Graduation Party


It’s a scorching hot Saturday in June. I’m on my way to a high school graduation party for a friend & co-worker’s son, Jimmy. Actually, it’s Tammi’s second son. Three years ago I was here at the house for her first son, Danny’s, party. Not that I know either boy very well. Hell, I’ve only known their Mom for a four years.

But, hey, she is a friend, she extended the invite and I had no legitimate reason for saying no (one that wouldn’t make me feel like a deceitful bitch anyway), so here I am. Not to mention, I think I’m the only person from work that could make it, so I’d feel doubly horrible to back out at the last minute – even if I wasn’t going to know a damn sole except for the hostess who would be far too busy to hang with me. I’ll make an appearance then hit the road and the stop for a drink on the way home.

As I’m pulling up to Tammi’s house, I notice the stream of cars that have already started parking in the side yard. I pull up to make mine the next in line. I’m just about to shut off the engine when I see a blurred body whiz by and hear a loud thump on the ragtop roof of my Jeep.

What the hell was that?!

I shut off the engine, jump out to see a tanned, muscular boy lifting himself off the ground. Did I say boy? Make that man. Definitely All Man.

“Shit, sorry, Ma’am, I tried to get to it before it hit your car,” he quickly said.

The tan, the muscles and that voice caused a quick flitter straight to my pussy.

“Noooo, problem,” I answered, taking in his toned, tanned chest with its light sheen of sweat – and suddenly I’m even hotter than I’d just be from standing in the June sun. “Seems like it just bounced off the ragtop anyway.”

“Well, let me take a look, just to make sure we didn’t cause any damage,” he requested as he approached. I felt the desire to lick his smooth, salty chest as we walked toward me.

Where the fuck did that come from?

He stopped a few feet away, looking me up & down. Not that I could really see his eyes through the dark sunglasses, buy I could certainly feel them. Suddenly, he startles us both by shouting “Hey, I know you!”

Oh honey, if we knew each other, I would know you, I thought.

“You work with my Mom!” he exclaimed as he lifted his glasses.

Dark hair, dark eyes….yum….

Huh, what? Fuck me – really!? Did I really look old enough to be this guy’s mom?!?

“I’m Danny,” he provided, trying to get his point across. “You were here a few years ago for my grad party…sorry I can’t remember your name though, Ma’am.”

Seriously, fuck me. There is no damn way this hottie is the same gangly kid that graduated three years ago.

“Tina,” I quickly supplied. “My name is Tina. And please lay off the Ma’am stuff before you have me convinced I really am old enough to be your damn mother!” I laughed.

He took a few steps forward and my pulse quickened.

“Oh, no way in hell I’d mistake you for a mom,” he offered, his tongue dragging across his lips as his eyes dropped to my cleavage. Truly, God didn’t give me much but a halter sundress helped tie it together, so to speak.

That pussy flitter happened again. And damn if I didn’t start to feel moist in a way that was in no way from the hot weather.

“You look so completely…different….Danny. I could have bumped into you on the street and I would have never recognized you!”

“Or in a bar,” he said, suggestively.

“Honey, I’m way too old to be hanging in a bar with you college kids and even if I was there, you’d never notice me with all those young girls around,” I laughed. “Besides, are you even old enough to be in a bar?” I said as my eyes narrowed at him questioningly.

“Oh, I’d definitely zero in on you, Tina. I did long before I turned 21,” he said, stepping forward again, nearly toe-to-toe with me.

My pulse throbbed in my pussy. Damn, girl, get a grip.

The spell was broken when his friends called him to return to the game. Squashing the rise of disappointment, I reminded myself who he was, who I was and where we were.

“Well, it was great to see you again, Danny. I’m going to go find your Mom. I’ll see you around.”

A flicker of – disappointment? – flashed across his face.

“Definitely,” he said, and his tuzla escort voice lowered as his eyes locked on my lips, “I’ll definitely see you later.”

I wound up staying much longer than I intended. Eventually I went from invited guest to party helper, assisting Tammi in replenishing food and supplies, mixing the occasional drink at the makeshift bar, etc. Time flew by, the sky darkened, the music got louder and everyone was having a good time.

“Danny!” Tammi called over towards his group of friends. He trotted over to see what she needed. Dressed in khaki cargo shorts & a Polo shirt, he looked freshly showered.

“Can you go to the garage and bring out a few bags of ice from the deep freeze?” she asked.

“Sure thing, Mom.”

The minute I heard him, I needed some ice to cool me down.

“Tina, you can follow Danny out to the garage with the potato salad and he’ll open the doors for you.”

Tammi was, unknowingly, making my things very difficult for me by arranging this ‘help’.

Danny raised his eyebrows at me & winked. “Sure Mom, I’ll take care of her.”

Pussy. Flitter. Again. Damn.

He held the house door open for me. I crossed through the doorway, nearly dropping the bowl as I brushed up against him as I walked by.

What the hell was my problem? I was acting like a nervous school girl. He’s a college boy. I’m old enough to be his damn mother. OK, well, much older sister.

I allowed him to lead the way as we passed through the kitchen, living room and foyer to the garage door. Yes, I admired his rear view that fit snuggly into his shorts. Nothing wrong in looking. Just no touching. No touching, Tina!

He held the door to the garage open for me and then walked across to open the fridge door. I had to bend over more than I intended, conscious that he was behind me, to put the bowl away but I was extremely thankful for the blast of cool air.

As I stepped away from the fridge, my now free hand reaching to close the door, I suddenly bumped my backside into a solid body. Danny had positioned himself right behind me.

“I sure did like that view, Tina,” his sexy voice whispered in my ear as his hands gripped my hips, pulling me back against him so I could feel how much he liked it.

I spun around in surprise, instantly horny again. Uh, who am I kidding? The horny factor had been with me since I arrived!

Be sensible, Tina.

“Danny, I really think you should back up. Besides, your Mom is waiting for that ice, right?” I smiled innocently at him.

“Are you really saying you are not feeling …anything? When you are near me?”

I sighed as I pointedly tried to slow my pulse.

“It would be crazy of me to act like I didn’t find you appealing, Danny. But I’m certainly not going to act on it.”

“Why not?” he stepped forward, challenging me.

“I’m friends with your Mom. It’s inappropriate.”

“And?” looking deep into my eyes, his warm, cinnamon-scented breath touching my lips.

“I’m old enough to be your mother…err, much older sister. I’m not interested in being your cougar.”

He leaned further, his lips grazing my cheek as he hovered over my ear.

“Trust me, I don’t think of a mom or a sister when I look at you.”

I swallowed, trying again to slow my now rapid breathing as I backed away.

“We are at a party, at your parents’ house, and we should really get back to it. Grab your ice from the freezer and try to cool down before you return.”

I willed my knees to firm up so I could walk over to the door leading back into the house. I politely held it open as I looked at him, the freezer and back to the door. Hint, hint, ya know?

He begrudgingly shook his head, grabbed a few bags from the freezer (I couldn’t help but notice he snug shirt pull across his chest and back muscles – yum!) and as he walked through the doorway, he paused next to me long enough to say “This is not over” before continuing on.

As soon as I stepped back into the house, I ducked into the bathroom on the left, so I could freshen up and collect my thoughts.

I looked into the mirror and noticed my face was as flushed as if I was standing out in the sun all afternoon. My breasts was still rising and falling rapidly as pendik escort I forced myself into some relaxing yogic breathing. I splashed some cold water on my face and then soaked a paper towel with cold water, pressing it against my neck.

“OK, so it’s been a few months since you’ve had a tumble. That’s hardly a dry spell that should have you panting like a fool at the first tall, dark & handsome yummy that fawns over you. Pull it together, dammit.”

I fluffed my hair, smoothed my sundress and, feeling more composed, turned towards the door.

“Ok,” I said to myself, “Here we go.”

I turned the knob, opened the door and slammed straight into 6-feet of solid muscle and then jumped back.

“Were you just talking to yourself?” Danny said, smiling at me.

That damn smile. Ugh.

“Not at all, that would be silly and I certainly wasn’t talking about you if that’s what you were going to imply,” I responded defensively.

He stepped towards me and I took another step back.

“I thought maybe you were telling yourself that there’d be nothing wrong with a little hook up, Tina. Especially the way you were rushing out the door. Thought maybe you were coming to find me,” he smiled suggestively.

“Actually, I was just getting ready to tell your family good bye and head home for the night,” I told him.

“Mind if I follow you home?” he boldly asked.

“You most certainly will not! First of all, this is your brother’s party, at your family’s house…” I began.

“You are so fucking hot when you get all agitated,” he grinned, taking another step forward.

“And second?” he prompted.

“Secondly, well, the truth is I find myself…drawn to you and I think it would be best if we separated, so I’m leaving.”

I took another step back. This was starting to feel like a dance. What I didn’t realize is that I’d just danced myself into a corner. Or bathroom, as it were.

Before I realized what was happening, Danny had kicked the door closed, backed me up against the wall and crushed his lips against mine.

A little harsh at first, perhaps overly anxious, his full lips settled into this luscious, sucking rhythm against mine. In no time at all, my hands were rising up his arms, over his shoulders and around his neck as my mouth parted to welcome his tongue.

He traced my lower lip, dipping his tongue in slightly and just as I began to suck it into my mouth he pulled his head back leaving my mouth hanging wide open. My weakened knees were barely supporting me and I found myself held up by my arms that were linked behind his neck.

Fuck me.

“Does that mean I might get you to stay for a bit?” his hungry eyes questioned mine.

How on earth does this guy have control over this situation? Because honestly, the only response I can come up with is: FUCK. ME.

Then I thought of another response.

“Lock the door, Danny.”

He pulled me with him as he reached to lock the door. As if breaking our body contact might break the spell. Who knows, it may have done just that.

Instead we reconnected instantly, our mouths fused together, our breaths panting faster and our hands roaming each others bodies over our clothes. Our sexual tension had been building all day, drawn out foreplay and now we were both seeking satisfaction.

Danny untied the straps of my sundress at the base of my neck, letting them fall to reveal my small, pert breasts. My nipples were achingly tight to begin with and the cool air conditioning pulled them even tighter.

I watched as he brushed his thumb lightly over my left breast. I was like my nipple was a button that sent a signal directly to my vagina causing juices to flood out.

I watched as he lowered his mouth to cover my right nipple as he continued to likely stroke my left. My head tipped back against the wall as a moan, sounding much like a purr, left my mouth.

“That sound is so hot,” he whispered.

“Don’t you dare stop,” I ordered.

As he continued to work my tits, juices flooded into my pants and my scent filled the room. While I really wanted his talented hands between my legs, I also decided it was time for me to play.

My hands pressed firmly against his shoulders, pushing him away. aydınlı escort The look of shock and disappointment crossed his face and for a moment, I think he thought I was going to bolt.

I walked slowly towards him, leading him backwards against the other wall, reaching my arms out to grab the base of his shirt and started to bend over. His intake of breath told me he was getting a little ahead of himself, trying to guess where I was going.

“Oh no, not yet,” I chided.

I lifted the hem of his shirt and licked the skin just above the waistband of his shorts. Now so close, I could smell musky sent of his sex juice as well as my own.

As I pulled the shirt up, I peppered his abs and chest with feathery light kisses. Each one drew a moan or a sigh from him.

When I got to his nipples, my teeth bit down on his left one just enough to cause a little pain and then rapidly began circling it with light strokes of my tongue. I felt his hands thread into my hair as I moved across to his right nipple, repeating the process.

He groaned in protest when I pulled away until he realized I was only encouraging him to lift his arms so I could pull his shirt over his head, then I tossed it aside.

I leaned back in, licking his lips, then moved to the right side of his neck and began alternating licks, sucks and kisses on his sensitive skin. It was his turn to tilt his head back against the wall in bliss.

My hands lightly roamed down over his stomach again and until they reached his waistband to unbutton and unzip his shorts. My knuckles rubbed against his clothing covered penis in the process and suddenly the room shifted.

Actually, it was me that was shifted as he firmly grabbed my waist, turned me around and lifted me up on to the vanity.

He said, “I think you’ll agree we don’t have the luxury of time in here before someone notices we’re missing.”

My response was to spread my legs, pull him forward and start pushing his shorts and underwear down. As I leaned forward, moving his clothes downward, his board stiff cock nearly smacked me in the face. A glistening drop of pre-cum was taunting me so I had to stick my tongue out and take a lick.

He roared anxiously as he lifted my shoulders, reached under my dress and with both hands, ripped the soaked crotch of my panties apart.

I responded with a little yelp. I was enjoying this sudden turn to his urgent, commanding maneuvers.

He reached underneath my thighs, grabbed my ass and moved me to the edge of the vanity. As he tilted his head down to kiss me, I reached down between us and guided the tip of his cock to my creamy slit, teasing both of us as I rubbed us together and lubed him up for entry.

I positioned his head at my opening. His kiss deepened as with one shove, he buried his cock to the hilt. I responded by screaming into his mouth. That was a great tactic to muffle my scream and avoid giving us away.

It was not slow & gentle. Anything but gentle. After a torturous day of flirting and dancing around each other, we both wanted nothing more than release. I felt his hands dig into my ass as he pounded, pounded, pounded relentlessly into my cunt, filling me fully with every thrust.

The kisses ceased in lieu of much needed panting & breathing. We focused intently on the area where we were jointed completely.

Not that we needed to focus on climaxing. It was heading right at us at breakneck speed. Pounding away, soft groans, clenching him inside me as he alternated the speed of his thrusts. I was so close and as his pace quickened, I knew it was coming soon. My toes curled as I linked my ankles behind his ass, urging him on.

His mouth reclaimed mine as he screamed into my mouth, his body rocked with shivers as I felt his load explode deep inside me. My orgasm came on the heels of his, again using his mouth to muffle my ecstasy.

Our heads rested on each others shoulders as we continued panting, catching our breaths.

A quick minute later, we were redressed and had gotten ahold of our senses.

“I hope you won’t mind giving my regards to your family.” I said. I’ll sneak out the front door. You can just tell them I got too much sun today and had to leave.”

As I turned the lock on the door and reached for the handle, Danny asked, “Tina, please tell me I can see you again.”

“Sure,” I replied. “You’ll graduate college next year, right? I’m sure there will be another party.”

With that, I walked out the door.

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