fast enough. The day dragged on and worse than that I had to wait until late at night to be able to call her because of the time difference. But finally I was able to make the call….

“Baby it got approved it’s good I can come and see you in two weeks.”

She was so excited to hear the news and told me she had already looked at tickets and had all my travel arrangements set all I had to do was pay for it online. I did it immediately while she talked me through what I needed and then everything was set. We said our goodbyes again although much happier because of our impending dates.

The next two weeks were the slowest in my life, just day in and day out of monotony. I even did extra work in school on the weekends to get ahead and have something to do to pass the time.

Finally it was happening. On the day of my departure, everything went well. The cab ride to the airport was quick and the fare was pretty good. I expected the flight to be long; but that flew by (Punintentional). The food they served wasn’t too bad and I even got a few beers for being in the military from some kind gentleman I struck up a conversation with. . I guess my high spirits were affecting the things around me.

I got off the plane in our nation’s capital. I called her and exclaimed I had arrived. Sadly she was tied up at school still and couldn’t meet me at the airport. But she explained to me how to get where I needed to go and with vivid details and made me repeat them back to her. Despite her best efforts and me writing them down I almost got on a different train and had to ask for help with the directions twice. No fault to her I had just never been in a city with public transportation on this big of a scale.

It was all slightly overwhelming to a small town guy like me. When I got off my last train she was right there looking at me before I even saw her like she could feel me coming. I finally spotted her in the crowd as she was the only one wearing a poofy purple jacket like she said she was. When I kastamonu escort reached her I bent down and ran my hands through her dirty blonde hair as she looked up at me lovingly and said “I’ve been waiting for this” and tiptoed up to kiss me. I was quite a bit taller than her and I had to bend down to make it less awkward. But that didn’t make the kiss any less spectacular. Our lips touched and I was instantly hard. I pulled her roughly into me as I kissed her back hard and got more excited as the kiss practically developed into us making out in the train station. She is a marvelous kisser but when she stopped I made a little disappointed face because I could stand there all day and keep kissing her.

“Oh come on don’t be gross we don’t need to make out in the train station.” She stated playfully.

“But I want to” I complained stomping my foot in a mock tantrum.

“Oh stop being a big baby” she said softly “There’s plenty of that for later. right now I think I’m going to need some drinks for what’s happening later.

I looked down and gave her my devilish grin she had come to know and love.

We walked across the street to a TGI Fridays. Luckily they had some killer happy hour specials and we were both pleasantly buzzed by the time we made it back to the hotel where out night of debauchery would take place.

No sooner did the door close and I had dropped my bag did I grabbed her tight and pull her in for a long sensual kiss. Our lips met our tongues swirled and it was ecstasy. We both tried removing our shirts without separating from our kiss. As she pulled hers off I was immediately reaching behind her to unclasp her bra. I tried a few times unsuccessfully and gave up. I always sucked at those stupid clasps but she moved my hands out of the way and undid her bra deftly as only a woman can. She dropped it off with a shrug that was both sensual and casual simultaneously exposing her pert B sized breasts with absolutely perfect nipples to match.

“Good thing that’s the only part you have problems with” she teased.

“Those things are evil” I responded in between kisses. “I don’t know why I have so much trouble with the dumb things.”

We quickly resumed our necking and we both removed our shoes with our other foot without breaking stride. We pushed further into the room wrapping our arms around each other pulling tightly and softly moaning while we kissed like it would be our last.

She finally broke it off and turned around ,exhaled and in a deft movement walked towards the mini bar. As soon as she was facing away my eyes went straight to her ass. She had some cute little yoga pants on and her ass looked astonishing. It was her best feature by far definitely a donk if you know what I mean.

“I got you something special.” she said leaning down and opening it.

I was already a little loose from the alcohol from before and I didn’t want to get too drunk and not be able to meet expectations, but I wasn’t going to decline after she went to getting me something ‘special’. I waited patiently and kind of fiddled standing there watching her dig into the fridge pulling out a dark rum I instantly recognized.

“Sailor Jerry” I said knowingly.

“Yeah, I know it’s your favorite and I had to go to three different places to find it. ”

“Wow thanks sweetie. Sucks that my favorite rum is difficult to find. Pour me one.”

“I was getting to that” she said sarcastically.

She opened the bottle cracking the seal and poured us a drink with my favorite rum making sure mine was stronger than hers. She squeezed some lime and tossed it in for good measure. After we had our drinks in hand we clinked glasses. I immediately swallowed mine in two big gulps as she just took a sip from hers.

“Hey did you even taste that?”

“Of course but it isn’t nearly as good as you. So now that that’s outta the way I can have what I really want.”

I put my glass down and picked her up off the ground and put her over my shoulder carrying her into the bedroom.

“Slow down big guy lemme finish this.”

I carefully sat her down on the edge of the bed .She swallowed deeply finishing the drink and put the glass on the table next to the bed. I quickly put my hand under her chin and lifted her up for a kiss. As soon as our lips touched her tongue was probing for mine. I slowly slid my hand down her chin while softly gliding my fingers over her collar bone and sternum, further down still until I palming one of her soft breasts in my large hand. I squeezed it softly eliciting a soft moan as she tried to kiss me even harder. I then wrapped my arm around her lower back pulled her towards me getting her to lay down flat while I kneeled over her continuing my ministrations of her breasts. I then crawled over her and got between her legs while holding myself up with one hand. I started squeezing and pulling her into me to feel the heat between her legs with my hardness. She then reached up kayseri escort and started rubbing my cock through my shorts and trying to unfastened them with the other hand. I bend my waist down and have her a little help and she finally succeeded in removing said shorts. It sprang up at full attention and stood defiantly against the laws of gravity. She put her hand at the base of my cock and started to softly jerk me off.

“God baby….” she moaned “I forgot how big you were.”

I was weighing in at almost eight inches and was over six in circumference. Not the biggest dick in the world but something I’ve definitely received some nice compliments about it. She kept stroking me slowly pulling faster and faster as I moaned into her mouth and when it started to feel a little too good I pulled her hands off and held them above her head.

“OH” she exclaimed at the sudden change of pace.

I bent down and started licking her nipples softly, switching between the left and the right at random intervals. Her nipples were hard and really sensitive at this point so I couldn’t help but nibble on them a little and suck them into my mouth to assault them with my tongue.

“Oh Andrew yessss” she hissed as my ministrations grew more feverish.

“That feels so good. Baby I want you so bad…”

“You want me inside of you?” I moaned while her nipples were halfway in my mouth


“You want me to fuck you? Do you?” At this point I stopped and stared deep into her eyes as I asked her.

“Yes… Please Andrew fuck me.”

At this point something clicked. I don’t know what it was but something was different something inside me was different and it was a primal urge. I grabbed her by her ankles quickly slid her to the edge of the bed and stood her up and forcefully pulled her pants down to her ankles. I then turned her around and pushed her against the wall grabbing her hands and pulling them up high. I quickly put my feet between her legs and forced her to spread them apart and slid my dick between her checks and held her against the wall.

“Baby what are you….?” She tried to plead.

I didn’t even let her finish. I spin her around and grabbed her by the throat pinning her against the wall effectively cutting her sentence off.

She squirmed against me but I was way too strong for her. I looked fiercely into her eyes as I held her tightly against the wall

“Now you listen because I’m going to tell you this once. I’m in charge and you are not to speak unless I ask you a question. Understand?”

I relinquished my grip enough to let her nod and she nodded her head uncertainly. I reached down with my other hand and smacked the inside of her thighs with the back of my hand signaling her to open her legs up. She complied quickly and I used three if my fingers to saw up and down over her clit and down into her folds. She was the wettest she has ever been. I quickly stuck two fingers inside her quivering folds and wiggled then in unison. She immediately began to buck her hips against my hand her juices audibly squishing around my digits.

” Oh Andr…” She started but I cut her off mid word by pushing my hand against her throat harder. I pulled my fingers out and wiped the copious fluid on her tits.

“Apparently you need something to keep your mouth shut.” I growled at her

I let go of her throat and grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed her down into a squatting position. Her panties and pants still in a bundle around her ankles. She was panting heavily at this point. The adrenaline and excitement was getting to her. I then grabbed my thick cock and pushed it towards her face Stopping it only inches from her mouth.

“Suck it.” I said commandingly.

She swallowed audibly and put one hand up at the base of my dick while slowly sliding it into her hungry mouth. As I entered her mouth a soft moan escaped my lips, god she felt good and she only had the head in. She then grabbed my low hanging sack and rolled it with her hand while sucking more of me into her mouth. I couldn’t help but to start pushing my hips out to need her forward thrusts. I pushed harder until I finally hit the back if her throat and she squinted her eyes shut and tried to restrain a gag as my cock invaded into her throat. She looked up at me pleadingly as her eyes started to water but I just held my dick deep in her mouth until she gagged once and I slid my dick out as she couched and sucked a deep breath in trying to regain her composure. She sniffled once and coughed trying to clear her throat but I wasn’t done yet. I pushed my hand into her hair grabbing a handful as I guided my cock into her mouth. She greedily resumed sucking on it making it slick and shiny in the dim lighting of the hotel room. I placed my hands flat against the wall and looked down as I thrust my cock in and out of her mouth. I released a moan and she looked up at me hungrily. She would have continued kıbrıs escort sucking me off until I came and swallowed all of it happily. But I knew we both wanted more.

Pushing her down on her knees and she had a better sense of balance and didn’t have to rely on me to hold her up.

“Now play with yourself.: I ordered

She took her free hand and spread her lips apart and started slowly rolling her fingers over her clit. She started moaning and slurping as I became rougher with my toy.

“Play with your nipples too” I instructed.

She took her other free hand and started pulling and rolling her nipples between her fingers. Her breathing was more labored and she was moaning as her fingers manipulated her clit. She closed her eyes and was moving her hand faster, I could tell she was close to coming. So I stopped pushing in her mouth and lifted her up by her arms and flung her towards the bed. She landed bent over exposing her moist pussy which was covered in juice and her cute little asshole. I couldn’t wait to fuck her. Seeing her ass up in the air I leaned over her and started smacking it sharply. She replied with a muffled “Ungh” each time as she gripped she sheets while I punished her rear. I moved closer and grabbed both cheeks firmly in my hands and positioned myself to enter her hot opening. I grabbed my cock and positioned it under her pussy and slid it back and forth.

“Baby… Please..” She weakly pleaded.

I slapped her ass again

“You get it when you can behave understand”

She softly replied with a yes and couldn’t help but squirm as I teased her not really giving her the release she wanted. I was driving her mad with anticipation and finally my desire was too much to ignore. I lined the head up and slowly slid into her sopping wet pussy.

“Are you ready?”

She started to reply but I didn’t even wait before grabbing her hips and pulled myself out and started fucking her in long slow strokes. I looked down as I was sliding I and out of her and her lips were gripping me as they refused to let go of the intruding member. I scooted up closer to her and started pounding away at her from behind. The loud slaps of our carnal act filled the air and we both moaned and relished in the pleasure that was at hand. I slapped her ass quickly one time and reached under to play with her clit rubbing it softly in small circles. This drover he over the edge, this new experience had been something she had secretly desired and had never spoke of. But now that I was fucking the way she wanted she couldn’t control herself any more. She half collapsed as savage thrusts took her over the edge.

“OH FUCK BABY” was all she managed to spit out before her orgasm overpowered her. I stopped all the way in and held her up with one hand while the other slowly played with her clit. She was shaking violently and was breathing rapidly while her pussy clenched and released on my dick. She just kept coming for what seemed like minutes kneading the sheets and gasping for air as her amazing orgasm subsided. I let her g and she slid down softly and lay gasping on the bed while I triumphantly hovered over her.

“Baby that was amazing.” she finally stammered. Not even bothering to lift herself off the bed “I never came like that before”

“I’m still not done with you, you minx.”

She cooed softly and reached back under to feel my swollen balls as I rested my dick on her ass.

“God they are so swollen and tight .I want you to come for me. You’ve taken care of me and now It’s your turn.”

“Ok baby.” I softly stated.

I pulled her back up onto all fours and slowly slid back into her again. Her tightness sucked me in greedily as she moaned and pushed back into me.

“Come for me. I want to finish for me.” she softly cooed.

I could feel my orgasm slowly rising to the surface bubbling like a volcano about to erupt.

“That’s it …. Give it to me.”

It was coming. Her words of encouragement ,the feel of her soaked pussy, the smell of sex in the air and the alcohol in my system were too much and my orgasm overtook me.

“Baby. I’m going to cum!” I managed to say as balls tightened and the first spurt shot deep inside of her.

“Oh baby yes that’s it! Oh god I’m coming again!”

I sunk deeply into her as torrents of cum shot out of me and into her filling her with my seed.

“Oh baby I can feel it it’s so warm give it to me yessss.”

It seemed like I wouldn’t ever stop Cumming. My dick kept pulsing as I continued to shoot into her. Our groaning and moaning filling the air. But finally our orgasms slowed down and I leaned over her as she supported our weight. I finally rolled over to the side while staying inside of her. Enjoying the feel of her insides still quivering.

“Baby that was amazing… It was just so good “she said after we both finally had caught our breath.

“Yeah. Yeah it was insane.” I managed to say between breaths.

She turned her head back and gave me a kiss as my member was slowly softening and beginning to slide out of her.

“Thank you” she smiled giving me another quick kiss as I put my arm over her.

“Oh, your welcome. It was nothing.” I smirked.

“Jerk” she sleepily replied. Her voice just barely audible as the nights events caught up to her.

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