Girls on Film


The film ended, and as the credits began to roll, Mandy raised herself off the sofa to remove the tape from the VCR. That had been a pretty bad romantic comedy, and she wondered why her big sister Sally had bothered renting it in the first place. She popped the video back in its box and, since she wasn’t feeling at all tired, and it was such a novelty having the large downstairs TV all to herself for a change, she decided she might as well see what other films Sally had rented. There was bound to be something better than the film she had just sat through.

Sally and her best friend Heather were upstairs drinking a bottle of red wine and listening to music, enjoying the freedom of having Sally and Mandy’s parents away for the night. Mandy was sure they would come downstairs at some point and kick her off the sofa so that they could watch their movies alone, so she figured she might as well make the most of the time she had.

She found two other films by the VCR: one was a well-known period drama which Mandy instantly rejected as too boring. She picked up the other tape. The title meant nothing to her, but the wording seemed to refer to a pool party or something, and that sounded promising. Hoping for a fun teen movie, Mandy slipped the tape into the VCR and settled herself back under her blanket on the sofa.

On the screen, a beautiful blonde woman in a bikini was making a fruit salad while, outside the kitchen window, other women relaxed by the side of a pool. The woman cut a slice from a large watermelon and, unable to resist it, brought it to her lips and began to suck at the juicy red fruit. Beads of juice trickled down her fingers and ran down her chin, splashing onto her large breasts which strained under the tight yellow satin of her bikini top.

Mandy’s eyes widened as she stared at the scene. If this was a teen movie, it was quite unlike one she had ever watched before, and yet she couldn’t take her eyes off the screen. The blonde woman in the film looked so sexy as she devoured the ripe watermelon, making soft moans of pleasure as she sucked at the delicious fruit. The juice ran from her arms down the front of her bikini top, staining it dark and making the flimsy fabric stick to her erect nipples. She brought a hand up to her breasts and wiped at the juice, smearing it across her skin so that it glistened.

Mandy continued to fix her eyes on this pretty scene. She could feel her cheeks growing hot with embarrassment, and yet she didn’t want to stop the tape. As she watched, a brunette woman entered the kitchen and began chastising the first woman for eating the fruit which was meant for the party. This woman was just as beautiful as the first, and just as skimpily dressed. She advanced towards her friend with a cheeky smile and, picking up a slice of watermelon from the counter, began to rub the fruit over the blonde woman’s body. Juice streamed down from the blonde’s rounded breasts and ran down her taut stomach as the brunette continued to rub fruit over her beautiful body. The juice ran down to her bikini bottoms, darkening the cloth instantly.

Mandy watched in awe as, in close-up, the watermelon juice dripped from the crotch of the blonde’s bikini pants. She was feeling very flustered, and she thought she had better stop the tape right now, only the sight of these two gorgeous woman playing seductively with the ripe fruit and each other was turning her on so much. She wanted to be there in that kitchen with them, she wanted to feel the cool delicious juice running down her own body, she wanted to touch the blonde woman’s beautiful breasts and run her fingers over her hardened tall nipples. Before she knew what she was doing, Mandy had slipped her hands under the Başakşehir escort blanket and begun copying the actions of the women on the television. As they rubbed their hands over each other’s breasts, so she reached under her pyjama top and fondled her own small breasts; as the blonde slipped a finger into the bikini bottoms of the brunette, so Mandy gingerly slid her hand inside her own pants. She gasped when her fingers reached her pussy – it was dripping wet! She hadn’t realized quite how turned on she had been getting, and now that she spread her heated pussy lips and slid a finger gently over the slippery wetness of her clit, she was getting more and more aroused. Her eyes glued to the screen, one hand squeezing her breast and the other massaging the hardened bud of her clit, Mandy began to feel the first waves of orgasm reach her.

‘Uh, oh yes,’ she whispered, ‘Mm, oh, I’m going to—’

She froze. The waves of orgasm receded, but now her heart was pounding. Footsteps were coming down the stairs. In a panic, Mandy pulled her hand out of her pants and wiped her wet fingers on the blanket. As the footsteps reached the bottom step, she made a grabbed for the remote control but in her haste it slipped off the coffee table. With her legs on the sofa she plunged her upper body after it, and at that second the door to living room opened.

‘What are you doing?’

Mandy straightened up. She was completely tangled up in her blanket and, from the heat coming off her cheeks, she could guess how red they must be.

Heather stood in the doorway, her arms crossed, observing the strange picture before her: her best friend’s little sister, sitting in a crumpled heap, half on and half off the sofa, her cheeks brightly flushed, and holding aloft the remote control as though it were some sort of prize. A loud moan came from the television set.

‘What on earth…?’ said Heather, stepping into the room and twisting to see the television screen.

‘It’s nothing,’ muttered Mandy hastily, pointing the remote at the screen.

‘Just a minute,’ interrupted Heather, raising a hand. She gazed at the picture on the screen. At that moment, the blonde and the brunette were kissing passionately as they lay writhing on the soaked kitchen floor, slithering and sliding all over each other’s juiced-up bodies.

‘Oh my God,’ said Heather. ‘You’re watching porn? Wait till I tell Sally about this!’

‘No! Wait! I’m not watching it!’ pleaded Mandy, feeling her embarrassment rising. ‘I didn’t know what it was, honest!’

‘Well, I think you can get a pretty good idea of what it is now!’ replied Heather, turning to face Mandy with a wry smile. ‘Where did you get this?’

Mandy stared unhappily at Heather. She didn’t want to tell her sister’s best friend that Sally had been renting porn videos, but on the other hand she didn’t want her thinking that she was the one renting them either!

‘I – I found it,’ she said finally. ‘But I don’t want to watch it any more.’

‘No, wait, this is really interesting,’ said Heather, moving to the sofa. ‘I’ve never watched porn before. This is so weird. Hey, move up.’ She sat down cross-legged on the opposite end of the sofa from Mandy and pulled some of the blanket towards her.

Mandy sat rigid and uncomfortable, keeping her eyes fixed on the screen because she was too embarrassed to look at Heather. She was convinced Heather knew what she had been getting up to just before she had entered the room. She could probably smell the scent of her juices – Mandy could certainly smell it on her fingers. As soon as she had had this thought, Mandy felt a stirring in her wet pussy. Oh my God, she was getting turned on Bayrampaşa escort bayan by the thought of Heather knowing she had been masturbating! She felt so ashamed, and yet Mandy couldn’t resist pulling the blanket tighter under her chin and discreetly sneaking one hand under it to feel the drenched cotton of her pyjama shorts. Her fingers flicked gently across her crotch, and she could feel how swollen her outer lips had become. Very slowly, she touched her finger to her clit. It had grown so big and hard, and the slightest touch against it was like an electric shock. Mandy pulled her hand away regretfully. She was sitting next to her sister’s friend, she couldn’t just go touching herself like this, she would make such an idiot of herself!

Heather had stopped commenting on the action unfolding on the screen and had grown suddenly quiet. Mandy sneaked a glance at her. Heather’s gaze was fixated on the screen, her eyes darting over it as she followed the movements of the blonde and the brunette. They had been joined by another blonde girl in a tiny slip dress who they had pinned to the floor and were teasing mercilessly with every piece of fruit they could get their hands on. The brunette picked up a juicy peach segment and ran it over the girl’s dress, leaving a wet trail across her breasts and stomach. Then she lifted up the bottom of the girl’s dress and, while her friend held the girl’s ankles apart, she began to tease the prone girl’s shaven pussy with the fruit, circling it around her exposed cunt and then using the peach segment to push her lips apart and begin to frig her clit with it. The girl in the slip dress was moaning and writhing and pushing her hips into the air as the brunette continued to masturbate her with the luscious fruit.

Heather was watching all this with intent interest. Her soft full lips were slightly parted and her breathing had thickened. Mandy knew that she too was getting turned on by what they were watching. She let her eyes move down to Heather’s breasts, which were tightly packaged in the tiny vest she was wearing. Heather had such beautiful breasts, in Mandy’s opinion: a generous D-cup (which Heather often complained about), they were full and round with large dark areolae visible through the thin white cotton of her vest top. Mandy stared admiringly, and then, to her astonishment, she saw Heather bring her hand up to her left breast and began to squeeze and play with it in her cupped palm. Mandy had to stifle a gasp. Heather was touching herself! Licking her lips, Mandy shifted herself round on the sofa subtly, so that she could get a better view of what Heather was doing, while still keeping her head facing forwards towards the TV. The older girl had taken hold her nipple between her thumb and finger and was rolling it between them until it stood erect, straining against the thin material. And then Mandy noticed that Heather had pulled her end of the blanket across her lap, and that her right hand had disappeared underneath it! Was Heather also touching herself as she watched the movie? Keeping her head facing forward, Mandy let her eyes dart towards Heather’s lap. Sure enough, she could detect the slightest movements rippling the blanket. This sight caused her to shiver involuntarily as her arousal got the better of her. She could feel her own drenched pussy lips expanding as warm juice slipped out of it. She was getting so wet! This was too much, she was going to have to finish herself off right now, whether Heather was in the room or not, otherwise she would go crazy!

Mandy began once again to work her wet clit, running her finger up and down over it dreamily, the way she liked to, teasing herself ever so slowly Escort Beşiktaş to orgasm, never keeping her eyes off Heather. Heather was engrossed in the love-making of the sexy women on the TV: the brunette was sitting on a kitchen chair having her spread pussy licked out by the blonde in the slip dress who was on her knees in front of her. Her ass was sticking high in the air, and the blonde woman in the bikini was sliding a banana in and out of her dripping pussy while at the same time fucking herself with three of her own fingers. Mandy glanced back at the screen now and again, but kept most of her attention fixed on what Heather was doing to herself; to her the sight of her big sister’s sexy friend fingering herself right next to where she was sitting was equally erotic.

Heather was beginning to get carried away in her masturbating, working her hips against her hand and making little panting noises. Mandy wished that she could see what she was really doing to her pussy, if only the stupid blanket wasn’t covering her up! Leaving one hand strumming at her rock-hard clit, Mandy slowly began to pull the blanket towards her, praying that Heather wouldn’t notice. Slowly, inch by inch, hoping Heather wouldn’t come before Mandy had got a chance to see for herself the exquisite sight of her frigging herself, the younger girl managed to work the blanket off Heather’s lap. And what a sight to reward her! Heather had pushed the crotch of her panties aside and had tucked her left hand under her ass to reach her pussy from behind while her right hand worked at her clit from the front. Mandy craned her neck round, and sure enough, she could see that Heather had at least three fingers buried within her pussy, and she was humping them furiously, while with her right hand she spread apart her glistening pussy lips and fondled her clit.

Mandy brought her left hand down to her own pussy and, copying Heather, began to fuck herself with one finger while her other hand continued to torment her aching clit. She was going to come so bad! She had never seen anyone touch themselves before, but the sight of Heather going at herself with such abandon, arching her back and pushing against her hand as it delved inside her cunt was so beautiful it was enough to make Mandy burst! She was panting so hard, staring at Heather and thrusting two fingers now inside her own pussy, twisting them round and round inside her eager hole. As she watched, Heather bucked her hips faster and faster, and she let her head fall back against the back of the sofa, her eyes closed in delicious abandon, and she was grunting and gasping as her hands moved faster and faster, flying over her clit and delving deep into her sopping wet cunt until finally she jerked violently and, moaning deeply, allowed her orgasm to consume her.

At that very instant, Mandy pushed a third finger inside her soaking pussy and the sudden tightness, as well as the delightful feather-like teasing she was giving her clit, sent her over the edge and wave after wave of pleasure ran through her entire body as she came, feeling the warm sticky juices flooding out of her pussy. She closed her eyes briefly, and when she opened them Heather had stood up and was making her way towards the door.

‘Well, that was certainly enlightening,’ Heather said as she paused in the doorway, turning back towards the sofa but unable to bring her eyes to meet Mandy’s. ‘That’s enough for me for one night anyway, I’m going to bed. Good night.’

‘Good night,’ said Mandy softly. Now that it was over, she couldn’t quite believe what she and Heather had just done together on Mandy’s parents sofa. With a bewildered but satisfied sigh, she stabbed at the Stop button and rewound the tape to the beginning. That way, Sally would never know she had been watching her tape – unless Heather told her, but somehow after her recent performance Mandy didn’t believe that she would. Besides, she thought, I might want to watch that appetizing scene again tomorrow when the others are out shopping. She could hardly wait.

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