Giving Yourself

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“This should be fun. A Halloween party in a real haunted house. Don’t you think it’ll be fun, Bill?”

“Um-yeah, sure. I’m sorry. I’m having a bit of trouble with the GPS. Yes, it should be fun. Kevin’s put a lot of work into this place. And the ghost is just rumors, sweetie. I don’t think you should mention it to Kevin.” Patricia is the love of my life, and while she looks like a real California babe, her Chinese heritage shows through in some of the oddest ways. She loves gambling. And she’s quite superstitious. Ok, those are terribly racist stereotypes, but there you are. I never should have mentioned the ghost story associated with Kevin’s house.

“Oh, I won’t. But it’s exciting, don’t you think? There’ll be lots of people there, right? I’ll bet a lot of them are thinking about it, don’t you Bill?”

Patricia only chatters like that when she’s nervous. She must be more concerned about the supposed ghost than I realized. Damn! I should never have mentioned it to her! Damn Kevin! So proud of that story. It’s interesting but he was always talking it up, and I didn’t mean for Patricia to get scared. If she talks to Kevin, he’s going to go on and on about the murder and the noises and Patricia’s going to be so scared. She won’t enjoy the party at all and she’ll probably be edgy all weekend. Shit!

Patricia chattered on, but I had to focus on driving. Kevin’s party started at 9:00 and this time of year, it got dark about 6:30. And we’d never been to his house before and he lived so damnably far out in the country. I suppose it’s pretty but I couldn’t see a thing. I…here’s the turn-off…a left…there was the driveway. At least Kevin had lighted the driveway and the yard in front of the house. Maybe ten cars were already there.

“Oh, it’s so beautiful. I can’t believe it’s haunted. You don’t think it’s really haunted, do you, Bill?” Patricia was still on edge. I could hear the tension in her voice, now that I could really pay attention. Poor baby! I’ll have to stay close and calm her down. I walked around the car to get her door. She enjoyed being the object of these old-fashioned courtesies, as long as it was clear that I didn’t assume she needed to have them done.

“M’dear. Shall we?” I watched her legs, exposed as she got out of the car. Patricia was not particularly buxom, but she had incredibly beautiful legs. She was wearing a Cleopatra costume – a long white skirt, slit nearly to her waist on both sides, a golden bra, lots of jewelry, heavy make-up, high strappy sandals. She didn’t need a wig – her thick, dark hair and customary Bette Page cut were perfect. OK, her outfit wasn’t authentic, but it was very sexy. I was Marc Anthony, I think. Kind of a pseudo Roman soldier. Maybe Julius Caesar. Costumes are really more Patricia’s department than mine.

Patricia took my arm and we walked towards the door. There were another twenty or so cars parked in the side yard. Good. The party was big enough to keep Patricia busy. She wouldn’t think about ghosts.

“Hey! Glad you could make it!” Kevin called from the far corner of the house. “The party’s around back.”

Patricia’s heels slowed us a bit crossing the lawn. But I enjoyed the way she hung on my arm. She’s so beautiful, so loving. We really needed to spend more time together. I’d been working too hard lately. Well, as the holidays come, things will slow down and Patricia and I can catch up.

We walked around the corner to see Kevin – dressed in a tuxedo – with a martini glass in his hand, chatting with a very curvaceous Marilyn Monroe and someone vaguely resembling John Kennedy. Scattered around the bar and pool area were maybe twenty other costumed individuals, with a high percentage of vampires and a few werewolves. That “Twilight” influence, no doubt. I led Patricia toward Kevin, partially out of a desire to get drinks and partially out of curiosity. It wasn’t at all obvious just who – or what – he was supposed to be.

That matter was settled when Kevin said, “Bond. James Bond,” as we approached. Apparently we were not the first unable to decipher his costume. Kevin fancied himself a dashing figure, so the costume choice made sense. Shaking my hand, he called, “Lisa, come meet Patricia and what’s his name!” Then, to us, “Bill, what’re you drinking? Patricia?”

A stunning auburn-haired woman wearing a red spandex strapless dress, several sizes too small, came over. “Hello, Patricia. I’m Lisa. Guess who I am, Bill.” As far as I could tell, the only clues beyond her skin-tight dress, which was slit on the side up to her waist, were too much make-up and opera gloves.

“Uh…Lucille Ball?” I knew I was wrong, but I really had no idea. Sexy, obviously, red-head, but beyond that…

Patricia, however, was much sharper than I. “Jessica Rabbit, of course. What a great idea, Lisa. You look perfect! Doesn’t she look great, Bill? Lisa, are you going to sing for us, too?”

Lisa giggled. “I don’t know. Maybe. You’re so sweet.”

Kevin poker oyna brought over a Scotch and soda for me and a strawberry daiquiri for Patricia. “Do you need another drink, sweetie?” This last was directed to Lisa. “I’m going to play bartender for a while longer, then let everyone fend for themselves.”

Patricia and Lisa were sitting on a lounger, talking about the house. I noticed that Patricia was drinking faster than usual – another sign that she was nervous. A couple of other women joined them – a vampire and, I think, Pat Benatar. Kevin retreated to the bar, leaving me to fend for myself.

I’m not terribly comfortable at parties, and even less so when wearing a skirt. So I took a deep drag on the Scotch and looked around to see who I might know. No such luck. Between the relatively weak light and the costumes, I was lost. I don’t like sports, I don’t follow popular television, I don’t garden, we don’t have kids…in short, I don’t know anything suitable for small talk except the weather. And I don’t like talking about the weather. So I called out to Patricia, “Sweetie, I’m going to look around inside,” and then went into the house. Patricia smiled and nodded, but didn’t reply. She did, however, take the second drink Kevin offered.

The house was amazing. Impeccably decorated in American country style, it was hard to imagine that a year ago this was practically a shell. Kevin had invested major bucks in remodeling and furnishing his home.

I wandered about the downstairs for a while. Kevin might be a bit pretentious, but he did have an excellent collection of guitars. Not untouchable collectors’ items, real players. He and I jammed occasionally and I knew he wouldn’t mind. He had a 1948 Martin OOO-28 that I loved playing, and a recent Guild A-150 archtop that had the most beautiful tone. I’m not good, but I do enjoy playing and it would be a great way to kill 30-45 minutes, long enough to make the party more bearable and short enough not to get me in trouble with Patricia. She thought I was too unsocial.

I wasn’t the only one. Ken Ford, one of our hardware guys, was there already picking around on a Loar mandolin. Like me, Ken wasn’t really a party kind of guy. He, at least, was dressed appropriately – overalls, a flannel shirt, Wolverine boots. He looked like a bluegrass musician. I looked like an idiot, wearing a toga and playing “Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms.” But it was fun. Rolly Williams joined us and we played for what seemed like an hour or so.

“Ken, come on. We better go.” A very attractive Daisy Mae called from the doorway. “Most of the people have already left. Do you know where Kevin is?”

Ken jumped up. “Nope. Haven’t seen him. How late is it?”

I glanced at the mantel clock – and realized it hadn’t moved since I entered. My cell, however, told the truth…we’d been jamming for over three hours! Patricia was going to be quite pissed! Shit! Was I in trouble!

Rolly and I followed Ken and his girlfriend back outside. Kevin was nowhere to be found. There were still a few cars scattered about, but no one was in sight. I was in deep do-do. Patricia really disliked what she considered my refusal to socialize. I was going to have to be especially careful if I wanted to avoid a major argument. And I did want to avoid any argument.

I said good-night to Ken and his girlfriend, who promptly left. Rolly and I looked around the large yard for Kevin with no success. “Well, I came stag, so unless you want to go jam some more, I’m outa here.”

“No. I’d like that, but I think I’d better find my wife. ‘Night, Rolly.”

I really wanted to find Patricia. Did she get a cab and go? No, not likely. She didn’t bring any money. Kevin might have given her some, but he probably would have talked her into waiting for me first. Lisa? No, she would have followed Kevin’s lead, probably. But then where were they? Her cell went straight to voicemail.

I looked around the downstairs again, again marveling at how much money Kevin must have sunk into remodeling. In one room, a television was playing, yet you couldn’t hear it at all in the next room when the door was closed. I realized that meant I need to check every closed room, because the party might have migrated to behind closed doors. It also meant that calling out was no sure thing.

Exhausting the rooms downstairs, I moved upstairs. This was a little more touchy…I didn’t want Kevin to think I was snooping, but I did need to find Patricia.

What I took to be the master bedroom was immediately at the head of the stairs. Nothing. Grand, but empty. I did notice that Kevin had mirrors on the ceiling as well as one mirrored wall. But no people. Same for both upstairs baths (one with a jacuzzi), and the other three bedrooms. Jeez, what kind of entertaining did Kevin do, that he needed so much space?

I almost overlooked a door at the end of the upstairs corridor. It was quite ordinary, and not well lit. It could have been a closet, canlı poker oyna but instead it opened to reveal a dim set of stairs.

At the top, there stretched a long hall leading back across the house. A full third story. Of course, up here was the supposed murder room, where the deed was done. It was probably once servants’ quarters. Kevin never explained what he’d had done to them. Silence. I’d need to inspect each room, I suppose.

I opened the door nearest me, and realized the room was quite large, maybe stretching along the entire length of the hall. My end was dark, but there was light at the opposite end. People were gathered about. A bit odd. Then I realized what I was seeing.

Patricia was lying across a large ottoman, flat on her back, legs in the air, with Kevin firmly holding her hips as he thrust into her. Another man had his cock in her mouth. She had her chin tilted up, and was taking his cock balls-deep into her mouth. There were three other men, all naked from the waist down. Hidden in the darkness, I was paralyzed. My wife was being gang-banged, and my boss was leading the way!

The man she was sucking stiffened and cried out, “Oh god yes! Swallow it, bitch!” I heard Patricia making noises somewhere between gagging and slurping. The man – I could finally tell it was Todd from sales – stepped back, drawing his rapidly deflating cock from my wife’s mouth. She actually kissed his cock as he pulled away, and a long thread of cum formed between the mushroom-like head of his cock to her lovely soft lips. Her pink tongue darted out, pulling his slime in.

She gasped. Kevin had not paused in his pounding.

“Uh…uh…uh..So good. Yes. Uh…uh…uh…oh god yes.” Patricia was aggressively thrusting her ass against him. Patricia never acted like this with me. “Uh…yes…fuck me…so good.” With each thrust, there was a little squishing sound and an off-white, gooey substance had formed a ring joining his cock to her pussy. Each time he drew back, his engorged cock was shiny with their juices. Each thrust forward forced more fluid from her.

He was much bigger than I, but her pussy accommodated him easily.

Mike stepped up to her face, his erection practically pulsing. My beloved wife took his cock in her right hand and guided it into her mouth, her left hand pulling and twisting at her left breast. From the way she arched her back and the almost-stifled mewing noises, I realized she was cumming. Cumming while sucking Mike, who she claimed to find repulsive. Of course, Kevin was doing his best to fuck her brains out.

I realized I was stroking my cock under my tunic. It was rapidly hardening and precum was already wetting the head. My beautiful Patricia was being such a perfect slut! I wanted to go closer, to step into the room, to take part…but I didn’t want it to stop and the sudden appearance of a husband might just have that reaction.

Kevin, meanwhile, had reached his limit. Patricia’s legs had wrapped around him tightly, practically burying his cock inside her. This was more than he could handle. “Oh yeah baby! Squeeze that pussy tight! Oh yeah! Fuck, yeah!” Someone walked up behind Kevin – Lisa! She put her arms around him.

“Pump her full, baby! She loves it! You love this, don’t you, you slut! Fill her, baby! Oh god I hope you knock her up.”

Kevin was still standing, locked in the grip of Patricia’s hips and thighs. He made several, small spasms-draining his cock, most likely. Then he grasped her legs and pushed them apart, freeing himself, and stepped back. There was a soft “plop” as his cock pulled out of my wife’s pussy.

“Oh, sweetie, look at all the cum! You really shot your load! And her pussy looks so inviting, all lubed up and open. Who’s next?” Lisa directed this last to the group of men waiting their turn.

“Shit. I want more of that pussy.” Darryl Nelson, from shipping, stepped forward. Darryl’s black and while Patricia isn’t exactly racist, she is pretty old-fashioned. I was about to discover how she felt about fucking a black guy. A black guy with a huge cock. Maybe even bigger than Kevin’s monster. Then I realized what Darryl had said. Apparently, he had already fucked Patricia. I wondered how she felt about that.

Apparently Patricia felt pretty good about it, because she spread her legs wide. Her left hand had moved to her clit and she was rapidly approaching another powerful orgasm. She was gasping for breath around Mike’s cock. She was making a continuous “Uhn, uhn, uhn,” incoherent but clearly conveying the pleasure she was experiencing.

Darryl put the head of his cock at her oozing pussy and rubbed it around a bit. “Gotta lube it up. Don’t want to tear this sweet piece.” Patricia had switched back to her mewing noise and was rocking her hips, eager to get that beautiful black cock in her. Darryl simply pushed and slid in. Patricia arched high and emitted as loud an “Ahhhhhh” as Mike’s cock permitted. “Get out of there, man. You gonna internet casino choke her. Let her enjoy being fucked by a real man, dude.” Darryl was moving slowly, deliberately. In, out, in, out. Mike pulled out, not satisfied but not willing to challenge Darryl’s authority. Patricia never even opened her eyes. She was arched and making her mewing sounds again. My god, was she orgasming? She was…a series! Each thrust of Darryl’s cock brought a new climax! Her hands were pulling both breasts now. Her nipples were hard little buttons. Darryl was thrusting faster now, and Kevin’s cum was being forced from Patricia’s pussy, making a frothy lube for that huge cock.

“This bitch can fuck! I never saw an Asian chick take black cock so eagerly. Woo she good!” Darryl was smiling and enjoying my lovely wife’s tight little pussy. That is, if it’s still tight. Who am I kidding? It has to be tight for Darryl’s cock, although it probably wouldn’t feel tight for me ever again.

Lisa seemed fascinated by that black rod sliding in and out of Patricia’s golden pussy. I admit, it was beautiful, in a strange way. It dawned on me that Patricia’s mews corresponded to Darryl’s withdrawals – almost as if she was sad to not be filled. My cock was throbbing. I had watched my lovely wife service four guys and she showed no sign of stopping.

Lisa suddenly leaned over and kissed her. Passionately, with lots of tongue. As far as I knew, Patricia had never kissed a woman, had no lesbian experiences, but she responded wholeheartedly. When Lisa raised her head, Patricia eagerly kept contact, even wrapped an arm around Lisa’s neck. Darryl smiled. “Yeah, baby. Do it. You eat this other hot bitch while I fuck you.” To Lisa, “You. Take your dress off and sit on her face.”

Not needing encouragement, Lisa pushed her dress down, stepped out of it, and straddled my baby’s face. Lisa’s skin was tanned – everywhere – and her breasts were much larger than Patricia’s. Fake, I think. Like Patricia, she was shaved smooth, but unlike Patricia, she had a little tattoo just above her pussy. I couldn’t be sure but it looked like a dragon.

“Oh, yeah. Oh, that’s nice, baby. Yeah. Lick me. Yeah. OH. Ah…ah…ah…oh, yeah.” Patricia had reached around Lisa’s lovely ass and first massaged, then probed Lisa’s butt with her fingers, eliciting surprise, then pleasure from the woman.

Still pumping Patricia with deep, hard strokes, Darryl reached around Lisa and squeezed those huge melons. Lisa squealed and her eyes rolled back in her head. “Oh god this is so good.” She leaned back, eventually contacting Darryl’s chest.

Kevin, excited vicariously by the sight of this incredible threesome, knelt at Lisa’s crouch. “You like this, don’t you, bitch? You like being a cum dump. You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you, bitch?”

At first, I thought he was addressing Lisa, but as I realized I was wrong, I heard Patricia’s muffled voice, “Yes…Ah…I love…it…AH…Thank…you…OH…oh…oh…yessss…oh…”

“I knew you would. You’re a great cunt, Patricia. You’re such a good fuck. I think you’re the best fuck I’ve ever had…so tight, so smooth, so wet. I can’t believe Bill has such luck.” Kevin started stroking Lisa’s clit, which caused an immediate response. Lisa’s eyes grew wide, her mouth opened and she started gasping. Not seconds later, she jumped up.

“Oh, god, too sensitive! Oh, that was incredible! She’s incredible! You’ve got to do her mouth, lover. Suck my man, slut! Take him all in.” Lisa took Kevin’s now engorged cock and gently pulled him to Patricia’s mouth.

Both of Patricia’s cheeks were glistening with Lisa’s juices, and maybe the juices of the men she’d sucked earlier. I was transfixed, watching her arch her neck and stretch to get Kevin’s cock. Darryl’s firm grip on her body didn’t allow her much movement, but she was eager to realize Lisa’s wish.

Darryl was starting to make grunting noises. Patricia had wrapped her legs around him as she had done earlier with Kevin. Darryl’s width had practically forced her into a perfect split, but it also meant that his massive cock was nearly buried inside her. Her abdomen bulged a bit with each thrust. Her left hand was aggressively massaging her clit while her right was firmly gripping Kevin’s cock, guiding him into her sweet mouth. Her lips were stretched about his girth, an odd symmetry to the way Darryl stretched her vaginal lips. She was making the mewing noise again, which by now the audience had decoded.

“Yeah, bitch. You love this. Darryl’s going to fill you up, bitch. I want you to cum. I want you to love this. We’re going to fuck you every week, bitch.” Kevin was holding her hair, vigorously fucking her face. My sweet bride buckled and moaned, clearly experiencing an intense orgasm. Her actions brought both Kevin and Darryl over the edge.

“Uhnnn, uhnnn, yeah…oh…nice. Yeah.” Darryl had stopped thrusting, buried completely in my loving wife. His sweat dripped onto her belly. “Mmmmm. You is one good fuck, bitch. I could do you again and again. I think I’d like that, yeah. Would you like that, bitch?”

Patricia was too busy swallowing Kevin’s load to make a noise, but she nodded.

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