Gimme 8 More Seconds

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Becca pulled her black felt Resistol hat down over her eyes to block out the withering sun above her. She took a red and white bandanna from the back pocket of her skin tight black Wrangler jeans and laid it on the metal railing. She had been burned before and that wasn’t going to happen again because she was a woman who learned from her mistakes. Well, almost all of her mistakes.

She had come back to the rodeo, drawn like a moth to the flame. It was the one thing she could not get out of her blood. She loved the sounds and the smell and most of all, the action! Where else could you watch men be more stupid and more courageous all at the same time. She sensed the raw courage it took to climb on the back of a two ton devil trying to shed itself of its cargo. She also saw the stupidity of doing it more than once.

She was a regular this season and was getting to know a number of the people involved in putting on the rodeo, but she had yet to meet one of the riders. That would change today.

She was mentally focused and physically prepared. That is not to say she was in shape. Becca was a large but shapely woman with a pair of boobs that put most women to shame. She knew she was blessed by this attribute and she had taken advantage with them many times before. She was sure the red, white, and blue halter top she was wearing would be quite noticeable even at a distance.

Up close she counted on her long red hair and emerald green eyes to help finish off her cowboy. Becca was betting her full house over whatever the cowboy was holding. She smiled thinking about those odds. At five foot ten, Becca was no short woman so she was looking for a bit taller and bigger man. She had been with smaller guys and they just didn’t seem to be the right fit in so many ways. Maybe it was a proportional thing, maybe not , but she knew what she wanted and she had a good idea who also.

Refocusing on the event at hand, she propped one of her black Justin Roper clad feet up on the bottom rail and then crossed her forearms on the top railing. She then pushed herself up where she could rest her boobs on her forearms for maximum effect. Just in time too. She heard the announcer calling out the name of Harley Bailes. She was squirming just thinking about that man..

Harley stood six foot two at about 250 pounds. He was a little older then the other cowboys but that did not bother Becca in the least. She was no spring chicken herself and she knew the young guns, while energetic were mostly in it for themselves. Older men just seemed to be more willing to give a little more. She did not know why that was but was sure it was the gospel.

Harley had short, almost silver hair and a darker complexion from being in the sun all day. Becca thought his blue eyes were to die for. They suggested a wisdom tempered with a bit of whimsy. Maybe his lips caused that last effect. She was not sure but knew she liked it just the same.

Harley was now settling onto the bull in chute number two. She heard the announcer call out the bulls name, “Devil’s Climax”. He was a brahma full of piss and vinegar, that few were victorious on. Harley finally got his hand set and nodded.

The chute flew open and the bull exploded out of the gate like a trainload of TNT. He immediately jerked 180 degrees to the left and sent Harley yawing off to the right where his left knee was almost over the center of the bull’s back. Harley pulled hard with his left hand to get recentered just as the bull started to twirl back the other way. As the devil started to swing back to the right, he leapt into the air and had his back angled down about 45 degrees with his ass above his head now.

This caused Harley to lean backwards into the bull’s back like he was laying on him. The bull sensed this and kicked out his hind legs causing Harley’s head to careen into a huge mass of tight bull muscle on the animal’s flanks. Harley might as well have been smacked with a 2 by 4. He almost saw stars, but shook the cobwebs out oh his head and pulled himself upright.

He could hear the screaming of the crowd. He was sure they were getting their money’s worth. Unbelievably this ride was only three seconds old at this point. The bull then took a beeline across the arena bucking every few yards. Harley could sense he was now in control. Even as he thought it, the bull stopped so viciously that Harley was pitched out over the horns before he knew what had happened. He was rolling ass over teakettle before he realized he was thrown.

“Shiiiiit! No buckle today!” he told himself. He got up and started to dust himself off while keeping a wary eye out for the bull. Seeing that the clowns had engaged the bull and released it’s harness, he relaxed and peered up at the clock. The number 6.9 screamed failure at him like a bullhorn. One more event with nothing to show for it.

He heard some one say “Nice try, cowboy.” He turned and was face to face with a red, white, and blue cloth mural. He looked up to see a pair of piecing special forces worlds toughest test izle green eyes and brilliant white smile above that.

“Howdy!” Becca said. ”Are you hurt?”

“Just my pride” Harley drawled as he refocused on the red, white, and blue mural. It was all he could do to keep his jaw from dropping.

Becca noticed his subtle head shift and thought “Gotcha.” Her only question now was how long it would take to get this fish in the boat. Becca rarely lost a catch when she got the hook set. This one looked to have swallowed the bait, not just bit down on it.

Harley regained his composure and thanked her for her support. He started to pull his bandanna from his pocket but Becca quickly yanked hers out from under her arm and passed it to him.

“Thanks” Harley drawled. As he wiped his face with it, his nose hairs came alive with the sweet perfume smell emanating from the cloth. He was in nirvana. “That’s funny.” he thought to himself. “Who would believe you’d find a cowboy in nirvana.” continuing the thought.

“Thanks again” he said as he handed it back to her. He noticed she took it and sniffed it herself. “That’s a little weird” he thought to himself.

“Are you done with this competition?” Becca asked. “Where are you headed next?”

“I’m on my way to Laramie next. I’ll probably head out in the morning”

“Do you need a place to wash up and clean your clothes? Becca stammered, realizing she was nervous, here at the moment of truth. “I’ve got lots of room for you to stretch out in. It would be no problem.” “Don’t oversell” she thought to herself.

“Well if its not too much trouble ma’am” Harley said. “ I don’t want to inconvenience you.” He smiled..

“ It would be my pleasure. I know living out of a pickup truck can’t be much fun.”

“ You are too right there ma’am” Harley said as he chuckled. Harley thought “This is too damn easy. Shootin fish in a barrel is twice as hard as this.”

Becca told him how to get out to her place and that she would be home within the next hour. She literally ran to her truck, a black Dodge Ram Dooley with all the trimmings. There was so much to do and so little time, but she vowed to herself she would be ready.

By the time Harley arrived, she had everything in place. She was standing out on her porch when Harley drove up. He was in a red Ford F-150 that looked older then she was, though she knew that could not be possible. She had not changed clothes yet,assuming Harley liked this outfit anyway. “Come on in” she said.

Harley tipped his shredded straw cowboy hat that had seen better days a few presidents back. “Thank you ma’am “ he drawled. “You do have a lovely spread here.”

“Thanks. Come on in and let me show you around.”

The inside of the house was spacious and well appointed. Harley noticed that the furnishings seemed very masculine. He wondered if she was married. There was a lot of rough wood and stonework on the inside. He could be quite happy in a setup like this.

“ The bedrooms are back this way.” Becca said as she led him down the hall. She stopped in front of one room and said “You can put your stuff in there.” She then continued to the end of the hall and led him into a master bedroom that must have been 500 square feet if it was an inch. In the center was a sleigh bed with wrought iron grill work at each end. “ This is my little retreat “ said Becca. “I just love to spend gray, rainy days reading or writing by the window trying to put the world in perspective.”

“A deep thinker” Harley said to himself. “Well deep thinking or not, this cowgirl had a shape I can’t stop thinking about. She does seem to be playing it coy though. Maybe she is just nervous.” “I know what you mean.” He said out loud, even though he didn’t. Harley was a simple man with simple needs. Deep thinking was not his strong suit.

“You can use my bathroom to clean up in if you’d like. It has a little more room than the guest ones do. I’m sure you will be comfortable in here..” Becca turned to go and said “It’s through that door” pointing as she went. “I am going to go get dinner going. Make yourself comfortable and I will see you in a little while.” And then she was gone.

Harley walked into the bathroom and realized it might be bigger then the travel trailer he home based out of. There was a huge tub and a shower with three big heads in it. “This must be like standing in the rain .” he thought. Harley turned on the shower and got undressed while it was warming. He stepped inside and the three heads of water enveloped him. “Aaaahh, Nirvana again.

He let the water course over his large, scarred body. He could remember how he got each one. There was usually some piece of livestock associated with each, but one or two were manmade. He put that thought out of his mind as he let the warm water smooth the kinks out of his tired carcass. He wondered how many more squid game izle events he could make it through before he had to hang up his spurs. He sensed that was a small number indeed.

His thoughts were interrupted by sounds in the bathroom. He cracked the sliding door to see what the noise was and saw Becca gathering up his clothes. She heard the shower door open and turned to face him. Her chest was covered by the pile of clothes, but he could tell she was as naked as a jaybird otherwise. He looked her up and down. His boots hanging from her hands under the clothes hid her hairy mound from view too.

“I’m just getting your stuff to put on to wash. It looks like it could use it.” She smiled at him and asked “What are you staring at?”

He grinned back and said “ You seem to have lost your duds? Can you give me a hand with my back? I’m not as limber as I used to be.”

She dropped the clothes in her arm and stepped forward to help. He almost fell over in the shower, he was so awed by the giant boobs approaching him. As if the size wasn’t enough , the areolas were dark cinnamon in color and incredibly large themselves. Topped off by giant hard nipples, her boobs were beyond compare.

He looked down and saw she had a fiery red mound of hair. “Natural” he thought.

He put his hand out to help her into the shower. Once inside, he put his rough hands to her face and gently reached down to kiss her. Their lips met and then tongues embraced each other as the water ran down their faces. He pulled back momentarily to look into those emerald eyes. They sparkled as they told him all he needed to know.

Harley returned to kissing her as his hands ran over her back and grasped her soft ass cheeks. She pushed herself closer to him if that was possible. Now he could feel those hard nipples drilling into his stomach. She met his every tongue probe with one of her own. Harley sensed she could be every bit the aggressor that he was.

After hugging and squeezing each other while tongue kissing for several minutes, Becca broke the embrace. She turned Harley around and grabbed a loofa. She sudsed it up and started slowly working over his back. She knew how to apply just the right amount of pressure to apply to scrub and excite him at the same time. She did not say anything about his scars but he knew she had interest because she would gently rub soap on each one with her free hand. As strong as the loofa hand worked, the free hand was as gentle as he had ever been touched.

She finished his back and started running the loofa over his ass cheeks. He relaxed as she ran the loofa up and down his crack. As she worked the loofa up and down, she kept rubbing his hole with her pinkie. That was a new sensation and amazingly he was liking it.

Becca did not sense any tension as she scrubbed his ass and her occasional probes with her pinkie did not seem to upset him. She smiled at the thought of taking this cowboy’s ass. She wondered if he would be bothered by something bigger than her pinkie. “Well, the night was young.” she thought.

After a thorough scrubbing of Harley’s backside, Becca turned him around revealing his stiff cock. She took the loofa and started to rub. She could see that Harley was enjoying every minute of this. As she stroked the cock with the loofa, Harley’s eyes seemed to roll back in his head as he was in a blissful state.

Becca dropped the loofa and started stroking with her hand. His cock was throbbing in her hand. The sensation was unbelievable. She knew Harley would do whatever she wanted. To seal the deal, she leaned over and tongued the rim of the head. Harley let loose with a moan. Becca stopped suddenly and looked up at Harley. “Preview’s over. I need to go finish dinner. Be in the dining room in twenty minutes. Clothing is optional.”

She opened the shower door and stepped out, grabbing a towel as she went. Harley was crushed. How could she do that and stop so abruptly. She is certainly headstrong” he thought “in more ways then one.” Harley knew he had a strong woman on his hands and that excited him even more. This was going to be a struggle, but he had fought off tougher challenges than this.

He shut off the water and got out and grabbed a towel. He walked back into the massive bedroom, toweling himself off as he went. He walked over and sat on the bed. It was as soft as a cloud. As he scanned the room, he saw a stone hearth in the corner that he had not seen before. Amazingly there was a fire going in it.” That’s really strange” he thought. It is too hot for a fire this time of year. He shrugged it off and finished toweling. He dropped it on the floor and headed for the dining area. He decided to go with the clothing optional thing even though he was not entirely comfortable with it..

Harley suddenly realized how hungry he was. Perhaps it was the fantastic smell drawing him down the hall. He found the dining room and settled into a chair with a plate at it. He hollered into star trek picard izle the kitchen “Do you need any help?”

“No. I’ve got it under control. You could be a gentleman and open the wine on the table.” she yelled back.

Harley picked up the bottle and looked at it. He did not recognize the brand, Bella Sera. But then he was no wine connoisseur. He was a beer man all the way. The hard stuff rotted his gut so he had never taken a liking to it. He picked up the cork puller and stared at it. “Thank god for mechanical ingenuity” he thought otherwise he would have to ask Becca how this worked.

He finally got the cork out and poured two glasses. He took a sip. “Not to bad” he thought. He looked at the label again and saw it was a Chardonnay. That meant nothing to him other than the fact that it tasted good.

Becca walked in carrying a large silver platter. She was, of course, naked also. That started to arouse Harley again and he squirmed in his seat. He could not remember being around a woman who he was so attracted to but uncomfortable about at the same time. Becca seemed to know how to keep him off balance and he was not used to that.

Becca sat the platter down, leaning over as she did so. Harley’s eyes were not on the entrée, they were on the dessert he was hoping to savor later.” Those boobs were mesmerizing’ he thought. His tongue craved to touch those unbelievable nipples. Becca saw what he was looking at and that pleased her.

“How does it look? Becca implored.

Jolted back to reality Harley said “They look great!”

Becca laughed loudly. “Harley. I’m talking about the dinner.”

“Sorry” Harley said. “I was thinking about something else. The fish looks really good..”

“ I know what you were thinking about, naughty boy. Let’s concentrate on dinner.”

“ I have to tell you Becca, that it is real hard to think about dinner with you all naked at the table. This is a first for me, so I am a little uncomfortable.”

“ That is OK Harley. I’m sure it is real hard. I would certainly hope so.” she said laughingly. “ It is good to have to control yourself at times. Isn’t that what bull riding is about? Trying to control your body so you aren’t thrown off.”

“I guess you’re right. I never thought about it really.”

“Good. I’m glad you see it my way. Here have some fish. It is a broiled catfish I caught on a pond here.”

“ You fish?” Harley asked.

“ I do a lot of things that might surprise you Harley. I am more than a great pair of tits and sparkling green eyes.”

“I did not mean it like that.” he stammered. “ It is just that most of those rodeo girls only want one thing from a cowboy.”

“ Well, I like to do things a little differently. I’m not a wham, bam, thank you ma’am kind of girl. Unless that’s what I’m in the mood for.” she said as she snickered.

“I’m sorry” he said. He started eating and was amazed how good and tender the fish was.” This girl can do it all” he thought. ”She cooks, she fishes, she’s got that super hot body. Don’t blow this Harley.” he told himself.

“ How’s the fish?”

“ It is incredible, Becca. It is so tender and none of that fishy taste. It tastes kind of nutty. I love it.”

They traded more small talk over dinner until they finished eating. Harley had three portions before he pushed himself away from the table. Becca excused herself to do something and Harley just relaxed at the table, letting the meal settle.

Becca returned with a black bandanna. “Harley” she said. “I want you to put this over your eyes and no fair peeking.” Harley did as he was instructed. He was starting to get a little nervous. Becca got behind him and pushed his chair to the table. “That’s better. I’ll be right back so you just sit here quietly. OK?”

“Sure” said Harley, but he was not so sure. Becca left the room and Harley was left with his thoughts, which were going like a runaway freight train at the moment.

Becca returned and set several items on the table. She then cleared away the dinner dishes snd cleared the area in front of Harley. She intentionally brushed Harley with her boobs as she went about her cleaning. Harley would jump every time those rock hard nipples brushed his arm or back. Becca knew she had him on edge.

“Harley. I am going to ask you to trust me. You do trust me, don’t you?” she said gravely.

“Uh sure” Harley sputtered.

“Not good enough.” Becca said. “No conviction in that voice.”

“Yes, I trust you.” Harley said with more conviction.

“ That’s much better Harley.” Becca said as she brushed a nipple across his face. He reacted too slowly and missed the chance to grab a lick. Becca was loving this. A bull riding cowboy in the palm of her hand. “Harley, put your hands loosely at your side. I want to test your trust.” He did as he was told.

Becca took the saddle leather tough hand and slipped it through a loop on a length of rope she had brought to the table. She tightened the loop until it was snug. She then ran the other end through the rungs on the back of the chair. She took the other end which was also looped and placed it over the other hand, repeating the same procedure. Harley sat perfectly still without protest the whole time.

When she was finished, she stepped back and asked Harley if he was comfortable. ”Are you nervous.” she asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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