Goldilocks And The 3 Bears


Once upon a time in the town of Winter Rock; a small but charming little community full of honest hard working people, lived a young man with pale white skin and the most lovely shoulder length curly blonde hair, he stood at about 5’7, had a slender build and an amazing round bubble ass that seemed to call out to all the men and some of the women in the town. His name was John, but because of his hair everyone in town called him “Goldie”.

Goldie spent his days working as a courier, running messages through the town, usually invitations, hand written notes and small sealed packages, passed between the townspeople, and like most of the people in the town of Winter Rock; Goldie spent his nights at the local bar.

One morning Goldie was tasked to deliver a letter to someone in Blackhaven the next town over, this was nothing out of the ordinary for Goldie, he made the forty minute trek around the edge of the forest that stood between his own town and the neighboring one and back again at least five times a month. Goldie had heard of a much faster shortcut to the Blackhaven, but the shortcut was through the woods, and the woods were full of wild animals and many who ventured into the forest never return, however Goldie was convinced that the tales were meant to scare young children to keep them from wandering too deep into the forest.

With the parcel he needed to deliver wrapped securely and slung around his shoulder in a satchel, Goldie bravely entered the forest taking comfort in the fact that this shortcut through the forest would certainly cut his travel time in half. Goldie held his head up and stuck his chest out proud and brave as he walked through the woods, there were no roads to follow and the thick trees so close together made it a little hard for Goldie to keep bearings, he had convinced himself that he was the bravest in the land to have ventured so far into the woods alone. Very little sun light beamed down through the leaves, there were no great wild beasts roaming the forest, none that were in sight anyhow… In fact the only kind of life he could see were a few spiders and some insects flying around as he journeyed along. Goldie came to a sudden pause, frozen in a moment of fear and bewilderment; something had been vexing him for a while now but he’d only just realized it, he should have reached Blackhaven by now; he knew he had been walking in a straight line but it was as if he had just been wandering around the forest in circles for the past few hours but as he looked around it seemed that he had somehow gotten lost.

Goldie tried again and again to find his way back home but each time he did he somehow became even more lost it seemed to Goldie like the forest was rearranging itself as he walked, it was useless… he had become hopelessly lost to the forest and with no clear way back or through, Goldie was forced roam the forest to find his way home before it got dark.

Hours had past, the sun was starting to fade and Goldie was starting to feel fatigued; the muscles in his feet and legs ached from the strain of all the walking he had been doing, his stomach rumbled with hunger, his mouth was dry from thirst, his eyes were heavy with exhaustion. Goldie pressed on determined to find his way out of the forest before dark so he picked a single direction and started figuring he’d have to hit the edge of the forest sooner or later.

As Goldie walked through the forest he stumbled upon something unexpected, the sight of a large cabin nestled in a small clearing, he couldn’t believe his eyes; in all his travels to and from neighboring town Goldie had never heard of anyone actually living in the forest.

At first he thought his mind was playing tricks on him but the closer he got the more he realized the cabin was indeed very real. Goldie slowly walked to the cabin looking through the windows to see if anyone even lived there and if anyone did live there he wanted to know if they would help him find his way out of the forest.

Goldie cautiously walked up to the door and gave it a good knock, the door was unlocked and opened right away, Goldie looked around outside a bit then hesitantly entered the cabin. There was very little furniture inside the place and to Goldie, it didn’t look like anyone really lived there, so much open space this cabin could easily house three families within it so Goldie assumed it was abandoned. Goldie saw three chairs placed around a room in the front of the cabin with a fireplace and a dusty old bookshelf off to the side.

Goldie wanted nothing more than to just sit and rest his tired feet for a moment and these chairs would have to do, so he went over to those chairs. The first chair he tried was solid metal “this chair is too hard” Goldie complained aloud to himself.

Goldie got up and moved across to a heavily padded wooden chair, “this chair is too soft” Goldie complained again unable to shake the feeling that he was sinking into a large pile or leaves. Goldie got up and walked over to the third and final chair, a smaller wooden chair with cushions pinned to the seat and up the back, “this chair is just right” Goldie said aloud but within minutes of sitting down the chair collapsed underneath him and became nothing but cushion and firewood. Goldie got up thinking the chair breaking was a sign that it was time to leave, he was about to get up and exit the cabin when something caught his attention, the smell of something tasty and sweet filled his nose and his stomach rumbled even more as the scent filled his nose and he followed the smell further into the cabin, into a room with a large table and three more chairs placed around it and sitting on top of the table were three bowls with spoons in them. Goldie knew now that this house was not abandoned like he first thought and was ready to leave in case the owners came and mistook him for a thief, but the smell coming from the bowls was getting to him and his empty stomach overpowered his better judgment and he moved closer to the table.

The first bowl Goldie came to was big and full of a very light brown mush that delighted Goldie’s sense of smell but there was so much steam that was emanating from the bowl that Goldie know that it “ this is just too hot” Goldie announced. The second bowl was cool to the touch and there was no steam so Goldie knew that it was ok to try some, so he took spoonful of the food and put it in his mouth, it tasted great but it was ”this is just too cold” Goldie remarked. Goldie moved over to the third bowl it wasn’t too hot, it wasn’t too cold,”this is just right” Goldie said and started to eat spoonful after spoonful till there was nothing left.

With a full belly Goldie begun gaziantep eskort bayan looking around the old cabin mostly so that he could try and apologize for the chair he broke and the food he ate and as he continued to look around he stumbled on a room with three beds in it. Without thinking Goldie walked further into the room he knew that he shouldn’t, but just looking at the beds made him feel every minute he spent walking around the forest.

Goldie walked over to the first bed and laid down but Goldie felt like he was laying on a stone slab “this bed is too hard” Goldie complained then got right up and walked to the second bed, Goldie tried laying in wasn’t firm enough and he sank into the bed “this bed is too soft” Goldie complained again getting up and going to try laying in the last bed “this bed is just right” the mattress made Goldie feel like he was laying on nothing at all and without realizing it he shut his eyes.

When Goldie opened his eyes again he was surprised by two facts; the first was the fact that it was now dark outside and the second fact was that he was no longer alone in a dimly lit room; a short shirtless young dark skinned bear in light brown short pants with a thick patch of black hair on his chest that ran down to his waistline now stood over him, Goldie sprang up and froze there in the bed. The Young Bear reached his arm out and grabbed Goldie by the arm, “he’s awake!” The Young Bear shouted and soon two more shirtless dark skinned hairy men entered the room wearing the same kind short pants; one of The Bears was older than the first, average height and had a full chest of thick black hair from his neck to his waistline and a little on his upper back, and the third was older than the first two tall, and was covered in salt and pepper hair from his shoulders to his ankles.

Goldie was both frightened and relieved to see the men; frightened because he had entered their home without permission, he’d destroyed their furniture, and he had filled his belly with their food, then had rolled around in their beds and he had no idea how they were going to react, but he was relieved because he might have just found the help he needed to find his way out of the forest.

“Who the hell are you?” The Oldest Bear authoritatively demanded looking right into Goldie’s eyes with a piercing gaze, “I, I, I’m Jo-Goldie, my name is Goldie ” Goldie nervously responded, “I got lost in the woods and…” Goldie started but was quickly cut off, “and that makes you a welcome guest in our home?” The Older Bear questioned stomping his foot on the floor, “please I have money”Goldie announced springing up from the bed “its not much but I can replace the broken chair and I can bring more food to pay back the food I ate” Goldie pleaded. The Three Bears set their gaze on Goldie’s body; his round ass caused The Three Black Bears to look at each other and in that moment without a word spoken between them they all had the same idea, “hey it’s fine, don’t worry yourself, we aint gonna hurt you” The Oldest Bear announced as calmly as he could, The Older Bear reached his hand over and grabbed Goldie’s soft hands then sat down on the bed with Goldie’s hand still in his. “I just need to know how to get out of this forest and then I can repay you” Goldie said as politely as he could with a slight smile, “we can do that… But first you need to pay for the chair, the food, and the night of sleep” The Young Bear said walking close to Goldie, “not even a motel is free boy” The Oldest Bear said with a grin.

Goldie was now boxed in by The Three Black Bears without a clear path of escape but he wasn’t afraid though who could say if it was bravery in the face of danger or ignorance to his situation. “In any case its far to late to go out, if you try and leave now the wolves will get you for sure” The Older Bear explained taking his free hand and rubbed it against Goldie’s round ass, Goldie flinched jumping back from The Older Bear’s advance only to bump his ass right into The Young Bear crotch, “wha, I said I can pay you back” Goldie pleaded looking into the hungry eyes of The Three Bears around him, “Yes, you said you’d pay for the chair, the food and the bed” The Oldest Bear said, “and that’s fine, but you also need to pay for a guide out of the forest” The Oldest Bear added looking into Goldie’s eyes, “and the only currency you seem to have is right here” The Young Bear said paying no attention to the satchel with the package in it while grinding his dick against Goldie’s ass, “I don’t want to be the one who has to throw you out into the forest at night” The Oldest Bear said grabbing Goldie’s wrist then guided Goldie’s hand down to his dick, “but I will if you can’t pay, I’ll HAVE to put you out so… Can you pay?” The Oldest Bear added while using Goldie’s hand to pleasure himself.

For a moment Goldie ignored his hand on The Oldest Bear’s dick and considered the dark forest and all the hungry animals that dwell within. Goldie quickly snapped back to reality, “I, I can pay” Goldie said nervously while gently squeezing The Oldest Bear’s dick.

The Three Bears all looked at each other with smiles on their faces and pure lust in their eyes before turning to Goldie, The Three Bears all quickly removed their pants, although he’d always wanted to Goldie hadn’t seen another dick aside from the usual childhood indiscretions but now he was alone in a room with three dicks. Goldie tried his best to hide his emotions but he couldn’t help feel a little excited by the spectacle in front of him and he started to blush.

“Don’t just sit there” The Older Bear said pulling Goldie by the hand down onto the bed.

Within seconds Goldie’s heart started flutter and something begun to stir in him, it was as if his entire life had been waiting for this moment, he relished in the feeling that washed over when The Three Bears begun to remove the satchel then begun to roughly take off Goldie’s shirt, it got ripped but was still intact, his shoes pulled away and tossed aside, then his pants yanked off.

Goldie felt embarrassed laid across the bed on his back nude but all The Bears had grown erect at the sight of Goldie’s near hairless form in front of them, The Young Bear’s dick was only 7 inches long but his dick was as thick, The Older Bear’s dick was 9 inches and long, and though he didn’t understand why; just looking at it made Goldie’s mouth water, The Oldest Bear’s dick was a full 13 inches long and thick, Goldie was admittedly intimidated just from the sight of it. The Three Bears all moved in and started to kiss and lick on Goldie’s body.

After a few minutes of nervousness Goldie started to loose himself in the pleasure The Three Bears were giving him, the feel of tongues and lips all over his body made his body warm but filled his head with fuzz, “Ah, Unh, Hahh” Goldie moaned out in pleasure.

Goldie gasped in surprise as The Young Bear took Goldie’s dick into his mouth while The Older and Oldest Bears each started licking and sucking on either of Goldie’s nipples. The amount of pleasure he was feeling had made it difficult for Goldie to think straight; the only thought on his mind was of getting more pleasure. Goldie held back shutting his mouth tight not allowing his true desires to slip through his lips.

Goldie could feel the hard dicks of all The Bears poking against his body; he couldn’t understand what it was about the feel of hard dicks on his bare flesh that made his body warm and his head feel so foggy.

Goldie’s head was spinning and he wanted… Needed a moment to collect himself so he took a deep breath, reached his hand down, and tried to move The Young Bear’s head away from his pale white dick, but The Young Bear just started sucking on Goldie’s fingers. Goldie felt an intensely pleasurable sensation pass from The Young Bear’s Lips on his fingers and allowed himself to be taken.

“Yes!”Goldie cried out.

The Young Bear refocused his attention back on Goldie’s dick slowly lowering his mouth down Goldie’s shaft then quickly pulling back up again, “I feel, I think you should…” Goldie said writhing around as pleasure flooded his senses and his dick started to shoot long ropes of cum right in The Young Bear’s mouth.

The Young Bear sat up and swallowed Goldie’s cum then wiped his mouth before he helped Goldie up on his hands and knees, then The Oldest Bear moved around and stuffed his sweaty hard dick in Goldie’s face, Goldie hesitated for a second and even though he had just came the sight and smell of a giant dick in his face was starting to make Goldie’s dick jump again.

Goldie shut his eyes and slowly opened his mouth and waited, the ripe smell of sweaty dick and balls of The Oldest Bear filled Goldie’s nose with every breath he took and made him feel a bit lightheaded but the dick never entered his mouth. After a few seconds Goldie opened his eyes to find The Oldest Bear still hard as a brick right in his face, Goldie looked up at The Oldest Bear in confusion, “good, now don’t close your eyes again… I want you to watch my dick slid in your mouth” The Oldest Bear explained right before he leaned over, wrapped his forearms around Goldie’s head and put his dick into Goldie’s mouth.

Goldie watched as The Oldest Bear’s dick entered his mouth and begun to roughly use his mouth.

An indescribable sense of calm washed over Goldie while his mouth was being used by The Oldest Bear’s dick, in fact Goldie felt more relaxed than he could remember feeling in the past few years and started sucking all on his own causing The Oldest Bear To Release Goldie’s head.

The Older Bear moved around and put his face right at Goldie’s ass, Goldie flinched hard pulling his ass away it was the first time he felt a tongue on his asshole but The Older Bear pulled Goldie’s hips right back into position and started licking again.

The Young Bear moved around alongside The Oldest Bear and put his dick in Goldie’s face and as if off instinct Goldie begun sucking both The Young and Oldest Bear at the same time or more, sucking on one them for a moment before switching to the other.

The Older Bear stood up leaving Goldie’s hole sopping; it took a moment for Goldie to realize that The Older Bear had stopped licking him and when he finally did notice. he stopped sucking and turned his head back, “he’s nice and wet… Who’s first?” The Older Bear asked casually shifting the point of his finger between The Oldest and The Young Bear, “I’Am” The Oldest Bear declared, Goldie looked around at The Three Bears in confusion while The Oldest Bear reached down and roughly rolled Goldie over onto his back.

The Oldest Bear moved around the bed and settled down between Goldie’s now spread legs, Goldie nervously gulped down the spit he had in his mouth as he watched The Oldest Bear inch forward, his hard dick getting closer and closer to Goldie’s hole.

The Older Bear moved up to Goldie’s face and put his dick right into Goldie’s mouth while The Young Bear grabbed Goldie by the wrist and started to use his hand to masturbate himself. “Yahhrrh!” Goldie groaned out as The Oldest Bear started push his long, thick dick right into Goldie’s ass, and as Goldie writhed in the pleasure the pain caused him The Older Bear took full advantage of Goldie’s wide open mouth and begun thrusting his hips slowly making his long dick slid in and out of Goldie’s mouth.

With The Oldest Bear’s dick still sliding further and further into Goldie, to distract himself from the pain Goldie refocused his attention and started to grip and squeeze on The Young Bear’s thickness and he felt like he wanted to lay there and play with The Young Bear’s dick in his hands forever, Goldie also found himself enjoying the feel of The Older Bear ‘s long dick continually hitting the back of his throat.

“Fhumnk neeee” Goldie bellowed with his mouth full of dick, “Unnngh” The Oldest Bear grunted as his dick finally made it balls deep in Goldie’s ass, “oh boy, he took all of me!” The Oldest Bear said sounding both excited as well as impressed with Goldie’s hole.

After a few moments of slow pumps The Oldest Bear lowered himself belly to belly with Goldie ten started moving his hips with all his strength; thrusting his dick hard in and out of Goldie as he watched with delight in his eyes while Goldie sucked on The Older Bear’s dick.

Without a word of warning The Older Bear pushed his dick right to the back of Goldie’s mouth causing him to gag hard but that didn’t stop The Older Bear from continuing to softly push his dick further down into Goldie’s throat.

Goldie couldn’t breath; his eyes welled up with tears but he soon discovered that he loved every second of it, “Gwahh” Goldie gasped with a great big smile on his face while he looked up at The Older Bear as he pulled his dick out of Goldie’s mouth allowing him just a few quick breaths before sliding his dick even further down Goldie’s throat.

The Older Bear moved over gesturing his hands at Goldie’s mouth then let The Young Bear take his place in Goldie’s mouth.

The Oldest Bear started to growl and grunt loudly still roughly fucking Goldie’s ass “take it, take it, fucking take it, Take! This! Fucking! Dick!” The Oldest Bear roared, “Nghhhh!”Goldie cried as the tip of his dick exploded with cum that made a mess on his and The Oldest Bear’s hairy stomachs, “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!” The Oldest Bear bellowed deeply as he poured every last drop of sperm he had in his balls; flooding Goldie’s system with warm fresh cum. “Damn that was good!” The Oldest Bear declared staying there on top of Goldie barely holding himself up while leaving his quickly softening dick to simply linger inside of Goldie’s ass until it fell out all on its own.

“Well that’s enough for me…” The Oldest Bear announced rolling off of Goldie then standing up and taking a few deep breaths before he went to grab his pants off the floor, “I’ma go finish eating, you boys have fun now” The Oldest Bear finished before leaving the bedroom.

The Older Bear and The Young Bear gave each other a quick nod before they grabbed Goldie and flipped him over onto his stomach.

The Older Bear reached down spreading Goldie’s ass cheeks apart revealing the used cum hole that Goldie’s ass now was. “Just look at that messy fuck hole” The Older Bear said with delight in his voice and lustful hunger in his eyes before he started to inch his body forward. Every inch of Goldie’s body started to tingle as streaks of nervousness shot through his mind as he laid there in anticipation of The Older Bear’s dick.

Goldie Winced when the Tip of The Older Bear’s dick finally made contact, and when he did; like before with Goldie’s mouth The Older Bear pulled his dick back just a little before he would push inside only to quickly pull away teasing Goldie’s hole.

The Older Bear plunged the tip of his dick into Goldie’s hole then in a few quick pumps he’d pushed his dick as deep into Goldie as he could then started taking soft deep thrusts, “OooOooo” Goldie softly cooed before The Young Bear moved around and stuffed his mouth again.

The Young Bear was sitting with his crotch spread right in Goldie’s face with in Goldie’s mouth but aside from rubbing Goldie’s head he left the sucking up to Goldie. The Older Bear wrapped his arm around Goldie’s shoulder and let his soft deep thrusts leave Goldie’s ass wishing it would never end. “His mouth is incredible” The Young Bear stated looking at The Older Bear, “oh just, just wait… His ass is even better” The Older Bear debated still taking his slow deep thrusts. A familiar tingling feeling made Goldie feel like his whole was swelling up as he shot another load of cum from his dick.

“Unghh shit” The Older Bear let out feeling Goldie’s asshole wrapped around his dick as Goldie came squeezing dick uncontrollably while his hole Spasmed, “here’s some more” The Older Bear said shooting sperm into Goldie adding to what The Oldest Bear had left behind.

The Older Bear rolled off of Goldie caressing Goldie’s ass he did before giving it a quick smack with his hand,“I needed that” The Older Bear said with satisfaction echoing in his voice, then he too stood and left the room.

The Young bear removed his dick from Goldie’s mouth then moved down around the side of Goldie.

Goldie laid there on the bed breathing heavy but otherwise motionless; exhausted from The Oldest and Older Bear’s but that didn’t stop The Young Bear from rolling Goldie over his side. Goldie’s eyes were heavy, he was about to pass out but he fought to stay awake wanting more of what The Young Bear had to offer. The Young Bear got in tight spooning Goldie close before he slid his dick into Goldie just as the Older Bear had done before and The Oldest Bear before that.

Goldie could feel the hard dick of The Young Bear stuck inside him and not moving an inch.

With a hard dick stuck inside him Goldie couldn’t help but react, clenching and releasing his hole, grinding his hips back and forth on The Young Bear’s dick, “yeah… show me what you got” The Young Bear encouraged while squeezing and lightly spanking Goldie’s ass cheek.

“I’ve never, never… felt… anything like, this before in my Life!” Goldie declared experiencing a level of pleasure he didn’t know existed, “I don’t think I can stop myself ” Goldie admitted now helplessly grinding his hips around in The Young Bear’s lap, “I wont make you stop” The Young Bear said reaching his hand around to grab Goldie’s dick in his hand.

“Yes, yes, yes, more, more, gi’me more” Goldie begged and pleaded but The Young Bear still didn’t move an inch, forcing Goldie to grind, roll ,and rock his hips harder and faster making it feel as if The Young Bear had started to stroke on Goldie’s dick. Goldie’s dick got harder and harder in The Young Bear’s grip as he continued to gyrate, “oh fuck, he was right, your ass is WAY! Better than your mouth” The Young Bear complimented thinking back on what The Older Bear had said.

“This ass is about make me cum” The Young Bear informed softly into Goldie’s ear, The Young Bear’s admission filled Goldie a vigor that allowed to go at it even harder.

“I’m cumming”, “I’m cumming” Goldie and The Young Bear said together just before Goldie’s dick erupted in The Young Bear’s hand and The Young Bear seeded Goldie added his fresh load in with the others the two experiencing a simultaneous orgasm.

“I.. I…” Goldie said shutting his eyes.

Goldie Woke up on the ground from what felt like hours of sleep, he was fully clothed, the satchel with the package was around and with the late-morning sun overhead and now at the forest entrance of Blackhaven, Goldie was confused not exactly what was going on and thinking that he missed a whole day decided that he should go deliver the package he had.

Goldie walked into Blackhaven and Goldie started replaying the memories of all the things that happened to him in the forest and it made his dick hard.

Goldie finally got to where he needed to be, it was an average looking house that really didn’t stand at all and Goldie knocked on the door. The door opened and a tall woman opened the door, “sorry for being so late” Goldie said looking truly apologetic, the woman looked at Goldie with confusion on her face then turned and looked backed at a clock that hung on her wall, “you’re early” the woman said as a matter of fact looking back at Goldie, “didn’t expect this here until this afternoon”,the woman said “its not Tuesday?” Goldie asked, “Monday” the woman corrected.

Goldie was more confused than ever; not only was it still the same day, but the shortcut that Goldie took through the woods seemed to have worked. Goldie left Blackhaven and headed home, when he got to the edge of the woods Goldie hesitated staring into the mouth of forest thinking fondly about The Three Bears he met in the forest before deciding to travel around the edge of the forest to get home

The End

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