H.O.T. Properties

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This work is a sequel or more properly a continuation of “Duped into Love”. You will enjoy this work better if you read that first. This is a work of pure fiction. All the characters are adults. The sex is between consenting women. As always remember this is my work if you like it recommend it to whomever but do not appropriate it. I do read my feed back and take it to heart. If you send me a private feedback with no return email it is ignored. Please Rate and comment this is how author hone their craft. Oh as usual this story is over 12K words so be warned.


H.O.T. Properties

Tanya had been schooled by Hollie in real estate and also her body remake. She took no offense, since she knew a female was more likely to make sales if her appearance was very attractive. Tanya had been assured by coworkers that she was not fat but she felt she was. She had been thin all her life after gaining 23 pounds she felt she was over weight. Hollie had seen that Tanya’s main problems were self image and muscle tone. Hollie took her to the gym provided by the condo association as part of her dues. They worked weights every other day and ran every day. As a result, Tanya had lot the excess weight and toned up. Her face was thinner and her legs had more shape than ever before. Best of all Tanya thought she was sexy and thinking so made it so

Hollie had bought her a whole new wardrobe once she had lost weight. It was very stylish and sensual. Tanya loved her for this effort, as well as for Hollie’s prowess in bed. The woman could do things to her she had not thought possible. Today Tanya sat for her licensing exam. When she finished she was positive she had easily passed.

Hollie took her out to celebrate that evening – dinner and dancing. Later Tanya made Hollie come over and over. In fact, Hollie was so excited she could not stop after the fourth time for over three minutes. God help me, if she decided to she could kill me with sex. Tanya studied technique online. She never failed to learn new things. Then she’d try them on Hollie. Hollie was amazed at Tanya’s imagination. She was the life long lesbian and had never seen or heard of some of the things Tanya did.

Two days later, scores were posted online, and Tanya had scored out at 100%! Hollie was so impressed with her lover. They had a meal that Tanya made and sat down to watch a movie, a favorite of both ladies. Before the opening credits were over, Hollie was between Tanya’s thighs getting dessert, repaying Tanya for her previous night of passion. By the end of the movie, Tanya was spent. She had so many trips up the mountain she could not breath. Her mind had stopped. Hollie was holding her tightly because Tanya had started weeping. She could not speak but there was love in her eyes. Finally, Tanya asked “How did I never try this? I missed so much, Hollie. I am so glad you chose to educate me.”

“Tanya, everyone has her own epiphany. We all find out in our own time. I am so blessed you would give me a chance. Now let me get you to bed – we are going to have a big day tomorrow.” They slowly made the trip up the stairs, took a quick shower, and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The cruel alarm woke them at six a.m. They dressed casually and set out, to where Tanya did not know. At eight, they were sitting in an upscale coffee bar sipping French roast coffee when a beautiful black woman walked up to their table. She sat down without invitation, looking at Tanya the whole time as if she were buying a horse. “You certainly know how to pick girls, Hollie! She’s the one you’ve been pining over, right?”

“Tanya, I would like to introduce you to Ophelia Jackson.” Ophelia held out her hand and Tanya shook it. “She is the other top broker in the city, Tanya. We want to set up our own agency with you as a partner.” Tanya was taken off guard. She was a total newbie! What value could she add? “We have to find a location and set up the business, getting all the tax and other documentation done first. Ophelia, did you get us an appointment with an attorney?”

“Sure ’nuff, Hollie. We have about 45 minutes. It’s right down the street. Tanya, you do know how to speak, right?” Ophelia teased.

“Yes, ma’am. I’m just stunned mute by all this.”

“Listen up, girly! Don’t ever ‘ma’am’ me! I’m not my mother, who, by the way, you better ma’am!” Ophelia’s eyes were smoldering – she did not take well to being made to feel old.

“God, I’m sorry! I meant no offense! I only wanted to show respect. This is all overwhelming to me. What can I contribute to you two? I’ve never sold anything!”

“Hollie, you were right! She is cute as hell! Tanya, we can teach you. I saw your test score. You already know the law and rules. We’ll take you out on sales with us to give you some exposure to how it all works. Ophelia looked and saw Tanya had processed, so she looked at her watch. They had plenty of time.

“I will make every attempt to make myself useful. Will poker oyna we need secretarial help?” Tanya wanted to show she was thinking. She had some people in mind.

“Yes, we will, after we get the agency up and running. We will have to poach other listings at first. Right, Holls?”

“We’ve both done that before. It’s not underhanded so there will be no repercussions. Right, Fi?”

“It just makes more money to sell your own listings. We should do some advertising so people will know where we’re working,” Ophelia said, thinking out loud. She glanced at the time. It was time to go. She stood up and said so. This gave Tanya a chance to look her over. Ophelia had deep black skin with short hair and stunningly blue eyes. She was about five foot six inches and very fit, her leg muscles rippling when she walked. Her bust was impressive and so was her hard-muscled butt. She was beautiful by any measure. Ophelia was assessing Tanya, struck by her height. She looked down, expecting heels but found flats instead. “How tall are you, Tanya? Damn, woman! In heels you must be over six feet.”

“Yeah, I’m five nine, but, when I wear the heels Hollie said I should, I’m six one or two, depending. Won’t that turn off buyers who are shorter, Ophelia?”

“Not a bit. You might have to fight some off. Lots of people like tall girls. Plus it gives you power in the sales relationship.” Ophelia liked that the woman was thinking about things like this.

They rode the elevator up to the 15th floor to the lawyer’s office and went in. The receptionist got their names and sent them to wait in a conference room. Tanya was looking out the window at downtown when there was a new voice. “Good morning, ladies. My name is Angela Epstein. How may I help you today?” Hollie laid out what they needed as Angela took notes. Nothing difficult. Her assistant would take care of them easily. When Tanya heard the name of the business, she rocked back, H.O.T. Properties was a little naughty. After the meeting, Tanya wanted clarification.

“H.O.T Properties is a little racy, isn’t it, Hollie?” Tanya asked.

Ophelia replied, “God, I hope so! I know Hollie warned you about sex being a no-no, but flirting is a big part of selling. You just need to know when to stop. It’s OK to refer to a property as sexy, just not your client, right?”

“Well, I’ve made quite a few sales with the line ‘For someone like you your property needs to match your beauty’,” Hollie responded. “You have to assess each person before you try that, Tanya, so you should wait to get more experience first.”

It took three weeks to get the agency set up. Tonya kept accounts of what she owed Hollie, who was paying her share. They were lovers but Tanya would not abuse that. In truth, Hollie did not care. She was sure Tanya would make them all money. They ran ads in all the local newspapers, and it took only a few days for clients to filter in. The new secretary, Doris Lane, was ultra efficient so they had appointments set within the week.

Tanya escorted the two experienced agents and saw their differing but effective styles. Hollie knew every fact and figure, which impressed the clients, whereas Ophelia focused on the neighborhoods and their highlights. Both kept all their paperwork handy just in case and were selling easily. After 12 trips, Tanya was allowed to speak. She simply added facts she had gleaned from her research and was thanked by the buyers. She was looking through listings to find something she could handle alone when Doris came to her with a new client. He wanted to look at two commercial properties. Tanya quickly read the listings and knew this was probably beyond her scope. But she had to fly solo sometime. The client, Jeffery Palmero, picked her up in his limo. They headed to the first listing. On the way, Tanya learned what he wanted the buildings for and knew the second was a better fit. Mr. Palmero was attracted to the tall slender woman but he knew to keep this business only. Tanya was making no overt signs to her client in any way, sexual or otherwise. As she had thought, the first showing did not go well. The property was not suited to the uses she had been told.

The second building was better, but Mr. Palmero thought it would be a teardown so he declined. Tanya asked him, “Sir, can you give me a few days to research other possibilities now that I know your requirements?”

“Yes, this is more in your line, Ms. Wilson. See what you can find. I am in a time bind so don’t take too long.”

Back at the office, Tanya dug up four possibilities. The first two she found did not look right to her. The other two were priced too high but she wanted to check on the particulars. One was a new listing so they would not be ready to negotiate yet. The second had been on the market for almost two years. Tanya called Doris, asking her to find financials on the company selling the property. Three hours later, Doris handed her the report: Dexter Development canlı poker oyna was in trouble, and that property was sinking them in debt. It was no longer an income producer, but there were taxes, maintenance, and insurance. While the asking price was well above her buyer’s limit, Tanya was sure that they had to deal to rid themselves of the albatross. She asked Doris to get the last building inspection from the city, and it was on Tanya’s desk within an hour. She called Mr. Palmero’s office to schedule a meeting to present the property. That evening she was a bundle on nerves. Hollie giggled at her, remembering her first solo sale and how nervous she was.

Tanya wanted to get in early so she could prepare her presentation. She spent two hours on a PowerPoint slide show. All the salient facts and figures were presented with no spurious information. Jeffery Palmero did not seem the type to appreciate BS. Tanya spent most of the morning at the presentation and showing. The property was too perfect for the executives to believe. Eventually Tanya convinced them to at least bid, and, after seeing the trouble the seller was in they went for their throat. By the end of the day the deal had been settled. Tanya had her first sale locked up as well as a new client.

Ophelia was distracted by her cell’s ringtone but her client told her to get the call. “Ophelia, I am sorry. I know you are on a showing. I just made my first sale and my client wants to take all the partners out for drinks tonight.” Tanya had not stopped to breathe – she was super excited.

“OK, Tanya. Where and when?” Tanya told her the name of a very expensive bar, at seven-thirty. “Congratulations! I’ll meet you there. I have to get back to work.” Tanya then called Hollie, and she said she would be there. Mr. Palmero’s lawyers had drawn up the contracts and they were signed that afternoon, netting Tanya her first commission. At the bar, both Hollie and Ophelia were instantly aware of who Jeffery Palmero was – he was big money. They all had a good time. When Jeffery had to use the restroom, Ophelia asked Tanya what she had sold.

“I sold a property Dexter Development had for sale. Mr. Palmero and his team got it for 57% of the asking. Dexter was failing due to owning that asset and were desperate to dump it. I got my check already. I wanted to frame it but I need to repay Hollie for my share of the business.” She then handed Hollie the bank draft. Hollie gawked at Tanya. She had sold a four-hundred-million-dollar listing! Hollie handed the check to Ophelia who was smiling until she saw the amount: $12,000,000.00. Ophelia’s response was a muted ‘shit’. She handed Tanya back the document.

Ophelia looked into Tanya’s eyes and spoke earnestly. “Hollie told me you would develop into a top agent. We didn’t expect an industrial sale to be your first. Way to go, girl! Holls, you know she needs a special celebration, don’t you?”

“Yes, Fi. My mind is churning with possibilities.”

“I want to make you dinner, Hollie, and then maybe fool around, if that’s OK with you,” Tanya said with passion in her voice and eyes.

Ophelia laughed at Hollie’s red face. “That sounds hard to pass up, Holls.” Just then Jeffery Palmero returned with a woman on his arm.

“Ladies, this is my wife, Miriam. She wanted to meet the real estate A-team.” Jeffery introduced the elegant woman. Hollie stood and offered her hand to Miriam. They shook with the limp grip that society ladies seem to favor. Ophelia shook next, followed by Tanya. Jeffery introduced the agents by name as they presented themselves to his wife. He spoke again. “We have a dinner date to make, ladies. I hope you will excuse us. Thank you again, Tanya, for the excellent work you did for us.” The couple then made their exit as did the partners. Ophelia was headed to a date herself. She was a prodigious heterosexual who never went without company. Hollie took Tanya home for their festivities.

Tanya made salads and baked potatoes and then cooked a rib-eye steak for each of them. While they ate, Hollie eyed her lover. The woman was unpredictable in her lovemaking, making her hard to anticipate. What will she want of me tonight? Tanya was enjoying learning the many ways to give Hollie pleasure. Tonight she had a new one planned. After dinner, Tanya cleaned the kitchen. She then led Hollie to the bed. Hollie was told to undress and sit against the headboard. Tanya stripped and climbed on at the foot of the bed. She looked at Hollie’s worried face and sought to pacify her. “I am here to be your entertainment, Hollie. Tell me what you want me to do to myself for your pleasure, but you are not allowed to touch either of us.”

“Don’t do that to me, lover. I want your body so bad.”

“I will finish you, my dear, but first you have to earn it. Now what is your pleasure?”

“Oh, why don’t you pinch your nipples to make them hard and then pull on them for a while?” Tanya’s hands moved to her chest. internet casino She grasped a nipple with each hand between her thumb and index finger and pinched down. “Ah, now, not so hard or you’ll make them numb.” Hollie couldn’t help getting wet watching the show presented just for her. “Stop. Now caress your breasts until they ache for my attention.” Tanya’s eyes were clouding with a dreamy look – this was better than she thought it would be. Her touch was gentle but also demanding. She did not try to suppress the moans that the stimulation gave her. “Do you want me to suck on them, Tanya?” Tanya nodded but then shook her head no. “So which do you want? Now or later?” Tanya had shaken her head no at now and nodded at later. Hollie smiled – this was getting fun. She could make Tanya drive herself crazy with lust. “Are you seeing what this is doing for me, babe?” Hollie spread her legs to display a wet prize to Tanya. Tanya moaned and nodded. This was going so quickly. But Hollie was the conductor, setting the pace. “Show me yours now, and pull your nipples some more.” Tanya lewdly splayed her legs, showing her glistening fur, and gasped when she tugged her nipples. Hollie let her keep at it for a long time, until she saw Tanya had deep red showing on them. “Now rub and sooth them, Tanya. I don’t want them bruised.” Tanya let out a groan of delight at her soft touches. Hollie got an idea she knew what her lover liked. “Wet both of your forefingers and rub those buds.” She had expected Tanya to put the fingers in her mouth, not her pussy like she did. Tanya let a slow sigh to indicate her excitement, as the fingers returned to her breasts with a sultry “ahh…”.

Hollie was so turned on by what was happening before her, she wanted to clean Tanya’s juices from her chest. “Slip your hand under your boobs and stroke them, Tanya.” The shivering response was almost too much for Hollie. “Slide those hands down your sides slowly to your bottom and knead the cheeks.” “Ohhhh…” was all that came out of Tanya – she was about to climax from this game. Her fingers slid down her ribs to her abdomen at an almost glacial pace as she quaked with need and excitement. “Good girl. I’ll bet you are as turned on as I am. Don’t mark that wonderful ass. OK?” With glassy eyes Tanya nodded as her fingers dug unto the flesh of her buttocks. She loved the stimulation. Her agitation was at a tipping point. “Enough. I can see you are about to lose control. Now slide those hands down the outside of your legs to your knees.” Tanya abandoned her squeezing and resumed the slow journey down her body, every new nerve connected to her clit. When she reached her knees, she groaned loudly. “Reach behind your knees and stroke there very softly.” Tanya was using all the will she could muster. As she touched the erogenous zone she quavered strongly. “We’re almost ready, I think. Now slowly up the inside but don’t touch your pussy.” Tanya had a pleading look on her face. She did not know Hollie was in the same state without a bit of physical stimulation.

Tanya had not expected this game to be so erotic. She would explode at the first touch to any part of her pubes. As her hands stroked up her thighs, she spread her legs widely to prevent the denied touches. Hollie’s eyes were focused on the sopping slit she wanted to get at until she saw the hands reach the inguens. “Tanya. Stop.” Tanya was so in need. This game had gone on for over an hour. She looked into Hollie’s eyes, seeing a seething lust. “I think this is a fun sport, Tanya. We must change places sometime. Very gently brush over your pubic hairs but don’t touch anything under them.” At the first stimulation, Tanya’s hips shot up hard. She could not control herself anymore. A lightning bolt shot from hair follicles to her overly sensitized nervous system. Hollie looked on in amazement as Tanya started spasming in the throes of an epic climax. The sight lit off her own shuddering release which quickly escalated due to the sounds coming out of her lover. Tanya grunted at every convulsion, interspersed with wails. She heard Hollie climax and that started another in her. The orgasms bounced back and forth between the two like a volley at Wimbledon until there was a culmination. Both women were almost instantly asleep. The intensity, both physical and emotional, had drained them.

Tanya awoke later. She was cold. The lights had disturbed her. She forced herself to get up and extinguish them. She grabbed up the duvet and fell back to sleep, spooning Hollie. In the morning, Hollie screamed curses at the alarm, but that had them both giggling, so sleep was over. They took a shower and dressed. Hollie was watching Tanya to see what the sex last night had done. Tanya knew she was being inspected. She took care to show nothing overt. She was shaken by the intensity. Hollie suggested they stop for breakfast at work.

As they waited for their order at the coffee house, Tanya tired of the dodging of the issue. “Last night the intensity was truly unexpected. Hollie, are you upset with me?”

“God, no, sweet one. The whole thing was a lesson in mental sex for me. How are you with it?”

“I’m still excited. I could rape you right here, baby.”

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