Grey Ch. 02

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Stormy rain clouds were forming over the humid city as Dorian descended on the cultural hotspot that is Durban, South Africa. Rubbing his eyes furiously and trying to eliminate the headache that would not go away since that fateful call a few hours ago, Dorian heaved a huge sigh of relief as the plane touched down and taxied to a stop. Releasing his seatbelt he glanced over and for the umpteenth time on the two hour flight his eyes met the midnight blue counterparts of the guy in seat 3A. Normally Dorian would have delighted at such attention, perhaps renew his membership to the mile high club but in this instance he was just tired and weary. He was also worried. But more so he was angry; angry that he was worried, angry that he got the call, and angry that he had traveled at the drop of a hat over 6 000km which meant he must care. But how could he care? He stopped caring 5 years ago hadn’t he?

As he exited the passenger terminal he immediately noticed the smartly dressed man with a board with his name upon it. “That was fast”, he thought. Trust her to know everything.

Doing his best to avoid the chauffer he pulled down his knit cap further over his unruly mop of curls and tried to steer away before the Driver called out.

“Sir! Mr. Greyling! Good to see you again sir,” He said. Dorian stopped and turned around sheepishly. He felt bad at attempting to avoid his mother’s driver but you can’t hurt a guy for trying right?

He headed toward the driver and made pleasantries. Godwin was not making a move to leave though and Dorian was getting impatient so he moved along but before getting too far Godwin stated that he was awaiting one more passenger before driving home. Home!! Dorian said it was okay, he would just use a rental and would be staying at a hotel anyway but Godwin yet again insisted, saying that he was expected. Dorian did not want to cause Godwin any more stress. The man had been good to him during his teens helping him when few were willing to do the same. So he acquiesced but seethed on the inside as he waited for the delayed idiot to walk through the doors. He did not have to wait long. A few minutes later the tall, handsome, would-be fellow mile high club member strode confidently over to Godwin and shook his hand firmly. Before Dorian had time to recover he was introduced to Conrad Olivier. Shaking hands they left for the car.

The ride in the car was silent. Dorian wondered who the sexy stranger could be but nothing further was said except the introduction of each other. As they sat in the back of the Mercedes barely two feet apart Dorian found his senses filling with the scent of Mr. Olivier. “Who could he possibly be”, he wondered. Five years was a long time but his parents never really changed the help. As he continued his investigation in his mind the car came to a stop signaling the end of the journey.

Dorian took a deep breath and raised his eyes to the large structure that was his former home. In the dark the 5 bed roomed house looked threatening. “Apt”, he thought as memories of his last few weeks here came flooding back to him. He did not move; he could not move. His silent companion exited the vehicle and stepped out expectantly. Dorian remained where he was. Godwin held the door… “Sir?” “I’ve told you a million freaking times not to call me that Godwin. Sir is the bastard your call your boss. My name is DORIAN, I’m sure you haven’t heard it been uttered for the last few years but it hasn’t changed. Please take me to my hotel. Now.”

“But Sir.”

“Was not a request Godwin. If she wants to see me then she can come to me. Period.”

The long suffering family chauffer apologized to the stunned blue eyed stranger and got back into the luxury car. Before pulling off he had to ask.

“Are you sure S…Dorian? Do you think it’s the best time to behaving like this?”

“Just drive Godwin… Please.”

Half an hour later he was checked in and lying awake in bed. It was by now three in the morning and he was horny. His encounter with the blonde some hours earlier had left him wanting. But more so he found his thoughts shifting to the dark blue eyed stranger and the possibilities that they could have had. He lay there naked, fingers playing with his hardened nipples and hand trailing over his abdomen lightly stroking the smooth skin. He closed his eyes and sighed. In his mind he played out a scene which in his opinion could have been had he not been preoccupied.

When Dorian had first abandoned his blonde twink and headed to the airport after packing his designer bags he had just the slightest regret at leaving such a hot ass. But he’s worries had gotten the better of him, the voice on the end of the call had been strained, hinted at ultimate panic and when the reason explained for such a random call emerged Dorian understood why. Instantly his heart tightened then threatened to leap from his chest as the panic pounded in his ears. He had rushed to the airport and boarded the first plane he could. Only when seated and the kocaeli escort plane began to take off did he start having second thoughts about going back. But She would no have called were it not important and he could not stay away.

Dorian shifted in his bed. He did not need these memories now. Deliberately trying to focus on more pleasant dreams he remembered the stranger. It was whilst the first drinks were being served, Vodka and tonic, that Dorian had first felt those intense pools on himself. Looking up he had caught the smoldering stare from Him. Dorian smiled and the man turned away, embarrassed at having been caught at obviously staring.

His fantasies continued with those lips and eyes the main attraction. Dorian dismissed it as yet another closet case. In his dream his hard-on had still began to form. Blood was traveling south thickening his hardening cock. He looked up again and this time the strangers eyes were upon his cock. The stranger, who Dorian would learn later was Conrad, licked his lips invitingly before shifting uncomfortably in his seat and turning away. Dorian did not like games and he hated teases. Standing up he started walking to the back of the darkened plane catching Conrad’s eye and continued walking. When he reached the loo he unbuckled his pants, dropped his tiny briefs and leaned back on the sink, waiting.

A few moments later there was a soft knock followed by Conrad entering quickly and turning around in the small space to be confronted by Dorian’s nine inch monster. His jaw dropped and before he could have second thoughts Dorian began to bark out orders. “Don’t just stand there gaping all day. I’m not gonna cum by you just looking at it. Get on your knees and blow me like the bitch you are! Now!”

Conrad sank to his knees. He was a bigger man, much bigger than Dorian and yet he was the submissive one in this encounter. He was thrilled. He felt dirty but extremely aroused. No-one had ever spoken to him like that. No-one would ever dare to.

He opened his mouth wide, stretching to accommodate Dorian’s girth then slowly closed his mouth over his member, the warmth of his orifice making Dorian’s knees buck. Slowly he sank to the root until the head hit the back of his mouth and the tip slipped painfully into his throat. He gulped a few times before releasing and moving back up swirling his tongue as he did so. He slurped at the head nipping slightly with his teeth and then repeating the process again and again until Dorian wanted to burst, feeding the sexy stranger with his tangy flavor.

Dorian fantasized about picking him up by the hair, tugging roughly on the thick silky strands so that he would not come. Looking into those navy pools of lust he turned the stranger around and with no forethought slammed his thick, steel shaft into the welcoming hole. It took just a few thrusts in his dream and even less in reality when Dorian spilled copious amounts of his seed onto his stomach and messed the sheets around him.

Shit he thought. Who was that guy? He grabbed some tissues from the night stand next to bed, wiped himself off and promptly fell asleep. Tomorrow he would face everyone head on. Tomorrow he would have to confront the very things he had been running away from for the pat five years. Tomorrow he would see HIM. Dorian felt a sense of relief, a sense of having come full circle, a sense of being strong enough to face his demons. But more than that he felt scared. Shit scared.


The next morning was a rainy one. Dorian thought it reflected his mood. Dorian was on edge, anxious over what may occur today. But he also knew that he was needed and had it not been for… no he could not think of that but he was the only reason Dorian had come back. After a breakfast of just orange juice he went downstairs to the hotel reception and enquiring after the manager found out that a set of car keys had been left for him there. He didn’t even bother to look surprised. Yet another thing about his family. Any control they could exert- but he was grateful for the convenience. It was only for a few days he reasoned, just until D… no he would not think of that.

Driving around the city and getting worked up over the idiots behind the wheel Dorian found himself happy with the fact he had left this Godforsaken city. And its inhabitants. Finally after deciding he had delayed long enough he headed over to the Medical Centre and to the ICU ward. Upon arriving he noticed a group of people gathered in the waiting lounge. As he approached a silence descended but he kept on walking coming to a complete stop in the centre of the room. Dorian was his mother’s child and like her he liked a bit of drama. Today they were in for a treat.

“Wow, an auction going down today or all the stores closed? Surprised to see you here Marriette.”

Cold slate eyes looked back at him from beneath long dark black lashes. The pale skin which looked even more sallow in pretend grief just enhanced the glint with which those eyes met Dorian’s more stormy kocaeli escort bayan grey.

“Always a drama (pause) queen. Spare me the theatrics please. Your brother is dying and you want to make this about you.” Mariette sighed. Her voice was light, lilting but at the same time the tone was hard, dismissive as only she can.

“I did not call myself. Obviously someone wanted me to be here. So here I am. Interested to know the real reason why though…,”retorted Dorian.

Before the little confrontation of a reunion could continue a harassed looking man in a pristine white coat came hurrying in and stopped mid stride, head scratch at the spectacle before him. Dorian could understand the man’s intimidated feeling. He looked around and saw what he saw. There were five other people standing in the room. Three were family, one an old family friend and him- the stranger.

Duncan Greyling was a tall imposing man in his late fifties. He had met Mariette in the late seventies and despite their race and class difference had fallen in love and stood the test of time. They had triplets some years later, two boys Dorian and Darren and a girl Danika. Danika now stood by her parents, hate seeping through every pore whilst Conrad Olivier looked out the window pretending not to be there. The final man in the room was the family attorney and Duncan’s best friend of thirty years Braam Van Staden. The reason everyone was here? Darren lay in a coma fighting for his life with the help of machines. The reason Dorian was here? He, along with Danika, had the power to pull the plug.


Six pairs of eyes stared at the doctor, three of those pairs reflected similar irritation. The doctor took a deep breath before bravely continuing. He had just walked in to what he could tell was an as yet uncompleted argument. Pushing his thoughts and the shock of seeing his patient’s replica in the room aside, he began.

Dorian listened attentively, trying to glean as much information as he could. He did not know much, had not seen his family in over five years, just that he’s brother was dying, struggling to live and that he was here to supposedly “help end his suffering”. Dorian did not trust his parents. He wanted to know if this was true. According to the doctor, Darren was suffering from renal and respiratory failure and had had an acute heart attack which had finally put him in the coma. He was on a cocktail of drugs and a ventilator machine to keep him going and brain activity was limited.

“But there is some brain activity?” Dorian asked.

“It’s limited. I know what you’re thinking but in my opinion that’s not your brother lying there. It’s a ghost of the person he once was.”

“What do you recommend Doctor?” This, a gruff mumble from Duncan, was the first words Dorian had heard him utter the entire time. No-one, barring that brief exchange with his mom earlier, had spoken a word to him since arriving. Not verbally at least. His sister Danika’s silver slits screamed volumes though.

The doctor, Jansen was his name, shook his head, exchanged a look with Duncan, who in turn looked at Dorian. Dr. Jansen then left the room.

“Its time to be useful boy. You owe your brother that much.”

“I owe no-one anything. What am I doing here exactly Duncan?”

With this the attorney stepped in. Clearing his throat Braam said “It’s good to see you Dorian. Heard great things were happening to you.” Dorian ignored him locked in a stare down with the large coffee coloured man before him. They were similar in so many ways yet different in many more. Dorian looked like a dark version of the witch that was his mom, but had the lips, build and stubbornness of his father. So did the rest of his siblings.

The attorney stepped in yet again. “Dorian according to papers found Darren has listed you and Danika as next of Kin and in the event of such a situation he’s asked that you both agree to pull the plug. It has to be you and Danika, any other way is not acceptable.”

Finally Dorian dragged his eyes away from the nutmeg colored of his dad and addressed his godfather. “Are you sure? Why? We were never that close. Even before… Does he think this is some sort of retribution for he’s part in what you guys did to me? Taking his life will make up for ruining mine?!”

“Enough!!!!” whispered Mariette harshly, “Why do you always have to mention your lies?!!! Are you that heartless?”

“My heart is beating fine. Has been stronger since leaving you. Do you remember what that feels like? To be moved Ice Queen? When last has anything melted you?” Dorian shot back.

“Your brother was irrational, in pain, he was clearly not thinking straight. If he were in the right frame of mind, he would certainly have never given you this right.” Mariette’s voice rose higher in pitch.

“Well, he has. You have no control over this Mariette, so deal with it.” Taking a deep breath “If you would excuse me”, he said addressing Braam and Conrad, I would like to see my… I would like to see izmit escort the patient.” With that he turned on his heel and left. Maybe he was a drama queen after all.


Dorian pushed the door quietly into the room. His brother lay on the bed looking frail. Dorian stared at the person lying there. He saw a thinner, much paler version of himself the breathing labored and punctuated by the rise and fall of the ventilator.

Dorian walked forwards, squaring his shoulders and swallowing back the burning is throat. He blinked repeatedly trying to stop the welling of tears forming on the frames to his soul’s windows. He could not believe that his mirror image of a brother was lying there so helplessly. He wondered if he could do it. If he could pull the plug. They had never even discussed the possibility of such a thing. They used to be close when they were younger but that had changed, They barley spoke in his teens yet his brother would entrust such a responsibility on him.

“Why?” he whispered. He reached over and gently clutched Darren’s hand the cold shocking him. “I’m sorry I left you Darren. I had no choice, you know I couldn’t stay. I know it’s not your fault and that you were just following Dani’s shit but I’m over that. But why would you do this? To drive me crazy even in death? You know this hurts me seeing you lying like this. What do you want Darren? Should I agree with them? Would that make you happy? Will it?” Dorian sighed and dropped his head to the bed, his tears now flowing freely. All of a sudden the machines started going crazy. Beeps were going and before Dorian knew what was happening, a medical crew came rushing in and he was forced out of the room. He stood there, just outside the door looking at his brother dying. For one brief moment he wished Darren would succumb so he’s pain would end. No, so he wouldn’t have to make that decision.

The crew managed to get him stable again and Dorian turned to look at his family gathered beside him. He could feel the hostility emanating from each one in an oppressing wave. He turned and walked away.

He was just unlocking the luxury car when he heard his name being called. Without even bother to look around he kept walking. He needed to get away from this place as soon as possible, head back to Cape Town, to his friends, his things. Away from the past. He promised to never return and one broken promise was more than enough. Dorian was headstrong and loyal; he never went back on his promises. But he kept walking; as he reached the door handle another larger, warmer hand stopped him. Dorian first looked down at the lightly tanned hand that contrasted with his darker one and followed the light trail of dark hair along a strong muscular arm before his eyes continued its journey up and locked with the blue orbs of him. Conrad.

“What do you want? Who are you exactly? Messenger boy? Leave me the fuck alone, I don’t need to hear anything you have to say. Whatever it is you can tell those bigoted, fucked up, spoiled, hypocritical, fag hating bastards…”

Dorian was cut off from his rant in the most astonishing way- to him at least. Conrad had just grabbed his face and before he really got into his rant his mouth was being crushed in a breath depriving kiss. Dorian resisted at first and opened his mouth to suck in some air and protest but Conrad took that opportunity to slip his tongue in. Dorian melted. The soft lips were sweet and Conrad was doing things with his tongue that was driving him crazy. Oh God he wanted this. He gave in completely and with one hand clutching at Conrad’s midnight hair and the other sneaking down to grab a handful of bubble-but heaven he pulled him closer. Deepening the kiss if that were even possible. They continued for several seconds before both breaking apart but just barely. Dorian stepped back completely when he felt Conrad’s obvious delight poking against his hip. He was no marshmallow down there either. He looked at Conrad who was panting as hard as him.

Without another word he opened the door and got in. He started the ignition and looked back out across the window. Conrad was till standing there looking at him. His expression had changed from one of intense hunger to what seemed like panic. Dorian gave him a once over and before his brain decided to kick in he let his other head talk for him.

“Are you going to stand there all day or are you gonna get the fuck in?” Conrad glided in to the passenger seat quickly and before he had time to buckle in Dorian was doing what he always did best. Run away.


Dorian slammed Conrad hard up against the door of hit hotel suite. They had just barley made it in the door before they started attacking each other hungrily, mouths and hands running all over each other, searching for dominance or submission, for release. The journey over had been fast and silent. Dorian was a bit preoccupied with the events of the hospital and he assumes Conrad was too. But once getting into the elevator and locking eyes with him once more he felt himself immediate harden again. Not that he ever went soft. He bit hungrily at Conrad’s neck while he unbuckled his pants. Conrad was ding the same and shoved down Dorian’s tight with Calvin’s along with is jeans.

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