Gym Friends – The Vacation Pt. 01


The early days of my relationship with Sara are described in the stories centered around our time at the gym as we became close friends. While those are not necessary to this story, it provides a bit of background to our relationship and the context for this brief, intense encounter…


After our months together and keeping all of our meetings secret and scheduled around our days with our husbands, Sara and I wanted to have a few days when there would be no competition for our time and affection. We both continued to be happy, satisfied women at home. But, our lives together also brought us both happiness and intense pleasure.

John and I had discussed going to our condo in Florida to check up on it after a winter of rental visitors. Our rental agent made sure that the tenants were high quality and there was no concern about damage they may cause, but the process generally led to some needs for minor repairs and replacement. Every year, some small appliance would get worn out and a few forks or spoons seemed to disappear. So, a check-up was necessary and also, a good vacation time away from our home in Connecticut. Besides that, the Gulf coast of Florida is beautiful in April and quite relaxing as the weather turns hot there. It also gave us an opportunity to get some summer color before outdoor season began at home. This year, John had a number of obligations and projects at work that were making scheduling a time away difficult. So, I proposed to him an alternative, I told him that as I had discussed our vacation condo with Sara, she had told me how she would enjoy a few days at the beach before summer started. Perhaps, if he didn’t mind, we could schedule a girls weekend away. There would be a few days when he could work late without worrying about being home for dinner and then get his golf game tuned up over the weekend. It would also spare him the annual shopping for dish towels and all the other trips to the store that he enjoyed so much. After a few polite objections that he couldn’t believe I thought he didn’t enjoy those activities, he agreed that it would be OK if I scheduled a girl’s weekend.

After John left for work, I called Sara. She answered the phone with “Hey, are you up for a cup of coffee? If you have the coffee, I have the cream.”

I told her, “I guess that pornhub tells me what is on your mind this morning.” She quickly confirmed that was indeed on her mind and there were other parts of her body very interested in seeing me for a morning together. I started to ask if we would be starting at the gym but she interrupted me to let me know that the morning workout would be at her place and if I didn’t get over there quickly, she would be starting without me. Since getting together for some morning pleasure was clearly on my mind after the discussion of a vacation away, I hurried to her house without any hesitation.

I was already dressed for a visit to the gym as I entered her house. As I saw her, Sara was definitely dressed for her idea of a morning workout. She was wearing a short satin robe tied at the waist. It flowed from her loosely, showing enough chest to make it clear that she was the only thing under the robe, no other clothes. She quickly greeted me with a hug and deep kiss. Our tongues intertwined as clutched at each other’s body. Her hands gripped my ass tightly to her as I reached under her robe and cupped her bare cheeks. I broke off our kiss, “what has you so worked up this morning? I’m not complaining, but, wow!! You’re most certainly in the mood today.”

She looked at me, “I don’t know. I was here alone starting to get ready for the gym and all I could think of is your naked body. Something got into my mind and I need you to take care of me. Now!!”

I looked at her and saw the total lust in her eyes. “I guess you must have heard John and me talking about you and our discussion got you aroused,” I told her with a smile. She immediately wanted to know what we had been saying so I continued. “I wanted to go down to the condo to see the Gulf and check on things. He has been so busy and isn’t able to get away to join me so I told him that I was going to see if you wanted to go there for a short vacation to help me pick out new dish towels and things like that.” As I continued to invite her on the trip to the condo, I began to massage her breasts through the satin robe. “You’ll have to bring this robe; your breasts feel so good to squeeze through this material. Rubbing you makes your nipples so hard…so enticing…I won’t be able to keep my hands off your porno 92 breasts.” As I continued to talk and massage her, she began to moan loudly.

“Oh yes, I’d love to join you on a trip to your condo,” Sara moaned in response to my invitation and massaging. “I’m certain that we’d be able to enjoy each other’s company and take care of everything that needs to be addressed…we may even find some time to look for new dishtowels,” she continued with a laugh.

I pushed her robe aside and massaged the soft skin of her breasts, kissing her deeply as she moaned in pleasure. My rubbing became more and more intense as we continued our kisses. She pushed her hands under my jacket to reach for my breasts. As our kisses increased in passion, I pushed her to the sofa and lowered her body. I knelt in front of her. “This is what I’m going to do to you when we’re on vacation,” I told her. I spread her legs, pushing her robe aside as I lowered my mouth to her aroused pussy. I wasted no time in spreading her lips and moving my mouth to her already swollen cum button, beginning with strokes of my tongue against her as she moaned in delight. Around and around my tongue pressed against her, tasting her frantic arousal as I pleasured her deeply. My tongue and lips massaged her swollen clit as she moaned in delight. I licked her deeply, then I sucked her clit…returning to licking…returning to sucking as her moans became louder and louder. She begged for pleasure as licked and sucked her. I could feel my own pleasure and desires building as I continued the intense tongue and lip massage of her totally aroused pussy. She squirmed in delight as I continued to enjoy the juicy taste of her aroused pussy. Her hips lifted off the sofa, pressing her pussy hard against my face as her screams of orgasm filled the room. Wave after wave of pleasure flowed from her pussy as her climax filled her body. I kept sucking harder and harder as she orgasmed, sucking every wave of pleasure from her body until she could take no more and moaned for me to stop. I looked up at her naked body, her chest heaving as she caught her breath in post-orgasmic delight.

I needed Sara to return the favor and provide me with the same pleasure that I had just given to her. I stood in front of her panting body as she stared at qiqitv porno me. My warm-up jacket dropped to the floor and I pulled my exercise tank top over my head and dropped it on top of the jacket. I unfastened my exercise bra, freeing my breasts and showing Sara my hardened nipples. I massaged my breasts as she looked up at me with desire in her eyes, her chest continuing to heave. I pulled at my nipples, intensifying my own pleasure. I pushed my shoes off and my hands dropped to my waist, pushing my fingers into the waistbands of both my exercise tights and my panties. With one push, both were sliding down my legs, exposing my heat to Sara. I lowered them to the floor and stepped away from them, climbing on top of Sara as she sat beneath my spread legs.

I leaned down to kiss her. As our kiss broke I moaned to her, “It’s your turn to take care of me.” I felt her hand move between my thighs, beginning to massage my totally aroused, hot pussy. I pressed my hips downward, gyrating my pussy against her hand to intensify the sensation I was feeling. My pleasure was quickly growing as Sara pushed me sideways, lying me down on the sofa. As she massaged my aroused pussy, she moved so that her face approached my hips. I could feel her panting breath on my wet pussy as she took me in her mouth and began to pleasure my clit as her fingers penetrated my aroused pussy. I gyrated against her hand as her mouth clamped down on my swollen cum button, sending sensations of pleasure through my body. I held her head against me, pressing her mouth against my sensitive tip as I lifted my hips to press my pussy harder into her mouth. My free hand pulled at my nipples, spreading the sensations of arousal across my body. Sara sucked harder and harder, her fingers penetrating me deeper and deeper. She continued to enjoy holding my clit in her mouth as she massaged my body. The sensations grew and grew within me. I could feel the climax building deep within me until it exploding, waves of pleasure spreading from deep in my pussy upward, down through my legs and throughout my body. Such a glorious and total climax filling me with delightful waves of orgasmic sensations until I could take no more and begged her to stop.

As I lie there in orgasmic delight, Sara looked at me, “are you sure that we’ll be able to survive all those days together? We could kill each other with orgasms.”

I looked at her, “what a way to go.” and smiled at her.

As we caught our breath and I grabbed my clothes, our discussion moved to planning our trip. And what a trip it was. But that is another story.

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