Grace Pt. 01

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I’d not been working at the Law firm for very long before I met Ben.

Nor had I known there was a second new partner until I was introduced to him at a client briefing.

It is note worthy that I can remember exactly what I was wearing. A white pussy bow blouse with a fitted pail grey trouser suit and LK Bennet shoes. The jacket of the suit buttoned beneath the breasts at the sternum and accentuated their fullness but the jacket was nipped in at the waist and was short so leaving my ass to be admired.

I’m not big on jewellery but I had real pearl studs in my ears (a graduation present from my Grandparents) a David Yurman heart at my throat (a gift to myself) and a Cartier Ballon Bleu on my wrist (a present from my parents, which I so adore).

I am tall at 5’10” with shoulder length blonde hair worn habitually in a pony tail. I have a body that woman would kill for though I do very little exercise; I am naturally lean. My hair was back of my face and tied using a black velvet ribbon.

Ben was dressed in a Navy Blue fitted suit with brown brogues and a pale pink open necked shirt which, with the contrast between his black skin, made him look soo handsome. He sported a short, neat afro and quite surprising blue eyes.

We shook hands and I held his gaze. His welcome was generous, warm and Lord above… his smile!

His mouth was sensual, beautiful even. I had to shake myself not to stare and he caught me watching him once or twice during the meeting and I blushed, my neck flushing furiously under my blouse. I would look away and inwardly cringe only to look back and see a hint of a smile tugging at the side of his lovely, lovely mouth.

I saw him infrequently over the next few months; his work was mostly out of the office but he would always greet me warmly and there was something in the way he said my name. There was something in the way he prolonged the c – only he pronounced it like that, like…like he was caressing me.

I began to feel quite intimate about it, it was something special that only he did.

He was free with is compliments, which was nice, and he was never embarrassed about giving them in public but he was kind of like that with everyone in the office; he was just a really nice guy.

It became clear that he was the main topic of conversation for the other girls in the office; hardly surprising I know, but, what was surprising was the lack of scandal or gossip pertaining to or about him. There just was none. Oh, the girls would ask after him and comment how lovely he was and whether or not they thought he was dating but there was no hint of him being the office lothario.

The general consensus was that he was a thoroughly nice guy; maybe a hint of gay, given his lack of off office romancing but it was never taken seriously – although he was always exquisitely turned out with finger nails manicured, hair kept net and always scented… so maybe metrosexual, I agree with metrosexual but not gay. No way!

We’d spent no real time in each other company. We’d shared no cases, no late nights, no cabs home. Nothing. And then, well…then all of a sudden I wanted to be his. I wanted him to want me. Badly.

There it was.

It came from nowhere and popped into my thoughts as he walked away from me one Tuesday morning having asked my opinion on a case, one hand clutching a file and the other in his pocket causing his trousers to tighten across his slim ass and I was hooked.

I had to get up then and there, go to the Ladies and dry myself off. That’s how bad it was. I swear, nothing like that had ever happened to me before. I sat back in my office in a state half way between shock and amazement that I could have such a physical reaction to nothing more than a slight visual stimulus. What the hell was the matter with me? I’d need to learn to control it and quickly otherwise I was going to ruin a lot of panties.

Later that month I got assigned a corporate fraud case; a real ball buster that meant long hours and lost weekends. I found myself camping out in the office only going home to wash clothes and sleep. I hadn’t seen him in about 6 weeks when all of sudden he was in the office a lot.

The first time were alone was when I passed his office going home and he was putting his coat on the leave. It was 21:30.

I took my time passing his office. Seeing me he called after me.

“Grace,” Ben said.

Oh Lord!…the way he said my name I thought.

“Hi Ben,” I replied.

“I see you’ve no home to go to as well. What’s keeping you here?” Ben said.

“The Macpherson fraud,” I said.

“Jesus. OK, I see,” Ben said. Nodding.

“Look Grace,” Ben said. “I’m heading to Platanta for something to eat. I’d love your company if you weren’t busy. Or maybe you’ve eaten?” he continued.

Fuck, Fuckity FUCK! Of all the times for this to happen. Seriously. At the end of a long day when what I needed was a shower!! I thought we’d chat some not go for a bloody meal!

He güvenilir bahis sensed my turmoil and added,

“I’m feeling and looking rough, I know, but I’d love to just share a meal and have a decent conversation. I’m tired of eating alone and talking to myself! Please Grace. I’d really appreciate the company. It’s been a really long couple of weeks. What do you think?”

I was impressed by his honesty and took his hand smiling saying,

“Yes, Ben, let’s do that. It’d be lovely to eat some real food for a change. Come on, let’s go!” I said.

I knew of the restaurant but had never been inside; it was lovely with private booths, heavy velvet, candles and waiters that came from nowhere at just the right time. I felt very comfortable.

The maitre’d clearly new Ben and ushered us, without a word, to a corner booth. Ben took my hand and guided me into the booth and then slid in opposite. He then took control of proceedings offering choices of what was good to eat and ordered for us both – buffalo mozzarella, tomato and mint for starters and lobster linguine for main. He asked the waiter to look after the wine for us.

Having settled ourselves in we starting chatting about work and how busy we were, our career ambitions, a little potted history but by the time the starter came we had drifted into stories about our families and where we were grew up. A glass of wine into the evening and the funny stories started and we both giggled and gaffawed like old friends.

I kept looking from his eyes to his hands and back. The candle light in his eyes was something to see and gave them a very calm almost hypnotic look. His hands were large but his fingers slender and well manicured. Everything about him was well maintained from his look to his physique.

This man just oozed self assurance; he was comfortable with who and what he was and he clearly had enormous self belief in his abilities and obvious charm; I think it was his charm I found most beguiling. The was no arrogance or smarminess about him – he was just a gorgeous looking, thoroughly decent male member of the human race and I so…wanted him.

As the stories and wine flowed I could feel our knees pressing together and neither of us moved apart and as we laughed I would cover his hand from time to time to accentuate a point as he did in return. As we finished the wine he called for the bill and I took my chance and went for it and said,

“Ben. I’ve had the loveliest evening. In fact I can’t remember having a better dinner date,” I said. I’d love for us to do this again outside of work. How would you feel about that?” I added.

I held my breath and then nearly died when he replied,

“I have some concerns over a work colleague relationship and office gossip”

Oh shit!!

“However,” Ben continued. “I’ve also had a fantastic evening as well. I really want us to see each other again outside of the office as well,” he said. “Of course I want to see you again, look at yourself woman! You’re gorgeous!” He added.

I let out my breath and laughed and reached across and punched him in the arm.

“Hey, what was that for?” he laughed back.

“Scaring me witless by starting off with.. ‘I have concerns’..!! Jesus, Ben I thought I’d fluffed it!” I laughed.

We both laughed and he reached across and holding my hand he moved around to my side of the booth and I slide across a little to let him get close.

“Grace I didn’t want our first kiss to be in the street” Ben said.

Reaching up puts his hand to my face and gently pulled my toward him. I part my lips and feel them press to his lightly. His lips are warm, his breath sweet. He nibbles my lip playfully and then kisses me a little harder and I flicked my tongue into his mouth to encourage him and we French kissed like teenagers for what seemed like forever – it felt soo good.

I put my hand on his shoulders and rub down his back feeling the rubbery coil of his muscles and then cupping his face I pull away just as the waiter arrived with bill.

” Your lovely, Ben,” I said. Ben smiles and apologetically turns to pay the bill.

Outside the restaurant he hails me a cab, pays the driver and tells him to be sure and watch me to my door and then kisses my cheek telling me we would talk in the morning before I drive away.

I was a little nervous the next morning but not too much. Thankfully Ben came to my office first thing with two coffees and a couple of files. He walks in, leaves the door open and sits down across the desk from me making the whole thing look like a meeting.

‘So, how do you feel this morning Grace?” Ben says.

“Like we didn’t kiss enough,” I said, smiling.

“Mmmm, well you make a good point,’ he said.

‘We’ll need to do something about that this weekend. What do you think?” Ben adds.

“Come to me on Saturday for lunch. I’ll cook. You bring the wine,” I suggest.

I thought he hadn’t heard or that maybe it wasn’t such a great idea but, türkçe bahis after a moment, his face lit up and he says,

“Grace that’d be lovely of you to cook for me. That’s really special, thank you.”

We arrange a time and a menu he liked – (Salmon Risotto – easy to do well and better tasting made early and reheated)

We knew we’d not see each other the rest of the week as we were both in different courts the rest of the week but Saturday was a firm date and we chatted in the evening by text, a little heavier than light flirting…suffice to say we were both in no doubt about how much we wanted one another and that Saturday was not just going to be about food.

I went to bed super early on the Friday night and got up early so I could get to the stores in good time to both ensure I got what I needed and so I would be in good time to get the prep done both to the food and myself!

About an hour before Ben was due to arrive I get into the shower; I made sure there no superfluous hairs, anywhere! I’ve been waxing for quite a while so there’s barely any regrowth now and I’ve done the same with my ass which I get bleached at the same time so I know it’s a nice pale pink. I want to be able to bend over for someone without being self conscious or worried.

I lay out the clothes I’m going to wear on the bed; a short Ralph Lauren floral print gauze dress and a pair of Espidrals. I decide to be bold and am not wearing a bra – it’s the weekend after all…but more importantly my breasts are a good size but not unruly though my nipples are very prominent when aroused however – I’m guessing this will set the tone for Ben – I want there to be no doubt that I’m his for the taking.

I admire myself from all angles in the mirror and practice how far I need to bend down for Ben to see my panties – turns out not too far at all!

Ben arrives right on time wearing an insanely crisp light powder blue shirt tucked into slim fit cream chinos. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look so handsome. He opens the wine and stands with his back to the kitchen counter opening the bottle while I sit on the sofa opposite.

I keep trying not to let my gaze drop to his crotch but I’ve noticed the thick bulge in his Chino’s and it’s mesmerising. Christ I think to myself and he’s not even hard yet! Oh Lord!

He leans over and hands me a glass and I gulp down the first mouthful to steady my nerves. He seems quite in control, almost cool but I catch him looking at me up and down – I’m guessing the dress has worked a treat and just on cue the thought of him looking at me puts my nipples on edge, not going to full inch long attention just yet but they stretch the soft fabric of the dress as they harden.

I get a tightening of my groin as the fabric rubs my nipples, a sudden thought of Ben flicking his tongue across them brings an intake of breath and I have to concentrate hard as Ben asks me a question.

He sits down beside me on the couch and I turn in towards him and raise one leg to hang it over his right knee as he speaks to me. It’s very casual but intimate and he rests his left hand on top of my thigh and traces delicate little circles that give me goosebumps. He’s asking when we’re going to eat but I silence him with a long slow kiss, my tongue tasting his mouthwash with a hint of Pino Gregio.

I pull away with smile and swish my dress I get up to start to put things to reheat in the oven – I can see his reflection in the oven door and knowing he is watching me intently I slowly bend down to put the salmon in so presenting him with a clear view of my bare ass, my cotton covered labia a clear mound between my thighs.

I come up slowly and start to fill a jug with ice water when I hear him put his glass down on the side table and suddenly he is behind me, his hands around my waist and he traps me between him and the counter.

I switch the oven off and turn my head and smile up into his face and he kisses me with more urgency than before – one hand grips my neck keeping my head turned to his searching tongue while the other hand comes up and cups my left breast lighting his thumb teasing my nipple erect. I moan and collapse slightly into him.

He tugs at the ties at the form of my dress and my breasts spill out for him. Still trapping me between him and the counter he reaches in front of me and lift two cubes of ice from the jug bring them up and begins circling my nipples with them – the sensation is incredible and I can hear my breath begin to quicken as I feel his cock harden against the small of my back. My head begins to spin with a desperate desire for this man. I wanted to be completely owned, left fucked, sore and smelling of his cum.

The ice melted, Ben turns me and facing him my dress drops to the floor. I reach out to cup his erection. He closes his eyes and groans slightly. I marvel at the heat I can feel through the fabric. Ben lifts me and sits me on the counter and bends down and begins to suck my nipples.

I arch güvenilir bahis siteleri my back to him and hold the back of his head. The sudden heat is almost unbearable on my ice cold nipples as the blood rushes back to them. He takes his time with my breasts, nipping and sucking, swirling his tongue around nipples then trapping them between his lips he tugs at them – it is border line painful and I love it.

My head is thrown back with my hair touching the counter top behind me. I can feel how wet I am, I can smell my own musk wafting up from my pussy. I gently push Bun up so he’s looking at me, slightly non plussed at being pushed away but I reach down and, pulling my panties to one side, I slip my middle finger along the length of my labia an dip a finger into myself to the knuckle.

Once wet I raise it to my mouth and suck on it, tasting myself while all the while holding Ben’s gaze. I repeat this but instead of sucking my finger clean I offer it to Ben and he sucks it gently into his mouth and closes his eyes.

Leaning back I watch Ben open his shirt and throw it on the bar stool. His torso was as I suspected, lean and well define; he had little, if any, body hair and his stomach was flat with a hint of definition alluding to a six pack but not ridiculously ripped – he continued to hold by gaze as he stripped completely and I could see his cock for this first time.

At this point I will admit to being a little apprehensive at what I saw!

His cock was not yet fully hard but hung pulsing to just above mid thigh, it was already seriously thick with the bulbous head just pushing back the foreskin to show the tip of his cock which was a curious mottled colour with a thick trail of precum seeping from it. He was completely hairless and his scrotum hung heavily with clearly defined large testicles tight in their sack.

I swallowed the urge to giggle but he did remind me of a horse! God I was in for some fun; I prayed he knew what he was doing.

I saw him smile and he steps forward gripping the side of my panties he gently tugs them down and I lift my bottom as he draws them slowly down my legs and off. He sets them next to his shirt and spreads my legs and I hold them raised behind the knees as Ben kisses his way down my body – I begin to feel a familiar sensation deep in my groin as I begin to quicken.

By the time Ben’s mouth reaches its goal I’m already teetering and as he draws his tongue along the length of my slit I cum with his mouth clamped firmly around my clit his tongue flicking it mercilessly as I buck and scream my orgasm into my hand. He doesn’t stop and I feel myself coming back around to cum a second time: my breath ragged I ask him to please stop and I hear and feel him chuckle and pull away once I’m spent.

After a moment I slide off the counter and shakily walk to the sofa, lift our glasses and turning hand Ben his glass and we toast each other in silence. Ben takes the glasses to counter and turning back to me kisses me deeply for the longest time his fingers searching. He stops and looking at me.

“Suck my cock, Grace. I want to feel your mouth on me,” He says.

He sits down on the edge of the sofa allowing his cock and balls to hang freely over the side and leans back. I drop to my knees between his muscular thighs and rub my hands along their length and back for a few minutes just looking at his fabulous cock.

It was dribbling again and I thought it such a waste and caught it with my tongue and just putting the very top of his shaft in my mouth I suck the rest of his precum into my mouth. I sit back up and hold his big black balls in my right hand and he moans gently. They are beautifully, shiny, perfectly symmetrical and really quite heavy.

I play with them, squeezing gently, watching Ben’s face to make sure this was OK and he smiles at me.

I lower my head and slowly begin to lick and suck his balls. His cock begins to get much harder, the head now fully revealed, the foreskin pulled back. His cock lies across my face pulsing hot and heavy as I continue to suck his balls. I reach up to grip the shaft of his cock and I’m not surprised when my fingers don’t reach all the way around.

I continue to suck his balls hard and pull away drawing a low moan from Ben. His balls make an audible slap as I let them go and I begin to trace the path of a thick vein that pulses it’s way up the length of his cock.

I’m guessing his cock is 9+ inches and I flick my tongue across his frenum causing a second long stream of precum to erupt from him which I lap up greedily. I lap and lick around his cock head which is noticeably thicker than the shaft and I slip it into my mouth and begin noisily slurping.

I reach down and dip two fingers of each hand into my now sopping pussy and rub the juices along the length of his shaft clasping my hand together I wank him while I continue to suck.

I’ve no chance of deep throating him, no one could, but I don’t have a strong gag reflex so can at least let him feel the tightness at the back of my throat and he draws in his breath sharply and holds my head when I get his cock head as far back as I can and then begin to swallow my throat squeezing the tip of his cock tightly.

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