Gift of the Old Ch. 4

Nicole Aniston

I had left Credo to his flashback, or whatever it was. My lust and powerful new urge to impregnate as many women as possible, causing me to run rampant through the neighbour hood. No one above the age of eighteen were safe, my pheromones penetrated the air, clouding all rational thought and leading them to me, where they were magically altered and fucked until they became moaning heaps of pregnant bodies. As for the males I implanted the suggestion of bringing more legal women back to me.

I trotted along the street in centaur form, carrying a heavily pregnant Madi on my back. She had practically soaked my fur in her juices, cumming everytime I did. I was also fucking another woman, my tentacles keeping her aloft as my cock penetrated deeper than any human ever could, it’s head and shaft bulging obscenely from her normally taut stomach. I wasn’t going anywhere in particular, I was just walking along, taking any woman of legal age I came across. I did a quick count in my head, and estimated that I had implanted more than thirty women with hundreds of demonic spawn. In fact they should be birthing them any minute now.

(Third Person)

Credo left the house in a frenzy. He needed to bring Lisa to her senses, otherwise she would end up like him, a servant to the demon king, with no memories of life before hand. He wouldn’t let that happen, even if it killed him. Credo felt different now, as though something burned within him, something other than lust, and a need to murder or maim anything in sight. Was this love? He thought, knowing that he was also regaining some of his more angelic properties, such as his wings, which were currently the size of a chickens, but were growing rapidly. He stopped outside the house, sensing the coming of many demons.

He looked around, but there was nothing. It was silent, not even a bird chirped, nor did the wind blow through the trees. Suddenly a scream pierced the silence, coming from the house, specifically the living room. Running back in, he saw the women all spreading their legs and using their hands to caress their stomachs, and wildly rubbing their pussies. Credo looked at them, trying to figure out what was making them suddenly so active, when he noticed a slight movement from one’s stomach. They were giving birth already.

He could not do anything but stand there. Watching as the women tried to birth the demons in the natural way, however they had no intention of letting their mother’s live, no they tore through the flesh that imprisoned them, quickly making headway and soon ending their mothers. To see human life end in such a gruesome manner affected Credo far more than it should, and he realised that his angelic side was the one repulsed by it, after all Michael was an archangel who was cast down, for loving humans all too much. This hurt him far more than any blade could.

Shutting out his returned love of humanity, Credo began to destroy the twisted creations as they crawled from the torn remains of their mothers, using nothing but his demonic energy to disintegrate them. The demons resembled bats, yet they were all equipped with fangs almost as large as their bodies, with wings that spanned only a foot each. They had the legs of goats, with reptilian claws rather than hooves, their bodies were covered in a mixture of fur and scales, from which half a dozen tentacles waved about each. They were eliminated easily enough.

Leaving the house once again, Credo heard more screams, the same ones that preceded the birth of those vile demons. How will I get them all? He asked himself, to which his other half replied;

“Call on Erackiel; it will answer you now.” Deciding that he had nothing to lose, Credo held out his hand and conjured the image of Erackiel in his mind, feeling a powerful warmth flow through his arm, gaining strength until it suddenly ceased, and there it was; Erackiel, except it wasn’t. The sword from before had been corrupted by it’s time laid dormant within Credo’s soul, as such it’s form now resembled something far more demonic.

What had been a simple broadsword had turned into a halberd-sword hybrid. The blade was pitch black and split in two like an axe, however the blades were one and a half metres long, twin blades protruded from the hilt, and the shaft was easily four and a half feet long. It’s thickness was just right for his grip (It’s beginning to sound a tad sexual isn’t it?). Raising the transformed black sword to the sky, dark clouds gathering around his location, turning the once bright day as black as space. As he did so a saying from an old human television show sprung to his mind.

“IIIIII HAVE THE POWEEEEEEEERRRRR!!” He yelled. With that out of his system he looked around, seeing the demon spawn now crawling from their mothers’ corpses. Counting, their numbers totalled little over two dozen. A simple wave of the massive weapon and they disintegrated.

(1st person)

I sensed it. The power of angels, mixed with a demons. I had no idea how I could recognise it, but I assumed that was my new instincts, granted to me by my demonic rebirth. Is that Credo? I thought and looked back, my tentacles now pulling the cumming female on and off my cock, effectively using her to masturbate. A sharp pain shot through me at that moment, it felt like I was being torn apart from the inside, yet as soon as it began it ended.

“What was that?” I said aloud, panic racing through me. My children? He’s slaughtering them. But why? They’re demons; his brethren. The answer came to me instantly.

“That angelic power… It’s Credos?” I stated in a questioning manner. What the fuck is going on?! I screamed in my mind, as a forced climax shot through me, impregnating the female. After that I left Madi with the woman and went to deal with this new threat.

(3rd person)

The rush was like nothing else. The sense of invincibility was intoxicating, like a drug that gave the ultimate high. Were it not for his present situation Credo would have laughed with jubilation, but he could sense her, Lisa; she was coming, and fast. Feeling no need to rush toward the hurricane of demonic, feminine fury coming his way. The sky remained pitch black, and not a sound was heard, besides the sizzling of whatever flesh remained from the unholy creations. Credo stood amongst it all, waiting for hell’s fury to arrive.

(1st person)

It took less time than I’d thought. After only a few minutes, I could see Credo, except he looked very different… almost angelic in his own rite, yet the holy visage was tainted with black veins running along his face, focused primarily around his glowing red irises, centred within dull azure sclera. His body no longer appeared demonic, despite his facial features, but there was an aura around him, one that sent shivers through my body, both from desire and absolute terror. I could see the angel and demon within, and they were one.

I stared at Credo for what felt like a century. He did likewise, watching me for any signs of hostility, or humanity, though the latter was far less likely. It was obvious that he wasn’t the same, and that he intended to get in my way. I knew that I needed to eliminate the threat, to clear the way for my offspring, to pave the way for my king… Where did that come from? Shock coursed through me, yet none of it showed on my face, but inside I came to the realisation that I was no longer human, at all. Despite this being my desire, it still hit hard.

I stood frozen. A part of me refused to accept that I was just a demon, just another who served the king, while another side of me wanted it, wanted to be the servant. Neither side gave in, and neither side could compromise… was this an inner manifestation of Credo and myself? Within my mind a single tear was shed, as I realised it to be true; we couldn’t back down from each other, and we couldn’t find compromise… this was our destiny all along.

I transformed back to my human state. Credo showed no sign of surprise at this, though his finger twitched on instinct. I bowed my head, not wanting to see his eyes.

“You know… when you came to me and offered a change from my mundane life, I was grateful, and then you showed me pleasure beyond a human’s imagination.” I looked up at him, “So why won’t you let me share this with the rest of the world? When they feel what I, what WE, can do, they’ll welcome the demons with open arms.” He shook his head at this, his expression solemn.

“That’s not for you to decide. When I came to you, it was because the king had taken an interest in you… I didn’t question it, I merely obeyed. I showed you the pleasures of a demon, a thing I shouldn’t have done… look what it’s turned you into: A slave to desire, and nothing but a puppet. I see it in your eyes; you know what you’re doing, and what will happen if I don’t stop you.”

“I do know… however if I don’t do this then my life will go back to the way it was! I’d prefer to die, then go back to that boring existence!” I’m not sure how I knew that everything would go back to normal, but I could feel it in my gut; if Credo won all my power would be taken. I won’t let that happen, I thought with conviction.

With a movement as fast, if not faster than Bruce Lee’s punches, I raised a hand and directed a blast of pure energy at Credo. To my surprise he swatted it away like a fly, sending it into someone’s vacant house, setting it ablaze. The flames caused shadows to dance across his face, his eyes glowing both with benevolence and malice. He raised his massive sword and swung it in an arc. He was way to far away, even with its absurd length it couldn’t reach, and yet I felt a blast of powerful air strike me, knocking the air from my lungs. Around me the road and side-walks have a huge gash in them, like he had slashed through the earth. It wasn’t strong enough to send me flying, but it still hurt me.

Once more I raised my hands and blasted him. Like before he swatted the blasts away, strangely aiming for the already burning house, but this time I kept blasting him, never ending my bombardment. He stood there, casually deflecting them as though this were a minor annoyance to him, and then he began taken steps toward me, even as I continued the bombardment, even as he continued to deflect my attacks, he kept walking closer. I could a feel a kind of fear welling within me now, and I finally understood what characters in a horror movie must feel like, being stalked by someone who refuses to stop, who refuses to die. I began backing up now.

On and on, he came closer, taking large enough steps that I had to pick up speed. I could feel my body tiring, the constant attack on him was having an affect on me, draining me of my strength. I stumbled slightly, but righted myself in less than a second. That smallest of time frames was all he needed. He launched himself at me, taking the full brunt of my blasts, all the while raising his massive weapon and once more swinging it in a wide arc, this time however, he was in range. I felt the blade penetrate my side, however he must’ve halted himself before he could hack me in half, as it only cut me, however the force of the swing created a massive shock wave of air, sending me flying to the side, and through another house. The pain was unlike anything I’d experienced.

I continued flying for what felt like an eternity. It was only a second though, and Credo took full advantage of my weakened state, flying after me like a bullet, and grabbed me by the hair before slamming me into the ground. I tasted blood. My own blood. Then he lifted me up, holding me before him as though he were looking me over, then he threw me into the air, once more shooting after me with dizzying speed. This time he raised a fist and before I could even react, sent me shooting down to earth once more. I lost all consciousness then.

(3rd Person)

Credo descended to earth slowly, surveying the destruction he had caused. The area where Lisa had landed was a crater, and had in fact sent many cars flying from the shock wave, destroying most of the surrounding houses as well. Flames burned brightly, casting dancing shadows across the battlefield. All the corpses seemed to have flown away as well, causing Credo to feel somewhat sickened by the mistreatment of the dead.

“My sincere apologies to you all. I know you must not have wished for this.” He said in repentance and resolved to give them proper burials later on.

He landed on the shattered ground before Lisa’s unconscious form. He looked down at her, saddened by the turn of events, but with her incapacitated, he could breathe somewhat easier. Erackiel vanished with a flash of blinding light into his soul, and he fell back, sitting on the cold ground.

“The sky’s black.” He said aloud, his brow furrowed in confusion. He had been in such a rush that he had not questioned the colour, but now that he was able to rest and think, he wondered what had caused it. Thinking over the events, he assumed that Lisa must’ve been in some way responsible, however with her unconscious that was unlikely, then there was him. His power was both angel and demon, something that had never been seen before, not by Satan, nor by God. The fusion of the two might have caused the phenomenon.

Still puzzling over it a scream pierced the air. He stood to attention instantly. The scream had come from some distance away, and was one of pure anguish. To a human, Credo appeared to have vanished from that spot, only to appear before a pleasure drunken Madi, and a woman clearly in the midst of being torn open from the inside. She seemed to be lasting longer than the others, and her eyes somehow focused on him.

“Please? Please help me! My-my baby!” Credo looked down at her with a mixture of awe and pity, knowing that she would not survive, unless… he reached out and placed his hands on her heavily swollen stomach, feeling the struggling hell spawn within. Exhaling, a light began to spread along her stomach. Instantly her cries ceased.

The demon within also ceased its squirming. Credo inhaled and exhaled slowly, channelling a power he had not wielded for many centuries, one that he hadn’t even tested in this manner, and sending it into the womb, or rather the child within. In his minds eye, he could see the demon as a crimson stain on this woman’s blue aura, but as he focused his angelic might on it, the crimson began to fade, turning to white. After what felt to be a lifetime, the crimson completely faded, and Credo removed his hand from her womb. He smiled warmly up at her.

“May God be with you two.” He said and placed his hand on her forehead, sending her to a pleasant sleep.

Before he could dwell on what had happened he noticed Madi, moaning and trying to relieve her sexual need. While he had been able to purify the demonic spawn, he doubted he could do so for her, since she was far more developed, but it pained him to see her in such a state, the angelic desire to help all living creatures with human blood burning through his mind. Without realising it, his cock had risen, reacting to the display. Credo knew of only one way to assist the dhampir, one that would disgust his angelic half.

“Do it then.” Michael said to Credo’s surprise.

“Are you sure? Maybe-“

“No, this is your area of expertise. I will let you handle it as you see fit.” With the spoken consent, Credo’s lips moved into a predatory smile, his eyes alight with lust. His phallus reached its full glory at that moment.

He studied the dhampir in great detail. After releasing her true self, she had a body that rivalled Lisa’s, and a lust that seemed to exceed even her’s. Now her eyes focused just long enough to see Credo, his naked cock standing to attention above her, drooling a thick stream of pre-cum from the sheer sight of her. A small drop landed on her cheek, her tongue snaking out instinctively to lick it up. Instantly her lust took complete hold of her; she rose from position, to kneel before his cock, as though it were her god. Reaching she gripping it in her comparatively small hands.

“S-So… oh god, so big.” She moaned out, her husky voice low and filled with incomparable lust. She began stroking him, her small hands unable to encompass the entirety of its girth, however she made up for it in speed. Using his pre as lubricant, she began to move up and down his length as fast she could, moaning in wanton need, as though it were ploughing her tight, needy cunt right then and there. She slowed her movements slightly, moving to rub the head against her cum smeared cheek, while her tongue snaked out to lap at its glistening length, the taste only serving to break her control further. With a small cry of lust she pulled back slightly, before opening wide and forcing the head past her lips, into the wet heat of her mouth, only to go past that and into her throat. She stayed like that, looking up at him with blood red tears of happiness in her eyes. Then she began to move.

The massive pillar should have dislocated her jaw, however she showed no signs of discomfort let alone pain. Credo looked down at her, an obvious bulge in her throat as she savoured the feeling of him inside her mouth, her tongue lapping at him from within, drawing more pre-cum from his tip, pouring directly into her oesophagus. Madi’s eyes rose to meet his, and in her eyes he saw an insatiable hunger. With a wink, Madi began to push onward, taking inch after thick, throat bulging inch. Soon enough she could feel it enter her oesophagus, curious, she placed her hands to her sternum, where she could feel the shape of his cock through her skin, his need pulsing visibly from within her. The sensations erased all higher thought from her mind.

To Credo’s surprise she began to pull back, only to leap forward once he was barely in her mouth. Over and over she took his length inside her throat, only to pull back until the head was all that filled her, before plunging back down rapidly. Her vampire blood granted her increased speed, and she used it to its fullest ability, almost appearing as a blur as she deepthroated the magnificent cock before her. Above her, she could hear Credo groaning in pleasure now, and knew he couldn’t last much longer. She withdraw his length from her throat completely, breathing heavily in her lust, as she reached to once more stroke his entire manhood, slick with her saliva and his pre, she soon built up speed, sliding up and down at incredible speeds, only stopping a couple of times to suck on his head, practically drinking his delicious pre. Then she felt him pulsate wildly in her grip.

To Credo, this was incredible. He didn’t know if it was due to the memories he had observed before, or if receiving the power of an angel had somehow heightened his sensitivity, but he couldn’t care less at that moment, as he felt his orgasm build. Madi never relented in her assault, bombarding his control with her skilled hands and mouth, each stroke or lick bringing him ever nearer to utter completion. Suddenly she took him back into her body, forcing his entire cock inside, where it remained, while her hands fondled his balls, her tongue reaching out to lick at the swollen sack. Credo felt the proverbial dam break and he gripped her head, keeping her there whether she wanted it or not, but of course, she did. The first shot was fired directly into her insatiable stomach.

(Meanwhile… in the first person view)

Consciousness returned to me slowly. At first I couldn’t open my eyes, but I was aware of my body, and of the damage it had sustained, though I felt very little pain, probably due to my magic. My memory was hazy though, and I couldn’t remember how this had happened, with the earliest thing I could think of was seeing Credo standing before me, naked as the day I had met him. But something happened afterwards… didn’t it? I could feel my face shift in confusion, forcing my eyes open slightly. Through the haze of sleep I could see darkness, but with bright, flame like light mixed in. My hands shifted of their own accord and I felt the gravel beneath me.

Groggily I sat up, ignoring the protests of my body, and rubbed the sleep from my eyes. When I opened them again, I saw destruction, though it had clearly happened earlier, however the flames still burned strongly. Looking around several houses were destroyed, and the road and side-walks weren’t in much better shape, then I saw where I had been resting; a giant crater, once that reached beyond the road and had caused several houses to crumble. I stood up, staring in a state of shock at the sights around me, my mind alight with activity trying to remember what had happened. Then I saw it, the blood. So much blood.

I wasn’t squeamish and I’d seen plenty of gory as all hell horror movie. But even they were outdone by this. The sight and amount of blood was too much for me and I fell to my knees, my body and mind giving out on me as I tried to process what I was seeing. It was like some horror movie, like the ones where aliens attack and kill everyone, yet there were no aliens, only devastation. A sudden throbbing began in the back of head, quickly becoming a painful pulsations that forced my hands to my head, as though they could stop it, but still the pulsations grew, becoming unbearable. Then they stopped and a flood of images came pouring into my mind.

I saw it all. I remembered it all; impregnating those women with demon spawn, confronting a changed Credo, and finally the battle we had so one-sidedly fought, with Credo dominating the fight as though I were nothing but a angry child. I could feel tears in my eyes. Was I angry that Credo had won so easily, or was it that I regretted what I’d done? Whatever the reason, they ran down my cheeks, their trails feeling like knives dragged across my skin. I shook my head, and wiped the tears away, focusing on locating Credo. Closing my eyes, I allowed my senses to reach out; my hearing could pick up the smallest of sounds, my nose the faintest of scents, my skin felt the lightest of touches, and then my sixth sense; my mind’s eye, reached out, searching throughout the neighbourhood. Then I found him.

(3rd Person)

Credo roared silently as his orgasm filled the dhampir to bursting. He watched through lust glazed eyes, as her stomach bloated from just one discharge, despite the fact that there were several more on their way. Madi simply looked up at him, trying to grin in absolute delight, but the expression was twisted by the massive appendage stretching her jaw wide. She felt the next shot stretch the delicious cock in her throat, the passage of the bulge shown clearly through her taut flesh. Once another load was deposited inside, another was on the way, then another, and another, almost seeming unending as the balls of cum stretched her jaw and throat, before filling her already pregnant looking stomach with more demonic seed. More and more flooded her body until even the dhampir could take no more.

The cum flooded back up her oesophagus, shooting from her nose and eventually pouring from the seal of her lips. Despite this, Credo’s seed continued to fire on, filling her faster than her body could expel it, the pressure in her stomach eventually forcing the river to flood her lower body even further, filling her intestines until reaching the exit. Not willing to part with anymore semen, Madi clenched her ass tight, trying futilely to keep the sperm from escaping, letting out a small whine as she felt it leak from her behind. By now a puddle was pooling around the two, almost reaching the size of a pond. Then Credo’s orgasm finally ceased, turning to smaller spurts, then dribbling weakly, before ending entirely. His climax over, Credo pulled from the dhampir’s throat.

The moment the space was free, a flood of cum came forth. It further doused Madi, adding to the dried cum already there, also adding to the constantly increasing pool around them, not wanting to lose any more precious semen, she began shoving back into her mouth, even as it poured from her lips. The display of wanton lust was enough to arouse Credo, his cock already reaching its former glory. Seeing this, Madi ceased her movements, her gaze focused solely on the cock before her. Spontaneously, she got onto all fours, presenting her sopping vagina and leaking asshole to him, her body visibly shaking in its need to be filled completely. Such a wonderful sight, Credo thought.

The addicted dhampir whimpered in need. Shaking her hips, causing the round globes of her ass to quake enticingly, she looked behind at Credo, her eyes pleading for more, even as cum continued to dribble the corners of her mouth, and dripped from her shapely form. As he lined his cock up to her cunt, a thought came to him, one of the child that was steadily growing within her womb, one that would be part human, part demon, and part vampire, however due to Lisa’s unstable demonic power, the demonic side would no doubt be stronger than both the vampire and human halves. This meant that Credo needed to purify it, however the blood of three races coursed in the small foetus, meaning it would be far more difficult to do so, but even so, Credo had a plan. For a brief second Credo’s large balls glowed with an angelic light.

With his plan in motion, Credo pressed against Madi’s pleading pussy. To a lustful cry from her, he thrust inside, filling her moist depths to capacity, stretching the lips taut around his girth, and pressing hard against her cervix. Knowing that any and all pain she felt translated to pleasure, Credo pulled back and thrust with all his considerable strength, smashing against her womb’s entrance with enough force to break bone. However, the entrance refused to give, no doubt reinforced due to the demonic spawn growing within the womb. Once more a bright light shone for a second, and with one more, even more powerful thrust he broke through, hilting his entirety within her. The child was safe however, due to a constant barrier around it, but that too soon gave out under the angelic power assaulting it. Credo then truly began to fuck Madi into blissful oblivion.

He had constructed his own barrier around the foetus. Protecting it from all harm even as he thrust his length deep enough to punch her organs. Each time he hilted inside her, Madi let out a small cry as miniature orgasms ran through her entire body, her juices pouring from her stretched snatch, and adding to the white pool beneath it. Her own cock came to her attention suddenly, so she placed all her weight on one arm, moving the other to her throbbing phallus, needing to feel the sensations of cumming from this organ again. She stroked it in time to Credo’s thrusts, each time bringing an ever lasting stream of pre-cum from her tip, aiding her in her masturbation, even as her cunt was filled to the brim with delicious cock, and her womb was fucked hard enough that it would kill her, were she a normal human. Even as she was pounded harder than ever before, harder than even Lisa had fucked her, Madi still wanted more, no she absolutely needed more! Using what remained of her muscle control, she clenched and unclenched her pussy around Credo’s cock, trying to milk it of its delightful semen. When she felt him swell within her, Madi let out a joyous cry as she came.

Credo could feel every inch of her delightful pussy. The sensation of it tightening then loosening around him was wonderful, as though her cunt were sucking him like she had earlier, even as he fucked her into oblivion. As he pulled out and thrust back in, he began to feel his climax building, his cock swelling and stretching her cunt even further. With a roar, Credo once again hilted within her, as Madi came around him, her pussy becoming a vice around him, undulating around his cock, urging him on even as her orgasm washed through her. Credo let out a roar as he came.

(1st Person)

I watched in aroused disbelief, as Credo began to cum inside my dhampir lover. His output was greater than when he came inside me, her slightly bulging womb becoming full term from the first spurt alone, and there was so much more to come. My hands had wondered of their own accord, one kneading my impossible tits, pinching my nipple hard, eliciting a cry of pleasured pain from my lips, all the while my other hand had gone to my cunt. My aching, dripping, şişli bayan escort needy cunt. I needed to fill it, so fucking bad! I didn’t who, or what fucked me then, I just needed a cock inside me.

“Maybe I could lend a hand.” A voice said, resonating within my own head.

“Who are you?” Despite my highly aroused state, when someone starts speaking in my head I tend to question it now.

“Who else? I am your king, and I have enough power to give you a release unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.” The offer was far too enticing to deny.

“Oh god, just do it!” I said, my fingers rubbing over my engorged clit in desperate need of release. I was too preoccupied to notice the ghostly laughter that echoed in my head, even as darkness enveloped me.

(3rd Person)

Credo could hardly think as the pleasure washed over him. However, he forced that to the corner of his mind, even as his sperm flooded Madi’s womb, and disabled the barrier around the foetus. Rather than drowning it, his cum was converted in angelic light, which was absorbed by the developing infant, wherein the particles of light, sought the demonic blood and destroyed it, replacing with that of angels. With his work done, Credo replaced the barrier and let his orgasm once more take over, his cock so thick not a drop of his seed could escape her womb, inflating it to full term with twins, only to go further, her womb and flesh stretching to the size of a beach ball, and beyond. As he neared the end her abdomen was inflated to the size of a horse.

Despite the absurd size of her womb, Madi never felt better. Her vampiric hunger finally being satisfied, and beyond even that, giving her enough cum to survive for months on end. She laid on her side, basking in the afterglow, her hand caressing her mountainous stomach, even as Credo pulled out to a explosion of cum that further increased the pool she laid in, and coating the women beside her. Credo turned from the sight, not wanting to fall back into a lustful daze, and began to walk slowly back to Lisa. The acts he had carried out had drained him even more than he had thought, leaving him unable to move any faster than the average demon, at least until his strength returned. Michael returned soon after he began walking back.

“I have to say, you impressed me back there.”

“What do you mean?” Credo asked.

“I mean, even I wouldn’t have thought of using semen as a way to transfer particles of light into a foetus. I probably would’ve taken my chances and tried purifying it normally.” He said.

“It was too risky, even if that child had demonic blood in it, it still carried the blood of humans, and I cannot bear to see another life fade, even before it had a chance at living.” Credo explained, feeling glad despite his drained state, not only that but the sex hadn’t hurt either.

“That’s another thi-” Michael began, but stopped suddenly.

“What is it?” Credo asked, but then he too sensed it; something of unmatched power, something undeniably evil, and he recognised it.

“How the hell is here?” Michael said, not caring that he had cursed, only that Lucifer himself was somehow on earth, with all his power intact.

“I don’t know. But I will find out.” Credo vowed and began sprinting, hoping his power would recover before he arrived.

(1st Person)

I came too in a cavernous room. It was easily the most extravagant room I’d ever seen, matched only by certain royalty from Earth, with what appeared to be rubies, diamonds, emeralds, and various other gems decorating the red walls. As I looked at them, I noticed the walls seeming to pulsate, as though they had a pulse. I got out the incredibly comfortable bed, and walked to the walls, reaching out with a cautious hand, ran it across them, immediately feeling the flesh they were made of. After all I’d seen I didn’t really react, just furrowed my brow in confusion and left it at that. Returning to the bed, I began to wonder just whose room this was, as I knew full well I was in the demon world, but not many demons seemed to care much for jewels or decoration in general. Then a part of the wall seemed to open, and I saw him. Someone I instinctively knew to be the king of all demons; Lucifer.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you in person, Lisa.” He said and I immediately felt a flush of arousal. Was this his power? Could his voice bring me to an intense state of lust, even with just a few words.

“You see I’ve been waiting for this moment, for… well, quite some time.” He walked closer to me, his aura sending electrical impulses to my nipples and clit. A part of me noticed my cock was no longer there, but that hardly mattered, as I watched him, trying to keep my mind straight, even as arousal warred with my ability to think.

“I needed you to be prepared for when I enacted this stage of my plan.” He was standing in front of me now, and I noticed how tall he was, towering at roughly eight feet. I also began to look him over, hoping to keep my lust at bay.

He was dressed entirely in black. His shirt tight enough that I could easily see his perfectly defined abs, while his jeans were clearly too tight as well, his cock bulging along the leg, obviously too long to be confined any other way. He was also deathly pale, though he didn’t look sickly, in fact he exuded pure, undeniable power and lust. His eyes were pitch black, the sclera golden, while his irises were as black as space, and they seemed to look into my soul, intoxicating it with a need for him, and only him. His oil black hair was groomed perfectly and fell behind him in a cascade of darkness, all the way to his waist. As I looked him over however, I sensed something beneath the visage before me, something truly monstrous, something that would truly resemble the king of all demons, and the ruler of hell. But right now that was the least of my worries.

He reached out to me. I felt his hand on my cheek, caressing me, at the touch I felt a small orgasm rock me. My thoughts were chaotic; did I just cum, if only just a little, from his touch alone? I took a deep breathe through my nose, and I took in his scent, so intoxicating, so… arousing. I could hardly breathe after that, my lust for this monster in a beautiful disguise was overwhelming, I would do anything for this demonic Adonis to fuck me, right here and now. My hands reached out to him, but he gripped my wrists in a single hand and forced them over my head, then he looked me over, taking several steps back to take it all in, his gaze made it obvious that I was little more than a piece of meat, valuable meat, but meat nonetheless. But it was clear that my naked form was having an effect on him, as I saw his cock growing within its denim prison. I blinked, and suddenly he was as naked as I was, his dick half erect, but even so it was far greater than any I’d taken before, out matching even Credo’s or my own. My cunt released a flood of my juices in anticipation.

He kept my wrists in his hand as his cock rose. My muscles burned with effort, as I tried to break away from his grip to take hold of the growing pillar of god like masculinity, however he was clearly far, far stronger than I was, and I sat there, staring at his swelling glory, as it rose to meet my gaze, only stopping its growth when it was hard as stone and directly in front my eyes.

“Open.” He commanded, and I did as said, opening my mouth as wide as possible, but even then I knew his cock would stretch my jaw wide. And I practically came in anticipation. Before I could react, he thrust forward, and indeed my jaw was stretched wide enough to dislocate, were I human of course, then I felt him press onward, burying inch after glorious inch in my mouth and by extension my throat. I could taste him clearly on my tongue. I moaned at the taste, and at the knowledge that this was the starter, the main course was yet to come. With a strangled cry I moved forward as best I could, impaling myself on his majestic prick.

I pressed froward as hard and fast as I could. I could feel him in my stomach now, and his cock no doubt obvious through my flesh, however as I looked down at him from my nose, I could see no much more of it was left, and I had hardly any room left to fill. I let out a whine, making my unhappiness at being unable to take him all into my mouth obvious. He chuckled darkly, and removed his hand from my wrists, which fell to my sides, my body completely submissive to his will, and I felt his large hands grip each side of my head. I looked up as best I could, to see a smile of malicious intent on his face, and in that smile I knew what he intended. I was helpless to stop him as he forced my head forward.

I could feel the skin of my abdomen stretching impossibly as another foot of hard cock was forced down my throat, and oesophagus. My hands moved of their own accord to my stomach, feeling, very clearly, the shape of his cock through my flesh, my skin stretched taut around it. I felt inch after inch pushing out, as still more of his overwhelming phallus filled me. Were it not for my demonic power, I’m sure I would’ve died long ago, both from the impossible stretching to my body, and the lack of oxygen, but I couldn’t care less, I wanted more of him inside me. As though reading my thoughts, he pulled roughly on my head, burying the last several inches inside. My hands felt my stomach, and found his cock, a full foot of it jutting out, like an absurd growth. I looked up at him in absolute shock and bliss.

He stared down at me, his cold gaze smouldering with his own desire. I felt a rush of pleasure shoot through me, his eyes sending a powerful orgasm through my body, my cunt actually squirting, just from his eyes and cock alone.

“You know what to do.” He said, and I did know, on instinct I knew. I pulled back a full foot, all the while wrapping my hands around his jutting cock, trying to pleasure him through my flesh. Then he pulled me back down, and sliding his cock through my gripping hands. The sensation of him using my throat like this was unbelievable, and feeling his cock slide through my skin and across my hands was impossibly perfect. Darkness began to creep at my vision as the absolute bliss washed through me.

He suddenly pulled out completely. I gasped at the loss of his cock, and lunged after it, but he pushed me back, invisible ropes holding me down, spreading my arms and legs wide apart, baring my dripping cunt for all to see. I saw him grin at the sight, raising his cock he swayed it from side to side, and I followed it, unable to look away from that glistening pillar of lust, as I watched it, I saw it begin to grow, swelling to become as thick as my thigh and longer than my body. My mouth began to water, but I knew that he was about to give me pleasure unmatched by anything else in existence. Chuckling at the sight, he finally lined his cock up to my pussy, rubbing the tip along my drooling lips, the head alone far greater in girth than my entire crotch, but I would be fine, I knew I would be. He began pressing against me, I gave a cry of abject joy, feeling my tiny cunt stretch impossibly around him as he forced his way inside.

He continued to press onward. Soon enough he was against my cervix, but he pressed onward, forcing his entirety inside. Centimetres became inches and inches became feet, my stomach once more deforming wildly from the amount being forced inside my body. I watched, bound and helpless, as his cock speared my body, the incredible phallus stretching me just right that it began to near my face, the skin stretched so tight around it that I could see my veins and tendons clearly. I knew he still had no much more to cum, and I knew he wouldn’t stop until he had hilted inside me. I felt my cunt spasm around him, as another orgasm washed over me, my vaginal muscles clenching as best they could around him, even as a fountain of my juices shot from me, he continued to push inside. I felt my body go limp from the sheer pleasure.

I remained completely conscious however, and I continued to feel him stuff me beyond capacity. I felt tears of joy run down my face, and then I felt him hilt inside me. I looked up and saw a wall of flesh encompass my field of vision, and I knew it was his cock sheathed in my skin. I reached forward with my head as best I could, and began lapping at it, hoping he could feel it through my body. I felt a shudder run through him, and by extension me. It was working. I went to work, lapping at him as best I could, when suddenly I felt thick tentacles all around me. I knew them to be tentacles as they had the same texture mine had. They wrapped all over my body, two placed themselves in my hands, and I knew what was expected of me, so I gripped them as best I could, while they would thrust. All the while, my legs were moved so that my calves and thighs were together, then a tentacle took residence there, thrusting into between them. There were so many others as well.

Two wrapped around my massive tits, kneading them and teasing the nipple delightfully. They then pressed them together while a third pressed between them, tit fucking me as hard as it could. Another found its way to my head, forcing my attention away from my condom like flesh, as it plunged into my mouth, snaking its way into my stomach. I couldn’t determine how many, but several tentacles had made their way to my asshole. My cunt was stretched far beyond normal capacity, and now my ass would too. The thought sent shivers down my spine, and spikes in pleasure to my tits and pussy. Another climax came over me as one after the other began to press its way inside.

The tentacle were all at least three inches thick and at least eight were currently snaking their way through my bowels. I couldn’t fathom how I looked then, tentacles all over my deformed body, my abdomen bulging impossibly with several feet of rock hard cock, my throat bulging with the writhing form of a tentacle, my calves and thighs being effectively fucked by another. My elbows were suddenly forced to my sides, pressing my upper against my torso, and I felt two more tentacles make their way to them. They then weaved along my upper arm, finding my the tight crevice my arms made of my armpits, and began to thrust in there. I was covered in slime, sweat and more than a little of my own cum, but I didn’t care. All that mattered was being fucking by my lord.

Then he began to move. I melt him pulling out incredibly fast, foot after foot receding before my very eyes, only for him to thrust into me, with enough force to break bone. It was all too much to take, I felt as though I should’ve have passed out long ago, but I remained full conscious, even as I came over and over, feeling the tentacles in my ass make their way to my stomach. The king continued to thrust into me, making me cry around the tentacle invading my throat. I had no idea how long this went on for, but it felt like eternity, yet I loved it, even if I felt exhausted to the point of death, and then I felt it. His cock and tentacles all began to thrust spasmodically, swelling as they neared their orgasms. I came once more at the thought of being completely filled with their cum.

The king hilted inside me and ceased all movement, as did the tentacles. Then I felt it, the first enormous bubbles of cum stretching his cock, tentacles, and my already taut cunt. They exploded at the tips, my womb becoming rounded, making his cock slightly less visible, while my stomach was filled to the breaking point by the tentacles that that nested in there, and my body was coated head to toe in the other tentacles semen. My eyes shot around rapidly, trying to watch everything at once, and I saw from the walls hundreds more tentacles forming, all of them swelling and spraying their jizz all over me. It felt like I was being drowned in the stuff.

My face was completely covered. The pressure in my stomach forced a torrent up my oesophagus and out my nose, but two other tentacles had forced their down my throat, plugging the exit with their bodies, all the while adding to the ocean of cum my body was filling with. I couldn’t see, but my womb was no doubt inflated beyond comprehension, and still he came, firing gallons with each ball that travelled along his cock. Only now did I receive the bliss of unconsciousness.

(3rd Person)

Credo was trembling. The fear that permeated his very being, was enough that he was tempted to flee from this place, however his will kept him there, as did his desire to protect this world, but it didn’t stop him from shivering as he neared the source of his terror. Erackiel was already drawn, yet it did little to comfort him at that time. He could feel his strength returning now, but even so it was slow. He doubted he could do more than fly at this point, but he was still some time away from his destination, and for the first time in such a long time, he sent a prayer to the heavens, hoping they would hear and assist him in this battle he had no doubt would come. Above him lightning shot across the sky.

Some time later, he could see the aura of terror incarnate. Now less than a kilometre away, he was sweating in fear, his palms finding it hard to grip his weapon. For the first time in his existence, Credo thought he might very well die. Each step seemed to become harder to take, as though a weight had attached to his feet, and became heavier with every step he took. His thoughts once more turned to running, his legs almost acting on instinct, his entire being pleading with his mind to flee, but he wouldn’t. He couldn’t. The lives of billions possibly rested solely on his shoulders, and he couldn’t shy away from that responsibility, if anything would redeem him for giving into the Devil’s offer, it would be this: defeating the Devil himself. Though he would probably die in the process.

He entered the area where he had fought Lisa, and where he had left her unconscious body. He walked to the crater he had created and looked down, checking for Lisa’s body, but instead saw a sphere of pure black, floating in the air, with energy crackling around it dangerously. Maintaining his composure he leapt down, landing before the sphere. It exuded a sense of dread, yet also one of lust, causing Credo to take a step back as his body was assaulted by the aura.

“Perhaps I should take over for now? You’re far more susceptible to lust than I am.” Michael offered, to which Credo gratefully accepted.

“Thank you.” With that Michael took control, taking a moment as he revelled in the feeling of having flesh and blood once more, but he knew there were far more urgent matters at hand. Raising Erackiel, he swung it in a wide arc, channelling his angelic strength into it, however the blade merely bounced off the orb.

“Use my power as well.” Credo said, to which Michael simply nodded. Once more raising his weapon, he focused on the two halves of himself, the demon and the angel, forcing them both together and pushing them into Erackiel, which glowed with a dangerous light as it was filled with even greater power. With a yell he once more slashed at the sphere, this time the two energies connected properly, the skies lighting up with bolts of lightning, as two immense powers collided with one another. The earth began to shake, the road around Michael and the orb opening up into large crevices, ones that would’ve no doubt swallowed them up, were it not for his ability to fly, or the fact that the orb was suspended in mid-air. After what felt like hours of struggling, the orb began to relent to Michael’s power.

This is just a small amount of his power. Credo thought, as he watched from within his own mind, seeing the intense struggle just to pierce the orb made from the King’s power. It soon began to relent, but it was draining and time consuming to simply penetrate an inch, however it got easier as he gathered momentum, the blade cutting through it like wood. Then they were halted at the middle, despite struggling with all his might, Michael couldn’t move the blade any further, nor could he pull it away, and then the orb began to pulsate, as though it were alive. After a solid minute of struggling, a black light suddenly shone brightly from the sphere, and a shock wave of pure power sent Michael flying back, fortunately catching himself before falling into the abyss below. He looked up to see the orb disappearing.

“What… the hell?” Michael said aloud, not caring that he had cursed. Then his eyes widened as Lisa became fully visible, her naked form hovering in the air, but that wasn’t what shocked him into complete silent awe. It was her stomach, swollen obscenely with what could be a human toddler. It was obvious that her body was forced through a sped up pregnancy, as her breasts, being inhumanly large before, had swollen even bigger, and were leaking droplets of what could only be milk. She was suspended in mid-air, yet she appeared completely unconscious. As Michael studied her, he saw her stomach began to move, and he knew that whatever was inside was about to come out. Suddenly Lisa awoke, opened her mouth and let out a cry of absolute agony.

The birth was over in an instant, but to her it must’ve felt like eternity for her. What appeared to be a human toddler floated before her, an aura of pure black surrounding it. It didn’t have an umbilical cord, nor did it seem to hunger after its mother’s milk, it seemed to be studying her, as though contemplating what to do with her.

“She’s useless now. Dispose of her.” The thing said, in a voice that sent shivers down Michael’s spine. Then Lisa began to fall. Reacting quickly, he dived after her like a bullet, catching her quickly and flying away before the toddler could do anything. That’s him, Credo and Michael both thought; that’s Lucifer.

Several dozen miles later, Michael landed. He laid Lisa down gently, all the while sending angelic light into her damaged form, healing the damage caused to her, however any mental damage she had sustained was her duty.

“She looks just like her.” He said and pushed a stray strand of hair out of her face, looking upon it with adoration and love.

“That’s because she is Alisa reborn.” Credo said, also feeling the same emotions Michael felt.

“And Lucifer did this to her,” He stated, “He will pay for this. Even if I must die, he will pay.” Credo silently agreed. With that the demon-angel hybrid stood, and turned to the direction he had fled from. Tensing his muscles, Michael took to the air and shot off like a bullet made of light, to the battlefield where Lucifer no doubt awaited him. His heart clenched, knowing he probably wouldn’t see Lisa ever again.

“This is amazing!” Lucifer said to himself, simply wishing to vocalise his happiness, “After millennia of trying, I’ve finally made it here! You hear that,” He shouted to the heavens, “I’m here! I’m on your precious Earth! And there’s nothing you can do to st-” He was cut off as his body glowed brightly, the human toddler form quickly growing to that of a teenager. Panting from the exertion of the transformation, Lucifer quietly finished his sentence:

“And there’s nothing you can do to stop me!” At that he let out a laughter both jubilant and filled with unimaginable malice.

Floating to an area that wasn’t destroyed he found a mirror and studied his new form; it was similar to the one he had taken when he fucked Lisa, with the same build, eyes and hair, however all across his body small and large spikes grew from him, each one as sharp as a demons claw and stronger than diamond. Covering his chest was a simple black shirt, however it rippled without wind, the shirt being woven from the nightmares of humanity. He wore nothing over his legs, though what appeared to be tattoos of snakes coated his skin, each one with their fangs at the ready, the tips dripping with their venom. Finally, held in its sheath across his back, was his own personal weapon: The katana known as the Angel Slayer.

The sword was forged mere centuries ago. It was a time when Lucifer felt he had prepared everything he needed, except for a weapon of his own, one that could kill an angel with a mere cut. Thus the sword Angel Slayer was created, coated with a poison that, once in the blood stream, would either drive the infected mad, or kill them in an instant. It was a poison made especially for dealing with angels, though it didn’t matter who or what it cut, as long it pierced the skin, his enemy would fall quickly. With his weapon created, Lucifer tried once more to break free of Hell and assault the realms above. He had underestimated the power of the proverbial chains God had placed on him.

A wind suddenly began and he felt a small stone graze his lower arm. Looking down he saw the thin line of blood there.

“I guess being born through a mortal and into this world would have at least some weakness,” He said and sighed, feeling the small wound heal in under a second. Then he felt it, the power of an angel and a demon approaching at incredible speed. As he turned lightning flashed, casting a shadow across one half of his face, where the eye glowed crimson briefly, displaying his blood lust. Drawing his weapon, he readied the katana high above his head. Then he swung down.

Michael felt the sudden burst in dark energy before he saw it. A wave of pure darkness flew toward him faster than he could perceive with his eyes alone, but instinct let him evade the attack, however he still felt it cut deep into his side, the wave too wide to fully evade. The hit knocked him off balance slightly, but he soon regained it and continued onward, heading to where the blast had come from. In less than a moment he was there, hovering in the air above what appeared to be a pale, human teenager, but he knew better.

“It’s been along time, Lucifer.” He said in greeting,

“Indeed it has, although in a way you’ve always been close to me for some time now.” The Prince of Darkness said, referring to Credo.

“That doesn’t matter,” Michael stated, and raised Erackiel, “I’m here to send you back to hell, brother.”

“Haha, you know I’d like to see that!” Lucifer said and raised his own weapon, the blade being almost three metres long. The two stared at one another, watching an opening to attack.

Lucifer watched him carefully. Michael showed no signs of feeling any poison, nor that he was in pain at all. The Devil quickly realised that even if he used the sword as an outlet, he couldn’t injure someone with his demonic power and have the poison infect his opponent. No matter, he thought, I’ll simply beat him into submission and take my time, cutting through his flesh slowly. The thought of seeing a former archangel die in agony before him, sent a shiver of pure pleasure through his body. He readied himself mentally however, knowing how dangerous an archangel could be.

Neither moved an inch. They were well aware of what the other could do, and neither wanted to take the chance of attacking first. Michael studied Lucifer carefully, noticing the almost mad look in his oil black eyes. Has he gone insane? He thought, but soon refocused his thoughts on the battle, knowing that even the slightest slip, mentally or physically could lead to his death.

“It’s almost nostalgic, isn’t it? You and me fighting one another, though of course back then they were just practice matches, but doesn’t it bring back those memories Michael? Holding your weapon to me? It must get your blood boiling right, to have your old rival and enemy before you once again?” Michael didn’t reply, simply watching for any slip in defence, “Oh come now, no need to be so quiet… brother.” At the last word, Lucifer lowered his weapon, even digging it deep into the ground.

“Why don’t we have a chat like old times? Hmm?” Michael didn’t answer, he swooped down and slashed his weapon, intending to take Lucifer’s head.

To his surprise the fallen angel had ducked. Michael hadn’t even seen him move, not only that but he had his katana back in hand, the blade aimed at Michael’s stomach. Reacting purely on instinct, he rolled to the side, barely dodging the stab. Despite dodging the fatal attack, he couldn’t react in time to the kick Lucifer launched into him, knocking Michael back several metres, rolling across the ground, before forcing his hand into the earth to stop his movement.

“That’s şişli escort pretty pathetic you know. Sure you’ve been locked up in Credo’s subconscious for centuries, but still, I didn’t expect this level of combat from you. Looks like you’ll never beat me, even if you’re half angel and half demon.” Lucifer said, his tone light and joking, but there was a serious edge under laying it, telling Michael that he was not joking. The half angel looked at the Devil before him, cursing, knowing that he was right, and that he would never win, not with his current power.

“You were holding back.” Credo suddenly said.

“What do you mean?” Michael silently asked.

“You only used the power of an angel, remember you have both now. Use them!” Michael’s eyes widened as he realised that he had been unknowingly holding back, the angelic mindset instinctively forbidding him from using all the demonic power he now possessed. Closing his eyes, he began to concentrate.

“Given up? That’s fine, I’ll end it quick.” Lucifer said and leapt at his former brother, who opened his eyes just in time.

His movements were faster than human eyes could see. Michael had moved his halberd just in time to block Lucifer’s attack, who pulled back immediately and moved to kick him once more, however Michael ducked and slashed up at him, barely missing as he leapt back before it could connect.

“Haha, hahaha! Yes! Now that’s more I like it! Show me everything you’ve got!” The very second he finished his sentence, Michael had moved up and connected a powerful punch to the fallen angel’s face, breaking his nose and disorienting him momentarily. Using that small time frame, Michael sliced through his former brother in arms, however all he slashed was smoke.

“Nice try, but I’m behind you.” Michael felt his kick, but ignored it, twisting around to land another punch on Lucifer, before going flying once more, but catching himself quickly afterwards. The two stood several metres apart, staring each other down.

They remained like that for several seconds. Then a sudden flash of lightning lit the blackened sky, which acted as a type of signal, telling the two to leap at one another once more. This time their swords met, but neither gave any ground, each struggling to overpower the other, however they appeared even. Lucifer let out a laugh;

“I’ve gotta tell ya, I was kinda disappointed before, but this,” His eyes moved from the swords to Michael, “This is what I was hoping for, however, as much I’d like to stay and play with you, I’ve got better things to do. My apologies.” Michael’s eyes widened in shock as a sudden blast of air sent him flying, before he could right himself, Lucifer was already beside him, grinning like a mad clown, and punched Michael in the gut, knocking the air from him and sending the half angel flying back to earth, the impact powerful enough to create another crater, far greater than the one Michael had made before. Lucifer descended leisurely to the side of his former brother.

Michael looked up him with both fear and hate in his eyes. He could tell that the impact and the punch had broken just about everything in his body, despite how fast he healed, he was immobilized for some time. Lucifer stood over him, grinning down, his eyes sparkling with malicious joy, his stance relaxed as though he’d already won.

“You and I last fought before I fell didn’t we? At that time we were evenly matched right, but you weren’t there when I rebelled, you were too busy on Earth, fucking that slut of yours. I gave up on my divinity, accepting pure, unbridled darkness into my very soul. Despite everything, I am still technically an angel, and the power of an angel is in their blood, He should’ve taken that from me, but he believed in free will and simply threw me from the heavens. Look how that turned out! Haha, despite being an omnipotent being, he still makes the worst mistakes, and now you will die, and I shall take Earth! His precious Earth… it will be mine, let’s see how he likes that.” Lucifer said, laughing madly, raising his katana, only to bring it down and through Michael’s chest, where his heart once beat. He looked at the blackened sky sending a silent prayer of apology to whoever might be listening.

“Wake up, Michael.” He heard a voice, a voice so completely familiar to him, yet he couldn’t place the name of who it belonged to. The darkness was all consuming, he wanted to open his eyes, to see whoever spoke, but he couldn’t the blackness devouring all his strength. Despite this, he was at peace, feeling completely relaxed and without worry, he didn’t remember how he got there, but he couldn’t care less, wishing only to rest.

“You can’t rest now, not while the Devil wanders the Earth.” Those words caused a sudden spark of light to emerge in the darkness, but was quickly swallowed.

“You have power, and you have the responsibility to use it, or else all will perish, even the afterlife.” Once more the spark returned, burning brighter than before, and only increasing. His strength began to return, he felt someone beside him, the urge to reach out and touch them all consuming, but he was far too weary. The light grew, gradually outmatching the darkness. The brightness soon began to burn his eyes, forcing them open.

“Welcome back, Michael.” Alisa said, her full lips stretched into a warm, loving smile.

“Alisa? It can’t be, I must be dreaming.” He said, not willing to believe what he saw.

“You might be, but I am still here, and you need to go back.” She told him, her eyes sparkling with both sadness and overwhelming happiness.

“Go back? What do you mean?” He asked, confused by what she said.

“Lucifer is gaining power; the longer you stay the more he will feed off humanity’s negativity. If you stay any longer he will become far too powerful for even you.” She explained, and the memories came flooding back to him.

“It doesn’t matter,” He said and hung his head in defeat, “He utterly defeated me before, I could barely wound him.”

“Michael,” She began, taking his head in her hands, “You are an archangel, but you are also a demon, one who had enough power to match your own, and now you have both at your fingertips. You called to it before, but you still refuse to fully accept it.”

“How? How do you know?” He asked, having trouble processing all that she told him.

“Because I am always with you, always by your side, even if you never knew it.” She leaned down and pressed her lips to his, a small wisp of light passing from her to him. He closed his eyes and rejoiced in silence at the feel of her on him.

Suddenly everything faded to black once more. Michael’s eyes shot open, to the sight of the clouds spiralling around him, or more likely, Lucifer, who stood not three feet from him, arms outstretched, basking in the power he was no doubt taking in. Michael knew what must be done, Erackiel materialized in his hand, and stood silently, raising his massive weapon and letting it fall, the blade aimed directly at the head of Lucifer, who seemed to enamoured with absorbing more power to notice. When Erackiels blade was less than an inch from its target, Lucifer’s katana materialized, blocking the attack.

“Welcome back Michael. I was rather surprised that you survived that, though I suspect you had some form of help, not that it matters, you’ll die either way. You know, I have many human souls in my realm, all filled with hatred and pain, but I never realised how much negativity there was in the living world, every second something new comes up, and a whole new flood of anguish comes in. It’s almost ecstatic.”

How much power has he gained, Michael thought, leaping back out of the katanas range. He felt more powerful than before, however the aura that Lucifer gave off showed he too had grown far more powerful. Despite the shaking of his soul, Michael refused to flee, believing in the words of Alisa, he searched his soul, trying to draw out the demonic power within.

“Channelling the power isn’t the issue. You must accept it. Let me into your soul.” Credo told him.

“Won’t you disappear if you enter my soul?” Michael asked, despite Credo being a demon, he was still a part of himself.

“For Lisa, and the rest of the world, I will gladly fade away. I only ask that you defeat him.”

“You have my vow.” With that Michael tore down the barriers he had subconsciously built when he had awoken, opening the way for Credo’s demonic power to permeate the otherwise pure soul. The black of the demon and white of the angel swirling together in a never ending spiral.

Lucifer watched his former brother cautiously. The former archangel’s eyes were closed, but that didn’t mean his other senses weren’t active, and even with the new power Lucifer had attained, he was still cautious about what Michael could do. Then he felt it, a power unlike anything he’d felt before, something that even the Devil never even imagined could exist. The sound of electricity crackling came from Michael, and instantly Lucifer took a step back in caution, knowing that whatever was coming was not good for him. He soon caught himself though, sighing and regaining his lost composure.

“I’m the ruler of hell, one measly archangel can’t pose a threat… even one that has demonic power.” He said, trying to convince himself of the fact, but he could feel his sword hand quiver slightly. Then Michael raised his head, and Lucifer took another step back.

Michael’s eyes shone with an electric light. One a dark crimson, that of blood, and the other a light so great that it burned just to look at it, however both shared a distinct characteristic: They desired Lucifer’s blood.

“Bring it… I’ll kill you no matter what you are.” He added under his breath. Michael didn’t answer in words, however his actions were far more sufficient. With a small exhale, the former archangel disappeared from Lucifer’s sight. He looked up, but didn’t see anything, he suddenly felt a presence behind him. On instinct, he slashed with his katana, but only cut thin air. He turned to see nothing.

“How the hell?” He said, and the moment his mouth closed he felt a sharp point at his back. Thanks to his incredible speed, Lucifer managed to evade it, dodging to the left, only to see a powerful kick head straight for his face, however he ducked, but didn’t expect to feel the heel smash down on his head. The force of the blow sent him to the ground.

In an instant he was back on his feet, well over a metre from his foe. Taking a second to compose himself, Lucifer leapt forward, his katana aimed for Michael’s heart, however his enemy sidestepped the attack, though Lucifer had expected this, but before he could act, he felt the blade cut through his arms, removing them both from his torso. Blood sprayed all over the place, coating Michael and the ground in blood so dark, it seemed to absorb light itself.

“Why you-!” He began, but was silenced by the halberd going through his mouth, cutting his upper head clean off. His foe silenced, Michael waved his weapon, splattering the surrounding area with even more blood. He turned to leave, believing the battle to be over.

“Where… do you… think you’re going!”

“What the he-” Michael started, but felt the powerful punch silence him, knocking him back, if only an inch.

“We’re not through, my dear brother!” Lucifer said, his body reforming rapidly, shadows converging on his half dead form, creating new arms and head. His katana flew to his new shadow hand, going into a combat stance, ready for the fight to come. Michael looked at the deformed Devil, almost feeling pity, as he knew that Lucifer was always a sore loser, never able to accept defeat even when it was futile to continue. He had used great amounts of power simply to mould his new limbs, which even then were fragile, lacking the strength his original arms held. The two stared at one another, Lucifer ready for battle, Michael calm and relaxed. A drop of blood in the distance acted as their signal.

Lucifer shot up into the air, faster than a bullet. Michael watched him, his incredible sight never losing his foe, even beyond the clouds. The Devil stopped when he neared the atmosphere, but Michael could see him, clear as day. Raising Erackiel, Michael swung it in a wide arc, a physical blast shooting as fast as light to its target; Lucifer, who stared wide eyed as the blast came at him faster than he could react, the attack connecting and causing him to go flying, before falling like a comet.

“Where… did he get this strength from?” Lucifer gasped, in shock that someone could possess more power than he or possibly even God. Before he could begin wondering the possibilities, Michael was beside him, falling just as fast, but in complete control of his actions. Spinning around in the air, Michael used the momentum to backhand Lucifer back into the dirt, while also using his telepathy to control Erackiel, which flew with the speed of sound, slashing through Lucifer’s legs and torso, sending him falling in four separate pieces.

“How… did…” Were the last words he got out before a black gate appeared and swallowed him whole, sending the Devil back to his home. Michael descended slowly, panting as he felt the weight of his exertion. While he had indeed accepted Credo into his soul, he had needed to use his entire power to defeat Lucifer, his entire being aching. Despite the cost, he felt relieved, knowing that Lucifer had fallen once more, returning to the pits of hell, never to return, unless he uses this same scheme again of course. But Michael would always be here, watching for any sign of the Devil’s return.

Once he touched solid ground, he fell to it, panting for breath.

“I might’ve… used more… than I thought.” He gasped, and raised a hand, seeing that his worst fear was confirmed: he was fading away. There were very few ways for an angel to die; one, was for them to be mortally wounded by Erackiel, or Lucifer’s katana; The Angel Slayer, the second, was for them use so much power, that they could no longer support their own existence. That was what Michael had done. He felt a single tear roll down his face, the thought that this world might very well fall, and that he would never see Lisa again, he might not know very well, but she was still Alisa reincarnated.

“Your duty is not yet done, Michael.” A voice that sounded both soothing and commanding at once, echoed in his mind.

“It couldn’t be… Why would He speak to me?”

“I cannot directly interact with those on Earth, however, despite your betrayal, you saved it and possibly Heaven. For that I offer my gratitude, and one last chance for you to continue your existence.” Michael thought it too good to be true, however that was how God often worked.

“I indeed betrayed you, my Lord, and in doing so I learned not to be so trusting of offers such as yours. I don’t mean to offend you, but I would prefer to know what exactly you mean by ‘continue my existence’?”

“Very well. For various reasons, I cannot allow you to keep your entire memory. You will be an invisible guardian of sorts, but you will not defend individual humans, no you will seek out those you consider worthy, and sleep with them, so that they will bare angelic children, children who can defend this world in mine and your place. Of course, you may be with one partner on multiple occasions.” Michael was stunned into complete silence. God was the peak of purity, yet he was willing to let humans bare multiple angelic children.

“I will still know them, won’t I?” He asked.

“In a sense, your feelings towards certain individuals will remain, however I cannot let you be completely biased and so your memories of Alisa, and Lisa will be removed, as will so many others.” Michael thought it over, and, seeing that his arms and legs had almost completely faded away now, he decided it would probably be the better option.

“My lord, I graciously accept your offer.” With that the world fell into darkness and he fell with it.

Before he faded completely however, Michael collected what little power that remained in his fading palm. He concentrated his consciousness on the one person he wanted to live long and happy; Lisa. Releasing his power, the invisible light flew to its target. Upon finding her unconscious form, it lowered to her, entering her chest, spreading the angelic power through her transformed body, purifying it slightly. Only now, did he allow himself to fade entirely.

(Several years later… in the first person POV)

Years had passed since that battle. Madi and I were living together in relative peace, with the only chaos originating from our child: Melissa, who was currently six years old. She was born some time after Credo had disappeared from this world, but he was with me, I could feel him, how, I didn’t know, but nonetheless I knew. Melissa was a natural born hermaphrodite, but even so she was as beautiful as an angel, probably because the blood of angels ran through her, as did that of vampires and humans. She was going to begin school soon, I think Madi and I were more nervous for her than she was.

As for my relationship with Madi, things were as good as ever. We were constantly together, almost unable to go an hour without seeing each other, though in Madi’s case, she needed me. Her vampire blood hungered for my cum, unable to live off a normal guy’s sperm any more, not only that but continued exposure had caused her to develop a form of addiction to my semen, causing her to be unable to go much more than three hours at a time without my cum. Since Credo had disappeared, Madi had been pregnant numerous times, though we aborted it each time, not sure if we could handle another supernatural child, since Melissa herself was more than a handful. I can’t help but grin at the memory of her as a baby.

It was obvious just days after we came home from the hospital. Melissa had more than one brand of supernatural power, which we found out on various occasions, for instance when I walked into her room to see her sleeping soundly, except four feet above her cot. Over the years I had learned from Madi, that vampires all have hypnotic powers, to varying degrees of potential, this, combined with her angelic power, was a worry of ours, especially when she began school, as when she was younger and in the park, she would hypnotise the other children without realising it, but over time we taught her to only use it in emergencies. She was incredibly smart that way.

Melissa had said her first word when she was just two weeks old, and from there her vocabulary exploded. She understood every and anything we told her, not only that but her telepathy grew at an exponential rate, able to hear out thoughts when we wanted her to, and even send her own to us, all by the age of three. Now she was six, and easily smarter than any other child her age, however, despite the fact that she could work at a high school level, she wanted to be around other children her own age. Madi and I didn’t argue, but we would keep an eye out, in case something happened. Meanwhile my modelling career was as lucrative as ever.

Madi and I were easily the top models at our agency. Not only that, but several others as well, though we only did the occasional shoot for them, and then there was our… extracurricular activities. About two years after Melissa was born, Madi came home with a video camera, with the intention of making home movies, of our family, but one night we had a… different idea for it. That night we set it up to record us as we fucked one another into oblivion. Afterwards, we weren’t sure what to do with it, since we had set it up on a whim, but, after watching the footage, and re-enacting it, we decided, why the fuck not? We set up our own website, not too hard when you have a crap tonne of money and magical powers, and began uploading our nightly activities. Most people thought we just used CG, but we knew better.

We drew in quite an impressive revenue from the site, and also grew a fanbase of sick perverts who loved futanari, tentacles, centaurs, and whatever else we decided to throw in. About three months after beginning our careers as amateur porn stars, we asked if anyone would like to see what we could really do. The response was unanimous, each and every viewers wishing to see the most fucked up shit we could muster. I got a hard on just thinking of all the things me and Madi would do to one another. Two weeks after we asked them, we were prepared.

I had gone the entire time without using magic. Madi had to live on my stored cum, as I wanted to save that up as well, and during that time I finally understood the true meaning of having blue balls, though I only grew them later that night. Madi was practically a wreck, the stored semen only doing so much to satiate her hunger and addiction, whenever she saw me she tried to leap at the, though I would just dodge her, then lure her to our specially made cage in my recently added basement, which was designed to withstand her attacks, and protect me from being practically fucked senseless by my own girlfriend. Then the time came, Melissa was asleep in her room, our camera was set up, and we were drooling in lust. Not even we could’ve predicted what came next.

The first thing we could think to do, was to throw ourselves into each other’s arms. Our lips met, our tongues slipping into each other’s mouths, sucking on the other with relish, as our breasts were crushed together, and her hands began to roam over our bodies. Madi’s hands went everywhere, from stroking my hair, to my large hips, sliding over my ass, squeezing the full cheeks in her delightfully soft hands, her fingers kneading them, all the while trying to snake to my asshole. I moaned into her mouth, my own hands seeking only to pleasure her further, travelling over her body as her own had, except I went to her thighs, going inward until I found her delicious centre. My fingers danced over her engorged lips, her moans growing ever louder, as my thumb brushed her clit, sending a shock of pleasure through her, bringing a small cry into my mouth. We were just getting started.

When she had calmed down slightly, I felt her fingers brush my rosebud. Immediately catching on, I pressed harder into her, my fingers applying pressure to her cunt now, rubbing her lips raw, while occasionally slipping a couple of fingers inside her. She moaned harder into me now, responding to my passion with her own, and I felt her fingertips pressing into me now, steadily stretching my asshole apart. First a finger from each hand, then another, and another, forcing my anus to stretch wide. We pulled back from one another, fingers buried in one another’s holes, a bridge of saliva connecting us, as we panted in lust, our breath visible, as my magic responded to the pleasure, as did her vampire blood, chilling the room, though neither of us felt it. As things began to heat up, in a sense, I sent a small portion of my magic to the camera, meaning it would move to where ever we wanted it to. We stared into each other’s eyes and said.

“More.” Madi moaned.

“Much more.” I agreed.

You know the phrase ‘be careful what you wish for’? Despite everything that happened years ago, we only truly found out that night. Once more we locked our lips together, our hunger for one another insatiable, our hands seeking to pleasure the other, mine entering her moist, cunt, while her’s were deep in my ass, four fingers of each hand up to the knuckle, and she was working on thrusting them in and out, the friction delightful. Three of my fingers were inside her, my tongue wrestling her’s, as she cried and moaned into my mouth. I stopped moving as she folded her thumbs into her palms, and forced my hole even wider, as her both her hands slid into me, stretching my anus wide, the delightful sensation sending intense shock waves of pleasure to my other erogenous zones, bringing small gush of my girl cum. We stopped kissing then, knowing we were about to be… preoccupied with other endeavours. For example, me getting onto my hands and knees, granting her full, unobstructed access to my ass. Then I got something new.

I’ve had Madi’s fists in my ass before. In fact I’ve seen the bulges through my stomach as she pleasured me, but I’ve always been watching, enamoured with the sensations that I couldn’t think to do anything else as I watched her work my asshole, even when her massive cock was staring me in the face. But not this time, no this I felt her cock against me. Her hands began to pull me apart, spreading my hole far wider than it was naturally meant to. I looked back at her, curious as to her plan, but then I felt her entering me, pressing the head, already slick with her pre-cum, into my unnaturally stretched ass. I didn’t question her further, I just opened my mouth wide and cried out in absolute bliss, even as I looked down at my stomach, seeing the bulge of her hands, and the quickly appearing cock. All I could think after was how glad I was to have had sound proofing in our room.

She was reaching deeper into me now. I was certain she was almost a foot in with both her arms and cock, and I could feel them, all of them. Not a single inch went unnoticed by me, even as she began to fuck my intestines, twisting just right to continue onward, my magic affecting her, making her arms and cock as flexible as a tentacle, speaking of which… while I was in a realm of pleasure, a thought entered my subconscious, and my body reacted accordingly. I moaned lowly, as tentacle after tentacle sprouted from my back, Madi seemed to remain oblivious to this, no doubt eyes closed in bliss as she pushed inch after inch into me, her arms up to her elbows, and unable to go further, however they continued thrusting, while her gigantic phallus pressed onward, no doubt nearing my stomach. Yet still I wanted more, as such I concentrated a small portion of magic into her arms, making them longer and longer. She noticed this and groaned aloud in pleasure.

Now over a dozen tentacles were reaching out from my back. I grinned wickedly inside, their slimy lengths close enough to Madi that I could feel her warmth, one was near her face, her breathing sending delightful chills through my body. I looked back at Madi, to see my tentacles around her, but not touching her… yet. The camera moved to capture it all, as I sent a single command to my additional appendages: fuck her. They acted instantly, entrapping her in their slimy grasp, as they moved over her voluptuous form, giving her skin an oiled look, while one slid between her full breasts, one of its brothers moving to hold them together, so it could effectively fuck them. Her mouth opened wide as she prepared to cry out in pleasure, only for yet another tendril to enter her, its girth great enough that she was completely gagged as it slid down her throat. Her eyes met mine, clearly telling me to fuck her. I was more than willing to oblige.

While I fucked her tits and throat, she continued to rut into me. I was more than eager to repay the favour, two tentacles moved to her hips, continuing to her ass cheeks and thighs, coating them in their slime, while slipping between them, one teasing her puckered asshole, while the other stimulated her swollen pussy lips and clit. My tentacles were all as sensitive as my cock, and I could feel every part of her, whether it be her throat, drooling pussy, slick ass cheeks, or her bountiful tits, and now I still needed more, however I intended to savour her. I continued to simply tease her cunt and ass, while fucking her throat and tits, her eyes struggling to look at mine, the feelings of my anus and the ministrations of my tentacles beating down on her control, her cock throbbing slightly now, a sign of her building orgasm. I could tell that she wanted me to fuck her, but that would wait, at least until I’d reached my nirvana. Then she would be well and truly fucked.

I was nearing my climax now. My pussy dripping onto the bed below, the camera moving to capture my juices, and the sight of my stomach distorting around her arms and dick, panning to her thrusting in and out with all the force of a hurricane. My magical body reacted to it by inflating my tits, pressing my hard as bullets nipples into the bed, mecidiyeköy escort rubbing them delightfully as Madi’s rutting moved me with each thrust. I could feel the heat inside me, burning away all my cares, but igniting the desire for an even greater sensation. My magic worked to my needs, and I feel could it concentrate just above my drooling cunt, I couldn’t care less at that moment however, as a far more pressing matter came to my attention. Madi hilted in me, crying out in joy.

I couldn’t vocalise my pleasure, as an orgasm I’d only felt a few times washed through me. Madi’s cock pulsed within me, her arms going rigid, as a ball travelled up her length, stretching me even more, and causing my eyes to roll up in orgasmic ecstasy. The sheets were completely soaked in my orgasm, my juices practically acting as a waterfall as I felt Madi’s first ball of cum reach my stomach, another already travelling up my intestinal tract, followed by another, and another, and another. I placed my weight on one hand, and moved the other to my already distorted stomach, where I felt her first spray of cum shoot into me, immediately inflating me, the cum trying to rise up my throat. I wanted it all inside however, and sealed my stomach, keeping it all inside. Despite reaching nirvana, I felt it all.

Her cock and hands plugged my rear, keeping each drop of cum inside me. I could feel the drenched sheets against my swelling stomach, and still she continued to cum, my massively inflated belly now beginning to lift me off the bed. Balls of cum continued to pump into me, spurring my tentacles to fuck her body harder, though I didn’t give them the ability to cum, instead they simply produced plenty of slime, lightly inflating her own stomach. Three full minutes passed, and finally her reservoir of cum had petered out. She began to deflate inside me, and pulled her arms out, each one as long as her legs, and coated in her sperm. There was a brief moment of reprise before the floodgates opened.

I found my voice once more and let out a cry of both pleasure, and disappointment. Pleasure as wonderfully hot sperm shot through my bowels, disappointment as my stomach deflated, gradually returning to simply a pudgy belly, her cum slowly dripping out of my raised ass. We were immobile for a while, basking in the aftermath, but there were people to entertain, and by people, I mean me. I got up from my hands and knees, standing beside the bed, taking a second the take in the cum soaked sheets, and my fucking gorgeous girlfriend, my limp tentacles still entwined around her, keeping her nipples and pussy out my view, though that merely enticed me further. She was panting, her eyes closed, still enjoying the afterglow, but soon she’d have much more to enjoy. Walking around to her side of the bed, a predatory smile spread across my face. The camera had moved back now, to catch everything.

“Hey Madi, time to get fucked.” I told her, and in an instant, her eyes were open, she bolted up right, her mouth slightly open and with a line of drool coming from one side. Her eyes literally glowed with her lust. I made a small gesture at the camera, telling it to zoom in on my crotch, where a bulge of flesh was evident. I connected my mind to Madi’s to ask her how big she wanted it, and her reaction was instantaneous. ‘Until I can ride it like a pony.’ There was no hint of a joke in her mind, and I knew she could take it, though how well the audience would take it, was an entirely different matter, but that was secondary to our lusts. Later I was thankful we had a large bedroom.

I grabbed her head and forced her to my crotch. She immediately began licking at me, her tongue running delightfully over my pussy lips, and engorged clit, before reaching my bulge, which was growing steadily, its tip becoming a rapidly darker purple, with a tiny slit. When it was four inches in length, Madi abandoned my cunt entirely, taking the entirety in her mouth, even as it grew. She was salivating wildly, her drool running over my pussy, mixing with my juices as they continued dripping down my inner thighs. I heard her gagging slightly, as my length grew down her throat, setting off her gag reflex, though she stifled it quickly. My girth increased as well, beginning to show through her throat.

Madi looked up at me. Her eyes shining with her happiness and lust, their burning desire affecting me, making my now eight inch phallus spontaneously grow another five, going deep into her oesophagus, and continued growing at an even greater pace, adding about an inch every one or two seconds, while my girth increased at a slightly slower pace. I knew she couldn’t breathe anymore, but that was of no concern to us; she could last hours at a time without oxygen, in fact to her my cock was probably like oxygen. Three minutes passed, my cock never stopping its growth, even though her stomach had stretched to the floor, my cock head actually lifting her off the ground, every vein of my dick visible through her taut skin, with a large balloon growing out, made from my pre-cum alone. Another minute passed, and finally I stopped.

I had slowed the growth down about a minute in thankfully. If I hadn’t, I would no doubt we trapped against the walls, due to my bountiful dick, even so it was still about six feet long and about half a foot in girth. Madi would no doubt be smiling, were it not for the fact that her jaw was severely stretched, even by our standards. My tentacles reaffirmed their grip around her, now moving her up and down my cock, using her as little more than a masturbation tool, her stomach distorting wildly around my girth and length, while continuing to balloon out from my continuously flowing pre. Madi constantly made noises, many sounding like crosses between moans and gags, but always sounded like she was in bliss, her spit flying everywhere, and running down my pillar of masculinity. Our room was eight feet by nine feet, so we had some room, but even then, with the bed and my massive cock, it was somewhat cramped, however that was of little importance now, as I felt a heat building in my gut, as I spontaneously grew a demonic prostate, one capable of producing enough semen to flood the River Nile, an exaggeration, but close enough. I hilted in her as I felt the first stream reach the tip.

Madi could feel me swell within her. She knew what was coming, her eyes shedding blood red tears of happiness, as she felt her body swell even greater around me, and finally as her stomach inflated instantly with my sperm, my cock plugging her oesophagus so perfectly that the pressure could only force it through her bowels. With a thought, her ass was spread wide by tentacles, several forcing themselves inside her anus, effectively plugging the exit, keeping every last drop of sperm I gave her inside her stomach. When the first stream died down, she looked to be carrying quintuplets to term, and another was already at the tip. In a short time she filled most of the room.

I couldn’t stop cumming. I knew I should, given the fact that I was pressed against the wall now, but I just couldn’t stop, the pleasure so great it completely dominated my control, giving Madi gallons upon gallons of semen. I could tell she was trying to absorb it into her body, but she had already taken as much as she could, my body unable to absorb anymore, her stomach simply filling up what little space remained in our room. With a desperate plea to stop this, I took control of my body, if only a for a moment, but that was all I needed to shrink my cock down enough that my ocean of cum came shooting up her oesophagus, spraying from her nose and mouth, dousing me entirely in my produce. Despite shrinking my cock, I was still cumming, adding more and more to the flood that was gradually creating a literal pool. I finally felt my flow die down as the pool reached my knees, though it simply continued to rise as Madi puked up a continuous river of cum. I held Madi above the white pool, keeping her from choking.

Due to her cries of pleasure, Madi was beginning to run out of air. I knew she could live without oxygen for some time, however that was assuming she didn’t use up any she already had in her body, and after her screams of pleasure, she had used up about all she had. I pulled my tentacles from her ass, releasing that floodgate also. The pool was up to my crotch now, with no way to escape, it just continued to rise, until at long last, her stomach had deflated enough that it no longer poured from her mouth, however by then the cum had gone to my waist.

“You can… put me… down now.” Madi gasped, her full lips coated in cum. I did as she said, placing her down on her feet.

“Wow, you really had a lot didn’t you?”

“Yeah.” I gasped in agreement, running my hand through the thick, viscous fluid. I looked up to see the camera had gone to the ceiling, getting the entire room in the shot.

“Better clean up, any more and for all we know the walls will start breaking.” I said.

“Yeah, but,” Madi placed a hand on her still swollen stomach, appearing to look as though she were six months pregnant, “I can’t take anymore in my stomach, and I want my womb empty.” She whined.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got this covered.” I told her, and a light began to emanate from me, as my body transformed to that of a centaur, my cock as long and thick as before, though in the shape of a horses. The pool of cum began to lower, as I absorbed it into my equine form, growing balls as I did so. My testicles grew at an exponential rate, quickly becoming the size of bowling balls, then beach balls, surpassing them and becoming as big, if not bigger, than yoga balls. But they even surpassed those.

I had to grow my legs to keep from being lifted by my growing balls. I quickly realised that the room was too small and that the amount of cum I intended to unleash, would no doubt be too much for this one room to take.

“Madi, I think we need a bigger room.”

“I couldn’t agree with you more.” She said and kissed me, feeling the sudden heat as my magic flared, reacting to my need for a bigger room. Madi, myself, and the camera vanished from our bedroom, appearing in a barn, which was on the land Credo had bought for me all those years ago. It was often strange to be here, it was like I could feel his presence, yet I never saw him, as though he were a spectre. I shook away the thoughts, instead focusing on Madi’s lips against mine, her tongue wrestling against my own. My cock began to rise once more.

I continued to grow my torso and legs, my breasts also growing in time. All the while my testicles continued to inflate, becoming akin to wrecking balls. I was uncertain how big I’d have to grow, feeling Madi’s lips struggling to keep against mine, and I felt her hands on my shoulders, her legs wrapping around my waist to keep her at my level. The ground was several more feet beneath my eye level now, and even then my balls were brushing the ground. I began to fear I would grow to the top of the barn, but as soon as that thought crossed my mind, they stopped growing, though I could feel them filling with enough cum to impregnate an entire town of women, the liquid no doubt as thick as jelly, maybe even thicker. Good god I needed to cum now.

My tentacles wrapped once again around Madi, moving her crotch to be level with my cock. It was almost erect, it’s length so great that it grew past my forelegs, even growing to be seen past my mountainous breasts, which had also grown with my transformation, now covering a good portion of my torso, my nipples hard as bullets at the peak. Madi was squirming in my grip now, her desire no longer under her minds control, as her pussy dripping onto the floor. She saw the camera coming to her face, and opened her mouth, showing the large amount of semen she held there, before making a display of swallowing it, chewing the thick, yoghurt like liquid before gulping it down her throat. Once more opening wide and showing the lack of cum.

It was one hell of sight to see, and just what my cock needed to reach its full glory. Before I would penetrate her with my tree sized dick, I raised her head to mine.

“I hope you’re ready, because in less than three seconds, you’re going to be full of cum, so much so that you’ll be pregnant with dozens of my young.” She was panting in lust now, the words placing the image in her mind, of her abdomen swollen massively with my children.

“Oh god, please! Please, please fuck me! Fuck me full of your children!” She cried out, mashing her lips to mine, our breasts pressing against the other, sending delightful shivers of pleasure down my spine and to my pussy. Oh, I intend to, I thought and moved her back to my cock’s level. She stared down at it, her eyes wide and mouth open, drooling all over her tits, as she panted in lust. The camera moved to her pussy, keeping out of the way of my cock, as I began to press into her, my flat tip bashing into her lips, but struggling to stretch her comparatively small cunt. I didn’t falter though, pressing onward and into her.

Madi cried out in joy as the tip began to pass her lips. It was no easy feat, the tip barely fitting in, even with her supernatural ability to stretch beyond a humans imagination. The mushroom shaped tip was plainly visible, as the girth stretched her body grossly, and, with a pull from my tentacle, and a push from my body, I finally began to slide into her. I threw my head back in delight, the sensations of her moist tunnel squeezing my cock bringing a ‘small’ spurt of pre-cum from my tip, the amount significant enough that it made her belly swell slightly, from the amount entering her womb. I continued to press into her, my cock being devoured inch by blissful inch by her lustful cunt, quickly meeting her cervix. I didn’t stop, merely applied more pressure, breaking through the barrier and entering her hungry womb.

“Feel that Madi!? I’m in your womb, and there’s still a lot more where that came from!” I cried out to her, but she was drowning in her pleasure, unable to answer me, even if she could hear me. I had barely a foot in her, and my cock was about six feet long, no doubt far beyond what many would consider a pleasurable view, but for me and Madi, this was fairly standard. Though I intended to break those standards.

When I hit the back of her womb, her crotch was only just hidden by my rather impressive bust, meaning that I had a LOT of cock waiting to fuck her body to far beyond its limits. It was amazing to see my throbbing dick through her flesh, each pulse of my heart showing in the cock shaped bulge, as its pulsations sent constant shocks of pleasure through her body. When she was suitably adjusted to my size, or as adjusted as one could possibly get to something as thick as a tree trunk, my tentacles pulled her off and on my cock, each time moving a little more inside her, gradually forcing the bulge to her sternum, her elastic skin quickly being forced to her face, where she smiled widely, seeing how much was inside her, and knowing that so much more awaited her. What she wanted from me was obvious: to fuck her into oblivion, or even beyond that. The thought turned me on even greater than I already was.

I was only two feet inside her, four feet remaining. Madi was gurgling loudly, my cock forcing the cum still packing her stomach up her oesophagus, sending it through her throat, the thick fluid pouring from her smiling lips, running across her body. I knew she’d be disappointed at losing so much of my cum, and we had promised to give a show unlike anything on earth. I grew another dozen tentacles, six tipped with wicked looking needles, and the rest phallic like the rest, each one with numerous prostrates throughout their long bodies.

“Hey Madi,” She only gurgled in pleasure by way of response, “I’m gonna make your tits bigger.” I was purposely simplistic and vague, meaning even she would be surprised by the sheer mass I would inflate her breasts to. My tentacles flipped her over, still using her to masturbate my cock, even as the spiked tentacles moved to her breasts, poised over her nipples like cobras ready to strike. When I was three feet inside her, the needles entered her swollen tits.

She cried out in pain at the penetration. Not wanted her to suffer, I forced six tentacles down her throat, their writhing forms obscenely visible through her throat, as they travelled down her sternum and entered her stomach, pouring their entire forms into it, causing her body to distort even further, the camera capturing everything, remaining at her breasts, as I began to pour even more fluid into them, the already large chest turning more into udders than anything, quickly doubling in size in seconds, and keeping that pace. The other six tentacles in her stomach had now forced four feet each inside her, the amount of pre-cum they produced rounding her massive belly out impossibly large, thanks to the prostrates my original ones had also grown. My cock was almost four feet inside her, the bulge far past her head now, though she couldn’t tell, as her eyes rolled back in her unending bliss. Despite her near unconscious state her hips continued to shake against me.

A sudden desire shot through me. I acted on it instantly, feeling my tongue snake out of my mouth, its length easily enough to reach Madi, whose womb was now impaled on four and a half feet of cock, along with six feet of several tentacles in her stomach, at least four gallons of pre-cum alone swelling it as well. My tongue waved through the air, moving to Madi’s rear, feeling around for it, before finally finding my target. Madi, her mind practically broken from the sensations, let out a loud moan as she felt my tongue run over her asshole. Even after all these years I hadn’t tasted her there yet, but there’s a first time for everything, at that thought I penetrated her slightly, tasting both her ass and what remained of my cum. I let out my own moan at the taste and began to push inch upon inch into her.

I licked at the walls of her anus, lapping up any of my cum that remained. I couldn’t say what her ass tasted of really, all I could think to describe was that it tasted like Madi. My tongue was had eight inches buried in her now, and I stopped thrusting into her, letting my tentacles do that for me. Speaking of which, her tits had far surpassed even my balls now, pressing hard against the wooden floor, yet she only moaned in pleasure, no doubt desiring the maximum that I could give her. As she was used to masturbate my cock and tongue, I could hear the fluid in her breasts slosh around, the liquid I’d pumped into her working to inflate them by causing her to produce milk on a massive level, easily making gallons upon gallons each minute, the nipples swelling in time to her breasts, each one now three inches long and an inch thick. With a grin I decided not to hold back any longer.

After what had happened years ago, I had placed barriers to stem the flow of magical power in my body. These made it so that I could use my power, however it would be a fraction of what I could do, and now I disabled those restrictions, letting the magic surge through me. In response to the sudden influx of power, dozens of tentacles, each three inches thick, grew from my back, each one equipped to deliver gallons of their own sperm. My bust grew massively, almost matching Madi’s, while my cock gained three feet in length and half a foot in girth, stretching Madi to even her breaking point. Realising this, my magic acted, making her body indestructible. I grew several feet taller as my balls practically doubled in size, the sperm already there condensing and being filled with more of the same kind. I began to near the top of the barn, but my magic instantly teleported us and the camera to a new area.

I knew where we were instantly. Looking around I took in the sight of all the roses, as they quivered in reaction to the overwhelming scent of sex. With a powerful pull, I completely hilted in Madi, all nine feet of demonic cock completely buried in her body. She barely twitched in my tentacles grasp, but that was fine, I knew she could feel everything, as I began to pull her off my cock, until just the tip remained inside her, only to viciously pull her down. I retracted my tongue from her ass, as I decided to morph back to my human state, though standing at least eleven feet tall, and with breasts the size of balls, Madi’s own tits raised her crotch above mine, and still they grew, my spiked tentacles plugging the exit. From my back almost a hundred hungry tentacles waved around, all of them awaiting my orders. Two words: Fuck us.

I don’t think even our fans would take what we did there. All my tentacles were as thick as my new wrist, roughly five inches, and they struck like lightning, stuffing Madi’s already overstretched cunt and ass, their shapes visibly writhing through her stomach. I screamed in ecstasy, my sole desire at that moment was more of this, more of this heavenly pleasure. Even as tentacle upon tentacle stuffed her body, at least a dozen moved in on my unoccupied holes. Since I had grown far bigger than the average woman, I thickened them, each one at least as thick as Madi’s thigh. I could feel them entering me, stretching my pussy and asshole blissfully wide, thrusting their monstrous lengths into my womb and bowels, their shapes showing obscenely through my stomach. One after the other, my tentacles stuffed us both, Madi receiving the majority, her comparatively small body seeming to be comprised entirely of the mountainous stomach she’d become. As I fucked us both into blissful oblivion, I felt a familiar heat building.

As I came ever nearer to my orgasm, the roses around us finally came alive. I must’ve gone mad for a while there, since I sent my magic into them all, transforming their ejaculate into my own sperm, capable of impregnating a human, not only that, but I increased their output to match my own. I felt them crawling along my legs, and knew they were targeting Madi, following my overwhelming desire for her. I had no idea what must’ve been going through her mind, assuming she was even conscious by this point, but I knew that her desires were my own, and that no matter what I wished to do to her, she would love. With those thoughts coursing through my mind, I ordered the roses to enter her and cum when I did. So overpowering was my command and desire, that every rose in the field reacted, even those that were several dozen metres away. I hilted inside Madi just as rose upon rose pressed in.

All I could think of was how hot this would look on video. How amazing Madi would be with her stomach the size of our home, her womb completely swollen with my young. My thoughts turned to Melissa and the joy she had brought her, not only that, but the power she possessed despite her young age. The idea of fathering dozens, even hundreds of those children sent a delightful chill through me. My power once more reacted to my desires, forcing my body to produce gallons more of my cum, while it flowed into Madi, altering her ovaries causing her eggs to become fertile and multiply, one for each of my sperm. Deciding that it might be a little hard on Madi to birth so many with such a puny body, I began to grow her, making her about nine feet tall, altering her hips to be even wider, and making her breasts swell even faster, each one containing almost a truck load of milk. The floodgates opened as the fiftieth rose entered her womb alongside twenty or so tentacles and my cock.

I screamed out in unending bliss. My magic shot into overdrive, her ovaries making hundreds of eggs each second to match the my virility. Each time I shot into her, my balls refilled even more, despite the fact that I shot enough to inflate her already massive womb to inconceivable levels, with every single sperm assaulting her eggs, creating a legion of new life. And that was just my cocks produce, my tentacles each shooting similar amounts, while the roses unleashed a relatively small river inside her. I had made her body absolutely indestructible, so I didn’t care how utterly absurd this looked.

“That’s it Madi! Swell with my babies! Give birth to legions of my children!” I screamed out in orgasmic madness. I had so much magical power remaining that I knew this would continue for sometime, but that hardly mattered, all that did was impregnating her and floating on cloud nine while I did so. This world would be ours…

I bolted upright, panting from the dream. I ran a hand through my hair, to find it completely soaked in cum, as was my bed. Next to me Madi was unconsciously lapping at the cum soaked sheets. Despite the enormous amount of pleasure I currently felt, I was also somewhat terrified of what I’d seen and done in that dream. It had been so long now since I had almost lost my mind, but Credo had saved me from that, yet… did I still hold that desire? The desire to impregnate any and all women, and then take over this world with my offspring? I shook my head physically, getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom.

If there was anything that I would never do, is fall like that again. While I had often fantasised about impregnating Madi again, I never went through with it, since I still wasn’t entirely sure what I was anymore. When Credo defeated Lucifer, I had felt his power enter my body, but whether that changed what I really was is still unknown. Whenever I talked to Madi, she would tell me that she was all for the idea, but wouldn’t force it until I was certain. My thoughts turned to Melissa, who was like a little angel, but, were it not for Credo, she just as easily could’ve been a demon. Would that happen if Madi and I had another child?

In the bathroom I looked into the mirror. No one in this house needed lights, seeing as how we were all mythical creatures in one way or another, but even if I were human, I could clearly see the glow in my eyes. Despite the glow being a light blue, it scared me. I didn’t know entirely what it meant, but I knew it couldn’t have been good, then I remembered how Madi’s eyes glowed when she vamped out. I shuffled through my memories of recent weeks, from buying the camera, to setting up the website, and all the sex we’d had. Each session was fairly equal between who did the fucking and who received said fucking, with Madi always insisting to cum inside my womb, saying that she loved seeing me swell with her seed, like a pseudo pregnancy. Now I fear I truly am pregnant.

I placed my hand on my stomach, noting the almost imperceptible bulge there. I focused my magic there, essentially feeling around my womb for signs of growing life. When it seemed to be coming up empty, I almost breathed a sigh of relief, but then I felt it, the life that was slowing growing within my body. I was about to being panicking, the memories of what had happened those years ago flooding back, focusing solely on how Lucifer had impregnated me. As the horrible memories flooded back, though I remembered the pleasure he’d inflicted upon me in the process, causing my cock to give a little twitch, but the indescribable pain I’d felt afterwards clung to my mind like a stalker. Then I felt something break through the darkness of my memories.

It was kind of warmth. Something entirely different to what I usually felt, there was nothing sexual about, but I could feel a warmth flooding my body from my stomach. I watched myself in the mirror, seeing a kind of soft glow emanating from my abdomen. I knew it was the life now growing within me, but it no longer terrified me, even my memories of before began to fade into the background, banished there by a sudden on rush of motherly love I felt at the realisation that I was indeed pregnant, but with Madi’s child, not the incarnation of pure evil.

“I wonder what Madi will think?” I asked aloud, caressing my stomach.

(Meanwhile… in the 3rd person perspective)

An ethereal being watched the young woman. It was felt concern for her as her face turned from mild worry, to terror in moments, before suddenly turning blank, as though she were trying to process a sudden onslaught of information, before finally she let the smallest of smiles move her lips. The being sighed in relief before feeling a soft breeze in the wind, knowing this to a signal of sorts, the invisible being spread its wings and took flight, seeking other women who could bare the children of angels. Yet still its thoughts stayed with the woman. As it flew away a single tear fell to the earth.

The End.

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