Hail Ch. 02


I must have fallen asleep before Marissa returned, because the first thing I remember was waking up again.

The room was dim, and as I looked across to the window I realized it was night. I lay still again in the bed, listening to the sounds around me; the crackling of the fire, the whistling of the wind outside, and the purr of Tom the kitten.

I looked across to the side of the bed, expecting to see Tom sitting there somewhere, watching me, wondering if he was about to walk on my face again. Tom was there alright, but he was purring because his ears were being tickled. And Marissa was doing the tickling.

She hadn’t noticed me moving, so I lay and watched for a bit longer. Marissa was quietly stroking Tom, and he was responding as only cats can. He pushed his head hard into her hand, encouraging her ministrations, pressing into her soft flesh for his own pleasure. Suddenly Tom caught my eye, and returned my stare. Certain now that I was awake, he rudely ignored Marissa’s searching fingers, and walked across from her lap to the blanket under which I slept. Reaching my motionless face, he put a careful paw up and pushed it against my forehead. I held my head still, and he lifted his other front paw to persuade me. Unable to resist any more, I let my head tip back, and laughed, as he collapsed on the bed in front of me. His minimal forbearance exhausted at that point, he swung around and jumped from the bed, heading for the fire.

I turned to look at Marissa again, and she was chuckling as well, but as we both recovered from Tom’s comedy show, I realised she was also shivering. Feeling awfully guilty suddenly, I spoke finally.

“Oh, Marissa, you’re cold.”

“Oh, no, I’m alright Hail, really.”

“Nonsense. Look… can’t we share the blanket? It’s not right…”

“Oh, I couldn’t Hail. You are ill.”

“You’re afraid of catching something?”

“No, it’s not that…”


“I am supposed to be watching over you.”

“Well, watch over me from here.”


“Hop under the blanket. There’s plenty, and I’m warm as toast. Really.”

“You’re sure?”

“Of course.”

“What about…”

“What Marissa?”

“…well, you are…”


“… naked, Hail.”

“Oh. I forgot about that.”



“What Hail?”

“Well, you already saw… well, you know… before.”


“So, well, stop that, and just get in here.”

“I could…”


“Keep the robe on. If you want.”

“Marissa, I’m not shy, really I’m not. Keep it, or lose it, I don’t care.”



“But if the Mother Superior finds out…”

“I won’t tell.”

“The door…”

“Has a lock presumably. Yes?”


“So lock it, and get in here. Marissa, I’m getting cold just watching you shiver.”

“I will.”


“But first, can I get you anything?”


“A drink maybe?”

“Just get in!”

She smiled then, the way she had when she caught me earlier, and jumped up from the chair. She moved as if on tip-toe, though she wasn’t, her movements as gentle as her fingers were with Tom.

Locking the door, and leaving the key in it, she walked unhurriedly to the fireplace, turned to a chair, and undid her robe. Her back was toward me, and her skin looked warm and brown in the light from the fire as her robe fell from her body. She dumped it quickly then, and turned to me in the firelight. şişli bayan escort Slipping out of her dainty shoes next, she skipped lightly across to me, her breasts bouncing in the fire’s flicker.

Marissa’s blonde hair was a study in contrast with my own, and I realized how much easier it was to see her in the dim light of the room than it would have been to see myself. My view was cut short however, as she reached the bed, and I lifted the cover so she could dive quickly underneath.

I was right, she was cold. Very. I shivered with the contact as she snuggled down in front of me, her back and buttocks pressed firmly to my front, her long hair just in front of my face. I lay very still, scared to move, not wanting to admit quite how cold she felt, not wanting her to move away from me, despite the discomfort. As we lay there, her temperature slowly increased, and after a while, we fed heat to each other, and the environment under the blankets became a little more bearable, then comfortable, then pleasantly warm, safe, still, and drowsy. I did exactly what you probably think. I went to sleep again. Yes, I did.

It was her breath that woke me. We had both turned in our sleep, and Marissa was close and warm behind me. I could feel her breasts pressed against my back, the swell of her pubic mound on my butt. One of her legs was draped carelessly over mine, and her upper arm was tucked under mine. I realised suddenly that her hand was gently cupping my breast, her fingers almost still as she slept, the firm hold reassuring somehow, the contact welcome. I’d never slept with another girl before, and didn’t know quite what to expect, but surely not this languorous gentle innocent warmth.

My thoughts were anything but innocent after that. I concentrated on the small amount of movement her body made as she breathed, and felt the rhythmic movements of her hand on my breast as well. Her legs moved too, but it was her hand that interested me most.

I lay still and willed my body to feel all the points of contact, and I could detect a sort of ripple as her breathing moved her body, and the contact with mine moved as a result. A tiny change in pressure that started where our legs touched, floated up my back, and down, with a tiny but frustrating delay, along her arm, and into her hand. As Marissa breathed out past my neck, her fingers pulled delicately at my breast, tiny girl-skin textures across my nipple. The peaceful tug on my nerves was enticing, exciting, enthralling, and my nipple responded. I could feel it hardening under the delicate touch, expanding in the warmth under the blankets, increasing the friction against Marissa’s fingers.

I couldn’t believe how excited I was getting, and lay very still, savouring the arousal, enjoying the journey, and not thinking about where it was going. That is, until Marissa’s breathing pattern changed in a subtle way, and a quiet voice whispered behind me. “Hail, you’re awake, aren’t you?”

I tried to ignore the voice, and concentrate on the feeling, but she asked again, and I had to answer. “Yes Marissa, kind of.”

“Mmmm… I thought so.”

“I… umm… was just lying here.”

“Yep. Tell me Hail, what were you thinking about?”

“Thinking? Well, I wasn’t really. Just, umm… feeling.”

“Feeling? Feeling what?”

I hesitated then. After all, I hardly knew her, and this was so strange to me. Eventually, I found the courage to answer: “You,” I whispered.

“Oh. Hail?”

“Uh huh.”

“Have you ever…”


“You şişli escort know, Hail.”

“No Marissa. I haven’t. Not… not with a girl.”



“Should I… move, Hail?”



“You should move, Marissa, but not away. Move closer. As close as you can get.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah. I’m sure. God, your hand feels nice there on my breast. I can feel you breathe.”

“Feels nice to me, too. Tell you what. Be quiet for a bit, like you were when you thought I was asleep.”

“You weren’t?”

“Nope. No more questions Hail. Be quiet, and feel, instead.”

So I lay there in silence. Marissa was also still, for a minute, and then, while one hand remained on my breast, the other crept up under her body, and began to caress my neck and shoulders. Marissa had quite a technique, and I stopped thinking, as she had suggested, and felt her touch me instead. The hand behind me started to step delicately down my spine, touching just enough for me to tell it was there, and I gasped as she touched the tender part at the base of my spine, wondering how on earth she knew.

Her other hand had begun to move too, I suddenly realised; leaving my breast, and slowly making its way down my chest to my stomach, fingertips touching the fine hairs on my skin, not exactly tickling, but exciting me somehow, building up a tension in me. As her two hands manipulated me expertly, I just lay there enjoying the journey.

Just when I got accustomed to the exploring hands, I felt a small puff of air against the side of my head, and the very tip of a tongue touched my earlobe, just briefly, and moved away a little. I thought it was Tom for a moment, but the breathing pattern was Marissa’s, as was the tongue. She kept returning to my ear, just touching it with her slipperiness, and backing off. The contrast between the hot wet tongue, and the cooling air that followed was captivating.

The dance of Marissa’s mouth didn’t stop there though. She started a small trail of cooling damp spots from my ear, down my cheek, across the front of my neck, making me realise for the first time how erotic the pressure on my neck could be. Then she was moving again, sliding slowly down my chest, small licks of precious moisture. I knew where she was going, and wanted her to both hurry up, and to take forever to get there. Unable to say anything appropriate, I moaned, quietly, in encouragement.

After an eternity, Marissa’s tongue reached my aching breast. She circled my painfully hard nipple with it, before engulfing it between her sweet lips. That was the last straw, and as her hot tongue touched my nipple, I came. An enormous release of tension. My whole body shuddered as Marissa held me, her breasts brushing my arm, her mouth making achingly pleasant moves on my breast, a light fingertip on my spine, another set of fingers suddenly between my legs.

I couldn’t think straight at all now. Released as I was, I still felt tense, coiled, ready again, waiting somehow, even though I was still shuddering with the impact. Rolling me gently to my back, crouching over me from the side, she reached over and took my other breast into her mouth. Her fingers replaced her mouth on the first breast, and as she felt her way down through the dark thatch of hair between her hand and her destination, I was spinning, my whole body a mass of nerves, held aloft by a concert of feelings.

I spread my legs instinctively to give her access to my most private parts mecidiyeköy escort then, my hot hammering mound hers for the taking. I wanted her attention on my clitoris then, to stop this delightful pressure, but she skipped past, her fingers passing tantalisingly close, but not touching. My hips lifted from the sheets in protest, my demands obvious, blatant, clear. But Marissa ignored me, sliding her hand up and down my labia, dipping them inside my aching wetness, the muscles grabbing her as best they could. I became a human clamp, willing her hand higher and closer with every convulsive thrust of my hips.

Another eternity passed while she held me there, and I gave up control of my body to her expert caresses, realising in the back of my mind that this couldn’t possibly be the first time she had done this. I couldn’t think about that for long though. My body was demanding my attention, and I returned my focus to my feelings. I had thrown off the covers, and I could feel my sweat evaporating without it seeming to cool me at all.

Just when I became convinced she would never do it, her fingers crept up, covered with my moisture, and slid, slippery and hot, across my most tender part, pushing the level of arousal too far, and as one nipple was caressed with a tongue, and the other with a gentle finger, I exploded again, a contraction ripping through me as I clamped mercilessly on her slippery fingers, trapping her inside me, and preventing any more movement there. I shuddered then, repeatedly, my body bucking beneath hers, and screamed. Gutteral earthy life screams, almost birth screams.

My muscles twitched as though released from any control. Sweat poured from my whole body. Spasms of pleasure raced through me, and I collapsed on the bed, spent, released, suddenly relaxed. Desperate for breath.

“Oh Marissa!”

“Shh… no talking Hail. Relax.”

“Oh I’m relaxed. Thank you.”

“Oh, no problem. None at all.”

“But listen, I need to…”

“No Hail. You don’t.”

“Yeah, but it’s not…”

“Mmmm… you mean it’s not fair, because I didn’t get the same?”

“Yeah, sort of. I think.”

“You talking about orgasms, Hail?”

“Well, not just that, but, yeah…”

“Then don’t worry.”



“Oh. Well, why…. Not?”

She looked and had that smile again then. “I did have one.”


“Yes, I did.”

“Well, aahh… umm… when?”

“You’re embarrassed again.”

“I guess I am, Marissa.”

“Don’t be. I came when you did. The first time.”

“Oh. I’m ashamed that I didn’t notice.”

“No need.”

“I… umm… listen, can I learn to… do that?”

“Learn? You already know how, you just need to realise.”

“Oh, but I…”

“No, not now. Now, you need to rest. I have to go anyway. It’s morning.”

“It’s… oh.”

“Yeah. Hey, Tom wants to see you.”

I lifted my head from the sheet then, and Tom jumped up on my chest. He stood there for a moment, staring up at my eyes, before quickly licking my chin, and then winding himself into a compact bundle between my breasts, settling down for a protracted stay. I smiled up at Marissa, and she hopped up from the bed, her beautiful body so much more obvious in the daylight. Leaning over again, she kissed me gently on the lips, then bent around and hauled the blanket back up before kissing me again on the forehead, and walking away, her bare ass jiggling as she tip-toed over to grab her robe. Turning back to check on me one time, she turned, slipped her shoes back on, and left the room.

I lay there, stunned, nerves still pinging, warm, comfortable, relaxed and content. You can guess what happened next.

Yes, I must have fallen asleep again.

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