Growing Accustomed to One-Another Ch. 01


This is my first story ever, so constructive criticism is more than appreciated. It covers lots of crazy fetishes of mine that I never found here, like breast, butt and penis growth, while still being pretty vanilla, so no rape or non-consensual actions.

Thanks again.



Hello everyone. My name is Richard and my life is both awesome and strange. Mostly awesome though. Let me explain my situation. I’m about to start my second year at university, so all those pesky bureaucratic affairs are done. My parents are pretty wealthy, so they offered to pay for a cosy flat in which I can live in peace and quiet.

Oh. And I forgot to mention, I have peculiar abilities. Most would call them superpowers I figure. You see I inherited them from my parents. Mom is a shape shifter, so she can control her body. And my dad is a legilimens (he always says it like this. Short, he can read minds).

I discovered my powers when I was about fifteen and my parents were quick to educate me in what they were and how to behave myself with them. I’ve always been a good boy and later a good adult so I never used them in any too mischievous way.

It turned out though that my “inheritance” didn’t only mean that I got one of my parents’ powers or even them added. They multiplied, as it were. We still do not exactly know what the mechanics of it are but basically, I can not only read others’ minds, but control them and I can shape shift other people’s bodies, too, instead of only mine.

My younger sister, yeah, I always forget about her, shares my abilities, though she is still learning to control them perfectly.

You would expect that as a shape shifter I wouldn’t have just one appearance but I kind of like myself the way I look without any changes: I’m 5’11” with blue eyes and black short hair. I wouldn’t call myself buff, but I’m certainly cut (ok, that I changed. I’m surprisingly vein what my own looks are concerned).

This being said, I look for girls who are good people in the inside and I could not care less about their looks. You will later see why.

What follows is one encounter with one of those girls.


At uni I was paired with this girl. I hate group projects but I said what ever, let’s just try to scrape a good grade out of this.

“Hi I’m Laura. Let’s do a good job, ok?” she introduced herself with a bright smile and full of excitement.

“I’m Richard. I will agree to working hard”. I was already pleased with her approach. She seemed funny and joyful. Just my cup of tea.

“Hey Rick, would you like going to my dorm after classes so we can start organising for the project?”

“Only mom calls me Rick. Ha-ha. But that’s fine. May I suggest we go to my flat, it’s not far off and I wouldn’t want to disturb your roommate or mates.”

“Ok. I finish my last lecture at 2pm. Meet you then?”

“Perfect. See ya!”

It’s a bad habit of mine but whenever I meet a new person I do a quick read of their brains. Laura seemed great. She is funny, intelligent and positive. She lacks in confidence, since she was dumped quite often. She thinks it’s due to her looks.

“Over here,” she yelled at me at our rendezvous point.

We took the underground to my flat and as we entered she observed, “Wow this place is super nice.”

“Thanks. It’s small but I love it. It’s perfect for one. Or some more than one if the night is right.”

She punched me lightly and said, “Dickhead!” We both laughed joyfully. “Does it happen often that the night is right? Certainly, a hunk like you has no issues with the ladies.”

“Not as often as I would like.” Ok, that was a bit of a lie. I did not want to give her the impression of being an asshole running around dicking girls left and right.

The afternoon proceeded calmly. We started our research and discussed our talking points. Boring uni stuff.

After a while we started talking about ourselves, what we like and dislike, our families (I didn’t mention the powers bit) etc. As it turned out my quick brain scan was right. She is very funny and intelligent. Also, a bit of a nerd which is always a big plus.

“Do you have a boyfriend? Or girlfriend?” I knew she was straight but being funny helps when asking personal questions.

“Well aren’t we getting cheeky! No, not now.” She frowned a bit too much I felt.

“I know we met just today but I feel I can talk to you very openly.” I have told her brain to relax around me. This is usually the only thing I do to people’s minds. I don’t like controlling too much.

“I think I’m not pretty enough to be able to keep a man. Usually after a couple of months they dump me saying they are not ready for more and after a while they have a new girlfriend that will last for years. I’m kind of getting tired of my body.”

“What don’t you like about it?” I asked

“Well I’m too fat and short. I look like a bowling ball at times. I know I could go on a diet and train for the first part, but I’d still be the shortest in the room.”

She Maltepe Escort was indeed quite short. I would say about 4’10” and weighing something like 145 pounds, which at her height made her very much stout.

“I also have no tits to speak of. The only thing I kind of like is my bum, though I’d like if some of the fat got distributed more evenly to my tits.” She looked at me a bit worried and ashamed.

“What am I talking about? Why am I saying these things to you?”

“There’s no problem. I don’t mind, really. I like talking about these things. Plus, I like your bum, too.”

“Dickhead!” She punched me

“What if I told you I could help you change your appearance the way you want to?”

“What do you mean?”

“This will shock you but I can modify bodies.”

She burst out laughing, “And I’m the fairy godmother, Rick. Well at least you’re funny. I give you that.”

“Don’t trust me huh? What about this?” I pulled my hand from my back showing seven fingers. Like that Bruce Almighty scene.

She turned a bit pale, “This has to be a trick, right?”

“Nope. 100% naturally supernatural.”

“I still don’t believe you. That’s an easy trick a five-year-old could pull.”

“Ok. What’s your favourite colour?”

“Purple. But I don’t see how-?”

Before she completed her thought, I turned my skin and hair different shades of purple. “How do I look?”

“Oh, my God. This is amazing. So. Ehm. You said you could change any body, not only yours?”

“Indeed, I did.” I teased her wanting her to utter the words.

“Could you change me? Please I beg you. I will do-“

“Of course. What would you like?”

“Really? Ok. Let me think of this. First I want to be tall. Like 5’9″.”

“Can be done. But may I suggest you undress. Since your clothes will rip if you don’t.”

She looked a bit suspicious and then said, “You know what. Let them rip. I want to fully enjoy the experience.”

“As you please.”

Slowly, but fast enough to see the process she started expanding. Her shirt started getting very tight around her shoulders and arms and her legs were ripping her trousers.

“Wow this is unbelievable.” She looked at herself during her growth.

“But wait. How come I’m still fat?”

“Well I only made you taller. You kept your proportions. You now weigh incredible 180 pounds.”

“You know my measurements?”

“It’s part of my abilities. The moment I change people I know exactly how big any part of their body is.”

“Weird. But still, I don’t want I don’t want to be fat. Can you make me look like a thin model?”

“I could. Didn’t you say you liked your butt. You would lose it if you became too thin.”

“Huh I didn’t think about that. Know what? Make me lose weight everywhere but around my ass and tits and I’ll see from there.” I love it when they stop using breasts and butt and start saying tits and ass.

And so, I made her slim down quite a bit except for the aforementioned parts. Her shirt started becoming a bit looser but it looked as if she were wearing children’s clothing.

“Congratulations. You are now the owner of a 38-24-38 body. And your tits are a large B cup.”

“Yes, I wanted to address that.” She looked at me a bit ashamed of her thoughts, “Can you give me huge tits? I always wanted to not be able to see my feet. And not because of my belly. I want to be able to lick my own nipples.”

“It can be done. I suggest I start and you say when to stop.”

And so, her breasts started growing. From big Bs to Cs. Her shirt started tearing. “Go on I want to destroy this shirt with my monster tits!”

She was in ecstasy by just looking at her tits, which now were large Ds.

Her shirt finally ripped and I could see a couple of big tits, which had completely obliterated her small A cup bra.

“How big am I Rick?” she asked after having sucked her left nipple.

“You’re carrying a pair of DDs bordering on E. I took the liberty to also strengthen your back muscles so you don’t feel any pain due to their hugeness.”

She jumped on me and we started kissing with passion. Man, she is an great kisser. We touched each other and stroked each other’s faces and hair. It was amazing.

After a couple of minutes of kissing she asked, “Rick. Are the changes permanent?”

“If I don’t change you back you will remain like this.” I smiled at her

“So, if I ask you to change me in a way I don’t like you can change me back.”

I looked, surprised, “Is there something you don’t like? Maybe I have gone too-“

“Don’t worry, everything is perfect. I asked to be sure.” She looked at me with a very naughty look, smirking. “Since I’m going to fuck you silly with this new body of mine what do you think if we go totally nuts with it?”

“I love the way you think. What do you want me to do to you?”

“Wait wait. I think we have played enough with me for the moment. You just saw my big tits reveal themselves. And this is only our first date. Lose the shirt.”

I Anadolu Yakası Escort did as told. “Damn you’re cut.” She looked at me, again, suspiciously. “How much of it is natural and how much was your ability?”

“Normally I would be skinny and athletic but certainly not like this. Do you like it?”

“I love it. Although it would be nice if you were musclier. You know, broader and bigger. Like the shape of Michael Phelps but with the individual muscles being bigger.”

I usually don’t like growing bigger muscles but Laura was so thrilled by the experience that I did as asked.

Before doing anything, I decided to take away my trousers as well since I wanted to be able to use them in the morning.

And so, I started bulking up instantly. Every muscle on my body started growing and growing. By the end, I could have rivalled any amateur bodybuilder.

“Jeez Rick. I’m so fucking wet. You’re so hot.”

“Right back at you. About those crazy changes, you were talking about?”

“I thought these tits are great and all. But what about making them truly humongous? This time you decide when to stop.” I truly like this girl.

Her boobs started swelling up. Like balloons slowly being blown into, they grew and grew. Soon she reached an H cup, where every tit was the size of her head.

I did not want to stop, nor did she according to a quick mind read. I went on and on and on. L cup, M cup, N cup. I stopped at a P cup.

Each tit was twice and a half the size of her head.

“Jesus. They are so huge and soft and heavy,” she blabbered in joy and pleasure.

I also added many nerve endings so she could feel pleasure through them if well enough stimulated.

“I love these. We are going to have so much fun. You said you liked my bum, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did. It’s very shapely.”

“What if it were even shapelier?”

On cue, I started making it grow. Starting at 38 inch it was quite large but not huge.

And remember Laura had still her trousers on.

“Oh yeesss. Make my ass huge. Make these trousers explode under the might of my butt cheeks.”

And so, her already tight trousers started ripping and tearing until they could no more. I stopped.

“How big is my ass, Rick?”

“45 inches, dear.”

“Only 45? I always wanted-“

She wanted to say she desired a fifty-inch ass.

So, I started expanding it and it expanded until it reached the great goal of fifty inches. “Mmmh. I love how huge all over I am.”

This time I jumped on her and started kissing her ferociously. I also used the new strength my bigger muscles gave me to squeeze her huge tits and making her moan because of it.

“Oh. Yes. It feels so good. Destroy these gigantic melons. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Fuuuck. More. More, Rick. Make me cum through my new fun-bags,” and so, she came loudly.

“Jesus. That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had.”

“You ain’t seen nothing yet.” I replied while taking my boxers off.

“Fucking fuck Rick, that’s a monster. Did you make yourself hung as well?”

“Guilty as charged. I love the reaction it gets.”

“Wait. Don’t tell me how big it is I want to measure it. Do you have a tape measure?”

“Yes, it’s in the bottom drawer in the kitchen.”

She quickly jumped up and almost fell down “Whoa. Ok new centre of gravity. Thanks for all the extra muscles by the way. I would be laying on the floor by now without them.”

She walked to the kitchen, swaying her huge ass left and right. Arrived at her destination, she tried showing me her ample cheeks by bending down. She quickly noticed that her megatits were in the way, so she grabbed the tape measure in a less sexy but more convenient way.

“Enjoying the view?” She asked with the tape measure in one hand and one tit in the other.

“Like crazy. I love your huge everything.”

“Speaking of huge. Let’s greet your friend here.”

She put the measuring tool on my tool and gasped, “Damn. You’re seven and a half inches – soft. I know I haven’t had a ton of partners but your soft dick is bigger than any of theirs when hard”

“Do you measure the size of a guy’s penis often?” I asked grinning.

“Well. It’s a mini fetish of mine. How much bigger do you get?”

“The easy answer is how much you like. But I think it’s now my turn to decide how we’re going to have our fun. Lay down!”

She did as told and I put my dick inside her tits that made cantaloupes look tiny. I began growing and hardening. Until the tip wasn’t covered by her tits anymore.

I stood up flaunting my tool. “You like?”

“I love it. It’s so fucking huge and thick. Let me measure it.”

She measured me again. This time she let a little scream before saying, “Jesus. It’s 13 inches long. Let me play with this work of art.” She took me in both hands and started licking and sucking at the tip. It felt good but she clearly couldn’t take any more. Thus I took some liberties and made her lose her gag reflex and slightly İstanbul Escort widened her throat.

What began wasn’t a simple blowjob. I was truly pounding and fucking her mouth and throat. The outline of my schlong was visible through her skin as it went fast in and out. Her eyes turned a bit teary, but her mind said she was greatly enjoying it.

I stopped fucking her mouth and she slowly started breathing normally again. “Oh. My. Fucking God. That was incredible.” She moved her gaze from my cock to my balls which were now the size of large lemons.

She grabbed one in each hand and said, “I wonder how much there is in here.”

“There’s an easy way to find out.” I threw her on her back and placed my rod between her watermelon dwarfing tits. “I see. Fuck my jumbo tits and cum all over me.”

I began thrusting back and forward. We both tried cupping her bust, but two pair of hands were not enough to contain the jiggle my thrusting caused. Damn did it feel good, though.

I was feeling the first spurt rising up my shaft. I tried to restrain myself, unsuccessfully. I came. And came. And came. Laura foolishly tried to suck at my tip but after a while she had to spit it all out to avoid choking.

“Jesus Christ almighty. How much are you cumming?” I stopped after a dozen or so spurts. “Look at me. I’m a mess. That was amazing.”

The inside of her cleavage looked as if someone filled the Grand Canyon with whipped cream. So much that it was spilling all over. She cupped one of her tits, looked me in the eye and licked my cum from her funbag. Damn this lady knows how to turn people on.

“I see we are not done yet, though,” she said giggling looking at my still hard and throbbing dick.

“Did you think I would let you go before utterly destroying your insides?”

“I hoped you wouldn’t.” Back on her back she offered her body to me. The body I made. This masterpiece was going to get fucked into next month. Though I clearly didn’t want to hurt her. So, I rearranged her insides to make it possible for me to fuck her properly.

I put my pole on her tummy, just to show her how deep it will go. “Jesus. I never even half of this.” My tip would have been touching normal sized breasts, but with her it was completely engulfed by those globes.

“Ready?” Even before her answer came I entered her pussy. Slowly teasing squirms of pleasures out of her until I reached the end. A very visible outline of my dick was showing through her skin.

“Rick. Don’t move. Yet. Let me enjoy this I think I entered heaven.” After somewhat regaining her mind she uttered, “And now fuck me, you horse hung man!”

Without needing further encouragement, I started gaining speed. She was unsurprisingly tight. My pounding her let her scream in pleasure so I jumped in and kissed her. She kissed back, while still moving her hips so to further create friction inside of her.

“That was just the beginning, hon.” I claimed and after raising her legs I began jackhammering her. Drops squirted out of her whole due to the pressure I created.

“Oh. M-my. Goooo-ood. This. I-is the be-st. Give me more. More. Hard-er. I want more of this tree trunk. Now,” she screamed in delight. Reading her mind showed me her only thoughts were of pleasure and about my cock. Not even about me.

“No problem. You want more cock. I will give you all the cock you’d ever need,” I thought. While pounding her I started growing. Slowly but regularly. After a while even she in her ecstasy started feeling the difference. “Oh my God Rick. What are you doing?”

“You said you wanted more, right?”

By now the outline looked like a 7 month pregnancy where the baby was jumping up and down at an incredible speed. “Jesus fuck I’m going to cum again. Destroy meeee.”

Taken by my own ecstasy I pounded with no control. Until finally my huge load was about to cum. “Aaahhhhhhh,” we screamed in unison.

I was flooding her womb, which I head to enlarge for her to accommodate my spunk. After minutes of cumming I took my pole out of her and put it on her. It now reached her face.

“How was it?” I asked knowing the answer not only due to my mind reading abilities.

She was licking my shaft as she said, “It’s by far the best sex I’ve ever had. Possibly the best any girl ever had.”

“You were great yourself. Thank you for wanting to try things out.”

“You thank me? Who wouldn’t want to be fucked by a three foot dick while your enormous tits slap you in the face?”

“You would be surprised. Never mind that, though. Would you like to return to normal?”

“What? No. Never. I mean i want to be able to look human but I love these sexy curves. Please don’t turn me back into the short, fat pity of a girl I was.”

“I was never going to do that. By normal I meant before the ridiculous growth. Don’t worry.”

“Oh. Sorry for thinking that. Yes. Go on.”

And so, she her tits and ass started shrinking to still curvy as hell but more manageable.

“You’re back to your ‘normal’ self. A supersexy 5’9″ tall girl sporting fabulous E cups, a small 24 inch waist and great round 38 inch ass”

“Make it 40. You know. Round numbers.” She grew a bit and jiggled her bubble but.

“Round indeed.” She punched me.


“Laura? Can I be completely honest?”

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