Graduation Night Bloopers

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Our gang had a graduation party that I’ll always remember.

It was the same group of guys I’d run with all through high school. Then again, being a small town, there really weren’t a lot of choices who you ran with anyway.

Practically the whole male population of my senior class was there. I’d fucked most of them all year—well at least since my October first birthday.

Until then, I’d respected my parents’ wishes that I remain a virgin. But after I was eighteen, as an adult, I made, well, adult choices.

But I took adult responsibility, too. I always carried condoms so I wouldn’t get pregnant, always made sure the guys wore them, (unless I was on my period—then I never used one. I love the feel of semen splashing on my cervix) never fucked when I was drunk and never fucked with more than two or three guys at a time. I figured the more guys around, the more they could pressure each other to push those rules I’d laid out.

Anyway, it was graduation night. It was just me and these eleven guys (just the ones I’d fucked throughout senior year).

I wanted to celebrate.

I was horny. Right at the middle of my cycle. And willing men with condoms surrounded me. So I decided to let things go wherever they would.

We had been drinking in a secluded part of Revolution Park and the newly budded trees provided little of the privacy necessary for this group fucking to take place.

Being outside while all my friends had their way with me was exciting; an arrest for public indecency would certainly ruin the spirit of the event.

Only one rule still applied: the condom rule. But I was even willing to bend that a little.

Jerry was the first one ready to mount me. We’d all had a few beers when he asked—begged actually—to fuck without a condom.

He promised to pull out before blowing his load and, since I’d really enjoyed the force with which his semen had splashed my cervix a couple of weeks before, I kind of regretted forcing him to make that promise. But rules are rules.

So Karl brought out his video camera. It was a graduation gift from his grandma. (I wonder if she knew how soon and often it would be used.) I leaned over the picnic table and felt the cool May breeze tickle my wet clit when Jerry snatched my shorts down to do the deed.

As the other 10 guys watched with rapt attention he teased my rigid clit with his hard cock for a minute or two before taking the plunge and then he slid in all the way.

Unfortunately, after only about three pumps, I felt the pleasure of his forceful ejaculation against my fertile, unprotected cervix.

Jerry’s hands clasped my hips to hold me tightly onto his erupting cock while someone else eagerly reached around and massaged my clit. Almost by instinct, I came…Hard.

It’s like my pussy wanted to accept his gift and I cried with pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm washed over me.

Spent, I lay on the table and rolled over. Jerry was apologizing profusely.

“Don’t worry about it dude” I said as my first orgasm of the night subsided…”I guess you were more aroused than you realized.”

I realized Todd had been the one massaging my clit while Jerry was coming inside, because he pulled my shorts the rest of the way off.

Without a word he slid his naked cock inside of my slippery cunt. I realized that he was also fucking me without protection and I pushed against him as he continued to fuck my fertile puss.

“No way,” I said as his unprotected cock plunged in and out of my still throbbing pussy. “You need to wear a condom. Maybe I can still keep from getting pregnant.

I heard someone unwrap a condom and hand it to Todd while he continued to pump. Almost without missing a beat, he pulled out, slid it on and continued to fuck.

I came again. Often, I keep coming once I get started on these group sessions.

It’s as if my pussy gets on a roll and it won’t be satisfied until the last available erection gets limp.

Just two weeks before that, I’d managed to get through the whole weekend with one long, unprotected orgasm while on four dates with all of our party plus some guys who’d graduated the year before us.

I had so much semen inside me I swear my menstrual fluid was pink. (This made me so horny I was late to every class as I hid in the girls’ bathroom and masturbated to orgasm between each class.)

But this night, as I came, I felt Todd come, too. He looked surprised and as he pulled out I knew what had happened.

He’d jammed the condom on so tight there was no room for the sperm. The condom had burst under the pressure.

But there was no time to ruminate about that accident. Josh, one of the practical jokers of the class slid a condom on his engorged member and mounted me.

I heard a couple of guys snickering and wondered bahis firmaları what was up until, once again, I felt semen rushing up inside my womanhood.

I sat up as he was pulling out. Josh’s condom had the semen reservoir cut off so there was a neat little dime-sized hole where my protection should have been.

Karl pulled his camera in for a close up of the semen drooling out of my poor, dripping pussy.

I spread my lips. I knew I was going to enjoy watching this rerun as much as the guys.

Looking up I could see that all of the guys at least had their pants off and about half were entirely naked as they watched their friends fill me up with sperm.

A couple were masturbating their hard cocks while they watched me getting plugged but many were just standing there with their rigid cocks sticking out like a tree with a single branch.

The idea of being watched by that many guys was certainly a turn on for me.

“Okay,” I said. “I’m already full of sperm. I thought I could avoid getting pregnant with just one unprotected orgasm, but there has been too many ejaculations inside me and I just keep coming. I think my cervix wants to keep all the sperm it’s getting. So you all might as well save your condoms for next time.

“Enjoy yourselves, ’cause after my next period nobody’s ever coming near me without a condom again.”

I heard a couple of other guys enter our little secluded glade and walk up to see what was going on. They were kids that had graduated last year. I’d fucked them when they’d come home for Christmas break.

I couldn’t let them go away unrelieved. Since they were upperclassmen, I let them mount me before my classmates.

But a couple of my guys just couldn’t wait. They had been watching too long without relief. Pre come was drooling from the tips of their engorged cocks and it was clear that they would be squirting whether or not they were fucking me.

I signaled for them to step forward and began to unbutton my blouse.

They didn’t have to be asked twice!

They finished unbuttoning my shirt, opened my snap-front bra and after watching for a minute or two more proceeded to spray semen on my tits face and hair while Josh’s older brother humped and fucked his way to paradise.

They didn’t even touch themselves. They just watched and bounced their erect cocks in the air until they passed the point of no return and blew their loads on my tits while the rest of the guys watched.

I could tell that they couldn’t help themselves and were sorry that they had wasted semen that they might have squirted inside of my slippery pussy.

I told them not to worry about it and I promised I’d let them squirt inside me as soon as they reloaded. I’ve always enjoyed making guys come more than once an evening. And the good thing about teenaged boys is that can happen often.

It’s not like the gym teacher I’d played with the last semester of my high school career.

I’d always had the hots for him anyway. He wasn’t one of those fat has-been athletic wannabes. But he walked in on me and a couple of guys at the beginning of the semester, and I knew I was in trouble.

I was late showing up for class the first day of the semester and he went into the locker room to find out why.

Well, duh. Our school is so small we only have one locker room, and the girl’s side is only separated from the boy’s side by a portable partition.

I don’t know how long he stood on the other side of that partition watching but when he walked in on us both of the guys were in the process of squirting their cream. One of them was shooting on my tits and the other was filling a condom that was buried inside of my wet snatch.

Needless to say he had a hard on sticking up inside of his white gym shorts as he sent the two boys out of the room and lectured me on my behavior.

His lecture would probably have been more effective had he not been touching and squeezing his hard cock through his gym shorts while he was delivering it. I just sat there with sperm dripping off my tits while he kept talking.

Finally he yanked his pants down and after a couple of strokes sprayed his own semen onto my already drenched tits. He pulled his pants back up and told me to get out to class.

I know that a couple of the goodie-two-shoes girls in my class consider me a slut but that was the most exciting gym class I have ever experienced. I could see them looking at me with disgust…but other people were looking at me too,

Both of the boys I had been fucking and the gym teacher could not take their eyes off the sticky T-shirt I was wearing over my sperm covered tits.

Other guys were watching my breasts bouncing as I did my exercises. They knew what I had been up to in the locker room and it excited them to know.

After class the kaçak iddaa gym teacher agreed I could get the P.E. credit I needed to graduate if I let him have his way, too. Of course I did. I was eighteen. It was legal. And I was really turned on by it.

He was a fantastic lover. He could fuck for hours and bring me to orgasm again and again before finally shooting semen all over my tits (or inside, if I got my period and begged long enough.)

But once he was done, there was no more fucking. Sure, he’d play with me or suck my clit to bring me more pleasure, but once an evening was all he could squirt.

Luckily, there were still the boys.

Now it was graduation night, and I’d let three guys accidentally come inside me and three more do it on purpose and I was promising two more that they could shoot their reloads inside.

There were still six more guys waiting for their first turn at filling me up.

Karl handed his camera off to another guy and started to fuck me vigorously. Probably he was the only guy there that night who’d never squirted unprotected inside me, and here he was when I was so fertile and horny, begging him to do it now.

He wasn’t using his hands to pull me onto him, though. He was tugging on my slippery semen-coated nipples. It felt so good, my pussy clamped right on to his rigid erection and I reached down to milk his balls for their entire payload.

“Oh, Karl, do it. I know you were afraid to squirt unprotected, even when I was on my period, but now I’m fertile and I want you to fill me up.”

He started fucking me, “I want to knock you up. If you don’t get pregnant I’m gonna fuck you and fill you until you do,” he gasped.

Then he squeezed my nipples hard and blew his load while I gasped with pain and pleasure that he gave me with the sensation of hard sex.

Raymond rolled me over and took my pussy like Jerry did while two more guys (I’m not sure who) unloaded on my ass.

It was such a turn-on getting filled, coated and used like this. I felt like this was the class graduation gift to me.

When I rolled over, I saw that the two guys who’d just ejaculated on my ass had already squirted inside me. They were probably finished for the night.

But there were still many hard cocks around and I wanted to feel them coating my cervix. I needed to get knocked up that night, didn’t care how many dicks it took to get the job done or how much semen needed to run down my thighs or gush out as the next one penetrated my swollen pussy.

Karl took the camera back and let it pan over the entire group. At least half of them were still masturbating and I was shocked to see a couple of the guys masturbating each other.

I walked over to them and asked them what they were doing.

Jim who was stroking Richard’s cock while Richard stroked his gasped, “Watching you getting fucked is so hot…It feels better if someone else does it…you know jacks my cock off.”

“I guess you two had better be next”. I said.

The sight of these two manly guys jacking one another off had really excited me. If I had lost any of my original excitement getting fucked and covered with sperm by the first contingent this had restored it.

Jim slid his cock into my slick pussy while he continued stroking Richard. In a minute or so he was shooting jet after jet of sperm against my cervix while Richard shot his cream into the air and onto my already sperm soaked tits.

Before I even had a chance to climax another guy was fucking me and someone had his cock up against my lips. What could I do? I opened my mouth and let him slide in.

I could see out of the corner of my eye that Karl had convinced one of the guys to suck his cock as he recorded our graduation celebration. The guy who was sucking him was masturbating as well.

I felt the guy who was fucking me start to shoot his load and the guy I was sucking also begin to blast his cream into my willing mouth.

Before either of them were entirely finished I broke away leaving them both shooting their semen into the air and I grabbed the camera from Karl, aiming it onto him.

“No!” he blurted, but it was too late.

Through the lens of the camera I could see that Karl was coming in the mouth of the guy sucking him and this guy was spraying his cream onto the ground as Karl’s sperm filled his mouth.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.

Karl could no more stop himself from ejaculating then a freight train can stop on a dime and while he begged me to turn the camera off he continued to pump his sperm into the guys mouth. The guy tried to swallow it but there was simply too much and the excess ran out from his mouth dripping onto his squirting cock.

I now let the camera play over the rest of the group. Some were entirely exhausted kaçak bahis having come two or three times and others were still masturbating, waiting their turn…or their second or third.

Raymond and Jerry were actually sucking each other in the sixty-nine position. I left the camera on them and invited the stragglers to relieve themselves in my now overflowing pussy.

At some point Karl reclaimed the camera and I could see him filming us and jacking off out of the corner of my eye. Before the night was over while one of the last guys to fuck me filled my pussy, he fired a final load on my face and hair while another guy filmed him doing it.

The rest of the night was a blur. When every hard cock was soft I found myself sitting on the bench of the picnic table covered in semen with sperm running out of my saturated pussy.

My hair was coated with sticky cream. I was still wearing my blouse but little else. I buttoned up realizing that is was stiff from the repeated loads of cream that had been showered on me by my eleven friends and the two additional upperclassmen.

I found my shorts and pulled them back on. They were the only article of clothing I had on my body that wasn’t covered with sperm but they were rapidly becoming saturated with the cream that was still leaking from my over filled pussy.

Many of the guys offered me a ride home but I declined and set off alone walking down the darkened streets covered with drying sperm and the scent of sexual excess.

My hair had patches of stiffness where the cream had landed and was now drying and my nipples were scraping against the stiff material of my sperm covered blouse.

I found myself standing in front of my gym teachers house. The windows were dark but his car was in the driveway.

After thinking about it for a minute I walked up the drive and knocked at the door.

In a minute or two the door opened.

It was dark. He could see me but I don’t think he could see that I was covered with other guys sperm.

“Do you want to try something” I said?

Fifteen minutes later he was naked, tied in his bed hand and foot wearing a blindfold while I described what I had been doing earlier that night.

He had a blazing hard on.

I stood next to the bed, my clothing in a heap on the floor, masturbating lazily as I described my antics with all the guys.

The longer I talked the more excited we both became. Every once in a while I would lean over and slap his engorged cock making him shudder and drip a stream of pre come.

I carried on with him like this for over an hour and a half, bringing him to the brink and then backing off. I was doing the same thing to myself, masturbating until I was just about to climax and then stopping, letting the approaching orgasm subside.

I made darn sure to let him know how close I was getting because this aroused and inflamed him even further.

He was begging me to finish him off and make him squirt on my tits or ass…but this was not to be.

Finally I straddled him and lowered my slippery pussy onto his cock. I paused a moment and rubbed his dripping erection against my rigid clit.

I could tell that he was nearly there.

I slowly impaled myself on his stiff cock. He gasped and then asked me what I was doing.

“I’m fucking you” I said as I started moving up and down on his throbbing erection.

“No, please don’t” he begged.

“Why?” I asked him as I continued to slide up and down on his naked cock.

“You’re going to make me come” he gasped.

“Don’t you dare do it” I warned him, “You might make me pregnant.”

“I know” he gasped miserably, “Please stop…before it’s too late.”

“Just use your self control” I said as I moved more and more rapidly on his aching boner.

“Please…stop…fucking me.” He cried “”I won’t be able to help myself.” But I just kept sliding up and down on his cock, puling on an erect nipple as he neared the point of no return.

“Just don’t come” I said heartlessly as my pussy began to tingle in anticipation of my oncoming orgasm.

He said nothing and as my pussy began to convulse I gasped, “Don’t you dare squirt inside of me unless you want me to be knocked up.”

“Please get off me” he cried.

“I can’t” I gasped, I’m coming…right now; I’m doing it…just wait a minute and I’ll finish you…I’ll jack you off.”

This promise was a cruel ruse. I knew that he was doing it right along with me. He couldn’t help himself,

I could feel his sperm shooting inside of me splashing against my fertile, cervix which triggered yet another orgasm, my last of the evening.

His cream began to leak out of my overflowing pussy as my own climax subsided.

He was angry when I untied him but there was nothing that he could do; the damage was done.

On the way home I stopped at the drugstore for a home pregnancy test. Hopefully I dodged the bullet but I couldn’t help reflecting that if it turned up positive I would have no way of actually knowing who the father was.

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